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  1. Paul Football

    James McClean

    You disagreed with a legitimate point I raised by implying that I'm talking shit as usual. Abusive ad hominem usually involves attacking the traits of an opponent as a means to invalidate their arguments. Equating someone's character with the soundness of their argument is a logical fallacy. I merely pointed out that's unrealistic/naive about the power structure of how companies/football clubs work to believe that Tony Pulis made the decision to have a word with McClean. Regardless of what McClean's views are and whether I agree with them or not. The owner of the club [Jeremy Peace] will be more interested in the views of the supporters of West Bromwich Albion and how McClean's actions could affect the club's revenues and public image. Companies spend fortunes on their brand/image. Have a look at WBA forums and you'll see they're not all happy about the event. McClean's not a political activist. He's a footballer who is potentially creating divisions in the squad and with a section of the fans. That's a serious issue for the club. There was room for discussion about the political line that a club/player must walk. Back to your reply; if you don't believe my expressed opinion was relevant that's fine. However, you killed off any potential for a discussion on the subject by using ad hominem attacks to completely dismiss the point I tried to make. If that's the way it'll continue on here then I'll get my coat.
  2. Paul Football

    Slappable players

    nice wind up.. but us Canadians did more in both world wars than the Irish did. Nice try though. Let me know when you haven't been brought to your knees again as a nation by a fucking potato.
  3. Paul Football

    James McClean

    I put my morality aside to look at it like a businessman when I wrote that. Ultimately I side with McClean but that doesn't stop me from trying to look at it from other points of view.
  4. Paul Football

    James McClean

    I brought up Jeremy Peace because he's the CEO/Owner and ultimately he's the one that's going to make such a large decision regarding the image of the club. It's certainty not going to be Tony Pulis. That old idiom Don't shoot the messenger probably applies here. Are you capable of having a discussion without insulting me? I'm not going to take any abuse from you.
  5. Paul Football

    James McClean

    It's a British club, with a British owner and they're his employer. Jeremy Peace is well within his rights as CEO to protect the image of his club by putting this to bed now. McClean's free to hand in a transfer request and go play for another club if he doesn't like it.
  6. Paul Football

    James McClean West Bromwich Albion head coach Tony Pulis has spoken with James McClean after the player refused to acknowledge the British national anthem. "I had a chat with him and explained what we do as a club," said Pulis. "He's got to turn towards the flag like everybody else has and he recognises that," Pulis added: "He thought he was OK to close his eyes and put his head down in respect of both anthems. The trouble is he's got to face the flag." __________ Pretty much been told he'll be dropped if he doesn't play by the clubs rules.
  7. Paul Football

    Sam Johnstone thread

    He had a good 45 minutes vs club america. Youtube videos have been made.
  8. Paul Football

    Can Rooney Be THAT Striker?

    I certainly think Rooney can score 30 goals. What's amusing is that he'll probably play like shit half the time. He's a stranger player that one.
  9. Paul Football

    James McClean

    well said
  10. Paul Football

    Raheem Sterling | At City

    Scored a goal in his first (friendly) game for man city. How do people think he'll do for mcfc this season? Will he form the best counter-attacking force in the league along with Silva and Aguero?
  11. Paul Football

    James McClean

  12. Paul Football

    James McClean

    Any thoughts on this?
  13. Paul Football

    Slappable players

    Clear contact in the last one.. you're either trolling or you didn't watch that game. Ended up going to hospital.
  14. Paul Football

    Ed Woodward.

    You've made a logical fallacy called: False Equivalence. Kenyon was a businessman at our club who left for a higher salary and ambition. Woodward is a businessman at our club therefore he will leave for a higher salary and ambition. Another example: Beckham and Ronaldo wore the # 7 shirt for Manchester United and went to Real Madrid. Every player who wears the # 7 for Manchester United will end up playing for Real Madrid.
  15. Paul Football

    Ed Woodward.

    Looking at Woodward's interview yesterday the guy is an absolute shark and I mean that as a compliment. His body language says it all for me. Legs folded, minimal hand gestures, extremely calm, his eyes don't give away anything when he's receiving information and he calmly looks away for long periods of time while he's formulating a complex answer. Meanwhile he comes across as likeable which is an important element in negotiating. Hope he stays for a long time.