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  1. TFIA

    Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Announce you're a racist or fuck off.
  2. TFIA


    Look forward to announcing this again in August.
  3. Eni Aluko is fucking awful.
  4. We make Saudi Arabia look like Spain.
  5. Expect France/Peru to be a great game - Both teams play attacking football and we should see more from France against a team that will come at them. Peru were excellent against Denmark and deserved more - Can see them getting something. Argentina/Croatia is the biggest game yet. Messi needs to produce or they're fucked.
  6. Sexist as fuck. I want them burgers.
  7. If Ronaldo was Moroccan they’d already be through and Portugal would be on 0 points on course for a thumping from Iran.
  8. Let's interrupt this awful game with some phenomenal insight from Xavi when speaking about France: Good to see that apple didn't fall far from the tree. Pep would be proud.
  9. Brilliant winger. A regular for a team far better than ours. Would be a great signing even now.
  10. TFIA

    The England Thread

    England started well – They have good pace and the movement of the forward players will cause anyone problems but Sterling and Lingard aren’t players to rely on – They’ll fail in front of goal more often than not. Alli was superb until his injury and England died after that. It was similar to the opener against Italy in 2014 when Sturridge/Sterling wreaked havoc – The difference being Tunisia offered nothing in return. Maguire will be taken apart by a bigger side – I expect an Upson vs Germany-esque ending to his international career. He’s trash and should have cost England two goals yesterday. Stones isn’t too much better and Walker will be useful for pacey winger types but not a lot else. Lukaku should be wrecking these fools and I suspect he will. 2nd in the group. Out to the Empire of Japan in the Last 16.
  11. Opens up the group. Colombia are fucked. Terrible decision to take off Cuadrado.
  12. Crazy amount of set piece goals so far.