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  1. I think Maguire at his best is better than Lindeloff at his best but he also has bigger flaws. Lindeloff made one huge tackle/block/interception last night which I thought at the time might be a game saver.
  2. It was the stupid mistakes that were annoying. Bruno and Greenwood were just as bad tbf but in different areas. If I can stomach it I may re-watch the game tonight to see how Pogba did outside of those 2 ridiculous moments where he was dispossessed. Sometimes individual error moments can make a general performance seem worse and that possession stat drop the moment he went off was alarming.
  3. 5 good games followed by 1 bad one. Come on....
  4. Yesterday was an example of why he isnt a good coach tbf. We will be a good team under him due to the individual quality but tactically he is just bad, mentally we choked for the 6th time this season and the squad management is poor as well. There are times throughout a season where a manager can stamp his own brilliance on the game and he cant do it. I read it's now like the 7th time we have been up by one, parked the bus in the last 20 and then conceded in the last 10 mins to drop 2 points. That's not a coincidence. He is a very good man manager though and we cant sack him now really. He will be here for a few seasons yet until the fans become toxic over repeated 4th place about 4 seasons.
  5. I actually wouldn't be against playing the reserve team against Chelsea and being strong for this. I wouldn't have said it had we won tonight but no top 4 is just a disaster.
  6. UtdArena @utdarena Our possession until Pogba came off: 55.3% Our possession after Pogba came off: 36.8% Our possession after Bruno came off: 16.2% We lost so much control with Pogba coming off and then Fernandes coming off made it worse. By design or were McT and Fred that poor?
  7. He won quite a few big headers today tbf. I can't actually remember the last minute goal though. I literally turned away as I expected it to go wrong for us.
  8. The answer atm is we've had 6 big chances this season. Loss, loss, loss, draw, draw and another draw tonight. That's a mental issue.
  9. Vardy hattrick. But i hope you're right.
  10. I think today will boost Leicester and they'll learn after the colossal collapse against Bournemouth. For our game against Palace, I think zero wins out of 7 when the door is open shows we are weak mentally. Like Arsenal were despite their talent a decade ago.
  11. Palace 1-1 United Chelsea 3-0 Norwich Sheffield United 0-1 Leicester
  12. I do like him but it's pretty obvious that he's a very good defender as your third choice but shouldn't be starting if we're to reach the next level.
  13. Yeah he can't play against Palace. Not only for the Chelsea game but for the 3 after that.
  14. Yeah he was horrible. He better step up against Palace. One of his worst ever games for us tbh.
  15. I know but 2 weeks and the season is over.