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  1. There'll probably be loads of players he'll like that people wont expect. The only two who I think are fucked for sure are Pogba and Martial, even with Pogba he may have tried to get a tune out of him but he's one foot out the door. You can't implement any sort of press with Martial if you're already accommodating Ronaldo. We really need to get more out of the full backs. Hopefully he can improve some of them but I don't see how he can teach AWB how to play football or teach Dalot how to defend. If we're gonna play with a high defensive line to press up the pitch we're gonna need a
  2. He’s kind of like Miz (who I like) but better in literally every way. Miz looks like a reality TV guy. MJF has a legitimately athletic background and it shows, he also doesn’t look like a frog. Miz could never do the stuff he was doing in that match with Darby Allin. It’s such a mixed bag is AEW. The good is extremely good and the bad is rotten. I despise the Young Bucks, they’re just spot monkeys who do the same bullshit over and over. Dave Meltzer keeps giving them 5 stars though lol. Jericho was one of my favourites but he looks like shit and his ideas are almost Russo esque when Vince
  3. Scenes when he drops Ronaldo for Lingard.
  4. Hilariously United fans on Redcafe think this confirms ten Hag in the summer - If anything I think this shows we're leaning toward Poch. Their teams do the same things and aren't as possession based as those Cruyff inspired dickheads. Shows how few of the ten Hag fans are actually familiar with Ajax. Hipster trash. On the one hand I think his ideas will take a long time to take hold so we shouldn't expect much this season, on the other Ole may have been so bad that any competent coach may instantly improve us. I think he has more value as a upstairs guy than as a coach. A lot of coaches
  5. Wow. Definitely the best choices of the interims - Can't wait to see what he'll bring to the setup. Like the long term involvement but I imagine that may be more of a gesture than anything too significant. I was hoping to get the long term guy but this should make the transition to a more progressive play style smoother and wont require a hard reset. Either Poch or ten Hag could comfortably build on the foundations he'll set so it's great first step. We're a serious club again lads.
  6. MJF pretty much single handedly getting me back into this trash. He genuinely has GOAT potential. Never misses a beat. Amazing segment - Two absolute masters of the craft. Best I've seen in years.
  7. Pedro Gonçalves looks ridiculous.
  8. At least the other two are making runs when they have the ball. They were passing around City’s box and Messi just stood walking in a 5 yard radius. It’s brutal. It’s been obvious for years that this was killing Barca in the Champions League and no one ever calls him out. People never shut up about Ronaldo not pressing but he’s the fucking Road Runner next to this guy. Mbappe is terrified of Walker. Most underrated player in history.
  9. Messi is an absolute liability. He doesn’t move. This is seriously the most the disgusting individual display I’ve ever seen. The fucker is killing his teammates and wont even show for the ball. I bet anything Poch wants to drop him.
  10. Perisic still wrecking bitches. God I'll forever hate our fanbase for that. Verratti injured as always. What a fraud.
  11. [AS] Zinedine Zidane is blocking the Pochettino - Man. United operation. PSG have not been able to convince Zidane at this moment of time because he does not like the idea of joining mid season. Zidane appreciates the interest but it’s complicated. Cunt.
  12. Man of the match today IMO. Hopefully he keeps that form up and we’re forced to drop the cart horse when Varane returns.
  13. I’ve always thought he’s a bizarre player. That game showed everything good and bad about him. I think he may have been trained for the wrong position, he‘s so good at stopping and slowing down a ball carrier but he has no positional discipline and he’s as smooth as sandpaper in possession. In another life he’s a world class ball winning midfielder in the Ndidi mould. I don’t think Poch would have much time for him and he’s badly holding back whoever we play ahead of him. I imagine Laird will be competing when he’s back from loan and we’ll probably move for Max Aarons at some point
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up playing through the middle at some point for us. He’s at his best when passing and moving. You need to get players around him who’ll do the same. He isn’t suited to just beating guys individually and creating stuff out of nothing like we were asking him to. Gonna need more from the full backs if he’s to really get going.
  15. TFIA


    Best performance in at least a year.
  16. Seferovic you trash. Hopefully the Bayern reserves finish off Barca. Chelsea are going to maul us.
  17. Haha they just wont pay the £10m lololol
  18. We’ve lost more points in the last two games than they’ve lost this season.
  19. Get Carrick that three year contract asap before Madrid swoop.
  20. Genuinely would have preferred we kept Dan James.
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