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  1. Mendy is the real winner! What a year he is having!
  2. Add Mourinho in that deal for free.
  3. Have to respect the way the Croatians approached this game. Pogba lol.
  4. Croatians are done now. This could get ugly.
  5. Haha. There go croatians. Excellent by Pogba.
  6. Not sure how that is not a penalty. His hands were almost straight towards the goal when the ball approached, Both his hand and leg moved towards the ball.
  7. You should not be jumping in the penalty box with your hands flying like wings.
  8. That is a blatant penalty. He moved his hand towards the ball.
  9. Mourinho knows he is done.
  10. Vanrooney

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    One more left winger almost in his 30s. Makes sense.
  11. Vanrooney

    Non United Transfers 2018

    Yea, have to make money to eat and live.
  12. Vanrooney

    Non United Transfers 2018

    haha. I wanted to reply earlier but I am in the middle of too many things at the moment.
  13. Vanrooney

    Non United Transfers 2018

    You are so good at making shit up, aren't you? Luc has already pointed that out a few times. If you go back to my quotes, maybe other than few troll posts here and there, I have always said I didn't care Rooney leaving the club. What I have also argued in favor of, like I do with Smalling, is that he didn't deserve the trashing some of the posters like yourself do. What I meant is you can say what ever you want about your IQ in this forum without being checked. For me you are anonymous like most of the people in the forum.