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  1. Ferguson knelt for the Glazers and allowed this bullshit to happen.
  2. Shaw goal lmao What a prick. Amazing from Saka and Mount. Keeping Southgate in a job. Great stuff.
  3. He’s quick over short spaces. Not much of a sprinter. Better in a possession system which he came from. Has never really played on the break.
  4. Yeah so many red flags. Guy’s gonna take the bag and get them hoes.
  5. Bundesliga is a nightmare for attacking players. When you watch the highlights you see how attacking teams are and how much space they’re afforded while they flood men forward. Chelsea have been killed with underperforming forwards from Germany. Some exceptional talents like Haaland and Lewa are obviously above that shit but generally it’s producing flops.
  6. lol I’ve never pretended a humbling isn’t coming. This aint it though. Palace more likely. Etihad should be fun. We were shit and so were they. We looked like we were playing a friendly.
  7. He’s looked bad before but Ronaldo never looked as finished as he did today. His body just isn’t responding. We should have replaced him and terminated the contract. A hindrance. Fred was so bad it was unbelievable. Under no pressure at all he still can’t make the simplest of passes. McTominay carries the side.
  8. Hold what? We lost because of the worst handball decision I’ve ever seen. We were shite, as I predicted.
  9. Turgid. We’ve been fucking scammed with Casemiro. Club never fucking learns.
  10. Ronaldo not even moving. Fred is an abomination. Casemiro has been awful. Antony quiet. Eriksen the only player on the level.
  11. We seemed to drop almost everyone but the guys I thought we would. Shaw the useless cunt must be injured. Could be a good midfield. Eriksen will need a break soon.
  12. I'm looking forward to this. Ronaldo will be desperate to score which could be hilarious in all the wrong ways. De Gea Dalot Lindelof Maguire Shaw Fred Casemiro Antony Bruno Sancho Ronaldo The changes are rarely as thorough as people expect in these games. Varane needs the break and Martinez left the Arsenal game holding his groin so I imagine he's out. Rashford was holding his hamstring too and I think he may have started otherwise. Our forwards need to build up some sort of chemistry. If Sociedad score early the usual PTSD for these players could kick in.
  13. Anguissa and Zielinski were amazing. Hopefully Liverpool are finished. Their recruitment was never sustainable. If Salah and VVD drop off they’re done.
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