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  1. Sownak27

    Serie A 2018/2019

    Bloke must be Incadi-scent with rage...
  2. Sownak27

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    I love that you call me that, BASTARD. It's quite mellow.
  3. Sownak27

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    LOL. Peak performance was probably on the piano during his unveiling.
  4. Sownak27

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Well, I think what this game has exposed is that while our players were certainly underperforming prior to OGS's arrival, the team's current level is at around the 4th-5th in the league. There are quite a few players in the side who need upgrading before we are able to challenge the European elite (both fullbacks, Matic, Sanchez etc.). It also exposed our over-reliance on Pogba as chief creator -- Marquinhos did a good job marking him out of the game, completely quelling our attacking threat over 90 mins. With Martial injured, there was no other outlet for attack. Anyway, let's smash these buggers 5-0 in the second leg.
  5. Sownak27

    Why Do British Asians Never Make It Pro?

    No joke. It’s the classic “ooh I’ve never been abroad but I don’t like it” gammon chat — seemed typical of the kind of coach who would ask the Centre half to kick the stepovers out of the fancy new winger for being a fanny. Like I say, I think there’s a generation of young coaches across the divisions in England now which is helping to slowly weed out this type of mentality (evidenced by the success and technical ability of the junior teams). But alas.
  6. Sownak27

    Why Do British Asians Never Make It Pro?

    It’s a pertinent point, actually. Have you watched Sunderland Till I Die on Netflix (would highly recommend if you haven’t). They showed a bit where two of the Sunderland scouts (ex-players, old boys club job as usual) were sent out to watch some foreign player in the lower leagues - they pretty much dismissed him from the get-go because he wore gloves. Just goes to show that while there has been definite improvement in the quality of scouting / youth programmes in the country, there’s still some pretty arcane viewpoints applied at times.
  7. Sownak27

    Why Do British Asians Never Make It Pro?

    LOL, amen sister. Weren't so unhappy about the small peen when I had you squealing like a pig tho. True about the biceps / walking tbf. These kids need a little more red meat in their diets.
  8. Sownak27

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    I came in here to quickly exclaim just how much I love this guy - as a player, and for making me care for this season again. OLE.
  9. Sownak27


    Feel sorry for the people who've paid to watch this at the stadium. Dross.
  10. Sownak27

    FA Premier League 2018/2019

    I'm constantly impressed by Guendouzi. Such great composure for someone so young.
  11. Sownak27

    PL Matchday 25: Leicester City vs Man Utd

    If this is the state of the team's physical conditioning, we're getting f**ked this month
  12. Sownak27

    PL Matchday 25: Leicester City vs Man Utd

    Man, Young has had a pretty shocking first half
  13. Sownak27

    PL Matchday 25: Leicester City vs Man Utd

    What a pass from Pogba. Decisive finishing this time from Rash
  14. Sownak27

    Marouane Fellaini - 2018/2019

    Goodnight, sweet prince. China gon get rekt by Marouane.
  15. Sownak27

    PL Matchday 24: Man Utd vs Burnley

    LOL Newcastle winning vs City now too. Oh what a night!