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  1. I’d be looking to keep McTominay, especially given how Eriksen has looked of late. Fred has to go and it’s obvious that there’s no faith in VDB.
  2. If we reject the £30m offer from West Ham and he ends up staying I will commit seppuku.
  3. New striker is crippled. New midfielder misses an open net. New keeper is lobbed. Breaking them in early I see.
  4. Dead agreed. Romano and Ornstein have confirmed. Fee is ridiculous. £64m being paid up front. Could rise to £72m. Huge pressure on the kid.
  5. They’d have to beat Bayern’s bid significantly imo. Levy took less than Chelsea were offering for Modric back in the day. Kane to United would be even worse. Don’t think the Hojland links would be as hot as they are if United felt Kane was still possible. United should be doing a Madrid and encourage him to walk next year on a free. Tap that dopey fucker up. There’s very few proven strikers available and the money being quoted for guys with potential or who’ve had one decent season is insane.
  6. PSG have bid for Hojlund. Watch them get him for less lol.
  7. Rashford is absolutely terrible. You’d be better off with a cone in midfield than Eriksen. Casemiro looks like he’s running in mud. Madrid look so much faster across the pitch it‘s unbelievable.
  8. Eh? I think the consensus is that Mount is an overpay for a player in a contract year and Hojlund likely will be as well. They improve the squad sure but you’d expect more quality for the money spent. The striker options are abysmal. Ferguson’s “no value in the market” critique rings more true now than it ever did then. Onana is a bit of a wildcard. Amrabat doesn’t feel like a Utd signing but could be decent business for the reported fee.
  9. Veratti to Saudi now too. One of the biggest frauds in recent decades. Accomplished nothing at club level.
  10. Saudi have offered €300m for Mbappe with the knowledge that they’d only be getting him for a year before he goes to Madrid. The world is so fucked.
  11. Mainoo looks decent and Sancho looks a yard quicker. Good to see. Shaw has been trash. Nearly caught out a couple of times and offering nothing in attack. Back to his usual tricks most likely.
  12. Agreed new 5 year deal according to Ornstein. Our fans creaming themselves. They never fucking learn.
  13. Going from De Gea to Onana is just hilarious. Shows how he must have been forced on ETH last year when the club had other priorities but it was obvious even then that we should move on. That the club even had an offer on the table for De Gea says everything. Onana will have problems but he’s at the opposite end of the spectrum to De Gea stylistically. The FA Cup/CL finals against City showed everything about both of them. De Gea with a disasterclass while Onana was a weapon.
  14. Mbappe wants to leave and his contract runs our next summer. Offer Rashford + £100m.
  15. They’re an amazingly well run outfit because of the financials.
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