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  1. We just desperately need forwards. The options currently are mid-table standard at best. The Antony fiasco is a disgrace. Should have been signed by July. Looking like Gakpo and Memphis or nothing. The latter has improved but that’s just pathetic.
  2. Two MOTM displays since the English media wrote him off.
  3. He’s always our most dangerous player, he caused the crazy scramble of chances that we should have scored from. Took his goal well but just inexplicably sloppy at times. He’s improved without the ball from the first two games.
  4. Love his work rate. Love the player he’s trying to be. But he’s very bad at football. Was better than Sancho and Rashford though. Actually tried to make things happen.
  5. If we'd have lost on Monday this would have been done by Wednesday. If we win tomorrow this move will be off. I hate this club.
  6. Martial injured. What a disgrace.
  7. It's either that or we just don't use the resources. Another yacht for Joel mayhaps.
  8. LMAOOOOOOOO I called it. Finished club.
  9. I have a feeling the Antony deal will collapse. Should be done already.
  10. Could have gotten Sommer but we wouldn’t guarantee him a starting spot. Can’t hurt the feelings of the fragile flower we have starting now.
  11. De Gea is the biggest problem in the team bar none. Literally can't play football with him in the team. He's a footballing dinosaur.
  12. No. If we did that would probably be the most upgraded midfield through one window in the history of football.
  13. That's the type of player he should have evolved into. None of this coming deep to the ball bullshit. Sitting on the last defender and relentlessly sprinting in behind. The fixture suited him but even recently in these games he's stood out wide and waited for the ball to come to him. He needed to show some life. Southampton will be a different test, he can still play the same game but with more precision as the space wont be there. I've no doubt he'll go back to his usual habits. He'll probably smash one in from 25 yards amidst a shit performance and everyone will say he's back.
  14. Look at this trolling motherfucker. If Ronaldo is going I think we sign Gakpo as well. ETH showed yesterday that he'll play Rashford a #9 if needs must. Backup keeper and maybe a RB if we can shift AWB.
  15. Outstanding performance. Saved us time and again and threw himself into everything. Loved him sinking the shoulder into Salah after the first challenge. He was winding at them for the entirety of the game. We’ve lacked some cunts since Ander and Rojo left. I’m gonna love this guy.
  16. What a performance! Whole team was intense. Pure Ole-ball but it was the right call for the match. Rashford and Bruno with their best performances in over a year. Martinez MOTM, him and Varane looked incredible together. The lift from Maguire/Shaw to Lisandro/Malacia was incredible. Time to move on from those guys and Ronaldo too. Casemiro coming now! What a fucking lift!
  17. Martial and The Rash leading us to victory against Liverpool. What a time to be alive. Ronaldo in shambles.
  18. Trash. TLOU2 was an abomination. Lysanna Mormont is a smug cunt.
  19. Pretty sure House Of The Dragon will flop. I liked the first episode and I'm sure most of the hardcore ASOIAF fans will but there's just no way that's going to draw in casual viewers. They cut the comic relief character from the books and it's noticeably absent. It just wasn't very fun. I think it was far too ambitious a project for the first spinoff.
  20. If we don't sign him he'll turn into Arjen Robben under Pep in a few years. If we sign him he'll be on loan at São Paulo in the same timeframe.
  21. It would be easy to joke that Varane might argue the opposite given the turmoil of his debut season at United. He missed 16 games through injury and has started this campaign on the bench. Varane, though, has been training alongside Lisandro Martinez instead of Harry Maguire in team shape sessions, indicating Ten Hag is weighing up a change for the Liverpool game. https://theathletic.com/3525768/2022/08/22/casemiro-manchester-united-transfer/?source=twitteruk In b4 we concede 6 and he's back in for Southampton.
  22. !!!!! What a steal. Where the fuck are we on shit like that?
  23. TFIA


    Damn the screwjob really was on. Good job Usyk battered him. Usyk-Fury now. No more waiting. Unify the belts.
  24. Mendes. Everything Wolves’ does is corrupt and because their owner has a 20% stake in his agency they’re one of the few Mendes clients who actually benefit from his connections. 7 Portuguese starters yesterday. He’s running their club. Gakpo has been more productive but when you see him he looks like a guy taking advantage of a shit league. Memphis was the same with the benefit of hindsight. There's a lot of times he's going past players where you can see the space he wouldn't have in a better league. Antony is different - He has that Mahrez/Robben like close control tha
  25. The fanbase has completely turned on him. It’s shocking how only now people are realising how much he’s limited the team for years.
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