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  1. I put my arse side on furlough weeks ago I hope to be a cunt again soon But for now I am reverting to a decent sort. Even had people clapping me the other night Being nice is excruciating
  2. Classic utd games on bt sport Colin Gibson in Utd 7 shirt wtaf
  3. Title 19 stopped by Covid 19 God is a Utd fan FACHT
  4. Should have been three as well withbthe fred penalty where he was booked for diving
  5. Martial was different class today, not for his forward play alone but for his workrate and desire in all areas. Bruno arrival has brought belief. Lets get shot of Pogba quicksmart and use the money wisely.
  6. Wayne has said if he scores he will celebrate So he should Never get the players that don’t celebrate when they have moved on Hope he gets a great reception.
  7. Get Pogba out in the summer and Sancho in and another quality striker and we may be on the way back.
  8. best first half in years Bruno is the real deal and scott mc t is grand James is shit
  9. His dad was right in every respect. I was certain Wilder was going to stop him by the mid rounds. He totally dismantled him there. I dont think I ever saw such a thing. Made up for the shite undercard. Go forward and beat him up? You mad? Coming into Crazy was pure theatre. Oh and he is a red!
  10. Some good stuff on bt sport fight night so far. I see wilder opening the right eye up by round 5 and ko by round 8. He gave Fury too much respect last time and wont make the same mistake. Furys dad however believes that tysons three stone advantage with supposedly much improved snap will tell. I paid the money and look forward to a great scrap. Last one was great entertainment. Watched the greavsie documentary on bt sport earlier which was superb.
  11. Think how many titles we would have by now if not for Munich.
  12. Andreas is shite Shaw has been our best player this half Wolves like to roll around James is championship level
  13. Knowing our luck ighalo will have coronavirus and infect the whole squad apart from pogba