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  1. Fordie

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    i agree with you but considering how long he was here for and how much he loved the club i cant help but feel he could have left a better legacy than what he did. if he did who know we might have had moyes still in charge.
  2. Fordie

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Fergie should have been doing this already!. he never really left a world class squad for the next manager and his lack of movement when it came to midfield was a shambles Carrick in 06 followed by Owen Hargreaves and Anderson 07 then nothing until Kagawa in 2012 5 years is a long time and, then you look at players like david silva that joined city in 2010 and Eriksen who joined spurs in 2013,two players that we should have been all over . fergie is easily 50% of the current problem 25% gill for leaving the same year and 25% woodward for not having a fucking clue.
  3. Fordie

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    ole has a massive job to do in regards to shipping out the trash and recruiting big game players. a min of 5 players are needed. we need a CB with the quality of vidic or rio the finished product has to be world class no more potential world class players. we need 2 midfielders a cm and a cdm someone like Fernandinho David Silva or Ericsson type players that can control the midfield. a replacement for martial because he is simply not worthy to ware the shirt. harry kane is also needed.
  4. them early chances wasted could have gave the game a different outcome. fuck smalling fuck jones fuck young and fuck barca and fuck messi twats. fucking bottlers
  5. No players have blagged a career out football as much as young Jones and smelling. I pray to God it's there last season
  6. Just went to throw my ps4 pad then realized I am not playing fifa
  7. Greedy cunt rashford...fuck of back to button lane
  8. Thank fuck for VAR is all I am saying ffs
  9. These missed opportunities will cost us.
  10. Fordie

    What TV Show are you watching?

    Anyone on that black summer? Another zombie apocalypse TV show. I am enjoying it.
  11. Fordie

    Game Of Thrones

    Good appetizer that. 2 long fucking years tho ffs had to watch season 7 again just to fresh my mind.
  12. Fordie

    PL Matchday 33: Man Utd vs West Ham

    Should be red that when one on one with keeper
  13. Fordie

    PL Matchday 33: Man Utd vs West Ham

    Its horrific how long we have putting up with this defence. Should be oles main priority in the summer.