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  1. another final for bilbao as well eh
  2. 5-5 now Bingham > Bingtao Higgins > Gilbert My predictions.
  3. Personally I don't think Williams was ever good enough to really push him. Telles is the first time in a while he's had someone who at least had the hype to be better than him, (plus maybe Blind). Young, Williams and Darmian would get games despite being clearly worse, but that's more on them than him. Shaw seems to have become quite tough mentally now I think which is an improvement. We know Mourinho almost broke him and IIRC Pocchetino used to have a lot of 1 on 1 meetings to keep him motivated/positive at Southampton. Maybe that's credit to Ole or perhaps it's a simple age/growing up t
  4. @PVAD 4-3 to you so far! Bingham > Murphy Bingtao > Maguire Wilson > Gilbert ROS > Higgins My predictions! I'm calling a Wilson/Bingham final btw.
  5. Another very good game from him tbh.
  6. However varied the opinions on him over the years, he's always been a good finisher. WTF has happened there? Hopefully he's not out for very long.
  7. I love when he dribbles through the lines. Feels like a ticking time bomb until he gets an injury though.
  8. Needs more respect in this thread. Having a good season so far, this place seems to be the only place i've seen online where he isn't getting his due. Will probably get destroyed on Sunday now though.
  9. --------------------------------------DDG------------------------------------ AWB-------------Bailly--------------------------Maguire-------------Shaw -------------------McTom--------------------------Fred---------------------- Rashford----------------------Bruno------------------------Pogba ------------------------------------Cavani------------------------------------------- I'm assuming Martial is injured.
  10. Owenzy is having a Gary Neville at West Brom day tbh.
  11. Maguire is one booking away from a suspension by the way
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