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  1. Fair play to him if he gets even a few kids sneezing into the crook of their elbow instead into there hands or just spraying the sneeze everywhere it will be worth all the abuse he'll no doubt get for this too. Actually a pretty clever way to get the kids to do it tbh
  2. Hudson Odoi has it now too, so that will be Chelsea players and staff in isolation for 2 weeks now too. I'll be shocked if the league isn't suspended tomorrow if not called off altogether. It's honestly mad how many people are still down playing this as "just a bad flu" or it "only" effects the elderly i've also seen people online trying to put it up against suicide and cancer (Everybody knows how awful these things are but you can't spread them on to other people and it shouldn't be made into a contest either such a backwards way of thinking and dangerous) as things to be more worried about and just keep washing your hands . Them sort of issues are absolutely terrifying to me because I bet people will be wreckless and think there young and fit and will be grand and won't take proper precautions and they'll end up spreading this shit like crazy, some without even realising they have it and passing it on to other peoples loved ones and even their own and people are going to die needlessly because of these sort of people. The whole knowing so little about it and when/if it will die in the summer time like normal flu and how bad it will get is scary as shit. Stay safe lads it's going to get very very bad, especially in the UK by the looks of things with how Boris is dealing with things.
  3. 12 goals for the season now too, if the season finishes and he ends up with 15 goals that would be an unbelievable return for him. I think he will get that total too if the season does carry on(I don't think it will), if not more. Was a typical great finish from him, such a clean striker of a ball
  4. Good win. 4 good goals and another clean sheet. Keeps the new found confidence going and hopefully now when(if?) the second leg comes around we can give a lot of the kids a start Gomes Garner Greenwood Laird etc
  5. Such a wanker, how dare they not come to Anfield and play right into Liverpools hands. Maybe if they took a leave out of there book they wouldn't have thrown away a 2-0 lead at home. Swear Liverpool play some of the most beautiful football the world has ever seen when a lot of the time it's just long balls and crosses. Also this: Telling your own fans to fuck off(who are possibly even kids ffs) because they're asking for a high five. I understand not giving them but no need to be a total dickhead about it. PaShUn though I guess
  6. Doubt the Juventus match will even go ahead now anyway or at least for awhile with Rugani getting the coronavirus, all the Juve players will probably have to self isolate for 14 days now at least. Wouldn't be surprised to see all football suspended soon, possibly even after this weekend.
  7. Ole not signing Llorente in January so he could knock out Liverpool in the champions league, is there any limits to this mans genius That was fucking immense a bottle job of the highest order, so so sweet. A disgrace they're compared to our treble side, or 08-09 side for that matter
  8. official. 2 year deal with an option of another year Hopefully we can convince Gomes to stay now too and get them both good loan deals for next season
  9. I know it's probably the wrong thread now but Jude Bellingham and his parents were given a tour of Carrington today after reports a few days ago he was signing for Dortmund so hopefully we've managed to get ahead of them and nick this one. Says it all about his potential that they were ready to break there transfer record to sign him apparently. Be interesting to see will we end up getting his younger brother too who's also an England underage international especially as I can see us recruiting heavily for the under 18s for next season.
  10. Close to signing a new deal here now according to his agent, surprised by that was full sure he was gone. Needs a loan for next season-18 months badly though
  11. Canto

    Ole Sack Watch

    Best manager in the league imo.
  12. Just when you thought you couldn't love him anymore.
  13. United beat City and Martial scores the winner, has anyone checked on @TFIA since full time? Ole KILLING this club