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  1. Agreed a fee yesterday. Deal done today. We agreed a fee for Rabiot 8 days ago. I despise everything about this club.
  2. Luckhurst saying Joel Glazer is gonna veto any sale lmao.
  4. Seems to be a pressing machine. In the 95th percentile for forwards across Europe. 99th for tackles. That would be hugely appealing for eth. Very little production, Atletico fans say he’s more of a second striker. Reports now saying Atletico want more than €50m and he doesn’t want to come. We keep catching these L’s.
  5. Out of nowhere. Fleeced for a pretty mediocre player.
  6. Kvaratskhelia looks class. Such a name though…
  7. Odds shortening today.
  8. I will take a break if that happens.
  9. [The Athletic] Manchester United are considering a move for Jamie Vardy, but Leicester are reluctant to let the 36-year-old former England striker go. https://theathletic.com/3506797/2022/08/15/manchester-united-ronaldo-ten-hag-brentford/
  10. The Championship hopefully. You're right though - I don't care if we're good again. I just want a team I can actively root for. Most of our players would be shot if they were horses. Liverpool isn't the time or place but if this continues then you may as well go with Garnacho, Elanga, Iqbal - They'll get destroyed but damn at least I can feel something again. I hate this group of players and I just laugh when they're getting brutalised - They deserve to be exposed for what they are on that scale. Even after all of that they still have defenders and people who rate them.
  11. We're not finishing top 10. I legitimately think we'll be bottom three by the end of October unless our recruitment takes a drastically positive turn.
  12. Also Chelsea's full backs yesterday were unbelievable. Our club still hasn't grasped how essential they are in the modern game. Trotting out Shaw and Dalot is a disgrace when you look at what the top clubs have. Most of them have two full backs better than ours in each position. Why can we never find players like Cucurella before they breakout. Why do we never look at that profile of signing?
  13. @O is a cunt, but he's right. Ronaldo is a hindrance on any new coach, he's too individualistic to help develop a style of play around. His ego and influence in the dressing room are huge and it's obvious he's unpopular. If he has walked into a ready-made setup like Pep's City he'd be fine but ETH is trying to turn this group of individual cunts into a team and he's just not going to do what's needed. Doesn't matter how many goals he scores. This season shouldn't be about dragging out results - They need to adapt to ETH's way of playing and have an identity. We're doing fuck all thi
  14. We've barely £50m of cash on hand apparently. The Glazers and Woodward have absolutely fucked us dry. We need to start activating LEVERS.
  15. We’ve decided to sell him lmao
  16. He’s quality in La Liga. Flopped at Benfica. Risky signing but definitely worth a gamble. Spain to England is a pretty reliable pipeline for everything but strikers it seems.
  17. Players were supposed to be off today. ETH brought them in and ran them into the ground in the heat. More of this plz.
  18. Times reporting it now. This is happening. They're briefing the media ahead of time.
  19. I think he's going to drop Ronaldo and that situation will come to a head. If Martial is back at least. It's time to move on anyways - Him staying benefits no one. Rashford deserves to be dropped by they're obsessed with getting him back in form so they can give him a new 5 year contract. So many players deserve to be dropped - I want to see him make a statement but he wont. De Gea Dalot Maguire Varane Malacia McTominay VDB Sancho Bruno Rashford Martial 0-5
  20. I still need to watch that. Heard great things.
  21. Disgusting. We do literally everything wrong.
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