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  1. Absolutely horrific last 20 mins from us, and lucky to come away with 3 points. But I'll take it.
  2. Martial and AWB have been disastrous. Okay first half, but what a shit goal to concede.
  3. Michail Antonio is one of the most underrated players in the Premier League, and has been for a while. Very sharp in the box, can dribble with the ball, and so strong too. Done my FPL team wonders this week.
  4. Rashford is a Europa League level forward tbh. Just so inconsistent. We should have won it in the second half.
  5. The ball over the top is on all the time. If Rashford had a better understanding of what offsides are / was able to control the ball like a professional footballer on a more consistent basis, we could have easily been a goal or two up. McFred midfield passing has been disastrous. We got battered for the first 30 mins but improved in the final 15. Shaw has been very good.
  6. Martial doing his best to take us out of the title challenge, but a much improved performance in the second half generally. Pogba very good, Matic very good, Maguire and Bailly very good.
  7. I did enjoy the bit where Wan Bissaka tried so hard to cross a ball that he fell over, only for it to hit the first man 3 yards away
  8. Some weird refereeing, but the team should have performed better in the first half. Only really started to play after the VAR fare. Matic has played okay, the rest all shite. Rashford needs to learn how to control a ball.
  9. Neither Dan James nor Brandon Williams look like they're physically ready for top level football. Both shrugged off the ball so easily.
  10. He needs to sort out our frailty in defending set pieces. Woeful week in, week out. You could sense the danger off the telly as soon as the freekick before the first goal was awarded. This is symptomatic of the team's inability to quickly recover the second ball against stronger teams like City -- I am not sure we really won any 50/50s today. This malaise also manifests in our defending of set pieces where we're often slow to react to deflections, half clearances etc.
  11. Pogba was good. Fred did okay in parts, but lost the ball too many times.
  12. Just schooled by a far better team today. That said, our attackers were horrific. Rashford, Martial, Bruno, Fred, McDom. Pogba the only one with a decent enough showing.
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