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  1. 80 fucking million. Shambles from both clubs. Never deal with Ajax ever again.
  2. On paper it's as good an upgrade you can buy but you just know he'll come here and lounge it up. As much shit as McFred have justifiably received they've never played with a consistent DM. I imagine it brings Donny and Eriksen into play as CM's too with less pressure defensively. Still think we need another option in there but this is obviously the De Jong budget being put to use. Linked with Dest and we'll probably sign a keeper.
  3. [Fernando Burgos] Manchester United are offering Casemiro a 5 year contract and to double his wage to 10M after tax We're apparently going to pay a fee of €70m to secure him. Madrid would be mad to refuse that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's just take a look at players we've signed at the back end of their careers (over 27) going back to 2010: Owen - Done before arrival at 29. RVP - Done in 6 months at 29. Mata - Never seen his Chelsea form. Done in 2 years at 27 lmao. Jesus chris
  4. Yeah this is where it will go. More parasites. What a fucking nightmare this is.
  5. Sent off? He should have given away a penalty but that wasn't even a yellow card challenge tbh, just sloppy. Everyone was shit on the Mee goal, there were mismatches everywhere. Eriksen marking Toney lol.
  6. It’s definitely time. Martinez wasn’t nearly as bad as the media are trying to suggest. Tbf it wasn’t really Maguire’s fault either but Varane is our best defender and Martinez is ETH’s guy. We can’t give up on him. Nunez isn’t playing either so Liverpool don’t really have that physical option. That said I imagine we’ll get absolutely fucking pasted and then everyone can say ol’ Harry aint the problem.
  7. De Jong Dest Aubameyang Casemiro Felix Vardy Sommer Meslier Cunha Morata Pulisic Hudson-Odoi Ziyech Asensio Meunier —————— Have seen links for the above all in the last 24 hours. By reputable sources as well. I’m sure there’s some embellishment but I have no doubt we are at this stage where we’ve found we have money that was reserved for FDJ and have no plan to use it. The links to Antony starting up again. Talk of a “massive bid” - We’re gonna spend €80m on a guy who’s less accomplished than Memphis was when
  8. Really feels like this is finally happening. I think it would explain why we’ve been a bigger circus than normal.
  9. [Times] EXCLUSIVE: Sir Jim Ratcliffe wants to buy a stake in Manchester United, with a view to taking full control if the Glazers welcome new investment https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ineoss-billionaire-owner-sir-jim-ratcliffe-i-want-to-buy-manchester-united-bjqk2bfrx?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1660760026
  10. Woodward at least had a title winning squad. There was an excuse for a lack of urgency. I just don't think there's too much money made available. Every other new manager got huge sums to spend. ETH has been hung out to dry despite an ever more desperate situation.
  11. Linked with Pulisic now lmao. We're just throwing darts at a list of random names. I'll take any alternative to Rashford though. TBH this is so shambolic and desperate that I do wonder if the Glazers are preparing a sale.
  12. I actually think it's possible. Both club and the player may want to cash in at this point. They're stacked in midfield and are going to be moving on soon anyway. He will obviously get huge wages, the reported fee is around €50m. Similar situation to Varane except he's even older. They're a well run club that plan ahead - United are a shambles that are desperate. He will flop. Now this is a signing that would make sense. He'd be starting in a few weeks.
  13. He's a repulsive piece of shit who just memes people for a living while pretending to be Tony Stark. We should give him what he wants and send him to Mars. Via cannon.
  14. I'd love it if he walks. Would bring unprecedented scrutiny onto the Glazers and board. It was always a terrible fit if we weren't going to take up Ralf's advice and overhaul the squad. No amount of coaching genius can get De Gea or McFred playing Cruyff-ball. I really doubt he done his due diligence before taking the job - I know top managers always back themselves but it was plainly obvious that he would inherit a shitshow. If they weren't going to back him to the tune of £200-300m then it was always going to be a disaster. He was the hottest coach in Europe and probably could have
  15. Players have aged horribly here. His legs will be gone by Christmas. Now we’re linked with Joao Felix. Our board are officially on crack. This is a god damn FIFA 22 search.
  16. Why did it take 8 days to realise he was asking for too much? What in the fuck is this club? Why can we not sign any player. Now talk of fucking Casemiro?!?!? Why not go for Mbappe and De Bruyne while we’re at it.
  17. Really wasn’t all that bad. I think the commentary and ETH’s sub just caused people to run with that narrative. Shaw was so much worse. He shouldn’t be too physically mismatched against Liverpool without Nunez, just pace that will be a problem.
  18. Agreed a fee yesterday. Deal done today. We agreed a fee for Rabiot 8 days ago. I despise everything about this club.
  19. Luckhurst saying Joel Glazer is gonna veto any sale lmao.
  21. Seems to be a pressing machine. In the 95th percentile for forwards across Europe. 99th for tackles. That would be hugely appealing for eth. Very little production, Atletico fans say he’s more of a second striker. Reports now saying Atletico want more than €50m and he doesn’t want to come. We keep catching these L’s.
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