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  1. It is hard for the club to not take him back if he has not been prosecuted by the law. If utd get rid of him then it'll seen as the club not respecting the legal outcome. If they keep him then they will be seen as turning a blind eye to someone who many believe has committed abuse against women. Personally i think it should never get to this point. If such charges are made then there has to be a thorough court case because in these circumstances the accused ends up looking like they're guilty especially if it's a high profile figure.
  2. Looks like an all round midfielder to me. Athletic, physical, can carry the ball forward and knows how to pass. With weghorst, sabitzer and martinez you see a pattern of signing tough characters. Malacia also has good workrate and desire. We had many players with that mentality under fergie so it's a good step in the right direction.
  3. A good acquisition and a vital one as Eriksens absence leaves us thin in that area.
  4. I believe carrick could've performed in any of the top European sides and should've played more of a key role for England at the expense of the incompatible gerrard lampard axis. I don't think he was the best in that position or on the same level as keane but a very useful player to sit in front of the back four and link with the attack.
  5. Dunk really deserves to be ahead of maguire in the England pecking order.
  6. Wow mitoma. Deserved aftee some horrendous fouling from Liverpool.
  7. Brighton are doing well. They keep losing players but somehow have others to step up. Fabinho just decked ferguson. Let's hope the latter is ok.
  8. The comment was more tongue in cheek but i never saw carrick as a like for like replacement for keano.
  9. Those threaded through balls are one of Anthony's strengths. He just needs to improve his crossing and shooting.
  10. Bruno has been the worst. Anthony has actually looked good apart from his shooting and rashford has been good.
  11. Reading having all the breaks. Had they scored at the end it would've summed up the half. Some of our play could've been better though.
  12. Should be a massacre with that team. Sancho still not even on the bench. Ten hag is really making him work for it.
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