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  1. The Maguire-Lindelof partnership needs to die. Makes me miss Jones and Smalling. Fred. LOL.
  2. Sownak27

    Scott McTominay 2019/20

    I just love this guy so much. Remarkable upward trajectory in his development since his debut season. When both Sir Alex and Mourinho earmark you as a player, you must have some character about you.
  3. What a goal Man, we have really missed Martial up front
  4. I mean, a shit shovel qualifies as a machine in the strictest definition of the word, so by that rubric he is.
  5. McT has been so good today
  6. AWB is a machine Young needs to be turned off.
  7. That is such a poorly weighted pass from Rash
  8. Penalty taking proves one thing: these players do not have the mentality / composure to play for top teams that demand high standards week in, week out
  9. We're destined to drop points now.
  10. What a ball from James! Nice composure from Rash after the shocking pen
  11. McDominate doing McDominate tings
  12. 3 at the back is the way forward for us at the moment. If our wingbacks (whoever they are from one game to another) can pick up the slack, that's one way to counter the absolute absence of creativity in the middle.
  13. Sownak27

    Ole Sack Watch

    I'm a big fan of Nagelsmann, and definitely think managers of his ilk should be the ones we target should Ole be removed from the job. Just have no faith in the club's hierarchy making the right decision (from a footballing perspective), let alone what Nagelsmann's thoughts on taking up the job would be after Woodward goes full "welcome to Disneyland" on his arse.
  14. Our shot at the title this season slips yet further away....