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  1. haggler


    Aj is chinny
  2. We do better against sides that attack us because our pace comes into play. Sides that sit back expose our lack of a creative midfielder I reckon we will do ok
  3. Picture tonight is gash. Very smeary Last night it was pin sharp Like a very low bitrate illegal stream
  4. whatever happens ole will find a positive
  5. Calamity Jones FML Fred perrera and williams in midfield? Everyone second to every ball SHITSHOW SHAMBLES SHAMEFUL
  6. haggler

    MUFC new transfer recruitment procedure

    Ah opta manager
  7. Pochetino won what EveR? Win this and the sunlit uplands beckon. I want Wilder as our manager
  8. haggler


    Its what he does fight in fight out. Fight pace was so slow he barely broke sweat.
  9. haggler


    And that was that BOMB SQUAAAAAAAAD I have never seen a boxer with that much one punch power
  10. haggler


    6 straight 10/9 rounds
  11. haggler


    Ortiz won first 4 but all wilder needs is one shot Its on sky sports action guys not ppv 5 rounds in and all to ortiz Wilder does nothing till he knocks them out
  12. haggler


    Those scorecards were a joke surely Ryder bossed the second half of the fight Worst decision I have seen in many years Smith must know that himself
  13. haggler

    Poch leaves Spurs

    took training in a tracksuit with his initials embroidered on this has been in the offing for weeks