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  1. Bayern are always good but I'm talking about overall depth of league. You're referring to RB but spurs have absolutely tanked this season. Kagawa and mkhitaryan have both been poor since leaving united. That can't be all our fault as theyre still not at theoretically past their prime. Other players like evra, blind, di maria etc left and still went on to perform at a high level. I don't doubt klopp could get more out of players but we and other teams dont play that way and you only have to see the difference with bruno what kind of performance is attainable at united (even a struggling united) from an attacking midfield role.
  2. Not sure how good henderson is but england really need a keeper who can win us a shootout which pickford has managed once or twice.
  3. He was a lightweight. A bit like kagawa wasn't suited to the Pl. German football allows certain players to look like worldbeaters when they actually arent. Was he ever that good though? Always struck me as a plodding midfielder and nothing more than an average pl player. The kind we recruited because we couldn't get the calibre we were used to getting.
  4. Its a pity the race isnt closer as the scousers will argue anyway they were effectively champions and one can't really disagree.
  5. Why loan him? He'll get ample game time with us. Its not like he's only made a handful of appearances this season. In many ways its better that he isn't flogged somewhere. He already has the talent to warrant s squad place with us.
  6. John Locke

    Fifa 20

    Had some epic fifa tournaments in my student days. Haven't had a console for years now. Last time i played i still managed to thrash my nephew despite having not played it for years.
  7. I think england had a great chance if it was played this year. The squad will still be strong next year but other nations might improve as well.
  8. Season 22 has already been tinkered with to accommodate the winter wc in qatar.
  9. How can they cram all the remaining fixtures in to the april may?
  10. Yeah can't see how they can finish it at the moment. If the government is arsed about prioritizing public health over ending liverpools title drought that is.
  11. Might as well just give us a bye. Theyve been that shit