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  1. They will still take a hit on the profits, it's why they've made the decision. Either that or there's something really wrong with the game that they're not telling us. The idea that they don't want it spoiler for people who can't access it, that they want to get it to everyone at the same time is nonsense. They want the most sales at the time when the price is at it's highest. Disgraceful. Who cares that it would keep people safe. Drink in the capitalism.
  2. TFIA


    UFC 249 will go ahead with Gaethje vs Ferguson. They are a fucking disgrace.
  3. Last Of Us delayed again ffs. Such garbage that they’d do that now for commercial reasons when gaming is about the safest thing going. Anyone here played the Final Fantasy games? Would I have had to play the earlier games to get the VII remake?
  4. Ending of the Witcher was frustrating as hell, the one I got at least.
  5. Get him on the cheap. Lovely job. He will decline quickly though so no Rooney extensions. Next Gazza indeed.
  6. For what it's worth episode 3 was pretty amazing. Some peak Black Mirror shit.
  7. The Lord of The Rings movies are shit.
  8. Still watching Westworld. Still shite.
  9. Getting balls deep back into video games now given what's happening. I never finishedThe Witcher 3 back in 2015. Got about halfway through and then Season 5 of Game of Thrones put me off the whole genre and never got back to. Holy fuck what a game it is. Will probably replay TLOU before the sequel. 2020 looks an amazing year. Ghost Of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077 look incredible.
  10. I'd let him stay where he is, maybe even more than a season. He's developing well and playing regularly. The Championship has been great for developing young players of late - Maddison, Grealish, Abraham, Mount etc. He's ridiculously young. No need to hurry anything. If we had loaned Zaha back for a year or two he'd probably be a regular for us.
  11. Liverpool not getting the league won is more entertainment than any sport could ever offer.
  12. Hopefully by April this shit is at it's peak so we can cancel and pretend that shitshow of a season never happened. PFA should protest. It would be ridiculous to deny summer break after a quarantine. Not like they're taking a holiday. Then playing straight through without a break in to 2022. Would be crazy.