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  1. Watching that game made me miss Old Trafford so much, or at least be walking along the Quays during the build up before the game. City were toothless. I LOVE that we shithoused the goal to equalise and I almost lost it when Rashford scored. Ole helped me enjoy watching this team but Erik Ten Hag already has something much more cohesive. We will dip at some point this season and that'll probably depend on injuries and some luck. Martial wasn't great but we missed his ability up front to allow us to try and have the ball stick slightly further up the pitch, even though that's never b
  2. This would be my guess too. I've got a ticket to the game, can't wait to see how Old Trafford copes.
  3. Telles got coronavirus? No Lindelof either? Maybe see Tuanzebe with Maguire? Fuck knows what's going on.
  4. I have always been impressed by his talent but we are awful with injury prone players. I would avoid as I really don't believe we would suit him and we would probably just be frustrated when he's sidelined 3/4s of the season. I wonder if this is doing the rounds to help close the Sancho deal?
  5. Greenwood is so composed it's stupid. Another fantastic performance from him.
  6. Yeah, it's like he's reverted back to his previous level in terms of decision making. Like watching this player you know can do so much technically but footballing IQ has gone out the window. He was a lot more decisive just before his injury which was too expected. If he was a bit sharper he might have had two goals against Sheffield United. I think he might struggle against a slightly stronger, more defensive side like Brighton. I also think sometimes he comes to feet a little too often for my liking but just my view.
  7. Not a fan at all. He offers us very little defensively and going forward. He just doesn't always seem switched on either. I think he can still be useful as one of the back three with Williams as wing back and pressing the winger but Shaw seems to really struggle to get up and down the pitch. Even when he gets forward I have zero confidence in him choosing the right pass or even executing the pass he chooses particularly well. Him and Rashford didn't seem to have very good chemistry down that left hand side.
  8. Honestly, he's been exactly what we've needed this season as a stop-gap. Accepted his role and chips in whenever he starts. How the fuck Klose was so naive to get rolled by him for that red card, I'll never know. I know some fans have slagged him off when we singed him on loan and then again, when we extended the loan during the pandemic but I don't think we could have asked much more from him. Much better than some of the other signings that seemed more exciting at the time.
  9. Fuck, birth year 1999? That's depressing. I like the lad, I think some were quite harsh on him considering how many senior games he's played and his age.
  10. Over a quarter of the goals for the season in the league have been scored under Ole. That's pretty amazing and bad at the same time. I know the quality of opposition hasn't been all that great but our approach and mindset is quite clearly different. I wouldn't say people are going too overboard in Ole, as fans we are just excited for a change.
  11. Yeah, I think it's a smart move to make sure any attacker doesn't have to live up to Ronaldo the season after he leaves. As we know they would inevitably fall short. Maybe safer waiting until summer next year without the World Cup and going big on Mbappe or Neymar etc.
  12. Modric to Inter would be a crazy signing. Zidane, Ronaldo, Modric all gone. I can't see Vidal also going to Inter if they get Modric. This seems like some FM shit. Transitional season? Bale and lots of the youth will get their chance. They weren't good in the league last year and Bale isn't reliable over the course of the season. A fit Bale is in the top 5, maybe 3 players in the world when firing on all cylinders though. He does incredibly well as the main man of Wales and previously with Spurs. They should let him have a free role. Someone else can probably fill me in that watche
  13. In a way I almost want it to happen out of spite. I love Klopp but you would have thought he had already won the title when he arrived. That being said, there's always going to be fans that go over the top especially if you support Liverpool.
  14. Makes it even more funny since Rodgers said LVG would struggle with the league and to adapt. Since he's become boss he's won each game against Brendan. I'm sure the bin dippers are livid. I know I would be if the fixtures were reversed. Rodgers always feels the need to change formation for no reason.
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