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  1. Canto

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Highlights of his season or?
  2. Canto

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Club captain...
  3. This is something that really pisses me off, shambolic weak minded mentality constantly crumble under any sort of pressure too and rarely ever come back to win games we're behind in.
  4. Anyone that thinks bringing in a bee manager will make a huge difference to our fortunes is crazy. This is what we are now and will continue to be while the parasites run the show. No longer a top club and just one that will just about challenge for top 4 with the odd good season where we finish there comfortably but then never look to push on from it. This is the present and it's the future until there gone and we're lucky that we had Fergie to paper the cracks for them for so long otherwise the shambles we see now would be started a long time ago only have to look at how we replaced Ronaldo and Tevez even when successful Owen Obertan and Valencia. Ole needs to go for sure but this is going to be the theme for probably a decade or more until we get new owners.
  5. Chasing a game and were bringing on Luke fucking Shaw and Jessie Lingard Hahahahahahahakillmenowhahahahaha
  6. Club should do the right thing and just fold.
  7. Canto

    Ole Sack Watch

    Rants is the biggest knobhead in the world followed shortly after by Mark Golbridge but why am I not surprised you watch there videos in the slightest
  8. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    They're both completely different players to Bruno in different positions. Also what baggage? The baggage is with Sporting and not Bruno and it won't be any easier negotiating with Aulas than Sporting as he's said already they won't sell him and two of there other main attacking players are already out with long term injuries and are stronger financially than Sporting, while Soumare has said himself he's not leaving this season and wants to stay at Lille so that's also a no go.
  9. Canto

    u18s Match day Thread

    U18s are in FA youth cup action at 7 tonight live on MUTV for anybody interested vs Norwich. Edit: Finishes 2-0 McCann penalty and a Mengi header who was brilliant. Mejbri was excellent again too, there was talk of him been moved up to the first team with all the injuries, don't see it personally but wouldn't be surprised if he goes on the tour in the summer. Excellent prospect
  10. Said I'd start this thread similar to the u23s thread. League season starts tomorrow against Sunderland live on Mutv with Kick off at half 12 Not sure if any of our new signings from overseas will be involved, as they haven't featured in any of the pre season matches due to not recieving international clearance yet and not sure if it has been sorted in time for tomorrow.
  11. Canto

    Matteo Darmian 2018/19

    Is close to signing for Inter apparently. Conte is really getting the band back together huh?
  12. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Another one we can cross off the list of not happening.
  13. Canto

    Ligue 1: 2019/20

    @dualtamac were Nantes at full strength for this game yesterday? Just seen these highlights and it looks like he had a sensational performance 2 goals and 2 assists with a penalty won at 16 years old is an unbelievable return at any level. Meant to be a Mbappe level talent in the making, pity he turned down a move to us in the summer to stay at Lyon. Have you seen him in a full game?
  14. Canto

    What Are You Listening To?

    This is why I love Em. His wordplay is sensational and the storytelling in this song and video are amazing. Even the final details at the end. Genius
  15. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Cavani has asked to leave PSG if there's any chance of him wanting to come here we should be putting in a bid tonight. The talk is he wants Athleico but if there's any chance and if we as a club had any ambition we'd go all out for him Bruno and a deeper centre midfielder(even on loan just for the bodies in there) now this window and build on that again in the summer. We'll end up with fuck all though not even a loan signing and will be told it's "a difficult market" and "Eric and Timmy are back and like new signings" Ohh and of course as soon as the window closes the leaks will start about us been close to appointing a DOF. Like clockwork.
  16. The James hate is very OTT tbh he's going through a very rough patch of form right now but he's been playing nearly every game which nobody expected him to do, not even himself I imagine. He should really be a squad player that comes in and out of the team and used as an impact sub more then a starter. He could do with a prolonged rest but sadly due to lack of options and injuries to others now he hasn't had it and probably won't now either. It's worth remembering the step up he's had is a pretty big one at the best of times, let alone for a young player who's just in his second full season as a professional. I don't blame him on the second goal either today tbh if there was more time left even say 2-3 minutes then ya take him down but all that would have happened today is he would of been sent off, Liverpool would of taken the free kick and as soon as the ball was kicked the ref would have blown up and James would be missing for the next 3 games. On the game itself they are a million miles ahead of us and bar a couple spells of complete dominance where we looked rattled I thought all things considered we didn't do too badly and even had a couple of big chances. Really going to need the next few windows count though every transfer we make is going to need to be a big success really and I don't just mean on the pitch either, but as this window has showed I don't think our board is capable or care enough for that to happen
  17. Canto

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Indeed makes how well he's been playing and scoring the past few months even more impressive. Like you say an absolute warrior but it should never come to this and shows the staggering lack of strength and depth in the squad again that he had to play through that kind of injury. Just hope we don't end up rushing him back and it becomes a more permanent problem.
  18. Canto

    Fred 2019/2020

    Immense again and the shining the light today again. The improvement in him the past few months has been nothing short of sensational from laughing stock in the media and some fans to a key player. Fair play to him shown great character to turn things around especially this season when at times he's been a one man midfield and or his best midfield partners have been injured. If he can keep this level of performance consistently for the season and then season after season he'll make the 50 million look a bargain
  19. Canto

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20 We're fucked if true. Also serious questions need to be asked about our medical department for letting this and the Pogba injury mess happen.
  20. Well...fuck. Hopefully it's mind games and he'll meet up with the squad tomorrow. There was some rumours that he'd be out for the rest of the season with a fractured back earlier today though
  21. Canto

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    No I'd gladly suck him off for that goal against Germany though, on my birthday too. Some night. Just a pity I turned down a ticket to the game
  22. Canto

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    What?? You'd like us to sign Shane Long????
  23. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Just going to pluck some randomer from non-league now who "fucked us off" according to a certain member on here and it will be a full house
  24. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Aaaand just for the craic.. Our other "main" or at least latest target for this window Jude Bellingham scored his 4th league goal of the season earlier. Be interesting to see what reason we miss out on him is?