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  1. Will he even get game time though?
  2. Lots of questions will be asked of Ole. I think I understand his cautious approach though at this stage but we do need to go toe to toe with these teams as we progress.
  3. Meh we were swamped and already 2-1 down granted it may have been different had he not been sent off but ultimately he was and spurs did punish us.
  4. Ralph Hassenhuttl is a much better shout. He's took an extremely poor Southampton side to the top of the table recently. He suffered a 9 nil home loss don't forget. The man has the same tenacity as Klopp and we could do far worse.
  5. You forgotten theres a pandemic? Want them to exchange saliva too?
  6. Didn't we pay 15m? If there's a buy back for 20m I'd say yes. Can't believe we'd offload him ahead of the sterling shit we have behind him.
  7. U4L

    Ed Woodward

    It comes to a stage where we need to cut our losses in a lot of the cases. I would say that is continuing for example paying ridiculous wages to Henderson who could be a flop within a year, or still a back up. Romero needs to be moved on now. Grant needs letting go.
  8. U4L

    Ed Woodward

    Why have we not offloaded any deadwood yet? It's a disgrace.
  9. Sancho coming now would help take away the flak he is getting. He needs to be reminded of Morrison everydat until he is retiring.
  10. I thought season 2 was less cheesy perspectives eh?. Love the rivalry/respect between larusso and Johnny.
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