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  1. The comeback was predictable. Atalanta weren't that good and in terms of overall chances we probably deserved it. Still it should've been a far more routine performance and will this now give us a european hangover for the liverpool game. If we continue our poor league form will that still put pressure on solskjaer or are the board shitting it because they have no contingency plan if they sack him before Christmas.
  2. Ronaldo looks like he's going to lose it at half time.
  3. Don't think we'll lose this. Rashfords running and pressing adds more balance to the team. Oops
  4. Most top flight managers would be a better fit than solskjaer tbh but we should go for someone with the best pedigree and can coach players to play good football.
  5. I'm not a coach but the basics of football are the same even when i was playing at junior level. You have to commit enough players forward if you want to break down teams and the ball has to move quickly enough to leave the opponent less time to regroup. To ensure the defense isn't exposed means players have to work hard but also be clever in picking their forward runs. At united something basic is missing in their teamplay that means even an expensively assembled squad plays dire football. You have to sort the basics out first in order to perform well against teams like villareal, leicester a
  6. That airplane that flies over old trafford needs to start revving its engine.
  7. United seriously suck at the moment. Playing like a midtable side. Will the sacking be announced in the next 48h or will it be delayed till after liverpool?
  8. No mcfred. Is the penny starting to drop?
  9. It'd be interesting to see how out midfield would look if a good manager came in now. Would vdb get a chance? He hasn't looked that bad when I've seen him this season at least i see no one who could justify playing the 8 role ahead of him. Ole presumably would rather have mcfred as he sees them as better defensively even though neither can assume the playmaker role which is badly needed for us to improve as an attacking unit.
  10. The point is they have done a lot more than ole to be considered worthy contenders for the united job. No one can say for sure they would be a great success but it's a near certainty that performances would improve.
  11. We are worse un that respect than under mourinho. Ten haag has ajax playing beautifully. Conte, rodgers, Bielsa and zidane are much better options than ole. In fact many managers are.
  12. It's alright. This should soften the blow.. United are also working to secure first-team coaches Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna on extended contracts.
  13. Do Liverpool players get sent off at anfield?
  14. Getting beyond the joke now. How bad does it have to get?? Appoint a new manager already...
  15. Our midfielders and defenders are so poor at snuffing out counter attacks.
  16. We've become dynamic all of a sudden. First time passes, decent movement. Martial looks to have the bit between his teeth
  17. Mcfred at home. Really going for it..
  18. I would have him in our starting midfield possibly with matic. Anything is better than mcfred. Still we are so mismanaged right now and haven't put in an above average display since leeds i doubt it matters who we pick.
  19. Villareal completely outplayed us. What a difference it makes when a team is well coached despite not having any big names particularly. Uniteds midfield was awful. When pogba is not at the top of his game he offers so little in terms of linking up the play, pressing or supporting the forwards. Mctominay also is so limited besides workrate. His movement and vision are poor for a central midfielder. If we had better coaches they might be more productive but that remains an if. Otherwise the usual issues were there like big gaps between midfield and forwards, fullbacks not getting forward enough
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