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  1. Criminal that he's not above Rojo in the pecking order after his performances last season. Strongly linked with a loan move to Wolves who just signed a 28 year old LB three weeks ago. He won't get many games there and may become another casualty of the LVG era. I could be wrong, but I don't think he should be loaned out
  2. I doubt he's leaving. Mourinho loves his tall and athletic Africans
  3. We need one this summer. McNair is obviously not a RB. We've been heavily linked with Clyne and Coleman, but who else is out there? Im not keen on bringing on an aging and fading Dani Alves for 200k plus a week. How about Danilo from Porto? He's a fearless young player on the rise who we should be considering as an option. His last name is Da Silva too, maybe this could soften the blow of losing Rafael. We could replace one Da Silva for (hopefully) a better and younger one. If he can defend as well as he attacks he'll be a monster. Its about time Brazil produced another good
  4. They gave 300% and still Cassillas could've sat down and watched a movie during the game
  5. Loublaze


    Would you take him back? The following is translated from AS They have not gone unnoticed gestures Pique on the bench for Barcelona in match against Levante . So from the Premier ensures that Manchester United was the one who trained with player and seeing the problems on defense than drag, will put all the machinery in place to try his move in January or secure for next year. They understand that there is available in the player and ultimately would be willing to Ferguson who attempted to convince the players knowing the importance of the Scot in the squad. And the Express went with t
  6. Slipped against Chelsea, slipped the title to City.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rszNI7n_6Gs
  8. Exactly what I meant Versa. I won't watch it, only will under the pain of death
  9. Hurricane Brendan hit us hard. Or was it a catastrophe of our own making? I will only watch Gerrard hoist the PL title under the pain of death
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