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  1. Sweet result. Beat Chelsea4-0 in are 1st game of the season. I fancied us in this game but to win. 4 nil is unbelievable,expected a 1nil or 2-1. Massive result
  2. James will need to get used to that shit
  3. James.still can't believe this kid was only £18m absolute Steal
  4. What's with the VAR tannoy sounds awful.
  5. Fordie

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Happy we got the defense area sorted but FFS how could they not address the midfield out??. No replacement for heskey! . R Ashford better up his game.
  6. Fordie

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    How juvenile of you
  7. Fordie

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    And you post that from the safety of your wank station
  8. Fordie

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    So we need a cb and we have needed one for time,the club gets one and arguably one of the best in the league and people bitch about it . Don't try be smart and quote the £75m the dippers paid for vvd who only had 1 year on his contract left at the time compared to Maguires 4 years left on his. FFS get a grip and save the sulking til we lose Bruno to spurs . Bitches
  9. Fordie

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Love that tune.
  10. Fordie

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Wonder why zidane is the way he is with Bale.
  11. Fordie

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Its alarming we still have not sorted our CB position out yet. What is it like 3 weeks till the season starts and it has not been sorted when it should have been the first area addressed!. I hope we have not wasted the window chasing de Ligt.