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  1. Also a chance of Henderson and Fabinho as a CB pairing against our full strength attackers (provided they show up)
  2. Fucking Martial, firing squad for that
  3. After 65mins, he turns from Makelele into Darron Gibson, like a really shit Cinderella
  4. Matic moving around like fucking lurch. Get him off, or take him out back with a shovel
  5. Horrible negative cunts, worse than Wolves for sucking the life out of games
  6. Hope so, other front 4 have been dire thus far
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55594966
  8. Martial is Nani at this point eh
  9. I think right midfields the priority, we're still starting Dan James there eh
  10. Matic and Mata need to go at some point soon, immobile midfielders aren't needed in any form going forward Lingards as done as Pereira James might be worth keeping, loan spell could do him well, even at 20+ Defence isn't as urgent as it was, with Bailly looking his old self and Shaw actually fighting for his place surprisingly
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