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  1. Canto

    Alexis Sanchez 2019/20

    This feels like when I was a kid playing championship manager and used to cheat by taking over other clubs and sell all the shite players I didn't want anymore that I couldn't get rid of and ended up selling them for far more then they were worth How the fuck could one club possibly help us get rid of both Sanchez and Lukaku in the same summer, wonder do they fancy a Rojo thrown in too while they're still obviously drunk
  2. Canto

    Daniel James 2019/20

    I knew he was close to signing for Leeds but not this close. Funny ol' game football he must of been devestated at the time over a dream move collapsing only for it to actually be the best thing to happen and a much much bigger move to happen only 6 months later.
  3. Canto

    Anthony Martial 2019/20

    I dunno I think he worked hard yesterday, especially by his usual standards. In fact there was one example where I thought he was going to have to come off injured after he ran in from center forward out to close down Azcipikdhudncbshhdfnndhta at right back with a sliding block, it was amazing to see and something I never thought he'd even think about doing let alone actually do it. He'll never be a Lingard or a Rashford in terms of work rate and pressing but I definitely think there has been an improvement since this pre season and in attitude to doing it imo.
  4. worth noting aswell tbh
  5. Canto

    Anthony Martial 2019/20

    Today was just the warm up, he'll have 40 in the bag after 20 games you watch
  6. Canto

    Anthony Martial 2019/20

    39 to go...
  7. Canto

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    Yep even as an attacker in front of him it must be great knowing you can cheat a little bit with your tracking back knowing that more often then not he will win his duels and you don't have to be covering him constantly which is something we've lacked for a long time now. An immense debut and only the start for the kid.
  8. Canto

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Our best outfielder. If he stays next season we absolutely need to improve the midfield around him. Two great assists today and worked hard, not at his best but still such a vital player to us. Looks like he's willing to get his head down and not sulk which is good too because our season is going to depend hugely on him
  9. Canto

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    Beast. Showed he's able to step up to this level anyway. Going to be a huge player for us in games like today for years to come and hopefully he can add a bit more going forward and think then we'll have one of the best in his position in the world for years to come(I don't think it's even as bad as some people would make you believe, but can definitely improve that area ). Defensivly there are very few better already and he's still only 21 Great player and signing
  10. Canto

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Always thought the stick he got during the past few months was completely OTT sure he can be frustrating, especially when he steps up to them free kicks 40 yards out but people forget just how young he is, every single player his age is going to be like that. He's a fantastic young player and we're lucky to have him here and he genuinely loves the club and has that drive to improve and I have no doubt he will. Was nice to see him show that composure on his second goal because that's probably his weakest point for me when through on goal and with time to think but he's got a great mentor at the moment to learn from in that regard and i'm sure he will. A great start to the season and hopefully he can keep it up now still only 21 and 47 goals for United is some going especially as he hasn't been playing as a striker for most of that time. He's going to be a great player for us for years to come people just need to be a bit more patient with him
  11. Canto

    Harry Maguire Thread 2019/20

    I was one of the biggest posters against the signing but that was quite the debut wasn't it, especially considering he has less then a weeks training with the lads. He looked so composed and solid back there and made a nice partnership with Victor. Made a nice change from seeing Smalling shit himself about having to make even a 5 yard pass and he seemed like a leader out there already so quick which will be huge if he becomes one because we're desperately short of them in the squad. Just the start but if he keeps that level of performance up and he'll have me eating my words in no time and I hope to fuck he does because if he does he could become a huge player for us for years to come, long may it continue
  12. Canto

    Daniel James 2019/20

    He won't cause anyone any problems though . Got a bit lucky with the goal but fuck it he deserves a bit of luck also had Kante saying fuck that i'm not chasing you and that was just after Kante coming on as a sub not many get to say that. He's obviously raw and won't be first choice but there's defintley a player in there and he was worth the punt. Keep on going kid, i'm sure your father is looking down and you're making him more and more proud
  13. Great win, 4 goals and a clean sheet against a rival in the first game of the season, with all 3 new signings contributing big time to the win and our two young strikers who people questioned would they score enough getting 3 goals between them. Sure we rode our luck a bit at times but fuck it who cares if you can't enjoy a game you win 4-0 against a rival football isn't for you. Early days yet but that's a great way to start off and there was some great football played at times too and some cracking goals started. It's good to have it back
  14. Unleash the Greenwood on these fools
  15. The pointing at the number . Great goal