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  1. Danny boy

    Antonio Valencia 2018/19

    He hasn't gone round anyone in about 5 years.
  2. Danny boy

    Antonio Valencia 2018/19

    He is trash and kills any counter attack/attack we ever have. This is from the Watford game, probably the same pattern follows any game he's played in the last five years.
  3. Danny boy

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    Runs about a lot without doing anything.
  4. Danny boy

    PL Matchday 6: Man Utd vs Wolves

    Same shit whenever we come up a team who pressures us in anyway. Too many passengers in the team, no risk in the team play and everyone seems to want to cut inside, which means our attacks pretty much always come down the left. Valencia hinders us so much it's unreal, Lukaku seemed to be afraid of the ball, he had a chance that if he threw himself at it he would've scored; no idea what he was waiting for.
  5. Danny boy

    UCL - Game 1 - Young Boys vs Man Utd

    Tricky game, but we should have enough to beat them. 2-1.
  6. Danny boy


    GGG vs Alvarez this weekend, who we got people?
  7. Danny boy

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    @Txrt you've played football at a decent level so you'll understand the dressing room culture a little bit more, because as a fan watching I don't understand it. These are highly paid athletes and not one of the 11 are able to function in the way that they should be able to. In the first half Pogba had the ball under a bit of pressure looking for a pass, nobody showed for it so he just kicked it of play. What the hell is going on?! Is this down to the training? lack of a team strategy? Is it confidence? Inability to play under pressure? I'm not lying when I've seen non league/lower league players with more composure than the likes of Smalling, Jones, Lukaku, Lindelof and Valencia. With the amount of talent there, we should be playing way better than what we are currently seeing.
  8. Danny boy

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    I've been thinking the same thing about the training (or lack of it), it's embarrassing that top professionals wilt under any kind of pressure, can't pass and have no attacking rhythm. This rondo from pre season sums it up for me.
  9. Danny boy

    The state of our CB options...

    De Ligt is a bit too young
  10. Danny boy

    The state of our CB options...

    I think there's a player there in Bailly if he could have a mature partner, but he is way too reckless when it comes to tackles. Surely they could be coached to be better than they currently are?
  11. Danny boy

    At what point is Mourinho at risk of being sacked?

    Negativity breeds negativity, how he behaved during pre season is being reflected now.
  12. Danny boy

    PL Matchday 3: Man Utd vs Spurs

    Strange game, we played quite well in spells in the first half and should've been at least 1-0 up, if we get in front we then play with more purpose and confidence. The goals killed all of that and there was no way back for us. The back four keeps on changing, through being dropped for individual errors or because of injury; it's hard to build up any consistency when they're so inept. Jones and Lindelof should be finished, sick of both them, with Smalling not far behind. The inability of highly paid professionals to play under type of pressure is alarming; particularly at the back. That negativity feeds into the rest of the team, they don't trust in each other. We still have zero pattern/style of play and our plan B is hoof it up to Fellaini (after doing the same thing with Lukaku for 60 minutes).
  13. Danny boy

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    He needs to tell his agent to shut up.
  14. Danny boy

    Would Guardiola do any better?

    Lindelof is the only one who seems to maintain their fitness, the rest are a joke.