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  1. haggler

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    City absolutely battered Spurs but if you watch motd it looks like it was close. Var is ruining the game Half the fun is moaning in the pub when you have been robbed and the spontaneity of the game is being fucked up Platini may be a crook but I agree with him ref tech.
  2. haggler

    Alexis Sanchez 2019/20

    He is going to be announced as an Inter player by Wednesday
  3. haggler


    I watched him in the ringwalk and the first few rounds and he looked like he was on opium. Glazed faraway look like he wasn’t properly in the room. I wonder if they got to him and Hearn wants it in a venue where narcs are hard to obtain?
  4. We need two midfielders and a tall striker Mctom and pear era are no good
  5. mctom and pear era are so shit it hurts
  6. where are you and why
  7. haggler

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Always look on the bright side of life De de de de de de dede
  8. haggler

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    you can take the boyo out of the valleys........
  9. haggler

    Time to trust the kids?

    The sunlit uplands I feel Fergie is having a lot of say in what is happening at the moment He knew that defence was the bedrock for everything De gea, wan, lindyhop, maggie and show nuff if played often enough will be a great defence. Pogba is the issue. Get him ticking and the season is a good one If he sulks its a write off Rashford aint getting 20 goals so the others need to chip in
  10. haggler

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Neymar just seen coming out of greggs in Disley Carrying his steak bakes in a megastore bag Gareth bale spotted buying picture hooks in Ancoats branch o f Wilkinson Just bought some golf clubs in sports direct in town as well
  11. haggler

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

  12. haggler

    Your Premiership Starting XI 2019/20

    Dybala aint coming
  13. haggler

    Eric Bailly 2019/20

    He makes Darren Anderton look like a first team regular More time off than Alan Brazil Sell him to bBostik and be done with it
  14. haggler

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    He is off to Inter Flat track bully that never does it against the bigger sides
  15. haggler


    Suck it up You wanted Indias beaters to win England were lucky but so were nz in qualifying on net run rate Best driver in the world Best cricket team in the world 4th best football team in the world Inventors of pretty much everything GB über alles