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  1. Matic should start and play 60 mins I assume. Probably a good time to rest Fred. Matic-McT can start, hopefully with Garner replacing Matic.
  2. TheManc

    Champions League 2019/20

    Inter would be tough because if they go in front, I don't fancy us breaking them down at all. At least with Ajax, I assume we can sit back and counter. Haven't seen them this season though.
  3. Oh....then shut me up. New team; Romero Young Tuanzebe Jones Williams McTomminay Garner Pereira Mata Lingard Greenwood I would like to see Laird play though.
  4. TheManc

    2020 Transfer Targets

    We're incapable because of the Glazers more than Woodward here I feel. His comments about only getting 3 is BS because we've seen him bring more in. He hasn't lost the ability to buy 4-6 players. The Glazers won't sanction a 200M net spend, it will be more like a 100M net spend plus any sales (Pogba etc) which will be enough for about 3-4 players coming in. Woodward can't exactly come out and say "we can't buy 6 players because the owners won't allow it" so he covers it up with his recent comments.
  5. TheManc

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Assuming Pogba goes, what are our priorities in order? I'd go with; - AM - CM - ST - 2nd CM - Wide player - LB Obviously not all in the Summer. Will we risk leaving ourselves short either at CM/ST again if it means we can grab Sancho? Matic will probably go and that leaves us with NewCM-Fred-McT-Garner as the CM's... No matter what happens next season we're still going to be very short.
  6. TheManc

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    revenge for that leak.
  7. The EL is our best chance of CL and we need to win to top the group. ------------------------------Romero------------------------ Young-------Tuanzebe-------Jones---------Williams --------------------McT---------------Fred-------------------- Greenwood-------------Mata------------------Lingard ------------------------------Martial------------------- it wont if we end up drawing inter or someone in the next round, second leg away. It's a risk that could finish our hopes of CL next season.
  8. TheManc

    Champions League 2019/20

    never in doubt.
  9. TheManc

    Champions League 2019/20

    It makes lots of sense when you think results can flatter teams.... Hell no. Screw them getting a 7th CL.
  10. TheManc

    Champions League 2019/20

    So the 4-3 home win may not be an example of why today should be close. Obviously.
  11. TheManc

    Manchester United Financial Thread

    I'm sure the Saudi prince would love seeing his business leaked. No doubt the journalist feels completely safe in doing so as well.
  12. TheManc

    Champions League 2019/20

    Even at the risk of Liverpool dumping us out of the EL, we have to pray for them to lose tonight! They haven't lost a 2 legged tie in Europe since Klopp took over. Couldn't cope with a 7th CL. Didn't they absolutely smash them 3-0 and then take their foot completely off the gas before once again dominating the end to grab the winner? Their striker is that Haaland, if you're interested/weren't aware.
  13. TheManc

    Ole Sack Watch

    I think a guy like SAF would go 4-4-2 with Martial and Greenwood up top, James/Rashford on the wing and try to win that way, or at least that's what he'd switch to very quickly if the first half was tricky. There's nothing that says Ole has to choose Pereira or Lingard as the #10, it's a choice. I do actually think Ole will do alright once we get a better team for these kind of games - I'm just confident that he'll never be a coach who you think adds points to a team with his own brilliance over the course of the season.
  14. TheManc


    He certainly plays like he doesn't care. I wonder if he's stopped caring because of the pressure that other players are putting on him though? Hasn't he stayed in the Scottish Open tournament this week? That makes no sense unless it's a pressure thing. Happy for Ding. Joint 8th highest on ranking titles now and his 4th major which puts him top 10. I would love for him to win the WC, though I don't see it happening. Hear about the new Saudi tournament? It's basically going to pay as much as the WC's.
  15. TheManc


    This. He may be able to stop Wilder before he himself gets stopped but I doubt it. No chance vs Fury. I think we'll see a more defensive AJ for the rest of his career now.