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  1. Not a signing, per se, but equally important in terms of summer ins and outs:
  2. I'm pretty Phil Jones was assembled in the Carrington medical centre, only to be shipped off to Blackburn in wee hours after its construction.
  3. I have to say, I'm a little surprised at Leicester's approach today. I'd have thought that they'd press us from the front a lot more than they did (especially given our troubles with this in the last few matchdays). Pogba, Matic and Maguie were afforded a lot more time than I though they would be.
  4. The great players in the game always rise at the biggest occasions. Just needed one touch to send us into the Champions League
  5. AWB is 100% playing this half drunk. Cannot move/pass with the ball at all. Williams looks like he's lost a lot of his confidence since the head injury vs Southampton. Not his usual aggressive self. Rashford having another off day; really needs to buck his ideas quick time.
  6. Jonny Evans with a last minute equaliser to give us the 1-1 draw,. Definitely won't want Helen hosting MUTV shows on Thursday nights I imagine!
  7. Genuinely feel a little sick State of Leicester's back 5. We HAVE to take advantage of their depleted defence.
  8. Yeah it was telling that Ole admitted as much in his post-game interview. I dunno if it's partly driven by his recognition of the team's extreme fatigue, but it will be a dangerous mindset to adopt vs Leicester. Not to mention that they'll have had a week's rest by that point.
  9. If we start this game with all three of Matic/Pogba/Bruno, we will lose. Would be tempted to start with Scott and/or Fred.
  10. The team looks so wrecked. Ole's squad management since the restart has been appalling, and we're paying for it now.
  11. Think top 4's done. There's no way Leicester aren't hammering us at the weekend.
  12. We killed Bruno is just 6 months
  13. Rashford in Trashford mode so far