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  1. 2020 really going to be the year Liverpool win the league, City the champions league and Leeds getting promoted. This fucking year man.
  2. They're quoting a source not saying it's their own sources or anything
  3. Very impressive cameo tbh out of position and considering how long it's been since he played any minutes obviously the oppostion wasn't the best but can only play what's in front of you and very few of the more senior players showed much either tbh so fair play to him. Looking to seeing how the loan goes for him, just hope wherever he goes he gets to play week in week out be interesting to see how he copes with Mens football with a consistent run of games think he's lacked confidence so far and hasn't shown what he's capable of in the majority of games as a result. Still think there's a player in there just needs to put the raw ingredients he has together.
  4. Oles' thoughts on his fellow countryman on his debut...
  5. Be great if true to have it wrapped up now if true especially with us going to Germany in the next couple of days, would be like a mini pre-season for him getting to know the lads and train with us too before the actual pre-season starts(if there is one).
  6. As if you don't complain and bitch enough as it is now you're inventing shite to complain about fuck sake man
  7. Huge win that, historic even possibly, will live long in the memories of those lucky enough to witness it YANITED!YANITED!!YANITED!!!
  8. Who would of thought a combination of rust and just general shitness would have been a bad mix? Fringe players are really letting themselves down badly. Again. Even the more reliable fringe players have been pretty fucking terrible. You can see why the majority weren't trusted in the run in post lock down. This is pretty much as perfect a match you could ask for to reall stake a claim to be majorly involved for the rest of the Europa and even into next season. All to familiar sadly. It's said time and time again but the drop in quality outside of the first 13-14 first choice players is really really awful
  9. Will be made official tomorrow
  10. Disapointed to see none of the youngsters start but I suppose it's somewhat understandable when hardly any of the fringe players played since Lockdown and they probably need the minutes if they're needed in the next couple of games. Hopefully Mengi and Garner get half an hour at least, Chong too. Very disappointing that Laird didn't even make the bench though Would have liked to have seen Greenwood start too tbh seeing as he's going for top scorer in the Europa.
  11. Did it with Maguire too. We pretty much do this the whole time when a big fee is involved to try and get the price down only to end up paying what was asked anyway. Think you're spot on nothing has changed just us trying to get pressure them back abit same was said in January about Bruno that we wouldn't overpay and were prepared to walk away, only for him to sign less then 2 weeks later.
  12. I've heard a 15 million euro fee which would be amazing if true, it's great just getting his wage off the wage bill but to get a good fee for him too would be the icing on the cake.
  13. Don Fabrizo. Just wanna hear those 3 magic words "Here we go"
  14. Because of Arsenal winning the fa cup yesterday they now have to go through 3 rounds of qualifying(single matches only) just get to the Europa league group stage . Jose will be fewwwmin.
  15. An assist today a minute after coming on on his professional debut today.
  16. Time to unzip lads, if Jan is saying this when he's a Dortmund mouthpiece, well Bundesliga mouthpiece tbh then it must be close. Looks like Harris was right the other day with his information.
  17. We should target Aguero from Juventus instead so...
  18. That's fucking crazy ffs. I mean James is 10 times the player we really got a bargain. Fuck @Txrt
  19. In other words he doesn't speak much about transfers and spout bullshit to try and get clicks?
  20. Daniel Harris saying on twitter we've agreed a fee with Dortmund of €60 million up front and €60 million in installments and we're now just negotiating how the installments will be structured.
  21. Slightly off topic but pre-season this season could be irrelevant for us anyway...or could be massive tbfbut I mean will we even have a pre season? We'll be in Germany for the Europa hopefully until at least the 22nd. Premier league starts the 12th but even if we get an extra week or two off will we be able to play any friendlies because every other team is back in action by then. It's going to be a mess tbh Now back on Sancho if we were smart we'd get it done early so he could meet us in Germany and take part in the trainings and get to know the lads and wouldn't have to worry about having to do any quarantine. But like ya say we'll probably drag the bollocks out of it and sign him on deadline day in October . Although reports are Dortmund have set a deadline of the 10th of August to have this all sorted otherwise he stays
  22. Think that should go for all the starting 11 tbh, (bar maybe Williams who hasn't played as much as the rest) especially when we can play a mix of the youngsters and kids for LASK and go from there. They could all do with a rest and a little bit of sun if possible
  23. Out for the rest of the season, regardless of how far we progress in the Europa.