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  1. Actually delighted we won. Set of mardy shits in here like fucking humbug the lot of ya. Southgate did well, he was never gonna leave Grealish on defending a lead. Sterling is unplayable when he roams like that. Defensive but safe. Wonder if its pure pace against the old aged pensioners, hope theres goals and not a 0-0 bore
  2. Player looks good, of course I've watched all of 2 vids on him so no clue if hes a youtube only type player.
  3. Slap all the kids in, and watch in horror as 11 Micheal Owens have multiple knee surgeries by 25. Stick to Footy Manager. (i also play, but some things are best left in the game, look up Cherno Samba) Long term we have always had talent, but bridging that gap is a fine balance between a Will Keane and a Mason Greenwood, leave it to the pros to decide whos fit to step up, they see the players off the pitch too. Ravel Morrison is ingrained on any United fans memory.
  4. Makes sense if Laird is a year or two away and Dalot going
  5. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/manchester-united-kieran-trippier-transfer-20723988 Quite like idea of him pushing AWB tbh
  6. Need a signing before Euros. Though we all know how shite we are at negotiations
  7. Sterling will make way, Foden does everything he does better. And more.
  8. Amad is silky as fuck Shot off didn't he?
  9. Was thinking a similar word. Mings always overrated, can see him being linked with us though
  10. Holy shit that was a tough finish to pull off, the sexy bastard
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