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  1. They had a sprinkling of first teamers too; Ox, Henderson, Coutinho (2nd) and Wijnaldum. Jurgen van Gaal.
  2. You just can't credit him, can you? ? 28 clear now. Three wins will do so I hear. 4 titles. Just a horn away from GOAT status!
  3. What about Bottas? I'm assuming he's driving the exact same car as Lewis as did the other drivers prior to Bottas and when Lewis was with McLaren. He doesn't win or get poles like Lewis. I think you do him an injustice at times. All the time, actually. The most poles, three world titles and second behind Schumacher in actual wins would be lauded in any other country.
  4. Here, here. Too fucking right. Fuck 'em.
  5. When I first read this I thought he was dead. I didn't notice anything in the They Come And They Go thread (which is just a blunt title). What will change the most do you think? For MikeM as well. The @ tag thing doesn't work on my Samsung.
  6. The last three sentences sound interesting.... I might just do that. Hamilton at Ferrari sounds so weird.
  7. Well done Nico! All that matters at the end of the day is the points total. Hamilton put up a hell of a fight but just fell short. Five points I think. Look to next season now. New thread, everyone starts at zero and we go again!
  8. Hat trick bound to MikeM's annoyance. I think Hamilton will win the race and the whole thing. I haven't watched a lot of full live races but I will for the next one. Listen for the shout 'sabotage!' when Rosberg's engine blows with a handful of laps left.
  9. Finishing 3rd from the back of the grid is fantastic. Brilliant car or not. Hamilton is such a determined driver and his belief is unsurpassed amongst all the present drivers. His lead is nine points and it could have honestly been wiped out after the latest race. His attitude can come across as arrogant and he is miserable when things do not go his way but one thing you can never question is his heart and fight for the occasion. He absolutely hates losing and finishing even 2nd is a disgust to him. Fantastic drive from him and he is well on course for a hattrick of championship wins
  10. Arms like a Raptor but potential in abundance.
  11. This thread may have been premature. Rumour has it that Jose will be letting this gem go before the season's start. Hope it just turns out to be a loan move.
  12. £25 million for Wijnaldum. Excellent buy for them and relatively cheap in today's market. I was hoping that he would join United but I cannot grumble with who we have signed so far.
  13. Absolutely, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not particularly funny as well as annoying.
  14. After listening to that asshole it made that Palace win all the more sweeter. Fucking idiot.
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