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  1. His ceiling is Henry, his floor is Hernandez. Guy can do it all but he will be useful for any side.
  2. Not Chong lol he's awful. Greenwood should be a cert to start but Ole doesn't have the balls. It will be Lingard 100%.
  3. At worst Greenwood will become a Chicharito. He just has it.
  4. Has to be in the side against Chelsea. Has to be.
  5. Should be coming on for Inter tbh Greenwood not really taking the chance. Chong has been decent. Spoke too soon. What a finish. Get him in the team.
  6. No Gomes ffs as I talk to myself.
  7. FRED Young got booed. Disgraceful.
  8. Lindelof injured ffs De Gea under crosses/cut backs will remain our biggest defensive problem.
  9. My first serious take of this season. We're nailed on to finish 5th or 6th with this side. The attack is terrible. Same predictable bullshit with limited movement and the same players doing the same things. If Rashford focused on being a real number 9 he could be a great striker but he's obsessed with being Ronaldo. Obvious with everything he does. Martial is a joke, actually ridiculous we're even persisting with him but I said the same last preseason. Comparing him to Anelka is actually insulting to Anelka. James is terrible, one dimensional trash. Not good enough for any Premier League club. So glad we signed Wan-Bissaka. Can't miss prospect. Incredible talent. The team still needs so much more. Maguire is a decent player but not going to take us anywhere - We have to be targeting some attacking options who can either create or do something special themselves. This side have none of that. Pogba is the only special attacking talent and he doesn't want to be here. Shambles of a club.
  10. TFIA

    Daniel James 2019/20

    Imagine unironically rating this clown.
  11. AWB is a fool for not waiting for City. Already our best player. Most of what our front four can do is run. The only one with any quality wont. No creativity. Much as I hate Pogba it's scary to think how poor we'd be without him. Not even a foul. James is so bad. So bad.
  12. Because I'm rich lololol. Nah seriously I can't even afford this shit and have no idea why I have it. It will be a tragedy if Greenwood doesn't start ahead of James because the white man loves a sprint.
  13. Yeah James is fucking done. Get him sold.