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  1. Kane flirting to leave (damn virus). Which clubs could/would go for him in theory?
  2. I've read that it's public knowledge around Villa that he drinks/parties a lot and either his form (or appearances) always dip around a certain time of year because he's out on the piss every night. Similar situation to Neymar and his sister.
  3. Hearing Grealish has gone partying, drink driving, crashed the car and done a runner before the police got there?
  4. Snooker is now popular again worldwide and growing at a very fast rate. It has the highest ratings on ITV4 of any program I believe, even more so than darts (but idk which darts tournament is on itv). It died a death in the mid 2000s once it lost it's cigarette sponsorships but Barry Hearn took over in ~2010 and now it's a global sport. It has tournaments on almost every week - Masters/UK/WC on the BBC still, ITV4 have 5 tournaments and Eurosport carries about 12. It's gone very global though. In China it is absolutely huge. Doherty is still around, albeit barely. The old generation of O'Sullivan, Higgins, Williams are all still massive names, albeit having bad seasons atm. I believe the prize money for darts and snooker is about the same atm.
  5. I think he will. To be fair he may 'only' have 1 WC, 1 Masters and 1 UK, but he's been winning titles since 2011 now. It's his 17th ranking title - puts him joint 6th with Mark Selby. He's already had an all time great career - the only guys above him atm would be the very few with multiple of each major. He's 5 on the century breaks and will probably be in the top 2 or 3 this time next year. He's the most brutal scorer of all time - even more than O'Sullivan. He's 14 years younger than him, about 300 centuries behind, but averages ~70-80 per season. He will smash the record in 5 seasons if he sticks to his game. All this talk of ROS making 1000 centuries, but Trump may well hit 2000 when it's all said and done if his career lasts that long. It helps that they have more tournaments now though. When you think from 05-08 we only had like 3-5 ranking tournaments a season - imagine how many more the likes of ROS, Higgins, Williams and Hendry would have had if they had an extra 30 tournaments to play in that time frame. Hard to look past Trump for the WC. Maybe Robertson 2nd fav probably.
  6. Yeah I've read the first book and I've read some lore on Glorfindel too, like how he faced a Balrog like Gandalf, is almost as powerful as the Maia etc. I thought the Arwen stuff was done well tbh, but each to their own. I didn't have any source material to compare it to at the time though.
  7. I was reading/listening to videos about Glorfindel, he sounds amazing, at least power wise. I have read most of the first book and Tom Bombadil irritated me so I don't care that he wasn't there. I loved the elves helping at HD even if it wasn't from the book. It's not like the elves (and dwarves) weren't fighting battles elsewhere so I had no problem with it tbh. It made for a great scene. Arwen's chase in film 1 was also great imo.
  8. The Ents fighting back against Saruman is one of the highlights of the trilogy imo. Saruman's death in the extended edition is a bit lame but I guess they had to finish him off some way if they weren't gonna follow the book. Though that's film 3.
  9. What's wrong with 2? I love the Helms Deep battle, plus the ents, Saruman building his army etc. I'm kind of addicted to a YT channel called History of Middle Earth atm which has constant 5-10 min vids on the lore/history of the world/characters.
  10. There does some to be some history of players leaving BVB and failing to live up to expectation, but I think some of that is coincidental. I don't think Mkhitaryan was bad anyway, just average overall in a team where nobody shined.
  11. I mean when they first came out, 3 was my favourite. I love all 3 tbf. #2 actually became my fav for a while as well. I've probably seen them all about 50 times. Shame they ruined the Hobbit with the stupid CGI.
  12. Yeah the Rohan scene is amazing. I also love the beacons being lit and a load of others. I used to rank then 3>2>1 but I've done a complete flip on that now. I love the fellowship journey of the first with the places you visit. Plus the bridge scene in Moria is amazing. When I was younger, Aragorn was my guy but Borimir has completely overtaken him now.
  13. From United, Henderson has another year to push out Pickford. He would have gone but probably not played if it was this Summer. I doubt it but I wonder if Tuanzebe can push himself into the squad at least? I don't think Williams would have made the squad but he now has a chance too. England are really stacked at RB with James, AWB, TAA and Trippier.
  14. How is Schneiderlin doing at Everton now?
  15. I did. He definitely looks slow when he plays. Perhaps his eventual sprint speed is very good.