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  1. Fordie

    Phil Jones 2018/19

    Fml new contract....I really thought is was 1st of April for a split second.
  2. Fordie

    Wayne Rooney Thread
  3. Fordie

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Do you think he will get some cash next month for transfers?
  4. Fordie

    PL Matchday 18: Cardiff City vs Man Utd

    If pogba stepped up for that pen we would still be waiting for him to take the pen....
  5. Fordie

    PL Matchday 18: Cardiff City vs Man Utd

    Feels fresh as fuck watching us play like this.. You can definitely tell that there is a better mood around the team
  6. Fordie

    Life After Mou

    Ole said more positive things in a 10 min interview than jose did in 2 a half years
  7. Fordie

    Life After Mou

    Waking up to the best news of 2018 regarding united... Feel like a dark cloud has left us.
  8. Fordie

    Champions League 18/19

    If I had the choice out of psg or bayern I am picking psg.
  9. Fordie

    Champions League 18/19

    Liverpool got a worst draw imo.
  10. Fordie

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    You can't just get rid of the glazers though they own the club!. It would probably take 4-5 billion to get there little rat claws off the club and there ain't many people about who has that kind of cash that are not murders/war crimes ect. The problem lies with Woodward and jose.
  11. Fordie

    Chris Smalling 2018/19

    Bad business imo. The guy is fucking dog shit. We should have kept Evans far better player. 1.smalling new deal 2.get bummed by Liverpool 3.draw real Madrid on Monday. They say it comes in 3s
  12. Fordie

    UCL - Game 6 - Valencia vs Man Utd

    I would put the weakest side out them legs for Sunday.
  13. Fordie

    PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Fulham

    Rashford really enjoyed that. Glad he has put on in.
  14. Fordie

    PL Matchday 16: Man Utd vs Fulham

    We seriously need to get rid of the hesky wannabe before is value drops even more. His first touch is one of the worst in football. Go all out dybala who has on of the best first touches in football.
  15. Fordie

    PL Matchday 15: Man Utd vs Arsenal

    And you are reminding us of this why?