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  1. We should have tried for Can.i know is is ex dipper but quality player would have really helped in that midfield and helping at the back..
  2. There has to be a better option than Pereira!. The guy is utter shit and it is painful to watch how hard he is actually trying to be good.
  3. i think Williams should be getting the nod over Shaw,top little player.
  4. Painful watching rashford trying to be a striker.
  5. Shaping perfectly to end up worse of than last season
  6. 4 options in front of matic then and he loses possession for holding up play for to long. SHIT
  7. Midfield is tripe not a single one is worthy. Still don't understand why we never addressed it in the Summer. Rashford needs to be dropped aswell he is so off the the boil he is almost frozen.
  8. Sweet result. Beat Chelsea4-0 in are 1st game of the season. I fancied us in this game but to win. 4 nil is unbelievable,expected a 1nil or 2-1. Massive result
  9. James will need to get used to that shit
  10. James.still can't believe this kid was only £18m absolute Steal
  11. What's with the VAR tannoy sounds awful.