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  1. Munroe


    Ortega is a tough bastard, how he didn't lose consciousness in the fourth round I don't know. Definitely fight of the year IMO. Hopefully we'll see Holloway v McGregor 2 next year. Really pleased to see Shevchenko beat Joanna too, that was another great fight.
  2. Munroe

    Victor Lindelöf 2018/19

    November's Player of the Month, completely deserved. Hopefully he won't be out too long.
  3. Munroe

    Anthony Martial 2018/19

    Really? He's obviously been our best forward recently and is probably going to be our Player of the Month, but it's not like he started the season in this form.
  4. To be fair Hart has been decent for them so far, and I don't think he was at fault for any of City's goals. The officiating was awful though, Kompany & Sane both should've received straight reds and that second goal was a fucking omnishambles. No freekick for Sane's blatant dive, no offside called for David Silva and to top it all off the ball clearly went out of play. It was disgraceful.
  5. Munroe


    Khabib should be stripped of the title, and that scumbag who hopped into the Octagon to sucker punch Conor needs to be arrested.
  6. Munroe

    PL Matchday 8: Man Utd vs Newcastle

    That's the first time in a while where I've actually felt like we would comeback. Now the players just need to play like that when the score is 0-0.
  7. Munroe

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    The video was taken during the game, Pogba and Pereira were laughing at Shaw.
  8. Munroe

    Mourinho vs Pogba - who will win?

    His comments after the Leicester game were unnecessary & annoying, the comments about being fined (whether they were directed at the club or the FA) were a little unprofessional. Other than those two examples, I haven't seen or read anything that suggests he wants to go and I certainly don't think he has disrespected the club or the fans. The media have fabricated stories (e.g. the training ground bust-up in August) and they've misquoted his comments about his future at the club, but for some reason a lot of "fans'' are lapping it up believing everything they print. The lad can't even tweet about enjoying the international break without some arseholes making out it's a dig at the club, it's pathetic. Even if Paul does want to leave, dropping him from the squad until the transfer window opens makes no sense at all. I know he was partially to blame for the equaliser at the weekend and he was awful against Brighton, but other than that he's been one of our best performers this season, only Shaw has been better IMO. Taking him out of the team would only make our performances worse.
  9. Munroe

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    I really wanted Jose to turn things around but these last two days have been the final straw. He needs to go.
  10. Munroe

    The remains of SAF era.

    Smalling has been one of our best players so far this season, get the guy a haircut & a new contract asap. Jones & Valencia need to go, Young can stay as backup.
  11. Munroe

    Mourinho vs Pogba - who will win?

    Stripping Pogba of the vice-captaincy is quashing the rumours? Paul was in a good mood, greeting the coaches & getting along with training; it's Jose who says something and starts all the drama. He knows the cameras are there too, so he clearly isn't trying to keep it behind closed doors.
  12. Munroe

    Serie A 2018/2019

    Dirty fucking bastard. Ban him for the rest of 2018.