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  1. People still think this is on? Fussing over a few million extra for telles. Unwilling to stump up the cash that is needed for a quality attacker. Glazers/woodward behave like we're so hard up.
  2. There must be a budget that means if the door is to be left open for sancho then whoever else we bring in must be for the equivalent of a bag of sweets.... OR the whole sancho saga is just a pretence to fool the fans,sponsors etc that we're in for big names ..when in reality we're only prepared to spend 20 million.
  3. We were awful the last two games. I can't think of a game where we've been so undeserving of a win tbh. Call it a blip or early season blues but the manner in which we defended, the slow and disjointed nature of our attacking play these are more than early season deficiencies that can be ironed out and have been a feature of our football for quite some time. During the europa league we were just as bad. The minute we came up against half decent opposition we were exposed badly. At the back end of the premier league season we limped to a top four finish, mostly thanks to the teams around us hav
  4. We're all over the shop. Couldn't begrudge brighton a point at all
  5. Since pogba went off we've looked better...coincidence?
  6. Piss take of a penalty as well. Teams are toying with us
  7. Solskjaer should walk on the evidence of this half hour alone.
  8. Anything but a win here and it looks dodgy. Spurs and Newcastle i don't see us getting more than a point realistically on current form.
  9. So we're the only club peddling the excuse of being undercooked after a short preseason. Pathetic
  10. 1. I think most PL managers would be worth more of a punt at the minute. Look at what bielsa has achieved for leeds. Winning a trophy isn't even the first priority, its getting the players playing with a bit of swagger, guile and not tolerating dross week in week out. 2. Funny you mention Van gaal and jose. They did actually win us trophies. 3. I think the transfers situation is in part the managers fault. Managers are often judged on transfer windows. If your ideal player isnt available sign a bargain and develop them into a good player. Solskjaer has a hard job on his hands
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