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  1. Great game. He was genuinely the only Juve player to show up. Nearly scored a beauty after picking it out of the sky. Ramsey is so unsuited to Italy and Sarri especially. No discipline - You could see his teammates getting frustrated with him. Should return to England. Gomez so underrated, wasn't even his best performance and still a brilliant assist where he done De Ligt. Classy player. Reminds me of Valbuena. 16 assists. Hope Atalanta win the CL.
  2. STERLING MY BEAUTIFUL BOY Think it’s the first time he’s ever performed in my team. Saved me. Should have captained.
  3. Gooooooooool Put a cheeky £20 on Sheff Utd/Draw double chance. Gonna forget the FF and stick to the gambling like a real man.
  4. I’m hopeful. Looked much more like themselves of late. Probably another Pulisic show though.
  5. I was actually going to post the same but the posting to myself was already getting out of hand so... Seriously though he’s awful. Matip is a far better option next to VVD. They need another CB, as does just about every top 10 team except Leicester. We actually need one less than most. I used the free hit in FF just to load up on Liverpool. Should have been a nailed on cleen sheet. Absolutely killed me.
  6. Fuck off Liverpool you cunts. The one time I need these cunts to get a clean sheet they fuck me. Fuck fuck fuck.
  7. Yup. City have built their winning teams by just collecting ridiculous quality, particularly in attack. Aguero, Jesus, Sane, Sterling, Mahrez, KDB, David Silva, Bernardo Silva and now Foden team. They overwhelm teams with attacking options and are basically immune to the injury crisis’ that have hurt us so much in recent years. Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Sancho, Grealish, Pogba, Bruno - That would be a similar type of group that would just go and destroy teams. This is how Ferguson built his teams. Would reinforce the strong areas. Make a good unit great. Liverpool’s model of having a brilliant XI requires a lot of things to go well, they’ve been blessed with injuries too.
  8. Yeah Salah’s hitting a hat-trick here fml. Be more greedy Mane you cunt.
  9. Bournemouth will be gone if they don’t beat Leicester tomorrow. Had to beat Spurs. Watford and West Ham with huge wins. The latter are playing well enough anyways.
  10. Four goals. Was considering him for Pulisic. RIP any team without him. Norwich are pathetic. Will load on any team playing them from now on. He could get 2 more the way this is going. Salah starts. Fuck. Watch him GOAT. Was gonna captain him before pulling him. TAA benched. Praise Allah. Main rival has him too haha.
  11. And we’d be sitting pretty in 2nd. Worth it.
  12. Some of us wanted him as a regular right away. But nah Lingard and Andreas start. James the first sub on. Mason got 4 minutes. Genuinely laughable looking back on it. Still underestimated him though. Fuck.
  13. TFIA

    Ole Sack Watch

    Nonsense. Greenwood is a generational talent. Even Mourinho probably would have used him. LVG certainly would have. He's been talked up for years as a talent. If anything Ole hasn't played him enough. The guy people are saying would start over Sancho wasn't starting five fucking games ago. James starting so many games when Greenwood was clearly offering more was ridiculous - Even the goof Lingard got starts ahead of him on occasion. From the preseason it was obvious Greenwood was levels above and an incredible asset in front of goal. He should have been starting every home game and brought on anytime were losing. His game time in games we dropped points and needed a goal: @ Wolves (draw) - 1 minute @ Southampton (draw) - 8 minutes Arsenal (draw) - 16 minutes @ Newcastle (loss) - 20 minutes Liverpool (draw) - DID NOT FEATURE @ Bournemouth (loss) - 8 minutes @ Sheffield (draw, scored) - 14 minutes Aston Villa (draw) - 8 minutes Everton (draw) - 25 minutes Wolves (draw) - 8 minutes @ Liverpool (draw) - 16 minutes That is nothing short of disgraceful. If we fail to get Champions League (which is now a very possibility given City will be excused) then you can directly trace that failure to Ole playing trash ahead of the most talented 18 year old in the world for the majority of the campaign. We may not have drawn/won all the above but we definitely pick up more points, enough points to comfortably qualify for the CL. If it hadn't been for Fernandes being football's Jesus Ole would have been sacked and rightfully so. He's the guy who gets the credit. All of it.
  14. Will have City’s CL verdict before kick off. May actually influence the team selection.We’re essentially 7 points clear of Wolves. If 5th is in then we’re in.