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  1. Armchair Irish tries being sassy on the internet. Owenzy is nothing if not predictable. Nox actually thinks its a tight call and any of 4 could win it Positivity ain't illegal Bit tiring the endless blue wankfest on here. My bad, a general thing
  2. Wrong forum lad Google "blue moon forum" and you're set
  3. They have the Silmarillion and a number of things like the Shadow of War games to at least guide them, it'll be fine.
  4. He played a 40 game season not 3 months ago mate, calm down, he hasn't forgot how to kick a ball You'd rather we start the headless chicken or the goal shy frenchman?
  5. The cast and staff on board are pretty great tbf, its got long enough to stew that we will have Witcher Season 2 to rival it. No way they let it out of the gates without a guarantee of quality from test viewings etc, have faith
  6. The Meg Really really bad. When you're worse than Jaws 3, you know you fucked up. 2/10 (i guess the crowd scene was fun) Absolutely loved it, he hasn't made a bad flick yet, Slither still holds up
  7. I have no expectations. Nor am i so scorned that i am sat here championing the scummy Blue cunts down the road before anyone has even kicked off. Its fine to maintain self respect and optimism, we aren't fucking Arsenal lad.
  8. Positive bunch on here eh Jesus fucking christ we've not kicked a ball yet and Liverpool were the best team in the world 12 month ago, get tae fuck
  9. 10 times the player, we still on that hyperbole eh. They're comparable, i never said Grealish was shit, but he has been tested in the Prem and the FA Cup so far, shit all on the international and European front. City didn't need him, we desperately needed Sancho at this point, our right flank is an absolute liability at times, until AWB can learn to play past the half way line.
  10. Grealish has produced against world class opposition how many times? How does this put them in another league, Sancho a few quid less lol Pure defeatist hyperbole nonsense, go have a wank lad, we were all crying about Liverpool being in another league last year
  11. Actually delighted we won. Set of mardy shits in here like fucking humbug the lot of ya. Southgate did well, he was never gonna leave Grealish on defending a lead. Sterling is unplayable when he roams like that. Defensive but safe. Wonder if its pure pace against the old aged pensioners, hope theres goals and not a 0-0 bore
  12. Player looks good, of course I've watched all of 2 vids on him so no clue if hes a youtube only type player.
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