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  1. Trossard wins the crossbar challenge btw. Seriously rewatch the game and count the times wan bissaka was in box and no united player wider than him. It must have been a tactic so Greenwood must have been told to play as a wingback? He never ran back once hence my lazy cunt quote If wan bissaka just decided to defend there on his own volition then its time he went We were dogshit down that side all game and some of you spent the game digging out shaw. He may be a roly poly but the issue was not down that side. Pogba became an ambling liability again. But that has to be
  2. Ffs that was sp glaring Ole needs to go now How obvious was it that that was coming all fucking game that was a shower of shit all afternoon just hit it to our right side and nobody will mark you or close you down ffs lads it was glaring
  3. Why is Shaw getting pelters when they are not being marked at all by wan bissaka and co down that flank. Its as if ole told them not to go wider than 18 yard box. All game its been glaring. Fernandes has been the one meant to fill in since greenwood was pulled and he hasnt done it.
  4. Greenwood needs shooting What an idle twat
  5. wan bissaka is playing as a third centre half meaning greenwood is meant to be right back. Nobody sent him the memo though
  6. We will win with ease Board will use that as proof we do not need to spend
  7. Channel 5 on the phone wanting to do a documentary on you
  8. It’s totally relevant Rashford is paid handsomely to play football He is distracted by trying to be a do gooder and all this taking a knee shite makes me vomit. Lets lionise a drug dealing armed rapists life ? He is meant to be a world class striker. That shit is laughable. Our club is turning into a laughing stock but thats ok coz our players are feeding the kiddies and raising fists to questionable political movements. Britains got talent is going the same way. Ashley banjo and the magician tonight. Sack ole and get Cowell in
  9. Black lives matter Feed the little children Rashford has never been and never will be a top level centre forward Fosu Mensah, Lindelof, Shaw and De gea ? wtaf Pogba reverted to type Mctominay is a poor mans Darren Fletcher at best and up front we have Matial who plays one in 3 Ole hasnt got a clue That was a shit show Henderson has to take over the gloves, Shaw mctom lindelof fosu mensah should never pull on the jersey again The shambles continues apace and we will soon be in Liverpool land decades without a title. As long as Ed Woodward is in
  10. Being shown up all over the show. Worlds biggest club doesn’t have a pot to piss in Embarrassing to say the least. Our strikers aren’t strikers, we have nobody that you would back 5 times out of 6
  11. apple announce music tv games and storage to be lumped together in one plan
  12. Good old slabhead Gets in a ruck and invents albanian mobsters There was twenty of em i tells yer
  13. I wonder how many of you were aware that Thomas Connery was offered a playing contract at Utd by Matt Busby back in the fifties? You may know him better by his middle name Sean. Bond....... James Bond
  14. How many goals would Harry Kane put away last night?
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