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  1. That sums it up. He's way too cautious. A good coached team plays with intricacies. They have a cohesion in defence and attack which means they can always be a threat to opponents creating chances while not completely ignoring defensive responsibilities. When a manager or coaches aren't able to instill that in the players through smart coaching then they will deploy the tactics solskjaer uses. Klopp, guardiola and tuchel are examples who have that capacity hence they have outperformed their predecessors.
  2. Bad coaching shackles players and lets them get away with mediocre performances rewarding them with better contracts instead of showing them the door. Tbh though its not atypical that a team performs as we did in an away CL tie before the red. We weren't great but you could easily imagine us coming away with 3 goals as the game wore on. The addition of varane though was a completely negative move, when we still should've felt we had enough class to sneak a win. To top it off we have one of those self destruct moments by a player (in this instance lingard) that have become so frequent und
  3. This group of players would perform better than they are doing currently without ANY coaches. That is the sad truth.
  4. In fairness it was a beautiful through ball
  5. I don't think he played badly though so hopefully will be in contention for the next games.
  6. I think it was a harsh red. A bit of a clumsy challenge for sure but one of those where the ref is influenced by the reaction of the player. YB have had some good chances that have come from pogba not tracking back or losing a midfield duel.
  7. Failure to score with goal getters like ronaldo, greenwood, sancho and bruno at your disposal has to be a sackable offence.
  8. And geography wasn't yours..
  9. She lived in England practically her whole life. That makes her 100% british.
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