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  1. They have 39 points from 24 games in la liga with a negative goal difference. We should be winning this comfortably given our squad. But then again, it is us that we are talking about.
  2. Phil Jones 2017/18

    We need to get rid of him. Liability because of injuries. He gets paid a good chunk of the season just for recovering from his injuries. Maybe in a buy one get one free deal with Smalling.
  3. Chris Smalling 2017/18

    In those prestigious encounters, almost everyone in the team lets us down, including Jose, except for De Gea maybe.
  4. Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    Jose's approach against the top teams definitely doesn't help.
  5. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    And bend against the team like Huddersfield.
  6. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    So what was the argument for Mourinho again?
  7. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    Like pogba didn't play against new castle, spurs and so on.
  8. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    If only TFIA did the same everytime Pogba lost the ball or made wrong decisions.
  9. Do you trust Mourinho?

    Type of defense I would expect in favor of Mourinho.
  10. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Go Luc! 😂
  11. Do you trust Mourinho?

    Must be really comforting for you to know that posters that trust Mourinho are doing it with blind faith and no substance.
  12. Anthony Martial 2017/18

    Not for a midfielder.
  13. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Like someone mentioned here, his best position is the free position on the left between a traditional CM and AM. He is not the type of midfielder who can control games consistently. He was at his best when he played with other midfielders who would control games and he would just roam around, especially in the final third where he can make things happen. But he is not as good as a few people here think, or at least he hasn't shown that consistently enough. His time at United is a combination of factors though: his lack of effort as well as Mou not using him the way he should be. As much I hate Jamie, I agree with him on this. Put him in the position of KDB in the system City are playing where they control most of the games, he can do what he used to do at Juve. This is one of my worries with Mou. I feel like most of the attacking players, we may not see the best of him until he is in charge.
  14. I hope so too. Fuck that would be unbearable if they win CL as well. My fear is that none of the European elites look as solid as they were in the past.
  15. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Mou knows better.