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  1. We are losing because of our long-standing inability to defend set pieces, not because of anything effective that Villareal have done.
  2. There are few sights in football that instil greater fear in my heart than the quartet of Bailly / Lindelof / McT / Fred trying to play out from the press. Shambolic stuff.
  3. Have we ever conceded a goal that wasn't a set piece? Fred, McT and Rashford have been shambolic
  4. I feel kinda sad watching Williams on the pitch these days. When he first broke through, he exhibited all the cavalier boisterousness of a promising academy talent that United should produce. Just looks shell-shocked at the moment. It's not just a matter of ability, either -- genuinely looks afraid on the ball, in a sort of petrification that might be excused if a fan were asked to go out and play 90 mins against professionals. I really hope he can pick his confidence back, either here or at another club.
  5. Tuanzebe was possessed in the second half. Great improvement from the first 45. D vdB is the absolute epitome of a nothing player.
  6. Bit shit that weren't it Thought AWB had a great game. Won everything.
  7. what a 72 hour period this has been!
  8. Been comfortable enough, but we've played pretty poorly in this game. Matic looks well off the pace at this level. And as good as Greenwood is at times, his technical ability in controlling / passing needs a lot of improvement.
  9. So many players stepped up in the second half, it was great to see. Fred had a miserable first 45, but improved a lot and was everywhere in the second. Fair play to him too for following up Cavani's shot for the equaliser -- it showed our positive ambition. AWB too -- his defending for their first goal aside -- had a good game. And probably one of his more confident games in an attacking sense too. Pogba was simply sensational. No one in our squad comes close to his quality on the ball when he's really on it. Greenwood with a terrific cameo. Pinpoint first time cross, and a b
  10. What a second half performance that was! Pogba, Cavan absolutely sensational. THAT kind of performance has to become the standard for this team next season.
  11. The VAR decision was madness, but our defending for their goal was horrific. Lindelof with the first error, and AWB so far out of position it's almost hilarious.
  12. Not a chance we're getting past Ajax/Roma assuming nothing goes wrong in the 2nd leg.
  13. Yeah, the collective reaction of astonishment from the crowd is really terrific -- one of those moments when you, as a fan, realise how good professional footballers can be!
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