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  1. Club holding out for a loan fee lmao
  2. Elanga's workrate has really brought so much more balance to the team. We need to prioritise signing good athletic players who will press like demons in the way City and Liverpool did.
  3. TFIA

    Julian Alvarez

    Some sources saying he's off to City. LOL.
  4. XG is the biggest scam in football. They ranked Elanga’s chance on his goal as higher than Greenwood’s lmao.
  5. Vince literally just renamed Walter to an actual Nazi.
  6. Of course it would be the rat. Trash club.
  7. Hopefully Elanga takes his chance.
  8. TFIA

    Martial & Rashford

    If I was running this club we'd never have given these clowns Mo Saleh like contracts. I think they actually make more. It's sad that they pulled the wool over the fanbase's eyes for so long. I thought you'd have been on to it earlier given how you called Rooney out and these guys are doing the same act. At least with Rooney there was a legitimate world class player there once. Rashford can't be healed. He was genuinely never good. How do people not see this?
  9. Have you ever seen worse in your life? @Piazza should be banned for that display but I don’t know if we can afford to lose anymore posters.
  10. Rashford’s contract should be terminated after the game. What a disgraceful player.
  11. What a fucking disgrace De Gea is. Soft as shit.
  12. His press conference all but confirmed the reports.
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