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  1. TheManc

    Ole Sack Watch

    Every time he compares himself to Klopp I cringe in the same way I used to when SAF would call Giggs a "fantastic human being".
  2. TheManc

    The FA Cup thread

    Watford would probably beat us so this a pretty huge result for Ole tbh, if it stays that way.
  3. TheManc

    2020 Transfer Targets

    I wonder about that... That sucks. Apparently Sporting owe Bruno 5M if he doesn't move this January? Some sort of agreement they have. Hopefully both teams can just come to an agreement where we'll bridge the gap if we make the CL next season, but that would involve too much common sense for ours and (it seems) yours.
  4. TheManc

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    this aged well
  5. TheManc

    Ole Sack Watch

  6. TheManc

    Ole Sack Watch

    Chris Winterburn ✔ @cmwinterburn Solskjaer, “We’ve got our targets but days like this highlight how well some of our players have done this season.” United Xtra @utdxtra Ole: "Worst league start in 30 years? You can talk about that all day long, we’re still fifth in the table, I don’t want to hang on to being fifth in the table.” #mufc [BT]
  7. TheManc

    Ole Sack Watch

    Said a long time ago that i'd be all for this until the EOS.
  8. TheManc

    Ole Sack Watch

    Zero change from yesterday, tbh. No chance he gets fired mid season and likely is still in the job next.
  9. I think he's a long term issue but the bigger problem right now are the players to his right, left and behind.
  10. I try to defend Maguire and then he does that lol
  11. burnley are a terrible football team Liverpool aside the PL standard has been awful this season
  12. TheManc

    Ole Sack Watch

    Probably would have been better if they scored 3 or 4, which on another day they would have done.
  13. ole said we've done well in our last few home games lol