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  1. Rabiot has signed an extension to 2024 lol.
  2. £40m instantly rejected by Chelsea in regards to mount. Supposedly a big gap in valuation between the to clubs. Would love to know what Chelsea want for a player with only a year left on his contract £60m at the most imo no matter how long is left
  3. Positioning and marking gifted them 2 goals. There is no chance sancho is above garnacho for team selection
  4. Sancho is awful walker has him every day of the week. Get him and inject some hunger in there with garnacho. Ericsson is way to slow with his reaction times.
  5. I think mount would be a good signing. If we get a decent CB we could easily throw Martínez in at DM to cover if needed. A striker should be the main priority tho.
  6. We need to stay away from kane rice and rabiot. We need to go all out for jude and possibly Victor Osimhen.
  7. United are so shit at transfers it's funny
  8. I don't see it as good news at all. Nothing good will come from another yank ownership. Still be pissing in the wind. We need someone with 50 billion sat in the bank to progress.
  9. He is acting or At least trying to be the middle man in a consortium...
  10. Yeh more than likely doing it to get his stocks up
  11. Just imagine having an owner worth 270 Billions
  12. Would anyone genuinely be arsed if he left?. We would probably be bottom half of table last season if not for his goals,I hope he goes in all fairness still don't think he should have ever come back!
  13. I hope we don't waste all summer trying to him,watching City and Liverpool get deals done and we are doing nowt is like the ground hog day.
  14. Just seen a video of a lewis cam just behind his helmet...looks like he is on a trampoline https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLg3gRsa/
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