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  1. shipcanal

    [U21s] The Will Keane Thread

    Rooney's been trying to do one of those for years (not sure if he's ever pulled one off) so I hope he was watching. Scholes got a dream chip like that once as well, done after about 20 passes, I think.
  2. shipcanal

    PL Matchday 25: Chelsea v Manchester United

    Overall that was a fine away performance. Chelsea won the league last year remember and have still got some fantastic players. When we went one up we still attacked, though we lost control during the last 15 minutes. The obvious question is - why has it taken till now for that kind of display ? Where was it against Norwich or umpteen others , in the CL or the League cup. ? It's like the game against Wolfsburg - needing a win at the wrong ground at the wrong time. At least today we saw something like what we understand as MUFC, IF he goes on like this, I'll start to believe.
  3. shipcanal

    PL Matchday 25: Chelsea v Manchester United

    Have we got anyone canny enough to get Costa sent off ?
  4. shipcanal

    Let's all laugh at Arsenal - A New Dawn

    In recent years they've had two types of season - start strong and fade or start weak and rise to CL place. Type one this season I hope.
  5. shipcanal

    EPL Where will we Finish

    Between now and Easter ( the City game) we might be able to catch Arsenal. They've got Leicester, Barcelona and us to cope with. Can we sustain a run though ? So far this season we haven't even had one!
  6. shipcanal

    PL Matchday 24: Manchester United v Stoke City

    Good performance overall with some excellent periods as well but after the third goal we lost our ability to control and keep the ball. Either slack or too relaxed. Shouldn't have happened, can't do that against better opposition
  7. shipcanal

    What Are You Listening To?

    Transatlantic Sessions - Scottish & Irish traditonal music mixed with North American country and gospel. Absolutely marvellous stuff. Russ Barenberg's Big Bug Shuffle, Mary Black, Eddie Reader, Guy Clark - just amazing. Some of you may have seen the sessions on the BBC but I only came across them in December.
  8. shipcanal

    The FA Cup thread

    The other day i was talking to some people about how you pronounce the name of the town - "Shrusbury or Shrowsbury" ? There was a difference of opinión.
  9. shipcanal

    The FA Cup thread

    I'm so happy with the draw that I'm embarrassed.
  10. shipcanal

    The Guillermo Varela Thread

    The under 18s are currently 30 points behind leaders City, albeit with 3 games in hand. Yet the under 21s are on the verge of going top. What's going on ?
  11. shipcanal

    Sack or Save Van Gaal?

    Yep, I'd say long-term managers are the exception rather than the rule. Absolutey great if you get one but imagine we'd given Moyes a 20 year contract.
  12. shipcanal

    Sack or Save Van Gaal?

    Between Busby & SAF there were 5 mangers plus a one-year return stint for Sir Matt. Six changes in about 17 seasons.
  13. shipcanal

    Sack or Save Van Gaal?

    I'd swear that sometimes he plays for a narrow defeat. This time it will be different though - the scintillating play will keep you glued to the game.
  14. shipcanal

    Sack or Save Van Gaal?

    I fear he'll play not to lose and we'll go down to a narrow defeat, which he'll try to sell us as something promising.
  15. shipcanal

    Sack or Save Van Gaal?

    I hope SAF doesn't teach the " Executive Handovers" course at Harvard.