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  1. Nah even if you want Ole out, we need to progress in the CL so we can fire ole at Xmas and Chelsea our way to the CL final.
  2. Surprised Allen won tbh. English Open next on the 1st of Nov
  3. Will watch Atletico/Liverpool until the scousers score. Then I'll switch to somewhere else
  4. Were these players established as prodigies at the time? As in, already in the starting squad? I wouldn't be worried about Greenwood for instance, but it's the group behind that like Amad, Hannibal etc that would have me worried. That being said, I'd prefer Conte to Ole.
  5. I think Liverpool will win the CL or PL this season
  6. Yeah i'm ready to be hooked again. Some good series over the next yeat. This, Witcher and LOTR.
  7. Trump will probably win yet another of these things.
  8. Missed the fight. Damn. Wilder destroys AJ if they fought??
  9. They are going to win it before we do. They will spend a couple of seasons buying hyped up players that didn't quite cut it at top clubs, and give them huge wages. Hard to judge how long it will take because it also depends on how well other teams do. Chelsea only had 2 teams as competition and same with City tbh. Atm there is 4, but who is to say where Klopp/Pep will be in 4 years. 23/24 they will probably be pushing for top 6. Probably two more seasons on top to be a top 4 team. Arsenal and Spurs are fucked. English teams/fans need to start respecting the Europa League more because
  10. It's going to go through. Disastrous news for us really. Next up with be someone else...probably Leeds or Villa.
  11. i think we are more attractive than under Mourinho but it isn't saying much.
  12. Wilder will stop Fury. Heard it here first.
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