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  1. More likely to claim €27m in damages.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54319820 Rodri: Man City midfielder says 'football has not been fair with us' after Leicester loss Manchester City midfielder Rodri said "football has not been fair to us" after Leicester City inflicted the biggest home defeat on Pep Guardiola as Blues boss. Jamie Vardy scored a hat-trick and the hosts conceded a three penalties in Sunday's 5-2 loss, which put the Foxes top of the Premier League. The result came despite Guardiola's side dominating possession and having 16 shots to Leicester's seven. "For me, they were lucky," said R
  3. City have the league won already. Not fucking around.
  4. This handball rule is ludicrous. Jose is trash though. Completely cost them the game as he did his usual retreat with a 1 goal lead. Could have had 3 or 4.
  5. The Boys Season Two has been great. Slower paced but much better character development. Love how they parody the Superhero movie genre. The “Joss rewrite” for their movie, Iceman playing Pyro. Great stuff.
  6. Leeds, Everton, Spurs all look a league above us. Interesting to see Arsenal later because they have too. If we don’t inject something into this squad or get a real manager we’re looking at 8th or below. It’s a disgrace that we even have 3 points.
  7. TFIA


    Costa with a bold strategy to make faces at Izzy. Unreal performance though. Just destroyed him. Not sure who can stop him. Cleaning out the divison.
  8. When I made that comment I thought it finished 2-2. Though I was watching it live but had paused it earlier. Still applies. 100%. Ole’s luck is absolutely ludicrous.
  9. I’d say that was deserved but Brighton should have had 6. The puppet, the coward has us hanging on for dear life vs Brighton while saying he’s happy with the squad. The state of this club.
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