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  1. U4L

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    They have had chances and they have shown nothing. Now I haven't given up on them it's been tough to come into the side when they have but you can't say they haven't had chances.
  2. Shit ain't it, ridiculous. I'd agree with O line up from what's been said of the team sheet but it's amazing that James is still getting in the team I know we aren't littered with options but unless he does well today that's a run of games with no chances created no decent closing down no goals and no assists. He is rapid and gets let down by refs but he hasn't produced enough consistenly, his closing down is what kills me the most he's absolutely useless at it.
  3. U4L

    Sign Three Players

    Grealish is looking good for Villa, he's looking so good it's easy to see he will adjust to the step up, some players you question it where as I think he will slot right in to any team he joins. Sancho on the right and Rashford on the left would be sweet, Sancho has delivered he's young he's English it's a no brainer really. There is a dearth of centre forwards but we should be looking at signing someone I'm not sure who none of the names I recall are realistic or likely to be a success. I would like us to sign a younger player or two similar to James, in terms of young, having potential to develop into quality players. I have in mind Robertson and Maguire signing for Hull way back.
  4. U4L

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    SSN have an interview with him to, interesting that he is interviewed twice in a day straight after the comments he made, why is he choosing to be in the spotlight enough was done with the comments alone. I would say Pogba is going in the summer for sure but it's on our terms and not his, he will have forced our hand indeed but we will have the final say. I would still have him in the team for the remainder of the season and to be honest I would sit down with him now and say if you want to go that's fine we will let you go to end this farce distracting players and the club from their ultimate goals. In terms of Raiola going forward I've looked at his clients there is nobody we would likely want to sign under current club culture so I would let it be known we won't be dealing with him again. Thoughts on Raiola comments coming just before the game and JLingard not being on the bench? Possible we are punishing Jesse for choosing to being represented by him? I know he's not been any good but interesting how far from Grace he has fallen.
  5. U4L

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Very well maybe but sometimes it's not about application of the player. 150m is quoted everywhere so it's a figure that holds some weight and I think we will drive hard for that kind of fee all things considered whatever he is worth it's about time we started to get value on selling players.
  6. U4L

    Ole Sack Watch

    Ole might not be manager next season however one thing is certain, he hasn't been selfish and made decisions for his own career, he has been totally committed to making decisions that will benefit the team and club in the long run, even if this meant taking a loss to gain a win. Lukaku and Sanchez weren't working, he wanted to make Pogba work for us but he has shown there is potential without him to. He has made Rashford a player and while the 3 signings have not been 10 out of 10 none of them are bad signings. Fernandes and Igahlo the jury still out.
  7. U4L

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    Hazard went for over 100m with one year left. I think 150m for Pogba is possible and likely we will play the hard bargain for this rather than let go cheaply.
  8. U4L

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Did he predict he would get off his red card malarkey. Funny boy.
  9. This guy is classy love the outside of the boot technique. On another night he could have had a goal and 2 assists from set pieces.
  10. U4L

    Luke Shaw 2019/20

    LCB could work like Walker did at World Cup but should we really be playing with 3 Centre backs?
  11. U4L

    Eric Bailly 2019/20

    Could be a better partner to Maguire. The trouble is Axel is probably less of a liability if he could stay if long term.
  12. Genuinely surprised at how sympathetic the British press have been. Sunday supplement and in general everytime I hear it discussed there is no criticism, no remarks about it being cheating or fraud just discussing the punishment and how city players will react if it remains the same punishment. That concerns me, the press should be all over it and should be applying pressure on PL to come to same verdict but it's almost as if thats not what is wanted... Gerrard who could have opened with criticism is restraint with "interesting". Nobody who would criticise is being invited to. Smells like it will get brushed under the carpet. None of the players will be allowed to leave to PL clubs so it doesn't matter where they end up if they do leave.
  13. U4L

    Odion Ighalo 2020/2020

    Not achieved that yet
  14. U4L

    2020 Transfer Targets

    To be fair you wouldn't keep 500k wages for cup games mate.
  15. U4L

    2020 Transfer Targets

    Quite a few clubs attempted to get Igahlo, not the ideal player at all but if he can score 5 by end of season I would call that a gamble paid off.