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  1. Boxing

    What a man.
  2. Boxing

    I didn’t think Groves was impressive either btw. Got caught with the same flying left hook about 5 times.
  3. Boxing

    8-4 to Groves IMO. Eubank has physical talent, he has a ton of heart but his career has been completely hijacked by his assclown of a father.
  4. Boxing

    Eubank is technically atrocious. Looks like a novice at times with those wild hooks.
  5. Boxing

    ITV sound goes down. 😂 Don’t think that has been as dominant by Groves as the commentary suggests.
  6. Boxing

    Eubank Sr. is such an awful person.
  7. Boxing

    The UK Coverage for the weekends boxing is a fucking disgrace. ITV Box Office? The fuck is that?
  8. Trash from Martial. Doesn't get his head up. Cost us twice in the last three games with that same shite. Never said he was good, but has shown him up. Carrick has the excuse of being semi retired.
  9. He's been awful. Carrick has shown him up. They've been running past him for fun and he's made a few unforced errors in dangerous areas. Has to be dropped. hahahaha lingard
  10. He has been the worst player on the pitch by a lot.
  11. Huddersfield look tired. They put a lot into that first half.
  12. Dreadful from Mata there, two players across. We should be getting 3 or 4 here. They're so open. Lukaku could be the greatest situational player in history if the manager has the balls to make it happen. Sensational pass from Sanchez.
  13. They're insanely high up now, game is setup for Martial to come on and score. For the score to look comfortable and for everyone to call for him to start. Classic.
  14. This win is all on Lukaku. Brilliantly taken goal again after being involved in the build up both time. Been the difference.