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  1. Didn't we pay 15m? If there's a buy back for 20m I'd say yes. Can't believe we'd offload him ahead of the sterling shit we have behind him.
  2. U4L

    Ed Woodward

    It comes to a stage where we need to cut our losses in a lot of the cases. I would say that is continuing for example paying ridiculous wages to Henderson who could be a flop within a year, or still a back up. Romero needs to be moved on now. Grant needs letting go.
  3. U4L

    Ed Woodward

    Why have we not offloaded any deadwood yet? It's a disgrace.
  4. Sancho coming now would help take away the flak he is getting. He needs to be reminded of Morrison everydat until he is retiring.
  5. I thought season 2 was less cheesy perspectives eh?. Love the rivalry/respect between larusso and Johnny.
  6. 80s nostalgia in Cobra Kai
  7. Champions? City Top 4? City pool United chelsea Surprise team of the season? Leeds Flop of the season? (new signing) haverts Best buy of the season? Feran torres 1st manager sacked? Hodgson Which 3 teams will be relegated? (still waiting on Brentford/Fulham) palace, Fulham and west brom Golden Boot winner? Martial Most assists? Fernandes Golden Glove winner? Alisson Most improved player? Martial
  8. I am pretty chuffed with VDB. I thought he was an essential signing really and shouldn't be passing up that opportunity. You know when we let Sneijder go to Real and then Inter all those years ago as we then looked close to signing him past his peak, with this deal we have got the player going into his peak!
  9. Would be bizarre to see him arrive now.
  10. Appreciate the thought but getting relegated and new owners means jack shit, could be disastrous by that point and beyond repair for decades even. See Leeds, Portsmouth etc It's typical United at this stage unfortunately, gone are the days of effective recruitment. Probably the last ones to be quick were Shaw and Herrera.
  11. Attempt to freshen it up? Why oh why are they keeping Merson
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