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  1. Pogba ruled out with foot injury We are getting arse raped
  2. haggler

    What can be salvaged from this season

    This forum is so small at least we wont be getting quoted on rawk talkmanutd? who are dey?
  3. haggler

    Ole Sack Watch

    Did you see the press conference? Knocked his glass over at the start, talked shite throughout then said we will probably continue as we are Totally out of his depth and waiting for the chop. Fred the red by the way collected the Prunier award today.
  4. haggler

    2020 Transfer Targets

  5. haggler

    What can be salvaged from this season

    Another season of this and nobody will be able to call you a glory hunter again
  6. welbeck is dennis law like compared to gashford dig out the butchers coats donkey jackets and dms £30 a week £30 a week Division 2 is calling you...///// All we need is a wee jock to take over and shagvthe physios wife and it will be complete
  7. haggler

    Ole Sack Watch

    This is history repeating itself. After Sir Matt we had Wilf and Frank and a board that had no idea. We ended up being relegated a mere few years after winning the european cup. We had old players past best a prima donna in best and youth that were not good enough. The players are not good enough and ole doesn’t scare them or gee them up. If he stays we will be bottom 6 by christmas
  8. haggler

    Europa League: Matchday 2 - AZ Alkmaar vs Man Utd

    Not one shot on target against a set of clog dancers Ole no doubt thought it was a hard won battling point in hostile conditions cunty mc cuntface. That grin is grinding on me now. Get angry
  9. oj beer starter - i am wankerrd
  10. haggler

    Rugby Union/League Thread

    That is hugely embarrassing for the paddies mwa ha ha White Power
  11. haggler

    Rugby Union/League Thread

    Disgusting that in an era of multiculturalism the irish side is all white Racist bastards
  12. we are truly shit ole will lose to arse then liverpool and be sacked on October 22
  13. haggler

    EFL Cup: Round 3 - Man Utd vs Rochdale

    We are the pride of all tayto