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  1. Ten Hag will have almost nothing to do with the Greenwood decision. I imagine most managers would take him if given the choice. Their job is to win games above anything else. It wont bother the players. Football dressing rooms aren’t exactly college campuses when it comes to progressive values. They’ll largely sympathise with him I’d bet. I suspect Greenwood and his team will do some PR work before any return, probably involve Harriet in some capacity to win people over. If he doesn’t play for the club again it will be because they deemed him too problematic for the brand. Footb
  2. Benzema may be going to Saudi Arabia according to some reports. If so then Kane’s going to Madrid.
  3. City resting more players than us is hilarious. Ten Hag just can’t help himself.
  4. Good player. Can see why Ten Hag would like him. Makes absolutely no sense if we’re still playing Bruno in every game.
  5. Dortmund 0-2 at home needing a win to secure the title. They should actually fold as a club if they bottle this.
  6. My guy was betting on Brentford to lose lmao
  7. Both caught hilariously up the field for the Chelsea goal lol.
  8. Casemiro and Enzo the only two players to show up to this game. lolmartial what a fucking disgrace
  9. Casemiro is literally our only threat from set pieces lol
  10. Just got fucking dropped in a do or die relegation game lmaooooo
  11. If only there was a way of comparing how they’d play in the same team…
  12. Spain doing Spanish things.
  13. He’s overrated ball hogging trash. White Ross Barkley. A genuine simpleton on and off the pitch.
  14. Maddison is a worse version of him.
  15. United may finish closer to them than City lol. He also said that in mid-January before Arsenal beat us.
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