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  1. Periphery - Hail Stan These guys are monstrous. that drop at 1:22
  2. Folk would rather add more wingers than a solid centre back to partner Maguire or left back to swap for the 'fat skinny injured but not injured in form but also not in form' Shaw? Neves is Gibson-esque, not the worst centre mid but not an improvement on Ander let alone Fred
  3. When he wants to hes great at it, trick is getting the mardy cunt motivated enough to give a shit
  4. Martial and Ighalo might be an interesting team up, one a proper striker, the other drawing defenders away
  5. Last thing i want is a draw, it helps neither side. We lose it all but confirms Ole's fate, we win its a nice boost to the squad and fans and might kickstart a 4th place push
  6. Rashford gonna move on a free to Arsenal in a few years isn't he? Welbeck #2
  7. Been a bit shit lately, this lad eh?
  8. If anyones contacted the wizard who streams games, can they throw a message in my inbox
  9. How the hell are ppl watching games this year? Streaming sites all pulled down no?
  10. Absolutely miles away from anything the top 2 can consider a threat. They have investment and structure, we have Woodward
  11. If we only signed winners we wouldn't be Manchester United.
  12. Apparently Kane "got lucky" for five consecutive seasons. How many seasons did Shearer have before the Geordies pipped us?
  13. OP;