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  1. Vanrooney

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    Since that didn't happen in more than two years, it is fair to assume that it will never happen. The guy is done.
  2. Vanrooney

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    Third season now, we still don't know the best back four, the best midfield and the best attacking line!
  3. Vanrooney

    PL Matchday 8: Man Utd vs Newcastle

    Probably one of the worst managers in the United history!
  4. Vanrooney

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    What a joke the club has become! But this was coming when you sign egomaniacs like Jose and Pogba!
  5. Vanrooney

    UCL - Game 2 - Man Utd vs Valencia

    Mourinho's army!
  6. Vanrooney

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    Mourinho: "Nobody is bigger than the club!" (Well except me)
  7. Vanrooney

    FA Premier League 2018/2019

    Supporting Chelsea to stop City and scousers.
  8. Vanrooney

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    It is fair to say that his tenure has been worse than LVG with more money spent.
  9. Vanrooney

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    The guy is done. His style of play is outdated. It has been apparent for two years or more now. He should retire if he doesn't want to destroy his legacy.
  10. Vanrooney

    PL Matchday 7: West Ham vs Man Utd

    Wish we could sub the manager!
  11. Vanrooney

    Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Messi is in a league of his own.
  12. Vanrooney

    Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    What a fucking player Hazard is!
  13. Vanrooney

    Mourinho vs Pogba - who will win?

    If I were to pick one of the two, I would pick Pogba. Pogba has worked well with other managers in the past, therefore I am willing to give him a benefit of doubt. Although i have mentioned repeatedly that his performances hasn't been anywhere near the value we paid in transfer fees or have been paying in wages. Regarding Jose, picking fights with the players within the club and losing the dressing room isn't new, is it? given his records with falling out with the players, it is easy for club to choose one from the two.
  14. Vanrooney

    EFL Cup - 3rd Round - Man Utd vs Derby

    How smart of him as a leader to say those things in public!
  15. Vanrooney

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    So what you are basically saying is that we should have been more patient with Moyes?