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  1. sam10ness

    FA Premier League Thread 2019/20

    Kovacic is everything we wanted Fred to be.
  2. sam10ness

    Rick & Morty

    Meh. Not even the best Rick and Morty episode.
  3. Best I've ever seen Andreas play. Performance was a lot more promising. We already knew that we are better when we can counter teams and sit in a little.
  4. sam10ness

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 7 - Man Utd vs Arsenal

    Mctominay the only one showing the kind of drive I would expect.
  5. Was hoping Fred would start ahead of Matic at least. Weak bench.
  6. We've done nothing. Pressed well at times but created absolutely nothing. Happy with the three points and clean sheet considering. Leicester didn't create much but their chances were better and they should have equalised at some point.
  7. Will Rashford take it?
  8. Lindelof really seems to struggle with people that engage him in physical battles.
  9. Prediction, I can't see us playing any youth. We will claim to dominate the game because we have possession but Leicester will completely undo us in a 5 minute spell here and there. I don't want to be so negative but I can't see it any other way.
  10. I mean, we've got rid of some of the deadwood. We couldn't get rid of all of the deadwood in one summer. We just haven't strengthened well enough or have any idea how we'll break down a low-block.
  11. sam10ness

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 1 - Man Utd vs Chelsea

    Loving AWB. Shaw has been very poor for me. Let’s hope we can keep a clean sheet and break with James.
  12. sam10ness

    PES 2020

    Well, last year I really enjoyed master league but the transfers left something to be desired. Apparently they’ve completely revamped the transfer algorithm. New manager models allowing you to play as legends like Cruyff could be fun. I think there’s meant to be more in the way of a story mode for master league this year too. I haven’t seen how most of this plays so that’s why I only said it sounds good. Hopefully it takes a step forward. As long as the transfers are more realistic I’ll be happy.
  13. sam10ness

    PES 2020

    I had 19 and I enjoyed it a lot more than FIFA. Still had some things that could be improved but the MasterLeague in 2020 sounds much much better and that was the mode I played the most anyway.
  14. sam10ness

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Imagine if we signed Fernades, AWB, James, Maguire and Dybala. I only see us bringing in Maguire before deadline day, I hope to be wrong. I think Dybala seems like a good player but I'm not sure how he fits in Ole's pressing system and I'm also unsure why we want a proven star who doesn't want to be here? We are awful when signing established stars post Fergie era.