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  1. I was disappointed last year, but turning on the guy after one mediocre season (still managed second against strong teams and a top 6 record that was better than most years) seems foolhardy. Not everyone has to agree with you, thats just life.
  2. You back someone until you run out of patience, thats how football managers work. I like Mourinho, this is not a crime. This isn't a videogame, you grammatically inept little dweeb *googles inept* *googles troll* *googles lifeless irish shitposter with all the football knowledge of Danny Murphy with a heavy diazepam prescription*
  3. LVG and Moyes fucked about just as much, don't act like some Nostradamus for pointing out that we're always shit in the transfer market. None of this is news fella.
  4. Need to get our shopping shoes on, Liverpool looking like completing Shaqiri and Alisson aswell as the Fabinho and Keita deals, we're in danger of picking through scraps. Can see us being left further behind if Mou has his stubborn head on. New deal for Fellaini hardly comparable
  5. Arsenal moving for David Luiz, rejected bid
  6. Wheels falling off, and i couldn't be fucking happier
  7. Such a hilarious gif considering the scoreline
  8. Stevie G, wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire. Same goes for McManaman Least Carragher has some likeability, even if Neville always murders him
  9. Can i get added pls? My XBOX is: oo noxious oo My steam is kingbowser (noxious)
  10. I hope he stays, the circus the media will make of it and also the bad mood it will put in the dressing room will do nothing but harm their chances next year. Forcing him to stay somewhere where hes booed, hated and regularly slags off is genius from Rodgers