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  1. John Locke

    Champions League 2019/20

    No chance liverpool are losing this one, barring an early sending off and huge slice of luck.
  2. I see a number of issues.. 1) striker. We could really do with a world class attacker but to be honest it isnt the priority if you look at other areas like the midfield. As others have commented, haaland may turn out to be a feel goid signing. The fans will get excited but is he really any better than Greenwood might be in a year...unless of course we are planning to get rid of martial in the near future. 2) in midfield we are woefully short on quality. Mctominay and fred can put in a reasonable shift. Pogba is injured half the season and long term not in our plans. There is no depth theur either so we really need a couple of top quality players there or one who can play as attacking midfielder and out wide to gice us flexibility. 3) left back. Seeing that shaw is never looking like becoming a top player for one reason or another and wan bissaka is not a great attacking outlet. We really need a top left back especially one who can support the attacks. 4) coaches. Solskjaer has demonstrated some admirable qualities. The dressing room seems harmonious, he seems to have the right approach to rebuilding the club in terms of long term recruitment and he has a good tactical approach to the big games. However he seems to be lacking ideas when it comes to other games that require you to play on the front foot. Is that his fault or the lack of inspiration coming from the other coaches. Rogers and klopp are two examples of managers who seem to be able to instill a successful brand of attacking football to their players. Regardless of whether the squad they inherit is mediocre they seem to quickly enhance the attacking side of things. The same isnt evident watching solskjaers united. Does he need to change his backroom staff or does he need to make way for another manager. The next few weeks will be decisive in that respect.
  3. John Locke

    Fred 2019/2020

    For these kinds of games he's well suited. Against defensive teams when he's having to force the issue in an attacking sense he struggles.
  4. John Locke

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Looks the real deal. Wasn't sure he would be more than a squad signing at the start of the season but has progressed well.
  5. John Locke

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    You can tell he is playing than a lot more confidence now. Looks twice the player when on song.
  6. John Locke

    Ole Sack Watch

    Two amazing results but we can't say we've turned the corner and then consistently haemorrhage points to dogshit teams lowrr down the table. What this has done is given solskjaer a lifeline. I doubt anyone believed we'd get 2 let alone 6 points from these games so lets not start on the "i told you so" bollocks. He was dead and buried a week ago. Now we need a strong December where we win most of the games that on paper look winnable.
  7. Absolutely disgraceful and classless fans. Hurling objects and abuse like babies because their financially doped club won't win the league for another season. Oh and peps deficiencies badly exposed yet again.
  8. Was thinking the same. Suits our style i suppose when its an open game but individually we have been excellent.
  9. What the fuck is going on lol
  10. Carving through them like butter
  11. Best spell of football of the season so far
  12. John Locke

    Ole Sack Watch

    He seems to have the knack of getting a result whenever it seems there will be no alternative but to sack him. Perhaps it is being aided by the board wanting to put off bringing a new man in until next summer. That said i look at our league position in horror given the huge gap between fourth and leicester have almost double our points tally. Expectations have truly fallen to new depths and i just hope we will not have to endure this for much longer.
  13. John Locke

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 15 - Man Utd vs Spurs

    I hate these kinds of games where you know its only a matter of time till the guillotine falls.