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Found 23 results

  1. Had an amazing gaming moment? Found a gem of game you want others to try? Or just want to discuss about the game you're currently playing? This is the thread for you. Post away!
  2. Cole

    FIFA 18

    Ronaldo is shitting on Messi left right and centre.
  3. I've primarily been a PC gamer for longer than I care to remember. Currently I'm mostly playing League of Legends and Minecraft (FTB) but I've still got a ridiculous amount of games on Steam that I've been meaning to play for years. I was playing Starbound for a while but decided to wait until it was developed a bit more as there were quite a few bugs and character/world resets when I last tried. It does look very promising though, from the same developers as Terraria.
  4. I tried modding Final Fantasy VIII and in a typical abo fashion ended up ruining the game. Is there a way to reinstall the game without redownloading it and keeping the save files? I couldn't find a proper answer online.
  5. I couldn't find a thread. So thought I would open a specific one now I have purchased a Playstation 4. Thought it would be decent place to have thoughts on; The system, games, thoughts in general etc. I hadn't really had a reason to purchase one before but my housemate offered to split the Last of Us bundle with me. Also the new FIFA will be coming out and I want to check out the new Uncharted and Little Big Planet next year. Anyone got one, anything to recommend?
  6. Looks like I'm finally going to get this tomorrow after finally getting a new laptop :p. Anybody still playing it? Think I'm going to set up two saves, both with United one playing normally to get used to the game for awhile and then once I'm used to it start one where I can only use players bought or coming through the club since before they were 21 for a challange trying to stay competitive while only having youngsters and the likes of Rooney , Rafa Clevs Fletch Evans and Danny. Have a few wonderkids in mind to sign though but should be good laugh and challenge
  7. I am considering getting an 8th generation Nintendo so I can play the latest Pokemon games. I was pretty set on a 2DS because I don't really give a shit what it looks like and the 3D shite is what put me off getting a 3DS in the first place. Any reviews/opinions on the best one to get? For info, the 2DS is currently £80 on amazon which means getting the console & Pokemon Y together would be the same price as a 3DS console alone, the XL obviously being substantially more expensive than both.
  8. Anyone play Counter Strike: Source still? Hadn't played it for years, but got back into it again and having a good laugh. Amazing quite how many people still avidly play this game still. Sadly, CS:GO hasn't picked up as quickly or as well as the Devs would have liked - just doesn't have the same feel. Anyway, if anyone is up for a few rounds add me on STEAM: Cobblers
  9. Have just picked up a second hand PS3 on ebay so I can play some of the exclusives I've missed, any suggestions? I will get Uncharted 3 free with PSPlus. I've got the following coming: The Last of Us inFamous God of War 3 MGS4 Resistance 3 Will probably order these next month: inFamous 2 Uncharted 2 Have also looked at Yakuza 4 but seen some mixed reviews
  10. Fordie

    EA Access similar to netflix only for games sounds very promising. i just hope to god that new release games are included in the subscription at some point and not just EA trying to milk cash for games that are coming to the end of there life.
  11. Calling all League brethren. A separate thread to talk about everything related to LoL. Latest patch 4.10 What do you think about the new adc itemization changes? I personally hate the shift from casters to auto attackers. Lucian is the only adc I play simply because I find all the right click bots boring as fk to play. The bloodthirster nerf has also hit some of my favorite assassins in Zed and kha'zix.
  12. RtiD

    Fifa 14

    Although I only play it occasionally these days, I put it on a few times over the last week and built this team It's not finished yet, I have to add Lavezzi to the left and Di Maria to the right, Cavani and Benzema are so good together.
  13. One of the most anticipated games of 2014 comes out in just two days time and I can't wait for it. For those that don't know much about this game. It's about a man named Aiden Pearce who is a highly skilled hacker that is out for revenge on those who have wronged him. It's set in the near future of Chicago which is heavily controlled by technology and because of this and Aiden's hacking skills, he's able to hack into every piece of technology in the city. Some gameplay here.. It's been said by the creators of Watch Dogs that you, the gamer, will be able to make a lot of the decisions yourself and those decisions will effect things in different ways. For instance, if you decide to prevent crime on a few occasions, then you (Aiden) may be shown on the news on tv and you'll be seen as a hero. However, if you decide to publicly commit loads of crimes then the opposite will happen and as you become more publicly known, the public may call the police if the see you. It's apparently meant to take you between 35-40 hours to complete the story mode as well. It all looks very good, hopefully it's worth the wait. Is anyone else going to buy it?
  14. We have the cover... ....the release date, which is June 17th...and the pre-order bonus... ....fuck yeah. I don't care if it's unrealistic, Bruce Lee is a hero and this will be the first time I'll get to use him in a video-game, so I'm pre-ordering this shit. EA seriously need to release some more gameplay videos now though, a demo would be nice too.
  15. Three Playstation threads and not one Xbox one? All microsoft gaming discussion - be it generation 1, X360 or (If you're a lucky b*stard) Xbox One. Speaking of Microsoft exclusives, I dusted off Forza 4 the other night. Perfection.
  16. Anyone play Total War : Rome 2? It is a turn based strategy war game and highly addictive as well as an enormous time sink. Have just started to try out a MP game with a friend. I am still extremely crap where battles are concerned but learning. Enjoyed Sparta and the Iceni so far, both have some solid units. The Balista's are pretty cool I am finding. Any tips would be great.
  17. Sleepy

    PES 2014 Recently patched and updated aswell as a new mode being released! Played a few games of it and its plays better than it did before, patch has made a huge difference.
  18. I'm reviving old gen in my house at the moment, just bought a bought a PS2 and thought I'd open a thread to discuss all the classics of the PS2 era and what you loved about it. Just bought LMA Manager 2002/2003 which was the 1st game to get me into that type of genre, it's a great game, simple but quite immersive. I Also picked up Black which was one of the best shooters for the PS2.
  19. Full story - What a badass, might finally give Mass Effect a proper try now.
  20. Developer : From Software Genre : Action RPG Platforms : PS3,Xbox 360,PC Release Date : March 11 (PS360)
  21. Developer : CD Projekt Red Genre : Action RPG Platforms : PS4, Xbox One ,PC Release Date : TBA