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  1. American owners would love him at Chelsea. If not Ronaldo I expect them to make a push for Neymar. If we could get Werner in the deal I'd take it and move on.
  2. As is tradition. This club is absolutely terrified at the thought of people revealing what actually goes on behind the scenes. Confirms what we already knew. They hated Ralf because he spoke the truth. ETH has been sold a bill of goods about this squad and is gonna get a bitter reality check.
  3. Please stop buying injury prone trash and get our players on the shit Pep's Barcelona doctor is handing out.
  4. Absurd, probably could have got them cheaper if we went in earlier. The German clubs have already secured some of their starters and they don't want to be dismantled. United apparently close to signing Daniel Bachman. The latest trash keeper we'll bring in and the only deals that seem to be straight forward for us. Literally the only keeper in the league worse under crosses than Dave. LMAO at this fucking club.
  5. Enzo Fernandez going to Wolves or Benfica for less than £20m it seems. I bet we'll be linked with him three years for triple that money.
  6. The Antony interest is legit according to Ducker who's tier 1 for United news. Something about him scares the hell out of me. We need that profile of player but attackers from the Dutch league have been absolutely abysmal at adapting to other leagues and we've seen countless flops go there and dominate. Some Ajax fans aren't even that high on him. They feel Ziyech was much better and he's been a disaster for Chelsea when he looked like a sure thing. I feel however much more it takes to get Raphinha would be ultimately worth it. If we get him I hope he proves me wrong but this feels s
  7. The transfer targets thus far have been interesting - Makes me think they're gonna shoehorn in some extra midfielders whether as a diamond or playing Eriksen out wide. Timber, De Jong, Eriksen - An obvious emphasis on technical ball players with this squad is hugely lacking in. Mata and Matic were probably the best in the squad in that sense. De Jong and Eriksen are the only two signings I'm confident in. Timber seems dead and Ajax are being cunts. De Gea/Heaton Dalot/Laird Signing/Varane Maguire/Lindelof Shaw/Telles De Jong/Fred Signing/McTominay Bruno/VDB Eriksen/El
  8. Eriksen is back on it seems. Spurs have pulled out and now it's either us or Brentford. If he chooses Brentford... A very strange signing with Bruno and VDB on board already. Especially given ETH apparently approved the Bruno contract. Maybe planning a change in formation, maybe Eriksen will play a wider role like he did at times for Spurs. We really don't have the full backs to accommodate that.
  9. Apparently we’ve given up on Timber and are not going after Lisandro Martinez. I think we should be pretty concerned that our scouting seems restricted to ex-Ten Hag players lol.
  10. He’s a class act. Will only get better under Pep. We’ve been linked with Tyerell Malacia at that position today. 22 year old Dutch international, he’s highly rated. We definitely need a right back before a left back, and I don’t rate Shaw/Telles at all.
  11. He would have known his words would come out in some way so definitely PR. Not too mucj to get excited about or angry about either way. They’re clearly throwing Woodward under the bus but any failure of his was by extension a failure of ownership. They gave someone demonstrably terrible at the job free rein to waste all that money. He saying the money is there for the De Jong deal and that we’re working on it but things are holding it up that he “can’t say”. I don’t think it’s just him not wanting to come as they’d have moved on if they knew that. I think the clubs are far apart on t
  12. Pissed off ETH already lmao
  13. Eriksen has rejected us. Going to Spurs. lmao Absolute banter club.
  14. Arsenal being really aggressive. They’ve already got Fabio Vieira. Closing on deals for Lisandro Martinez and Gabriel Jesus. Prepared to go after Raphinha and Tielmans. Ornstein is saying they want them all. That would be a transformational window.
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