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  1. Great news for united fans...Not so much for david de gea
  2. I hope he does. Be interesting to see who Madrid go after now tho.. Naymar? mbappe?. They can't depend on bale and benzema.
  3. I say fair play to Ronaldo. Could have gone to the USA or China(100m a season he was apparently offered)but instead has chosen to test him self again in one of Europe's top league's. I wish him well and hope he gets the success he is rightly entitled to.
  5. Seen the vid doing the rounds of the linesman doing a sneaky celebration after the pen was awarded the Scouser are having a melt down
  6. Salah is a quality buy for these dippers 15 goals 6 assists is top notch for 18 starts.
  7. hopfully we can grind out a result on thursday with it being one of our game in hands on liverpool,palace done us a bigun there.
  8. #Jft96 rip. 28 years today does not seem that long ago.
  9. ditched my xbox live only play pc now. steam account - fordie999
  10. I can't understand how balotelli can let his mum liv there its a right shit hole where she is..
  11. just watched the new robocop 6/10 not bad but still prefer the original.