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  1. TFIA


    The earth isn’t going to survive eco-fascism so we only have about 30-40 years left. This club will be relegated before it wins anything unless there’s a change of ownership. The Saudi’s may win it but I’ll be long done with football and/or life at that point.
  2. TFIA

    David De Gea 2019/20

    Was never a foul. Fucking coward.
  3. This is the one game I want us to win. Not a team I hate more in football.
  4. TFIA


    If Conor doesn't stop Tony in the first two rounds then that will genuinely be the worst night of his life. Khabib is never going up to 170, he's said as much. The division is stacked with nightmare matchups for him. He would get destroyed by Usman, Woodley or even that goof Colby. For Conor is has to be Masvidal/Tony/Khabib next, maybe the Diaz trilogy. There's nothing else for him. I think he has a decent chance against the former two as they'll certainly stand with him and he can finish anyone. He better not fuck off to boxing again because no one wants to see that shit. He's not fighting Gaethje IMO. If he was going to he would have and Dana has already said he doesn't have to if he wants Khabib next. I think Conor beats him but it's a rough night for anyone. Masvidal, Khabib and to a less extent Nate are the money fights. UFC would be crazy to book anything else. Usman would also be crazy but for different reasons.
  5. TFIA


    He’ll fight Masvidal next. Not even sure Khabib gets past Tony.
  6. TFIA

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Fear not. My sources tell me we may get Conor Wickham on loan.
  7. TFIA

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Good men Ed and Ole. Sell Lukaku and Alexis while we run this kid into retirement. Even Greenwood could have been used more. If it's true that he had a problem that he was forced to play through, everyone involved should be sacked.
  8. TFIA

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    It was a corner to be fair, he was actually really poor. It would be less noticeable if we actually had competent attackers. He does need to improve, he's not a terrible crosser but just seems to lack any real awareness of how to attack. I think his fitness is pretty questionable too.
  9. They're winning the CL too - they're a horrendous match up for all the challengers and the only squad as good as them are managed by the bottling Pep. They've been rather fortunate that the best European sides have all dropped off from the previous decade but still they're an incredible team. They're better than any Ferguson side, by a lot, no weaknesses.
  10. The outlier for James was his quick start. He's showing his level now. He's just a very poor footballer technically. Once teams figure out that he offers nothing when denied space it's pretty much over. For all his pace he can't actually beat players when he's not just kicking it in to space beyond them. Twice before Liverpool scored he had an opportunity to put Martial in and he wasn't even close, it's nothing new. He just doesn't have it and wont make it here as a regular. Andreas put in one of the worst performances I've seen for years. Astonishingly incompetent and it's a shocking indictment of Ole that he left him on for over 70 minutes. Actually worse than Lingard and a lot worse than Mata - these are all terrible players but this guy doesn't belong on a football pitch. It's a scandal that he's starting games and stealing a wage. Sporting should keep upping that Bruno price because this club is fucking desperate. A half decent fanbase would have copped the Woodward deceptions by now and ripped him limb from limb but alas people actually believe the reports that they're asking for too much. Pay the fee and get the fucking player or fuck off. There are actually a lot of decent pieces here to build around if the immediate goal is getting back in the CL. Just desperate for some creative, consistent quality in the final third. Grealish would single handedly solve a lot of the problems and is a must sign this summer - He's incredibly marketable so that gives me hope.
  11. Ole has to go tonight. He’s a disgrace.
  12. Foul him you stupid Welsh prick!
  13. There’s not a single redeeming quality to Andreas.
  14. That was the chance. Team of losers.