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  1. Danny boy

    Diogo Dalot

    Has potential. Nice to see attacks actually go down the right ending with a chance created, gives the team more balance as we nearly always create down the left.
  2. Danny boy

    spoty 2018

    Team of the year will surely be the England team. And Oversees personality for me will be Simone Biles.
  3. Danny boy

    PL Matchday 15: Man Utd vs Arsenal

    Dalot literally had no cover on his side. You're right about the goals and defending, you see that type of stuff at Sunday league level. Abysmal.
  4. Danny boy

    FA Premier League 2018/2019

    Hughes has been sacked.
  5. Danny boy

    UCL - Game 5 - Man Utd vs Young Boys

    This game sent me to sleep, literally woke up as Fellaini had scored lol.
  6. Danny boy

    Predict where we'll be in 5 years

    We're badly run, but we're such a financial juggernaut we could never be Leeds. As for the future of the club, I have no idea where we are going. Bad times.
  7. Danny boy

    PL Matchday 13: Man Utd vs Crystal Palace

    Either the players aren't listening to instructions or they're carrying out the instructions to the letter. Either way it falls at Jose's feet he hasn't got a leg to stand on. There's no game plan from what we can see as fans. We can't breakdown teams in a deep block, we can't keep the ball and nobody pressures the opposition. It's passive, negative football. the players (attack wise) here now are playing way below their standard.He's bought Dalot, Fred, Sanchez; when do they ever start? And he wants more money for what? There's no identity or a style of play. The club is a complete mess from top to bottom, with a premium placed on latest commercial toilet paper company endorsing us a brand.
  8. Danny boy

    Marouane Fellaini - 2018/2019

    Could've at least got it shaped up.
  9. Danny boy

    Hip-Hop and R&B

    The new Anderson .Paak album is hard
  10. Danny boy

    What are we doing as a club?

    I agree with this but at the same time he's still culpable. Where's Bailly? Dalot? Fred? Sanchez? These are all players who he brought in but decides not to play to them. We need a right back, a centre back, a right sided winger. Arguably another striker. Fine. But you're telling me the personnel that's there right now can't perform to a higher level? The back four can't be coached to be improved? The midfielders can't develop their passing? As a team we can't develop a way to play to the strengths of the squad? There's no style/pattern to our play, the team is constantly chopped and changed so nobody can build up an understanding. So he can whinge about signings all he wants, he's the manager, he's signed players that for whatever reason chooses not to play, he has a coaching team and this is the best he can come up with? It's embarrassing from the very top of the club who seemed more concerned with securing noodle deals, to the manager who tanked some games this season with BS team selections to prove a point.
  11. Danny boy

    PL Matchday 12: Man City vs Man Utd

    I could copy and paste the same thing from any loss this season, same shit different day. It was always going to be a long day with fellaini and matic starting, they’re far too static and passive in possession. Without pogba we are very limited in midfield and I’m not sure why Fred is constantly on the bench. It’s alarming how highly paid footballers look clueless, we don’t have any style of play, tactically inept with players playing way below the required level. We also constantly chop and change the team so there’s little consistency. Piss poor.
  12. Danny boy

    PL Matchday 12: Man City vs Man Utd

    I like the front three. But that midfield with Fellaini and Matic will be human cones for city to pass around, they’re too slow and static, I guess the thinking is to go long to overcome the city press. I expect city to have about 70% of the ball; probably more. Gonna be a long one today.
  13. Danny boy

    What I don't understand....

    This. Also there's a lot of revisionist history when people would say 'Ferguson would never play like this' when there's been countless examples of us playing in this style especially away from home.
  14. Danny boy

    UCL - Game 4 - Juventus vs Man Utd

    The real question is, what side will turn up? And why do we start with zero intensity week in week out?