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  1. Canto

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    Best thing he's done as a United player in years
  2. Canto

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Your opinion though. He wasn't signed for this game. Like I said he was signed as a project player who has far surpassed what would of been expected of him. His end product would be much better if we had players who actually gamble on balls been played across the 6 yard box. He's been great, one of the best signings of the season and easily the biggest bargain. Of course he's going to have bad games he's a very inexperienced player, at any level let alone the top level but he's largely stepped up and seems unfazed about it.
  3. Canto

    Daniel James 2019/20

    He was signed to be an undisputed starter and starter in the big games? Was he fuck. He was signed as a player with obvious potential who we would look to develop over time and be a useful weapon off the bench. But he's exceeded everyones expectations including his own probably and now he's deservedly a starter and a starter in the big games but no chance he was signed for to be that player this soon.
  4. Few seasons in now in FM20 and there's talk of a former United player buying the club...Not Ronaldo..not Beckham...not any of the class of 92...but...ZORAN TOSIC. Zoran Tosic is trying to buy Manchester Fucking United fair balls to him obviously invested his money wisely after retiring in the game . Made me laugh anyway
  5. Ahh lads I live for this kinda shit. I'd give anything for us to win a major trophy while Fergie is still well enough to go to games. Love seeing him so happy and smiling and looking so well.
  6. Canto

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Thought he was very very good again today, unlucky not to have had a hat trick in the first half, it's a pity the finish was off with one chance with his first time finish which he did brilliant to get himself into the position for using his pace it was funny watching Bernardo trying to keep up with him almost had another worldie aswell with his shot off the bar. Like all the lads up front he worked really hard too. In such a good run of form lately, hopefully it's a case of him taking his performances to another level on a more consistent level and really starting to live up to his potential.
  7. I'd go with the youngsters again, not as many as against Astana but I wouldn't play the lads who are off the back of two tough games where they ran themselvs into the ground so a mix of youngsters and fringe players. Romero Laird Axel Jones Williams Garner Andreas Chong Mata Gomes Greenwood Don't think there's much a diffrence between finishing 1st and 2nd in the Europa really tbh no team we shouldn't be capable of beating and funnily enough we're probably better off finishing second and getting a tougher draw anyway with our record in big games vs games we should be winning. There missing there main striker aswell who was sent off in the last game, big United fan too apparently so sucks for the kid to miss the chance to play at Old Trafford, there other main man Stengs is a United fan too apparently. Apparently. Apparently.
  8. Canto

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Thought he was great tonight on the break he always looked a threat and worked his bollocks off defensivly. Should of done better with the chance he had in the first half and should of scored but was still another very good performance from him imo especially considering how inexperienced he is at this level. Love the kid
  9. Canto

    Fred 2019/2020

    Another very good performance from him today. It can't be a coincidence how much better he looks next Scott but they make a good partnership imo especially in the bigger games.
  10. That was such a huge win. Fucking aged me about about 40 years for fuck sake. The first half an hour we were sensational we should have been about 4 goals ahead and it wouldn't of even flattered us just sensational on the break. Second half we hung on a bit but we showed some good resilience considering we usually shit the bed and throw it away it was nice to hold on. Absolutely buzzing with that. 6 points from City and Spurs in the space of a few days with good performances to go with them, doesn't get much better. Pity we can't just play the top 6 every week. Really need to find a way to get past the teams that sit deep now but Pogba been back soon should help with that a bit at least. Also if there's any miserable cunts out there not fucking ecstatic right now ye need to get a grip.
  11. Canto

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    Absolutely beast at the back today. Immense. That tackle where he tracked Sterling all the way from one side to the box to the other when he was leaving other defenders for dead was amazing.
  12. Going to be lucky to hold out for a draw here
  13. Lucky lucky boy Martial.... FUCKING GET IN
  14. Fuck me no way are we winning this. Should be at least 3 goals up, at least. Wasted too many chances for it not to come back and bite us