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  1. There is zero point in having both,get rid of the least ineffective.
  2. Not debating the offside because it was.the point is if the person with a flag is not spotting it then goal should stand otherwise linesman is irrelevant and removed from game and just use VAR.
  3. It's definitely offside but the issue is how is a player ment to judge the difference in an inch or 2...
  4. So what we saying 2 inches offside...
  5. Should be ditched imo.i have never been keen on the idea.
  6. That decision for the offside was a disgrace, how are people supposed to have confidence in VAR with a shocker like that and what are they using for lines in that system? Looks like a fucking 2 yo did it.
  7. What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    DADDYS HOME 2 5/10 ok a few giggles. the new thor movie i thought was boring i enjoyed the others but this movie was dragging from start to finish for me 5/10. IT for me has to be one of the best modern day horrors 8/10. the darkest hour fantastic movie 7/10,i did not know oldman was in it until i saw the credits haha top notch acting from him. bright i liked this and hope there is more to come 7 /10
  8. Summer clearance

    Smalling has to go,sell him to arsenal for 30m😀 Fellaini and blind also need to go. carrick is retiring is he not?for sure his last season with us. i would like to see the back of Herrera aswell,nothing against him.
  9. Do you trust Mourinho?

    sat 2nd in the league still in UCL silverware bagged last season too. no team in the last 10 years would cope with the way city are playing in the league this season they have clicked under pep. he needs time to fix the shit fergie left us in and then made worse by moyes and van gaal. i think we are easliy 2/3 more years away from where you would expect us to be. i trust jose,who else could we bring in his place that is worthy.
  10. He looks to be starting
  11. Graeme Souness annoys me to the core. he must be the worst pundit on telly right next to bellamy😠
  12. 60th Anniversary Of Munich Air Disaster

    my old man and his mate is over there now for this,the live streams that smigger my dads best m8 is posting are top quality all the fans getting smashed and singing united songs.i defintliy missed out on this one. NEVER FORGOTTEN.
  14. Seen the vid doing the rounds of the linesman doing a sneaky celebration after the pen was awarded 🤣🤣🤣the Scouser are having a melt down