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  1. McGoldrick!!!More like McGOALdrick amirite???? Sheffield United are such a well coached side, similar to Wolves but unlike Wolves they're actually good to watch. Need to make sure on Monday.
  2. 20 goals and 15 in the league is a pretty decent return so far all things considered, all from open play and for the first part of the season he was supplied by the likes of Lingard and Andreas worth remembering he missed two months of the season too. He's improved his hold up play and work rate this season too imo and links up well with our other forwards and Pogba and Bruno and also allows us to play a pretty fluid front three with him Greenwood and Rashford all capable of interchanging positions. Scored against City and Chelsea home and away Think he's earned himself another season at least as our main striker tbh especially when there's such a dearth of strikers at the moment available who would be an upgrade, better off been patient and seeing what the options are in a season or two and how Mason develops in that time through the middle rather then buying for the sake of buying. He's more then capable of scoring 20-25 goals again next season with Pogba, Bruno and possibly Sancho supplying him. I actually liked that he was pissed off coming off last night, even though the game was won it should a hunger for goals that he's often been accused of not having, was nice to see imo. Think there are areas in the squad that need addressing more urgently then replacing Martial right now, especially off the back his best season as he should now be entering some of his best years.
  3. What more can be said about the kid? He's starting to involve himself more and more since the restart, and showing more what he showed in the under 18s with a lot more to come too. Before the break he was contributing while largely remaining more on the outside of our play, which is understandable considering his age and was easing his way into the team but now he looks like he wants to involve himself more and be more direct. Was great tonight again even outside the goal. An absolute star in the making. Seems to have the right sort of attitude to which will help with him reaching the heights his talents should reach.
  4. First team in premier league history to win 4 games in a row by 3+ goals. Another very good win and another game we were comfortable in without even been at our best which was great to see. Could have been 5 or 6 easily too tbh. So much to like about this team at the moment. Good to get another clean sheet too, surprisingly enough we have one of the best defences in Europe this season in all competitions All in all another good night. Looking forward to the next game again already
  5. Greenwood is honestly a joke, such a talent. Scary to think he's still eligible to be playing under 18s football this season. Martial did brilliant in the build up too.
  6. Anybody else been excited for this game since the Bournemouth game? like genuinely looking forward to it and been disappointed when you remember it's x amount of days away? First time in years i've had this feeling about United and our matches, the past few years it's been a sense of I have to watch it more than actually wanting to and it feeling like a chore. Not even just wanting us to win but actually excited to watch us play too. It makes a nice change. With all that been said bet we end up fucking losing tomorrow now
  7. Ohhh babyyyyyy Would be huge if he wants to stay and signs that new deal, especially if we go on to sign Sancho too. He's been great since coming back and has really taken to his new role in the team well where he's not expected to do everything and can show his outrageous passing range and can pick and choose his moments when to get forward more and linking up with Bruno and our front three really well, he's worked very hard too to go along with his quality on the ball. He looks really happy too now(I never bought into the whole he's virus and a bad influance in the dressing room crap tbf) probably the happiest since he's come here or since the first season.
  8. Get in there Johnny boy!!! Some header that. Huge goal for us.
  9. Good call Ralf Rangnick taking over, will be interesting to see how he gets on was hoping he'd come here as a director of football at one stage last year when the rumors were in overdrive about us getting one in. Should do well if backed properly imo
  10. Ole flirting with Ake after the match Saturday Tbf i'm sure he's only saying it in a joking way but he wouldn't be the worst signing for depth at center back if he's available for a decent price if Bournemouth go down, depending on how big our budget is too obviously. Could fill in at DM if needed too. Edit: I think we actually need a quality starting cb with pace to partner Maguire more then we need depth tbh but I don't see us signing one this summer.
  11. City have lost more games in the league then we have this season
  12. Signed a new 3 year contract until 2023(could include an option in them years not sure but you'd imagine it would be at his age). Deserves it for the form he has shown since January tbf but we need to really manage him carefully in the next few years, if we get that right it should be a good bit of business.
  13. Falk who is very reliable about Bayern linking us with Thiago. Don't see it happening myself but imagine having a midfield options of Pogba Bruno and Thiago. 30 odd million will be a steal with whoever gets him anyway
  14. Honestly what a fucking talent. Just so natural to him and like I keep saying he hasn't even come close to showing what he's fully capable of yet. So mature in his descion making too rarely gives the ball away or makes the wrong choice. It's going to be an absolute joy watching him grow and develop in the next few years. I'll be shocked if he doesn't make it right to the top. 15 goals at 18 years of age when the team was terrible and dysfunctional for half that season and where he hasn't started a lot of games is just unbelievable. Think he will get to 20 by the seasons end too.
  15. We're fun to watch again!! We were a shambles at the back today, especially Maguire and De Gea who must of smoked a serious amount of crack before kick off and for those 10 minutes after half time. I don't think we would have turned it around and we would of capitulated after their penalty earlier in the season so nice to see us turn it around like that. Another 3 points. All 3 attackers scoring. Played some lovely stuff and scored some great goals and could of been more. Just a really enjoyable game tbh