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  1. sam10ness

    Diogo Dalot 2019/2020

    Fuck, birth year 1999? That's depressing. I like the lad, I think some were quite harsh on him considering how many senior games he's played and his age.
  2. sam10ness

    New away kit 2019/20

    I only recently moved to Media City. I enjoy the Northern Quarter but some parts can be a little pretentious. Still a cool place though. I was just more confused because I thought saying it was inspired by Northern Quarter was trying to save face cause it looks awful haha.
  3. sam10ness

    New away kit 2019/20

    The Northern Quarter? Hmmmmm...
  4. sam10ness

    Paul Pogba

    Haha, let him rot in the reserves. Considering the prices of some other players this summer and an International tournament coming up. Would love to see it. Unless someone pays £150+ It's not news but getting his agent to say this means he's now forcing his way out. We knew he didn't want to stay at United but now he's actively trying to make a move happen. I don't know if it's tactics to try to bring his price down by Madrid or, if I'm just being cynical.
  5. sam10ness

    Westworld (*SPOILERS*)

    Everyone hates season 2. I enjoyed it but I really don't take it too seriously and never expected season 2 to match season 1. Season 2 has definitely gone a little wayward and the quality of the show has decreased. I still enjoy watching it though. There as few amazing episodes I thought. Episode 4 with James Delos was unbelievably good I thought. Few too many twists though.
  6. sam10ness

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Lot of noise about Ben Yedder. Would be an interesting Lukaku replacement
  7. Just got a Switch or my birthday last month. Breath of the Wild is unbelievable. I also have Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odeysee and Super Smash Bros. For me, the Switch was just purely for the exclusive titles. Fun stuff I can play whilst mates are over for beers. Game selection is a little underwhelming but since I have a PS4 the Switch has been amazing for me.
  8. sam10ness

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I would actually be a little more optimistic about next season if we keep Pogba and go in with the signings of Fernandez, AWB and James. We still are in desperate need of another CB more than anything. If De Gea won’t sign flog him off to PSG. Add to the list a CB and RW. We’ll be solid on the counter especially if we have a CM that can take the attention off of Pogba. Then we’ll struggle more once teams camp in against us.
  9. sam10ness

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Sky Sports saying that the club have ruled out a move for De Ligt.
  10. sam10ness

    Daniel James

    Meh, not sure if this is true these days. Sky Sports used to be pretty reputable not long ago. I would say the noughties but these days they get involved in quite a lot of speculation and stuff that doesn’t materialize. They have their own betting company too so it may be to their benefit if they report a thing or two and people get betting. Sky used to be a lot more of a sure thing for me when we got most of our football reports came from newspapers and tv. Since everyone has smart phones and journalists or people who claim to be ITK can tweet the scene has changed.
  11. sam10ness

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Rumours about us offering crazy money to De Ligt and he’s seriously considering it? Nothing definite but apparently the proposal is very good. I’m wondering if this is Raiola’s way of squeezing more money out of the deal from Barca? Theres no doubt that we can offer stupid money. He’s an unbelievable player and only and massive. In a vital position we need to strengthen. Im doubtful the deal goes through for us and cynical that he’ll somehow flop with us. We are just so bad at developing talent haha. Liverpool went to another level with Van Dijk. Our defence is something else though.... If we could get him and AWB then I would be a lot more excited to see what the season has in store for us. Pipe dream.
  12. sam10ness

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Get Mitrovic if we sell Lukaku. Battering ram up top and someone that can actually bully people, work hard and get on the end of crosses. He has proven he can score goals with not that much service. I’m 50% joking. Who would we like to bring in up front if Lukaku leaves? Rashford not up to leading the line yet.
  13. sam10ness

    What Movies Are You Watching Right Now?

    Watched Blue Velvet for the first time. Always loved David Lynch films. This one was solid but a lot more linear and straight forward in the story telling than some of his movies. He always some how manages to make me feel creeped the fuck out. 7/10
  14. sam10ness

    Game Of Thrones

    The show must have some kind of pressure for the prequel being made, surely? How can it be two years but everything is this rushed? The Brianne and Jamie part was the worst. Their dynamic was perfect. Then hang on, lets have some drunk pity sex because you're a virgin. WHAT THE FUCK? A scene later, alright, I'm going back to my sister. Hope you don't mind the pump and dump.
  15. sam10ness

    Champions League 18/19

    How did I forget how much I hated Klopp winning. Work is going to be insufferable tomorrow.