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  1. Bottle job. Casemiro should get a hefty fine.
  2. It is really not more complex than it looks - It's just that the will of the accuser has changed. I've no doubt they've co-opted to tell authorities that actually there was more to it, that there was mutual fighting, that cuts/bruises were sustained elsewhere, bdsm etc. Whatever could be said to legally crush the case. The reality is if those images and audio were anything but what they appeared then Greenwood and his legal team would have instantly said as much before he was roundly condemned in the public sphere. They would have gone on the offensive from the jump. They didn't beca
  3. He's not guilty by social media. He's guilty via the evidence we seen with our eyes. The only reason he isn't going to prison is because Harriet doesn't want it. The crimes were committed. If they hadn't been they'd have all let us know by now.
  4. She's back with him lol. Hard to prosecute when you're fighting the victim. Neville already doing damage control for the club on social media, setting the stage for his return. Would be fucking disgraceful. I fully expect him to do some shit again.
  5. Fred and the full backs have been atrocious. Antony and Garnacho have been poor. Weghorst isn't close to Utd standard. Fred just broke down a Utd attack to fake an injury. LMAO.
  6. Sex from Bruno. Aids from Shaw. ANTONY HITS THE TARGET YESSSSSSSSSSSSS AWB and Shaw are back in form I see.
  7. Osimhen just scored a wonder goal. They’ll demand stupid money but we have to be interested in him. Phenomenon. Kvaratskhelia with another assist too. It’s not fair.
  8. I was watching the game where he literally got MOTM?
  9. What a performance. Deserved the goal. Liverpool are a disgrace. Some awful tackles. Klopp’s sides can never take losing. A nasty piece of work.
  10. He’s looked so much better when coming from more central areas. He needs a much better full back if he’s gonna be so predictable with his wide play.
  11. Their keeper is so shit lol. Get him his hat-trick!
  12. Pure class. Great stuff from Antony. Been very dangerous all game.
  13. It wasn’t off by the rules. Defender makes a clear attempt to play the ball. It should be a new phase. Liverpool were given a goal for a much more dubious case of this a while ago. Weghorst wasn’t even the target of the pass.
  14. They showed Ferguson before the goal and he was very clearly sleeping lol.
  15. Are you aware this is the Antony thread?
  16. Yeah I suspect we’ll go pretty strong for Reading and rest most vs Forest. Probably mix it up for both games.
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