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  1. We have no championship league commitments and a number of players who have had a full summer break. This will help our cause. Liverpool will be like a wounded animal so they'll be pushing hard for the title again with city. Behind them it depends on signings. Spurs are probably the favourite for third as things stand. United with de jong and a few other signings could still pose a threat.
  2. You get the feeling that no ones arsed about coming here anymore.
  3. The other clubs will have been preparing for months for this window. When you have everything in place then it makes the process simpler and not getting ripped off during the summer auction for players. Ten haag came in at the end of the season but he's still playing catch up with the other top clubs and even those outside the top tier. On top of that we are becoming a less enticing prospect as each year passes especially after that moysesque season.
  4. Just average?? I'm really surprised by that assessment.
  5. I'm wondering.. would you rate him less than prime carrick?
  6. De jong would be a game changer as its the kind of player you can build a team around. However it'd probably mean we don't strengthen elsewhere particularly.
  7. Fcuk me..southgate has to walk after this. Get Potter in !
  8. Gravenberch has gone to bayern for a modest sum.
  9. Particularly his selection of mount as an attacking midfielder purely based on his pressing. He has scored 4 goals in 28 appearances with only one coming against a quality opponent. Maybe we think our players are better than they are though. Rice, kane, foden and grealish are our best players. The rest is so so in the context of international football.
  10. Another Gareth southgate snorefest
  11. It'll be all city and Newcastle in a few years unless other clubs can accrue a bottomless pit of wealth. Teams that challenge them will otherwise need an elite manager like klopp, clough or fergie.
  12. Rice is a beast. Needs to get out of west ham.
  13. I loosely assign the term advanced as he is not in the category of deeper playmakers like pirlo, de Jong and carrick. There are certainly differences in the way he plays and zidane. I wasn't suggesting he was a carbon copy.
  14. I see him now as the rightful heir of Zidane as the best advanced playmaker in european if not world football.
  15. Popular opinion is turning more against the glazers. We haven't won a league for donkeys years. Woodys gone. We had our worst season and most hated squad for a long time. If there's ever a time for a manager to come in and change the whole way the club operates its now.
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