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Found 8 results

  1. How long has he been here..and can we trace our failure back to him..are the open end contracts he dishes out willy nilly have a part to play in it .even our players like Rashford want to hold us to ransom..along with the others already doing it..seems like if a player puts in good performance one week. Then next day him and his agent wants to start can never become successful like that..there is no loyalty.this concept needs to be cut out from the root..if we are to succeed then it will be players brought from within and up and coming talent from mediocre clubs..or disgruntled players from top teams..United have been held to ransom for the past 6 years..paid out too much in wages and got nothing in return..United seriously need to get rid of about 10 players over the course of 2 Windows..I'm sure United can manage a top 4. Without 250k to 500k a week players..who rely on excuses..any manager who can make excuses for them when they are constantly under performing needs to go also..
  2. We are awful too watch. Too many youngsters being thrown under the bus... No creativity no leaders no fighters.. No ideas from top too bottom.. What can be done.. Any ideas folks..
  3. butler

    David Beckham

    I remember Beck's going against the Glazer's when he openly donned the scarf .to their opposition..I think he even went against Saf in that instant..what David was saying was that they were holding United back and Fergies was enabling them because he had the EPL more or less mastered ..even though in Europe United could never really stamp their authority..that next leap was required ..better signings were needed..maybe even a new manager was needed Saf had more or less run his cause and beyond ...
  4. Who needs to be seriously offloaded. In my opinion. . Smalling Jones Young Darmian Lindlof Valencia Carrick Mata JOSÉ
  5. Who ,are now ready for pastures new?
  6. What signings post Saf have done well for this club.?
  7. Is this the reason, we are not performing til the 90th minute and beyond.. If we had a leader maybe certain people can be told what to do at certain times..and even pushed for more effort.. For me Matic would be the best option..he had the experience, he is our best player..he is the best reader of the game in our he has all the attributes required, and will be given respect . Anyone can be vice captain.
  8. We have had four mediocre seasons since the great one left. How's it been,well we all know that Presently we have the best Manager (so they say)and a great squad .well an expensive one to say the least. How could/should, or would you have wanted to have been.With or without the managers since Saf. What would your concept have been post Saf,to maintain success and consistency for a smooth transition and an upgrade of play and tactics for a United to compete with Europe's best. ?