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  1. Canto

    Bundesliga 2019/2020

    And there was people on here that didn't want him and were calling him the "Scandinavian Lukaku" and didn't think he's make a difference We were right to walk away from the deal due to the ridiculously low release clause he wanted(any player who wants a release clause we should be weary off tbf). Hopefully it will be third time lucky and we manage to get him in a year or two if he keeps this sort of form up, but doubt it he's destined for the very top. Kid is an absolute machine and lives for scoring goals Edit: It was absolutely scandalous we didn't sign him at Molde when we went to watch him as a 17 year old when he scored 4 goals in the first half against the team who had the best defense in the league at the time when the manager of the team happens to be a club legend too so easy to get the inside track of his personality too and whatever else. Even if we bought him and loaned him out for a year or two or it didn't work out we easily would of made our money back anyway, just sums up our ineptitude from top to bottom that he wasn't signed there and then, almost like Ronaldo was.
  2. Canto

    The FA Cup thread

    I'm not confident of even beating Tranmere tbh away from home anyway, on a shit pitch with morale at an all time low after a midweek game. I wouldn't be shocked to see us draw and if we do win I don't see it been pretty or easy.
  3. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    A cheap, attainable, low risk transfer that if it comes off would improve us massively? Why would we target someone like that...
  4. Canto

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    I swear every time I watch them they're shite aswell but end up winning late on and after the opposition miss sitters. An unbeliveable machine though and they'll probably do it unbeaten too, although hopefully they get caught out with a bit of complacency towards the end. Cunts will probably win the Champions League again too, if not the treble .
  5. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    I thought we might go awhile without been a real top class side post Fergie because of what a genius he was but would still challenge for the title every so often and most definitely be a consistent top 4 side easily but fuck me I don't think even the most pessimistic fan could have thought things would have been so bad as it has been. An absolute shambles and like I said in the matchday thread we've been spared it been longer due to Fergie still been in charge. And all this talk of haggling over 10 million how much are we going to lose out on when we don't qualify for the champions league AGAIN that 10 million extra spent on Fernandes will almost certainly get us closer to it anyway that's for sure.
  6. Canto

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Highlights of his season or?
  7. Canto

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Club captain...
  8. This is something that really pisses me off, shambolic weak minded mentality constantly crumble under any sort of pressure too and rarely ever come back to win games we're behind in.
  9. Anyone that thinks bringing in a bee manager will make a huge difference to our fortunes is crazy. This is what we are now and will continue to be while the parasites run the show. No longer a top club and just one that will just about challenge for top 4 with the odd good season where we finish there comfortably but then never look to push on from it. This is the present and it's the future until there gone and we're lucky that we had Fergie to paper the cracks for them for so long otherwise the shambles we see now would be started a long time ago only have to look at how we replaced Ronaldo and Tevez even when successful Owen Obertan and Valencia. Ole needs to go for sure but this is going to be the theme for probably a decade or more until we get new owners.
  10. Chasing a game and were bringing on Luke fucking Shaw and Jessie Lingard Hahahahahahahakillmenowhahahahaha
  11. Club should do the right thing and just fold.
  12. Canto

    Ole Sack Watch

    Rants is the biggest knobhead in the world followed shortly after by Mark Golbridge but why am I not surprised you watch there videos in the slightest
  13. Canto

    2020 Transfer Targets

    They're both completely different players to Bruno in different positions. Also what baggage? The baggage is with Sporting and not Bruno and it won't be any easier negotiating with Aulas than Sporting as he's said already they won't sell him and two of there other main attacking players are already out with long term injuries and are stronger financially than Sporting, while Soumare has said himself he's not leaving this season and wants to stay at Lille so that's also a no go.
  14. Canto

    u18s Match day Thread

    U18s are in FA youth cup action at 7 tonight live on MUTV for anybody interested vs Norwich. Edit: Finishes 2-0 McCann penalty and a Mengi header who was brilliant. Mejbri was excellent again too, there was talk of him been moved up to the first team with all the injuries, don't see it personally but wouldn't be surprised if he goes on the tour in the summer. Excellent prospect