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  1. TFIA


    Every Irish athlete should be executed. All trash. A disgrace to the motherland.
  2. Klopp’s luck the last two years has been taken by Ole
  3. I despise Solksjaer. Worst manager we’ve ever had picking up points playing like garbage.
  4. It’s actually hilarious. Blessed little creature.
  5. Seriously fuck anyone who has ever defended Fred. He is an absolute fucking joke.
  6. Shaw is an abomination of a human being.
  7. Shaw injuring Bruno going for a ball the fat cunt had no business going for.
  8. Fernandes is the club. Martial FC should be executed.
  9. He's trash. He's holding a good squad back. Persisting with Martial when he' been garbage all season. Not playing Bailly who was maybe the in form player in the squad. Must be demoralising to play for a club where some players face zero accountability and others can't get a chance. Disgraceful.
  10. This year has been the exposure of Messi. Absolute fraud. They will improve next year with that cancer removed from the club. It's been obvious that he's been holding them back for years. Obvious to people capable of critical thought at least. The blind fanboys persisted. Hopefully he goes to City.
  11. Most overrated player in the history of football. His good games come once in ten.
  12. We'd be walking this league with a competent manager.
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