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  1. John Locke

    David De Gea 2019/20

    The depth of this injury crisis informs us that either ole is an incredibly unlucky manager or an incompetent one presiding over an ill thought out conditioning schedule, and frankly we don't want either.
  2. John Locke

    The England Thread

    Even united might manage 2 against this woeful bulgaria side
  3. John Locke

    The England Thread

    Last night was like watching the old england before southgate. They were wrong to drop barkley as he's the only half decent playmaker england have.
  4. John Locke

    Ole Sack Watch

    Nagelsmann only joined leipzig in the summer.
  5. John Locke

    Ole Sack Watch

    Who do we owe the debt to? You don't see much written about that. After 14 years and still heavily indebted we are effectively a cash cow for some shadowy figures behind the glazers.
  6. John Locke

    Ole Sack Watch

    And 2 points off the relegation zone. Of course a few back to back wins will change the complexion of things but a defeat to the scousers could leave us bottom 3 or almost and its not just the points tally this season, its how the last one ended that should worry supporters and owners, not to mention limp cup displays. I think they just felt it was impossible not to offer him a contract given his period as caretaker, but they could've still pulled the plug at the end of the season or ensured there were further attacking reinforcements to make up for the loss of herrera and lukaku in particular. Still solskjaer seemed ok with the squad at the start of the campaign. He wasnt whinging about lack of investment like jose was 12 months ago but perhaps he shouldve. He cant use injuries as an excuse. A club of our size should be able to withstand a few absent stars.
  7. John Locke

    What can be salvaged from this season

    I keep thinking this shit cant get any worse and then i witnessed yesterdays performance. Without martial and pogba our attack is toothless with them we can perhaps drag ourselves up to mid table. Anyway i think its almost certain Ole will get sacked by the end of october barring a miracle turnaround and replaced by pochettino, who will steady the ship somewhat and maybe add one or two players in january.
  8. John Locke

    Ole Sack Watch

    I was actually surprised that it wasnt announced this morning. I can only assume we're playing a waiting game until poch gets the boot.
  9. John Locke

    Ole Sack Watch

    I wasn't alive around the time we got relegated but given how much power is in the hands of the top clubs nowadays its absolutely scandalous that we should find ourselves near the drop zone playing the shittest brand of football imaginable. The glazers have turned us into relegation fodder. The fans can't do anything though or won't do anything to embarass these cunts like staging a mass walkout of old trafford.
  10. He was going to leave anyway but in retrospect things looked a lot better back then. Solskjaer and moyes just arent up to coaching a big club.
  11. He's had a free pass until now on the basis of him being a celebrated ex player, but surely now enough is enough. The useless pundits will trott out the same garbage, give him time, the players aren't up to scratch. Any other manager in charge would've been vilified for the same performances.
  12. He's still not a good manager though.
  13. That's one of the worst halves of football if not THE worst ive seen from a united side.
  14. First shot wahayyy