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  1. Still turkey and Switzerland can still be classed as third tier sides. The swiss probably peaked at the last wc. Now shaquiri can hardly get a game for liverpool and others have regressed. Turkey losing to Wales pretty much shows where they're at. Hard to read much into italy as the knockout rounds will offer bigger challenges unless they get a soft draw. Same can be said for most of what happens in the group stage. 3 wins for England will do little to persuade me that they can go all the way.
  2. France look the team to beat at these euros
  3. I actually enjoy these types of encounters where you have on one side a team who are experts in possession and on the other experts in the low block.
  4. England ground it out in the end. There was nothing there to say we can expect to get through a tough knockout match against france or Portugal. Not enough control against an ageing Croatia team. I don't think we can afford leave grealish out if we want to go further. Shaw and james as full backs would also offer more balance and attacking threat.
  5. Been a bit pants since the opening 15 minutes.
  6. I don't think they'll go all the way but still I'm highly impressed with belgiums style of play. The control of the ball and tempo especially.
  7. That's terrible. I can't recall this happening before at a major football tournament.
  8. On paper it's hard to look past france but its rare a team wins back to back tournaments unless they are really vintage teams. So let's say it will be someone else there are a number of teams on a similar level. Italy and Germany even at their weakest are always a threat. Portugal look strong but also have the added pressure of having to defend their title. Spain are past their golden era and I'm not seeing them winning a title anytime soon. My heart would like to say england but most probably they're "gonna england" eventually and crash out against one of the major nations. Likewise Belgium w
  9. Many of our players i wouldn't consider worthy of a starting place in a successful united side. Under smart coaching though some of those could be fashioned into player that could "do a job" so to speak. I don't see solskjaer as that category so he'll need 5-6 players to see improvements. Gk.. Hendo.. not yet top class. Somewhere between reserve and first team De gea... finished Wan bissaka.. too poor in attack but i feel under a good manager some of his deficiencies could be less exposed Shaw.. first teamer Maguire.. first teamer (just) Lindelof bailly tuan
  10. He's good for set pieces and corners. In games where we need more attacking options would be better alternative to awb
  11. Eds preparing a new bid of 60m...
  12. Grealish is looking the Goat in an england shirt
  13. The english style has never been particularly successful on the international stage 66 aside. In recent years it has evolved to be more like what we see in europe and we have enjoyed some success in winning youth tournaments. Even with the best players and a good playing style we need to find that mentality of winning tight games in tournaments against good teams. Winning that first one is hard. France and spain were once underachievers and you see similarities at club level with city and psg.
  14. Grealish to city when they have foden seems like a strange call.
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