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  1. Munroe

    Premier League Transfers 2018/19

    Apparently they've paid £25m which is quite a lot for a youngster from the Championship, but he had a great season with Norwich and is entertaining to watch, so I'm looking forward to seeing if he can do it in the top flight.
  2. Munroe


    Haven't watched Takeover or last night's Raw yet, but Money in the Bank was really good. Styles and Nakamura had their best WWE match so far, Elias v Rollins was great, Ronda v Nia was even better; and I enjoyed both of the ladder matches. I think Carmella retaining is the right call, I just would've preferred to see her win with that roll-up when Asuka was distracted rather than drag it out. Also, while Braun's performance was awesome, I don't think he necessarily needed to win the briefcase...I would've preferred to see Miz, Owens or Kofi win.
  3. Good win, completely deserved. Kane was awful at the Euros so I'm delighted that he's had such a good start to this tournament, Trippier and Maguire (in the second half) were really good too. I'd like to see Ruben and Rashford start against Panama, and hopefully Lingard will make up for his missed opportunities tonight by scoring a couple. The referee's performance was the worst at the World Cup so far, absolute pile of shite. I didn't think the Walker foul was soft, I thought it was stupid and reckless on Kyle's part and Tunisia were rightfully awarded the penalty...but the two fouls on Kane were much worse. He was literally wrestled to the ground on both occasions, the ref and the linesmen must have seen it, yet between them & the VAR somehow not one of them has called for a blatant, stonewall penalty. Fucking ridiculous.
  4. Pathetic defending from Miranda.
  5. Knew he'd score as soon as the ball fell to him.
  6. Munroe

    E3 2018 Thread (discussion and predictions)

    I'll have to get a PS4 at some point, Ghosts of Tsushima and Spiderman look amazing.
  7. Who will be the two finalists? Brazil v Germany Which nation will win The World Cup? Brazil Which nation will surprise everyone? Argentina, they're going out in the group stage. Name 2 young players (18-23) who will impress at the tournament? Kylian Mbappe and Gabriel Jesus. Who will win the Golden Ball? Neymar Who will win the Golden Boot? Antoine Griezmann Who will the Golden Glove? Alisson
  8. Munroe

    The England Thread

    Marcus is having fun out there, would be nice if he plays like this during the tournament.
  9. Munroe

    Hip-Hop and R&B

    Really not feeling Ye tbh, hopefully the album with Cudi will make up for it. Daytona on the other hand is great.
  10. Munroe

    Diogo Dalot

    He's been here five minutes and he already speaks better English than Antonio.
  11. Munroe

    Zinedine Zidane

    So glad he resigned. I'd like to see him return to Juventus one day and win the Champions League with them, but I'd also like Zizou to replace Jose. I'm hoping his replacement is Sarri or Klopp, to either piss off the Chelsea fans or make the Scousers cry.
  12. Munroe

    Lampard - The Manager

    I always thought he'd make a decent manager and he's a likeable bloke, so good luck to him. Hopefully Derby will finally make their return to the top flight under his management.
  13. Munroe

    E3 2018 Thread (discussion and predictions)

    Don't really give a shit about console exclusives, but I hope Microsoft have at least a couple of exciting new IPs to show off, just to shut up the Sony fanboys for awhile. This multiplayer Fallout game is probably going to be shit, so I hope Bethesda redeem themselves with an announcement of the next TES game. I'd like to think 2k would reveal some info on WWE 2k19, but their marketing usually starts after E3 and they love to drag it out into the Autumn. Hoping for some gameplay of Beyond Good and Evil 2, the next Tomb Raider game, Overkill's The Walking Dead and of course, Red Dead Redemption 2. The thing I'm looking forward to the most though – and something I'm surprised no one else has mentioned – is Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red. It's been 5 years since the teaser trailer, so hopefully they'll have a release date and some gameplay to show off.
  14. Not a fan of Raheem, but the controversy over this tattoo is ridiculous. I hope so.
  15. Just went on YouTube and this classic was sitting in the Recommended section... Back when Stewart Downing had talent, Stephen Ireland had hair and City were a joke. Good times.