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  1. I've only seen a few episodes but its been very good until now.
  2. Dunno about that. They've gotta be the worst team I've seen us play all season and defensively by a country mile.
  3. I'm starting to agree with rooney. We should do away with var or limit it to goal line decisions.
  4. Absolutely no way. Giggs has no experience at club level. He should at least prove his worth at a smaller club before being even considered as a future united manager. There are better options like rodgers, potter or even bielsa that we should go for.
  5. Barca have become such a trainwreck
  6. John Locke


    That's why it's not comparable. We were closer to being like bayern in the late 90s early 00s perhaps. The signing rio was a statement. Bayern can take their pick of literally any bundesliga player and often for very modest sums. They have a complete monopoly.
  7. I think we'll finish below Chelsea and Leicester but even if I'm being objective the others don't worry me.
  8. John Locke


    Not to the extent of bayern and their dominance of the german transfer market has pretty much lasted for two decades now. We wanted shearer and gazza. We would never have gotten other players like fowler, mcmanaman, ian wright and not for reasonable prices.
  9. I think 4th is secured more or less. I don't see either spurs or liverpool catching us the way they are playing. Only an injury to bruno will put that in doubt. So the question is will the board replace a manager who finishes 4th?
  10. John Locke


    They can sign who they want in the Bundesliga. Must be terrible for rival supporters to be part of a league monopolized by one team. Imagine how strong we would be if we had the same power over all the other clubs in our own league.
  11. If we fall out of top four then he surely has to be sacked. I would sack him anyway unless our form is good between now and the end of the season. Fourth place can't be seen as sufficient progress.
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