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  1. Sownak27

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Only two points behind City....
  2. We are pretty shite to be fair, but a win is a win is a win. McTominay continues to McDominate. Fred had a good cameo after coming on; Chong did okay too.
  3. McDominate has been the best player on the pitch today
  4. Matic and Mata are done at this level. The former can only play the safe pass, the latter too slow to play out of pressing.
  5. Sownak27

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Gotta say, Mkhi has also been quite impressive. I never thought there could be a question mark about who got the worse end of the deal in the exchange with Sanchez, but somehow Mkhi has managed to keep the debate raging.
  6. Sownak27

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Guendouzi is a sensational young player. So comfortable on the ball, never shirks responsibility, plays at high intensity for the entire 90 mins. Great find by Arsenal.
  7. Fred's not yet match fit, is he? Thought that's what was said last week, though I could be wrong. (that being said, Matic doesn't look like he is either...)
  8. He actually made the right call with bringing in another midfielder and pushing Pogba forward, because we were being overrun in midfield. This did give us more control - even before the red card - but the cost is that the midfielder we have to bring in is Matic, who just does not shift the ball quickly enough. Slow possession in midfield and defence is what prevents us from breaking down defensive units.
  9. Thing is, I'm not even angry about these results anymore. This club has drained emotion from my soul
  10. LADS we are pretty bad
  11. James has put in several lethal crosses, still no one gambling in the box
  12. Lindelof with an all-time bad performance
  13. We're going to get rinsed by any team with a half decent midfield this season. Intensity's dropped off too.
  14. Watching us play out of the back is like watching a giraffe trying to book a package holiday.
  15. What a goal Daniel!!