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  1. Kane hasn’t shown up for training to force the move to City. With him and Grealish there this season is gonna be fun. Fuck football.
  2. Sancho needs to make the left side his own.
  3. City have bid £100m for him. The idiots in here saying they wouldn’t pay half that last year. He’s going to win them the Champions League.
  4. Club apparently desperate to keep him. Pathetic. No fucking standards.
  5. Agreement with City almost reached. Most I've wanted a player since David Silva. Most I've liked a player since Tevez. I hate football.
  6. New defensive midfielder is a must. Although I'd rather see McFred than Pogba. That team would be suicide @PVAD. Opening day I want to see: Henderson AWB Varane Maguire Shaw McTominay DM Bruno Greenwood Cavani Sancho Hope to see Greenwood impress, he's done very little so far in the preseason which is mildly concerning. He needs to put Rashford under pressure for that position, especially if Sancho links well with Shaw. McTominay is actually better going forward than given credit for, certainly better than the awful Fred. If given licence to push forward he can be
  7. To sell Martial and Pogba must be the priority. Cancerous characters who've brought nothing but frustration and misery while letting younger players no that effort isn't a requirement at the club. Addition by subtraction. We'll not be getting what Mourinho would have 3 years ago sadly but we should get something for them as there are a lot of idiots in football. Lingard should be sold to whoever offers the most. Hopefully the West Ham loan can sucker someone in. High wages will be a problem. If we can recoup what we paid for the atrocious Dan James that's a win. Realistic
  8. Not sure what people were expecting. Sports games are basically a dystopian nightmare. All resources go into making their glorified gambling modes as addictive as possible while doing next to nothing to improve the game. Things like career modes or master leagues are a thing of the past. Single player doesn't make money. Any kid who plays FUT should be given to the flames.
  9. https://theathletic.com/2727262/2021/07/26/how-do-manchester-united-solve-the-paul-pogba-problem/?source=user_shared_article Hahahahahahhahahaha Absolute fucking parody of a football club. @Mickey Mouse would genuinely do a better job. @Canto lmao
  10. TFIA

    Ruben Neves

    Bring back Fellaini.
  11. TFIA

    Ruben Neves

    Overrated trash.
  12. Those announcement videos are so cringe. Anyways he’ll be a good addition, hopefully we get a full back to support him down that flank although I suspect a competent manager would just put him on the left and drop Rashford. Anyways I’m just glad to see that the rumours that he was demanding #7 were false. Doing that to someone like Cavani would have been shocking so at least he’s not that much of a diva. Shame #25 guarantees he will flop. It’s what we deserve for keeping around the dead weight. Morgan Schneiderlin was going to he the next De Rossi but Phil Jones, Juan Mata and Jo
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