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  1. Sownak27

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Ole deserves to be named Manager of the Season if he even makes top 5 with this squad. Woodward is perhaps the most inept any one person has been at their job. Spent basically three months trying to negotiate Harry Maguire's transfer, only to ultimately pay exactly the amount he was quoted by Leicester months ago. No midfielders when two were already out of the door. Just one surplus player sold. Shambles. If this club is stuck in this rut for a while yet, it will be only because there is no ambition from the hierarchy to do anything about it.
  2. Sownak27

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    We are pretty shagged for the coming season if we don't get at least one midfielder in before tomorrow. Really poor planning by the club having been two midfielders down since the end of last season - but, then again, poor planning by the United hierarchy is hardly a surprise.
  3. Sownak27

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Don't really know what to expect from the last few days of the window. Nothing about the speed at which deals have progressed this summer fills me confidence that we'll get one (or more) signings over the line by the 9th. I think we're still a couple of players short, particularly in midfield - Matic for the rest of the season would be a disaster. Accepting a cash-only deal for Lukaku would be v. risky - might bring in the dough, but leave us very little time to spend it, not to mention that we'll be a goalscorer short.
  4. Sownak27

    Pre-season 2019/2020: Man Utd vs Leeds

    What most impressed me about Angel Gomes today was his strength under pressure - he looks like someone who could be bullied off the ball easily, but he did very well to get out of tight spaces and shield the ball. Very promising. I like Scott McT more and more every time I watch him play. Another good showing from the lad. Think my body went into shock at the sight of a United right back breaking forward to drill in a cross for an assist. Despite the concerns some have voiced over his attacking play, AWB has done pretty well in this department. Shit man, I am starting to get excited for the new season now. Same thing every year. Just hope it isn't a shiteshow like last time!
  5. Sownak27


    You can't do it deliberately - the only reason it was allowed is because the batsman had no eyes for the ball, just ran straight through and it hit him through no fault of his own. A complete freak incident -- and to happen at that moment in the World Cup final as well! Amazing thing is that had the ball not run to the boundary, they might not have run an extra run out of sportsmanship. But those are the margins. What an incredible game. My head still hurts. Best cricket match I -- or, I would argue, anyone -- has seen.
  6. Sownak27

    Ladies football

    Yep. The new handball rule - especially when coupled with the retroactive nature of VAR -- is a complete disaster. You can see a trend in every game as players take speculative shots at the edge of the box, appealing subsequently when there's contact with literally any part of the opposition player's body. Gone silly IMO, especially when considering incidents like this evening where there's literally no way the defender could get her arm out of the way. Thing the rule needs reevaluating or else defending is going to become completely impossible.
  7. Sownak27

    Ladies football

    Has anyone been watching The Netherlands vs Japan? Some of the football from Japan has been pure poetry. Such a refreshing change after last season haha
  8. Sownak27

    Who will leave? - Summer 2019

    Add to this the incoming reports of Mata potentially signing a new 3-year extension. The phrase "banter club" has never been more apt for a team in world football.
  9. Sownak27

    Europa League 2018/2019

    Kovacic running riot over the Arsenal midfield. 3-0 now. Arsenal have collapsed.
  10. My God I just love Becks
  11. Sownak27

    What are we doing as a club?

    If it's any consolation, I suspect Ashley Young will be made club captain next season.
  12. Sownak27

    Throw out the rubbish now

    I think this thread may be the first example in recorded history where a human fails the Turing Test
  13. Sownak27

    Champions League 18/19

    I blame @Txrt and his confidence in Barcelona / Valverde for this farce.
  14. Sownak27

    Champions League 18/19

    This match has compounded my hatred for the current United team ten-fold.
  15. Sownak27

    The good news thread

    The accelerated increase in climate change might mean human civilisation is wiped out before Philip Jones gets his Manchester United testimonial.