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  1. Get new material. On the dole cuz of a post I made about 7 years ago when I was sick and couldn't leave my house go fuck yourself you horrible cunt. You haven't a fucking notion what I do or don't do for a living. You know well what you're doing all you've posted about 10 minutes before the final whistle was Igahlo so you could try and prove a point online that you think you were right about. All you are is a wannabe hardman and bully. A genuine sad cunt and sociopath. I'm not wasting any more time talking to you go fuck yourself.
  2. I'm sure the 5 people who read the Tuam Tribune love reading your articles alright. You have no idea about my life so shut your fucking mouth. In your 30s and still acting the hardman online, what a sad cunt you are. Funny thing is I bet you're a little fucking bitch in real life.
  3. Shut the fuck up and stick to the hurling you inbred bastard
  4. The amount of glee from some posters on here at us losing?fucking sad cunts.
  5. Shut the fuck up and get a fucking life you absolute prick.
  6. You're some sad cunt Dave. Honestly we were losing a semi final with 10 minutes to go and all you could do was talk shit about a player who wasn't on the pitch. Odd cunt.
  7. Nobody but ourselves to blame, not taking the golden chances we had and the state of our defending on both goals was disgraceful. Threw it away. Has to be the wake up call to open the fucking purse strings and invest properly if we want to get back to where we want. We won't.
  8. One of the best things about them going out is seeing this fella crying like a bitch
  9. Won their first pre-season game 5-0 against Preston, 4 of the goals are in the link below, the person tagged in each goal is the goalscorer, the one goal without the tag is scored by Zidane Iqbal who set up the other 3, Noam Emeran scored the other goal not scored(2 in total)
  10. And De Brun ? Meanwhile the Partizan vice president has said we're in final negotiations and as shown above the players instagram seems to be hinting towards it.
  11. 17 year old Left winger mainly, 9 goals and 3 assists last season, supposedly a big talent. Talk is 12 million euro and will be loaned back to Partizan next season. Edit: Obligatory youtube video Double edit:
  12. We've signed 17 year old Filip Stevanovic from Partizan as an alternative to Sancho...Not really But we have signed him apparently, confirmed by Romano and by the player himself seemingly going by his instagram.
  13. Aye, missed opportunity had a release clause until he signed that to but think it comes back into effect next summer and only 50 million euro again if I remember right think whoever gets him at that price is getting a bargain.
  14. Lost their first pre-season friendly to Salford yesterday 2-1 Mark Helm with the United goal below
  15. We need to sign Upamecano and we need to sign him yesterday. Know we're looking more for a left footer but he'd be a great partner for Maguire still I think
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