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  1. Its almost as if you had a crystal ball Great news that we will see the season played out. Every single game will be on tv and at least 25 free to air. Players like Troy Deeney and co should be applauded for sticking to guns if concerned for family health.
  2. Well done Ole European football assured for another season!
  3. 142 million for Coutinho? eh Worlds gawn bladdy maaaaaaad
  4. fuck klopp the speccy hun cunt i wouldnt piss on him if he were on fire and i would wipe my cummy hankie in his eyes if he came near
  5. Fenway sports group will ensure he fails. To compete they need two ore three 40 million players over three or four consecutive transfer windows. They simply will not do this. And Liverpool are not a draw for stars. The best he can hope for are players looking to impress before moving on to better. Also remember that Dortmund was built on backbone of German players. Top level british players are rarer than Shergar shit. Dortmund also have gates over 80 thousand that intimidates opponants when playing well. I guarantee he will be sacked within 5 years having failed badly
  6. St Brendan of Toxteth lives to fight another day SMASHING GREAT Have a look at what you could have won
  7. We should celebrate our own success. Not glory in others misfortunes.
  8. http://www.dailyshit.co.uk/sport/football/article-3058868/Liverpool-190-signings-spent-800m-25-year-wait-19th-league-title-John-Aldridge-blames-transfer-market-failings-barren-spell.html
  9. silver anniversary today of last title fuck the scouser scum here's to another 25