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  1. As a man he is first rate, as a striker he still doesn’t convert enough for me The stuff he has done with meals for kids and getting them reading is laudable. Footballers can sit back and do nothing and rake in the cash
  2. Great signing but we need 3 more minimum. Varane would be a real difference maker and we still desperately need better players than Fred in CM. Dan James could do with loaning out.
  3. Have to say its the best looking kit in decades
  4. How do you defend that Rashford penalty or his performance for us last season? Why send 3 players on cold from the bench? Clearly grealish and others had no bollocks. Watch that rashford pen again. It is probably the worst pen ever from the most over rated pos ever to grace a football field.
  5. Rashford proving what a useless big nosed cunt bag that he is. Cost us numerous times and now cost the country. Fuck off back to your slum and feed some kids with the snot from that fucking huge bugle ya useless cunt. My hate for him knows no bounds.
  6. Will be going out as we march on. When do you Paddies play your first game? Wait what? you failed to qualify for the easiest to get to tournament ever Your only successful manager was an english world cup winner You all starved for want of a potato? Cromwell and Bill of Orange had your measure Losers of little intellect
  7. France Spain and England draw Guess which one got slaughtered their press and fanbase?
  8. He has agreed personal terms Says so in The Sun so it must be true
  9. So Jogba is giving interviews to foreign magazines about potential move to PSG and only having a year left on contract Get shot ffs Why does ipad say that i have logged into site with a new device every time i log in? Same device I have used to log in for 2 years
  10. I hate chelsea But they owned City there Reece James and Kante were absolutely superb City still haven’t won big ears Mwa ha ha
  11. The depression from this will last for days. Just when I think we could be turning a corner the same old shit.
  12. What a shitshow from ole. De gea hasnt saved a pen for 5 years. He had subs left so why not use Hender son? Why did he stay with Rashford? Lindelof and bailly are a mistake waiting to happen. But with the amount of ball we had that should have been over
  13. shows why ole is still not up to it rashford will miss his pen now
  14. Get some fucking subs on you dumb fuck
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