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  1. GameBreaker

    Zidane and other options

    Eddie Howe has been mentioned... but so has my Nan’s Uncle....
  2. GameBreaker

    Your Starting XI 2017/2018
  3. GameBreaker

    Squad Depth; are you happy?

    Looking good but Perisic will do nicely as well
  4. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 14: Everton vs Man Utd

    Maybe for something different we go for 2-2
  5. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 13: Man Utd vs West Ham

    Well, lets just fucken win Europa then....
  6. GameBreaker

    Will we win the Title

    If by Christmas we are within 10 points from the top... anything is possible.
  7. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 12: Man Utd vs Arsenal

    Apart from us obviously not winning, am quite happy with the way we played. Very positive and direct, can't fault the effort and only one lapse in concentration from left back allowing the cross in. No doubt we need a solid big man at centre back.
  8. GameBreaker

    Europa League: Matchday 4 (Group A)

    Any of these players actually want to wear the shirt??? Better turn on a masterclass vs Swansea...
  9. GameBreaker

    'Judge us after 10' - Analysis so far

    I always thought Top 4 was more realistic this season and with the cattle we have. Am still positive we can achieve this... another transfer window to come but some observations are clear: Agree, Herrera / Carrick / Mata need to be the nucleus of Midfield. Pogba, a free roaming midfielder Zlatan cannot be sole striker, he needs support. Either of Rashford / Martial rotation. Shaw and Valencia wingbacks. Valencia (is he injured?) also getting on so not sure of his staying power. Potential target position for new signing. Fosu-Mensah needs to be unleashed as well. Rojo - see ya. Blind, should be crafted into a proper centre back with Smalling so inconsistent and Bailly out. Again, transfer window may bring someone new... Run of games every 2 days almost has knocked the wind out of us. Some have mentioned being in Europa is a distraction we dont need for the Premiership. Look at Liverpool, one game a week and getting results. So October results while mixed, are not surprising. Have faith lads, I still do in Jose. We played a cracking match vs Burnley just didn't convert. Jose will need most of this season to sort things out. Anyway, as long as fkn 'Pool don't win it as I will be moving to Alaska...
  10. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 10: Manchester United vs Burnley

    I would keep playing Ibra in a front two with Martial / Rashford rotation. We dominated today but obviously not on the scoreboard. Results will come but our competition is surging ahead. Top 4 still gettable...
  11. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 10: Manchester United vs Burnley

    Will be interesting to see if JM will rest the likes of Ibra, Herrera, Valencia, Pogba. They put in big shifts 2nd half last night.
  12. GameBreaker


    Agree with most posts above. Character is not there. The desire to bleed for the shirt... what it means facing sides who want us to be beat. We need hard nutters the likes of Keane, Eric even Scholesy who got into the oppo's faces. Got into their minds.
  13. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 9: Chelsea vs Man Utd

    Gonna be a hard day at work...
  14. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 9: Chelsea vs Man Utd

    ^^ I like this lineup but feel we may need numbers in the middle. Carrick must play. I also think Fellaini will get a start.
  15. GameBreaker

    PL Matchday 8: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    Are you Blind?