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  1. Most pointless option of all time, but w/e. Hope he does well there and attracts some clubs next Summer.
  2. Sure. But they'll still finish top 2.
  3. 4-0 win for Barca. Finished etc etc.
  4. the fee agreement better be an obligation. I read 27m euros - they won't ever pay that once they see how average he is.
  5. Couldnt be further from SAF if he tried here.
  6. Djokovic just broke the ATP Masters 1000 wins record. On 36 now. Nadal on 35 and Federer 3rd on 28. He now holds more 'big titles' than anyone else in history.
  7. The Utd Arena @TheUtdArena · 29m Solskjær on transfers: "We're working with the ones we have. Let's see what happens. We'll give you updates if there is something."
  8. LVG voiced this long ago as well.
  9. Working on it and successfully implementing it are two different things. Read a post somewhere which (may have even been on here) highlighted how little Ole knows; he wanted to play a high offensive line, and bought Maguire. He wanted to build from the back, and bought AWB. He thinks right, he just isn't very good. He'd be more exposed if we were competent above him.
  10. idk who you guys are but we need newbies...so welcome. Can either play right wing?
  11. It's ok we had 4 good games post lockdown. We are fine
  12. How much game time will he really get if we keep Rojo and Jones? Everyone is fit atm and he's basically 7th choice. 8th if you count Smalling.
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