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  1. We're in talks with Appollo apparently, who are an American investment group andwould also take out dividends if they got in. Owner has ties with Eipstein as well.
  2. Glazers are just trying to ease the tension around the place. Good things like this don't happen to us.
  3. I've never seen anything to say he'll make it here. I'd sell with a good buy back clause.
  4. Not quite significantly. who is saying this?
  5. If they offer us 60m+, i'd accept. He's a bit shit.
  6. Now SMS linked? Who i've only seen play once so i'll leave it to others to criticise.
  7. Legitimate chance we'll lose this and lose to Liverpool as well!
  8. I don't think we'll get him now that social media is bringing up his history with racism.
  9. Everything he ever said was 100% true whether he was a good manager or not.
  10. Athletic and Telegraph also reporting it. Offer rejected, 2nd offer coming, he wants to come.
  11. Premier League prediction champ still got it
  12. Paul Robinson and John Barnes basically blaming Maguire for both goals
  13. If you take away Bruno's first 6 months, how good has he really been for us? Not that he's been the worst here or anything. Fuck McFred.
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