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  1. Fordie

    Wenger to Resign

    i could not stand him not one bit.had a few good years till they became a feeder club 😛
  2. Fordie

    What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    rampage 6/10 all round decent movie, for my fellow mancs if you are near to stockport then try that cinema in that redrock building that there just did so much room and reclining seats well worth the tenner.
  3. Fordie

    PL Matchday 32: Man City vs Man Utd

  4. Fordie

    PL Matchday 32: Man City vs Man Utd

    City are rattled...lets get this done
  5. Fordie

    PL Matchday 32: Man City vs Man Utd

    I will have what pogba is having 😎
  6. Fordie

    PL Matchday 32: Man City vs Man Utd

    Boom....pogshit strikes
  7. Fordie

    PL Matchday 32: Man City vs Man Utd

    The worst 20 mins of foitball ever. Smalling is a fraud and would be out of place in league one. Young has been shit and Jessie running around like a headless chicken. Matic is shit aswell
  8. Fordie


    Was a bit meh....zzzzz
  9. Fordie


    Anyone can knock anyone down if it's on the right spot...jj is right price is awful. Joshua round 5 for me
  10. You can't fault pundits for favouring a British driver or a British channel for that matter!. You think it's any different in Germany or Spain?
  11. Like vettel did more than once to Lewis last season....swings and round abouts.
  12. I have corrected my post.
  13. Great steal for the German..but hey that's F1
  14. Lewis just had them all of then haha smashed it,it was like he was teasing them goes for the one last lap and and knocks over half a second off....bossed it looking forward to number 5😁
  15. Fordie

    Luke Shaw 2017/18

    not happy with the way Shaw is being treated that said i fucking hate a manager that publicly puts down a player. why cant Jose keep it behind closed doors?. i think Shaw is a hot prospect but part of me cant help wonder what it is that Jose and other managers see in him.