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  1. He's shown nothing minus a header in the first team so far. We can't really go into the season relying on him. Hopefully he comes back from pre season with a Greenwood-like lockdown bulk up but he's still too raw.
  2. I want to see Eubank jr vs Saunders rematch tbf. Though who knows if BJS will ever fight again.
  3. The title is over. I reckon he just doesn't want to give anything away for the CL final.
  4. We're not buying a RW and a striker. We're better off with him than without given that we won't buy a replacement for 12 months.
  5. Ole is allergic to giving youth a real chance this season though. We're more likely to play Bruno and co in all 3 games than start Amad, Hannibal or Elanga.
  6. I started with the team I want against Liverpool and worked my way back, really. Greenwood will probably play against Leicester because if not him, then who? Unless James/Martial are back.
  7. Done one of those simulators. Had the end table as; City: 90 United: 75 Chelsea: 71 Liverpool: 67 Leicester: 67 Spurs: 66
  8. --------------------------Henderson------------------------- AWB----------Lindelof-------Maguire----------Shaw ------------------McTom----------Fred--------------------- Mata----------------------Bruno--------------------Rashford -----------------------------Cavani------------------------------
  9. BJS is so unlikeable. I genuine dick who's a bully + even abuses animals. Hope Canelo humiliates him.
  10. More than those two, I'm becoming more and more fond of Pogba on the left which leaves us with only McFred and Matic at CM. Pogba------Bruno------Sancho ---------Rice-------McTom----- I like that midfield. Not sure how Rashford would feel though. It is still lacking passing behind the lines from deep though.
  11. He's a dud. I'll be absolutely amazed if he becomes a proper player for us next season.
  12. I remember one game where Rooney was determined to get a pen. He dived with zero contact 3 different times and somehow avoided a booking..
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