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  1. I must have watched the match highlights about 10 times already. Top Red. What a performance that was. We could have easily come away with a 3-0 or 4-0 win had some of James's decision making been better and/or if VAR were any good. That being said, the tenacity and character shown by the lads is a far cry from some of the dross we've seen in the past. AWB and Shaw were magnificent, Fred and Matic fantastic, and Maguire cleared everything once again. It looks like the team is finally stringing together an identity and it's showing in the performances. Bruno has really elevated us going forward -- amazing how quickly things can turn around when the main creative position is refreshed with significant talent. I've also been pleasantly impressed with Ighalo, who provided exactly the sort of front man display we needed at the time in the game when he came on. Onwards and upwards. Spurs away next week will be a big test, but if we can rest some players ahead of the Europa League game vs LASK, I'm optimistic we can come away with a win.
  2. This guy is a KING. His hold-up play was exactly what we needed when he came on.
  3. Pretty sure Lingard has made 0 passes successfully
  4. 1-1 is not the worst result, especially given how poorly we played in the 2nd half, but my GOD we should have scored through Ighalo.
  5. McDominate playing like he's never been out. Bruno running the show like
  6. Giroud is such an underrated player
  7. Typical. Giroud ALWAYS scores against us.
  8. BRUNO has not integrated into this squad. What is it with that good corner?!
  9. Not a chance we're winning the game playing like this - haven't turned up this half