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  1. haggler

    Champions League 18/19

    I know Michael personally and find this highly offensive.
  2. haggler

    Champions League 18/19

    That was comedy gold Pep dancing in the moonlight only to have his chips well and truly pissed on. They can have the League to stop Liverpool. We are not good enough to beat them anyway so we should roll over and make it obvious Ajax CL win would be nice
  3. So to sum up This is the worst utd squad since the late 1970s Keeper is an accident waiting to happen all of a sudden back line bar Shaw not up to championship level Midfield without steel or guile Forward line that can run fast but then what Shambles of a team
  4. haggler

    Harry Kane awarded MBE.

    Meanwhile Jimmy Greaves has nothing? Total bag of wank
  5. haggler

    PL Matchday 34: Everton vs Man Utd

    Who fucking cares because they are all wankers not worth a toss I have had it with them Tonight was awful Shamefilled bag of utter wank sell the fucking lot and start again not one deserves a pay packet An average Barca side cunted us off as we are a bag of wank
  6. That was a pumping Young? Young? Young? De Gayer? De Gayer? WTActual Fuck That was a clusterfuck but it was always happening because not a fucking one deserves to wear the shirt. Not one of them makes a 92 to 2013 side. wank beyond our wildest dreams
  7. haggler

    FA Premier League 2018/2019

  8. haggler


    Tiger Woods Take a bow The prodigal son What a ride
  9. haggler

    PL Matchday 33: Man Utd vs West Ham

    David David Time to hand the gloves to Romero Time and time again he put us under pressure. Sure he made a wonderful save but his distribution was appalling. Martial was wank Lingard was wank Mata was double wank etc etc etc West Ham were royally robbed today
  10. haggler

    Pogba get rid now?

    If we get our money back I would be delighted He is only interested in Pogba Get shot and use money for two hungry young mids.
  11. My take Young stunk the place out Pogba has decided he doesn’t like ole now Negative tactics but you can understand that with the personnel we have compared to Barca We still have a chance if we go gung ho away.
  12. This is Pogbas Real Madrid interview Fluff this and he has to stay with us on a kings ransom for strolling around
  13. haggler

    Horse Racing

    I used from the age of about six have four horses put on for me by my mum then as an adult i did the same for a while. Now just pick a horse and no bet. In all those years i have never ever picked a winner.
  14. Phil Jones mistimes and swallows messi whole Devoid of their midget talisman Barca fold and we pump them with a Smalling hat trick These shrooms are fucking good
  15. haggler

    Pogba get rid now?

    Returned to Jose form and wands 500k a week i will drive him to the airport