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  1. Apparently Madrid aren't after a high profile Ronaldo replacement as there's no value. It's really becoming damn near impossible to sign top players at their peak while under contract. With Madrid it used to be automatic. Considering we're after similar it doesn't bode well. We'll end up having to fork out £50m for a Perisic or Willian who are 29 and I don't see us doing it. Pretty likely we enter the season as is.
  2. Liverpool are competing for nothing this season.
  3. We'll have to wait and see who gets Anderson on a free but he's up there/
  4. “Black Xavi” Seri has gone to Fulham lmao
  5. A lot of reputable sources including Di Marzio suggesting Ronaldo to Juventus stories are legit and a deal is in the works. Would be a fascinating move for all involved. No idea how he’d fare in Serie A.
  6. They were already done. City won out. Crystanbul was just for laughs.
  7. Especially given it started with Abo congratulating them on winning the league. Lest we forget the man who took them down.
  8. @aardvarked fewmin'. His boy was brutalized. Still hasn't beaten Mourinho's Utd with Liverpool. We took 4 points off the cunts, finished ahead of them and Klopp is still waiting on any sort of silverware. Pray4aard.
  9. All that shite about how glorious their football is and they produce that pile of shite when it matters. Klopp is a loser who’s lucky he ran into ridiculously naive managers who played into his one trick pony side’s hands. Couldn’t even finish ahead of our supposedly shit team with a supposed charlatan as manager. Wouldn’t even console their goalkeeper, not a single fucking teammate went near him, the same keeper currently recieving death threats on twitter. YNWA they said. The best fans they said. Crock of shit. Fuck Klopp and fuck Liverpool. Delighted theyl lost in the
  10. There's more hope of us playing like that under Mourinho than there is Liverpool playing like that against him.
  11. Keys and Gray got fucked off for a hell of a lot less. Terrible. What a cunt.
  12. If Salah maintains this form he's gone in the summer.
  13. I was arguing with Aard back on MUT about how dreadful he is. That panda molesting fuck still rates him.
  14. Liverpool win is the result we should be looking for. City are the team to beat in the title race.
  15. They'll probably get something against City. They're perfectly setup to play them.
  16. Neymar ~ "I'm very happy Coutinho scored because at this moment, he lives a very great sadness"
  17. A winger with 9 goals in 132 league games. £40m. Astonishing.
  18. They're playing a high line and playing out of the back. Like they've never seen a Klopp side play.
  19. That is the most pathetic penalty I have ever seen.
  20. Klopp randomly bringing us up again, complaining about an offside decision that wasn't made 8 months ago. Man has issues.
  21. Salah is genuinely the exact same player as Theo Walcott. He was shite today too.
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