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  1. Liam Miller

    Unfortunately it looks like he's lost his battle tonight :(. He put up an absolute unbelievable fight, so so awful and the thoughts are with his wife and young family. May he Rest In Peace.
  2. Indeed. Club should fold tbh what an awful season we're having like I said above just thankful we have enough points to just about survive. If you can't see the progress we've made under Mourinho compared to the two managers that came before him than football isn't the sport for isn't regardless tbf
  3. All i'll say is thank God we've got 41 points in the league cuz I was really starting to worry we would go down, just can't see where our next points were going to come from, we're just the worst football team i've ever seen at any level and I include my own local Sunday league in that. Hasn't been one single postive in this season ffs look at West Ham under Moyes surely we could tempt him back? Not that he'd touch us with a barge pole with how awful we are tbf.
  4. If it was in a game that matterd with a full first team out then it would be worry. Tonight, no. But like I said don't let me get in the way of your doom and gloom you miserble cunt. Another one who's never anywhere to be seen after a good result 😂
  5. What a surprise you're logged in straight away hahaha fucking clown. I suppose the league cup is now a more important competition to the likes of you than the league champions league and world cup combined 😂. Waste of oxygen. Blind is awful and was awful tonight apart from one tackle.
  6. Of course it is 👍i'll be sure to be all doom and gloom to fit in with the narative that knobheads like you spread around at all times 😂
  7. Hopefully one of the last games that the likes of Blind and Darmain play. Absoultly shocking performances from them and others who should of been giving everything to win a place in the side. Like I said before we habe a good squad number wise but not really quality wise and i'd rather players like Axel be getting the games that players like Blind get tonight
  8. Fair play to them they've been brillant and deserve to win. Not botherd really less games for us the better, espcially after winning it last season.
  9. Rashford has been absoultly brutal. None of our squad players have really done themselvs any favours really either apart from maybe Shaw looking somewhat decent, in saying that none of the regulars have looked great either imo.
  10. Romero is on meth tonight
  11. Some finish from the boy.
  12. Romero with little reminders tonight that while he's a solid second choice keeper he'd be a disaster waiting to happen as a first choice. Zlatan has been really poor and off the pace which isn't a surprise coming off the back of the injury he has had and only having about 40 minutes of football under his belt, very possible he might never recover fully from it though sadly but far too earlier to write him off out just yet. Pretty even game so far tbf with them probably shading it in general play but us unlucky hitting the woodwork twice. They're really up for it as expected and aren't a bad side tbf to them.
  13. No Axel is a joke tbh should be starting games like tonight and he doesn't even make the bench then. Needs to go out on loan next month too good to be wasting away in Limbo.