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  1. Portugal are gonna shithouse their way to the latter stages of this tournament.
  2. Had a good season and he's a really good player but it's tiresome.
  3. Danny boy

    The England Thread

    @O I don't really support England I've spent years wanting them to lose every single time. Some of the shit United players have got over the years has put me off. It felt strange cheering them on lol but my £10 on Kane scoring a header meant I had a vested interest
  4. Danny boy

    David De Gea 2017/18

    I remember Schmiechel, Van Der Sar, Barthez and others making some right howlers. It happens to the very best of them, he has the mental toughness to bounce back from it. Relax.
  5. Danny boy

    The England Thread

    Good first 20-25 minutes, showed attacking intent, good passing, pressing; they just lacked the finishing. Tunisia were lucky to even go in level. 2nd half was harder, England always find it hard against the low block and we didn't really fashion as many clear cut chances, but always looked dangerous on set pieces. Good win and should be able to put away Panama.
  6. Although the referee took an age VAR was right again. Ref should've given the decision himself thoughIMO. Also, can't the VAR team give them an instant reaction for the ref without him having to see the video himself? What happens if S.Korea counter and score up the other end? Lots of grey areas still.
  7. S.Korea played well for the first 10-15 and looked quite dangerous, looked shaky though since they sat back. Berg should've buried that chance but a great save from Cho Hyun-woo.
  8. I didn't see the game but reading the reviews from their game with Spain they sound like a hard team to breakdown; which is something England really struggle at doing. Could be a drab 0-0..
  9. Danny boy

    Romelu Lukaku 2017/18

    This is a great read from The Players' Tribune: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/romelu-lukaku-ive-got-some-things-to-say?utm_source=social&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=worldcup18&utm_term=Lukaku
  10. There hasn't been a 0-0 game yet. Time for England to step up
  11. Peru were unlucky here, deserved something from it on the balance of play.
  12. Touching the ball doesn't mean he won it, it was still within Griezmann's reach reach and he brought him down. Correct call.
  13. Russia to get some dodgy decisions today IMO..
  14. Danny boy


    We look back on that period with rose tinted glasses, there were some awful segments back then! Katie Vick, dog in the kennel match, Mae Young giving birth to a hand/getting naked; I could go on.
  15. Danny boy

    The Spain thread.

    Madness, they were my pick but now I'm having second thoughts.