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  1. Look at his body shape. He is 10 pounds over what he should be and he needs to think quicker in this league. A few weeks shadowing Ronaldo and he will click. He was meant to be the big marquee signing and that got torpedoed by Ronnies arrival. He will be a star in our shirt.
  2. The state of the comments on this thread. You can’t legislate for Lingards error. The red card meant changes were needed because we want Bruno and Ronaldo for West Ham and those on pitch should have seen the game out. Sancho is not up to the pace of the prem yet, Bundesliga is played at a much more measured pace and he needs time to adjust VDB is sadly another Dan James. Showed promise at lower level but not quite good enough. Beat West Ham and you will be creaming again.
  3. Sancho looks fat wan bissaka stupid lunge
  4. After many years we finally have the players capable of getting me off my seat. Last goal was poetic. Ronaldo will raise the level of everyone around him. Better still was the noise before, during and after the game. Not heard it like that for years
  5. I was born in Germany but the fuckers don’t want me. Zola Budd type stuff and I aint buying it She came here at two She is an adverising agency’s dream Sports personality of the year betting may as well close now. Bottled it at wimbledon but has matured hugely since 18 years old and gorgeous with a two million dollar cheque in her knickers
  6. Share price up 8 per cent on the news so he has already paid for himself in effect.
  7. Raiding jam rag bins and drinking the contents
  8. He didn’t have me worried, he was never goingbto wear rags
  9. He has said that it is insulting to suggest that he would join Man City and that money is not everything cos he could go to quatar or china if that was what motivated him.He will never play for city
  10. Negative bunch. Easy 2-0 win for us
  11. Grealish will flop like a pornstar on horse tranqs
  12. India. Population 1.4 Billion. Total gold medals won in olympic history……… 9 The Kenny family. Population 3. Total gold medals won in olympics………. 12 So not only do they have small willies they are crap at sport of any kind. Unless answering calls pretending to be Dave becomes an Olympics event I can’t see it changing. National lottery funding has totally transformed the UK results. I remember Atlanta and only 1 gold.
  13. Hiding in bushes watching your mum and sister get ready for bed
  14. He will sign for PSG. He likes an easy life. He will never play in the prem
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