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  1. When el kun wanders out in that red shirt alongside him you will cum your panties
  2. Cant believe people are being so dumb Champions league changes due to be announced next week that the larger clubs object to. This is clearly a way of trying to pressure UEFA with the ultimate end game being individual ownership of tv and image rights. MUTV showing all utd games live for a monthly fee is the real plan. The big teams feel that they bring in the revenues but don’t get enough back. Any move that meant teams being banned from domestic leagues would be doomed to failure. They would also bar players from international football. Mark my words this l
  3. The deal is done already 60 million pounds and Paul Pogba going to Dortmund Spurs would never sell Kane to us or any other prem club. He wants to get to utd so he can cosy up to Roy Keane, once Roy trusts him he will smash his legs in the queue for the tea truck
  5. Still a great manager
  6. Your epitaph will be the finest three rounds of boxing I ever saw Prime hearns hit him with everything and he still triumphed. Murray Walker now the king fucking shite
  7. haggler


    The GOAT Glazer bastards turn up to the superbowl and suck up the praise Brady is otherworldly but the defensive coach tonight was the mvp
  8. Not a single reply shows all we need to know about this forum now.
  9. Maguire is all kinds of wank We ran that game but when slabhead is around...
  10. I am watching a great film called the Three Kings on Prime video and it has lots of footage of the Busby Babes. No doubt we would have had at least half a dozen more titles if it wasnt for that fateful day 63 years ago today. Never forget our history and where we come from. Attractive football played by young local lads with utd running through the veins England would have had 2 world cups as well because in Duncan we had the best player in the world by far. RIP THE 23.
  11. Shaw was dogshit today both goals he was at fault for and several other saalah chances he left shaw for dead
  12. I thought we deserved the win Top of the table and knocked the pile out of the fa cup Smiles all round
  13. As soon as transfer window closes he will revert to shite That is the tragedy here If he had Gary Nevilles mindset he would be the best player on the planet
  14. A win here would really stick the knife in to the scousers Lets have it !
  15. Loved our football under The Doc Wittiest football manager ever We are on the crest of a slump
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