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  1. versa

    Marquee Signing?

    My first response was clear enough but you have the cheek to ask where is the evidence. See also my reply to Rezzy about your infamous tediousness. Nobody can guarantee the link they post is accurate as long as the basis is there which can be read, analysed and judged. All part of news/speculation that create possible topics for the forum that nobody knows the truth for sure then. The main objective is always to keep the forum going. Tbf too many of the links actually have direct quotes found anywhere else but selectively not mentioned at all. Of course, Daily Star is just an example, I don't discriminate against Skysports or Sports Witness whenever available. No, you are terrible at moderation going by your selective responses, worse when you can't even see/'see' it staring at your face in my first response to you. It also shows yourself up on your other aspects as a person. See above. "Similar but different" sounds funny enough but you get the drift.
  2. versa

    Marquee Signing?

    Of course it is a word. Check. For example, I said a Daily Star report quoting player or manager direct is as good as Skysports (although it is Daily Star alright) but the wordy responses were there are different levels of journalism, it is a pile of shit and the likes. Go figure the rest. I'd rather it was intentional than not.
  3. versa

    Marquee Signing?

    A big chunk of text that just skidded to address nothing or addressed similar but different issues mentioned. Tediousness FTW.
  4. versa

    Marquee Signing?

    Tediousness is not my strength.
  5. versa

    Marquee Signing?

    You can deny or divert what you want but it is just plain obvious you do take things personally. I am the only one that "moan".... I called the manager cunt and called for his head... I also sport a Pogba's player avatar and his haircut to be "unfathomable"... If Skysports reports shit, they report shit; some recent transfer for example. It is not the source but what they say or who they quote. Your usual lazy reference and discrediting the source, like looking at a cover without examining the content. No, I will say it as it is here, I don't need to quietly report/retort. Selective nitpicking and highly opportunistic, waiting for others to comment first before joining in with some snide side remarks. SUPERmod indeed... A narrow heart is not good for you though. Bless.
  6. versa

    Marquee Signing?

    How do we line up on opening day 15/16 Our starting lineup. No comments. Our midfield 2015/16 Our CM's No comments. Schneiderlin or Schweinsteiger Beat LVG with a stick. LVG is a cunt, can't wait to see him sacked etc No comments. Great modship.... if you can't be objective without getting personal, perhaps forum life does not suit you, never mind being a mod. Stop digging pits and you won't have a hole to fall into.
  7. More like being fined.
  8. versa

    United's European Adventures 2015/6 United will find out who they are to face in the play-off on August 7, when the draw is made.
  9. versa

    Angel Di Maria Thread

    SW analyses.
  10. versa

    Angel Di Maria Thread PSG President in London to agree personal terms for Angel di MariaAccording to our colleagues at Canal Supporters, PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi and club Sporting Director Olivier Létang are currently in London as they seek to finalise contract negotiations for the transfer of Angel di Maria. An agreement is now seemingly imminent, with Jorge Mendes and Al Khelaifi having held discussions today. A fee was agreed at the end of last week, worth around €65m. The initial disagreement regarding a contract between the two parties was that PSG were offering €10.5m a year net, but Di Maria’s camp were after €12.5m a year net. It is too early to say what compromises have/will been/be made, but this could be the day that PSG once and for all complete a deal for the Argentinian.
  11. versa

    Nicolas Otamendi

    Going nowhere yet.
  12. versa

    Sergio Ramos
  13. versa

    Marquee Signing?

    LVG has hinted of some big-name signing with "speed and creativity" to make us full galactico....... I couldn't help to think we already found ours in the player gone AWOL but alas, the gaffer now has to find another which probably sparked off this talk. Whom do you reckon? Or do you think it is nothing more than an expression of hope than an expression of intention?
  14. versa

    Sergio Romero

    More about him.
  15. versa

    Sergio Romero