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  1. How was it supposed to have worked out? Strikers don't just score goals they play a role for the team. When martial was injured we only had one recognised striker and rashford couldn't be expected to play in every minute. It's better to have a bad striker a lot of the time than to play someone out of position. It seems that ten hag saw weghorst as being useful for his pressing, attitude and physical presence. I agree, it's not the kind of player we want in the summer and he wasn't that good to warrant keeping at the club. He was a dirt cheap option to plug a hole.
  2. People who are against ten hag will say it's a bad loan signing. The fact is we are third and in two cup finals. The totality of what has been achieved by the club since Christmas can therefore be construed as positive. Chelsea spent hundreds of millions in January and had no recognised striker whereas we brought one in for a few million of compensation who at least knew the role of cf.
  3. Everton escaping yet again. Bit surprised about Leicesters demise as they were a good team for many seasons.
  4. Premier league and bundesliga are becoming similar with respect to dominant teams. Bayern are too well run and powerful compared to the rest. They will dominate well into the future.
  5. I don't think we play bad football at least there is a difference/improvement between now and the previous managers. I think ole took inspiration from the Norwegian team of egil olsen of the 90s that was very resilient and rigid. It can be an effective system but it's not going to win you the league or any admirers. At united it translated to being hard to beat and hoping for a bit of magic from bruno or pogba. Under ten hag there have been a number of changes such as trying to play the ball out from the keeper (as is more commonplace nowadays), fluidity of position for example def
  6. A lack of pragmatism is characteristic of frank lampards management and this is why he's so abysmal. They don't know their limitations and how to adapt a system to get the most out of players. Klopp has adjusted liverpool as has pep with city by pushing stones higher up the field. Did ferguson always play eye-catching football? No way. There were periods of transition while he was at the helm. This squad simply isn't good enough to close the gap. We've all talked long and hard about the deficiencies. More changes are needed.
  7. That's really unlucky to lose your two marquee signings to serious injuries.
  8. The likely script is another howler from de gea or a defender and chelsea to treat it like a cup final leaving us to scrap it out for a point on the final day.
  9. Do you really think mount would be worth spending 60 million on?
  10. No we should sell immediately before his price drops even further.
  11. It was too good to be true to have Liverpool off our backs going into the last games but overall it was a decent afternoon.
  12. What are the chances of both results going our way?
  13. It pains me to say it but city are probably playing well enough to deserve a treble. Nevertheless it will be tarnished by the financial fair play breaches and that most people will only associate their successes with being handed a bottomless pit of money.
  14. If we really meant business we'd be going all out for kane, a goalkeeper and one of rice/caicedo/mccallister. If we want to compete then we need several high calibre players.
  15. Leicester are so poor. The Liverpool opener was inevitable. Only a red or an injury to sala would've made it close.
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