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  1. Definitely getting a Series X at some point, but I also want to upgrade to a 4K TV beforehand.
  2. Given how poor Ighalo has been post-lockdown, I don’t think it’s the worst idea to bring in Cavani. The agent’s fee and Cavani’s wages will need to be lowered significantly though.
  3. I want to see Subs: Romero, Bailly, Shaw, Galbraith, Pogba, Mata, Martial.
  4. Fonseca confirmed they’re still trying to sign Chris. I doubt he’d speak publicly about it if the transfer wasn’t close to completion. Hopefully we get at least £15m.
  5. Pretty sure his contract expires at the end of the season, so Bournemouth aren’t in a position to be making ridiculous demands like that.
  6. He hasn't reached his level from the first half of the season, but to say he's been awful is harsh. He was robbed of MOTM against Palace just a couple of days ago. Aside from the Spurs match and today's nonsense, he's been in decent form.
  7. Awful game. Chelsea were average and dirty, Mike Dean was biased & cunty; and we were tired, nervy & atrocious. Starting with a back three was a mistake, we showed them far too much respect trying to counter from the off. Bruno was okay, pissed off that he played the whole match though. Everyone else was terrible, especially De Gea. Hopefully Arsenal destroy those twats in the final.
  8. Ole has had Lampard on strings, but Frank loves this competition so with a place in the final at stake I'd make Chelsea very slight favourites for this one. However, it's important not to gift them a victory by starting both Lingard & Pereira together and playing fucking Dalot against Pulisic. I'd go 4-3-3 with James in for Greenwood, Fred in for Bruno and Romero starting of course. Chelsea's last two fixtures are tough as it is, but if they head into them on the back of another loss to United they will fall apart, too many of their players are mentally weak, especially at the back.
  9. I thought he played well in the second half, but he doesn't offer anything in attack so I hope Ole plans on using him as a backup CB or holding midfielder rather than fullback.
  10. We'll win, assuming Tierney isn't officiating or on VAR. Leicester and Chelsea will drop points again too, so people need to chill out, we're going to make top 4.
  11. He contributed to both of our goals. Defensively he was awful, but overall he wasn't as bad as Bruno or anonymous like Greenwood.
  12. The contract extension would be the best bit of news in months.
  13. Could've had a couple assists if he'd got his head up and spotted Bruno. Very wasteful.
  14. He's definitely back in form. Just a shame we couldn't find him with one of our corners today.
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