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  1. Munroe

    Europa League: Matchday 2 - AZ Alkmaar vs Man Utd

    One of few players that put in a decent performance. I'd start him against Newcastle.
  2. Munroe

    Europa League: Matchday 2 - AZ Alkmaar vs Man Utd

    Would've liked Garner to make the bench at least, but other than that it's pretty much what I would've gone with.
  3. Munroe

    Europa League: Matchday 2 - AZ Alkmaar vs Man Utd

    Dalot and Gomes are in the squad. Doesn't look like Young has travelled, so hopefully Williams gets his first start.
  4. Romero Wan-Bissaka Tuanzebe Rojo Williams Garner Fred Greenwood Gomes Chong Rashford Subs: Grant, Young, Jones, Matic, Levitt, James, Ramazani. Save Scott for the weekend. Young will be up against Yarmolenko on Sunday so I'd rest him as well. Give Rashy the armband for this one.
  5. Munroe

    Daniel James 2019/20

    3 goals in 4 top flight games, not bad for a non-league standard winger with no end product.
  6. Shit performance topped off by a genuine contender for the worst officiating we've had. I fucking hate this game sometimes.
  7. Munroe

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Chris Hemsworth will be in the next Thor film. Also got more sequels for Dr Strange, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Guardians of the Galaxy on the way. Then there's the additions of Fantastic Four and Blade to the MCU, and the X-Men's inclusion is inevitable, although we'll probably be waiting until Phase 6 to see them. That's still plenty to look forward to.
  8. Munroe

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Maybe asking for 50-50 was a bit much, but seen as Disney are doing pretty much all the work here they should be getting much more than a measly 5%. Fuck Sony.
  9. They're going to get mollywhopped.
  10. Munroe

    Jesse Lingard 2019/20

    The whole squad has improved their work rate, even Martial is decent at pressing now, so Jesse really needs to start offering more than just that. He scored 13 goals in 2017/18, I don't understand how his end product has declined so much in under 2 years...he needs to sort it out ASAP.
  11. It hasn't been a flawless start to the season but we're definitely playing better than we were in Spring, and the fitness levels have clearly improved. Obviously the lack of options on the right flank & in central midfield is a concern, but there's nothing we can do about it until the next transfer window opens so there's no point in crying about it every week. We've had two tricky fixtures to start the season and have come away with 4 points and just the 1 goal conceded, which is an improvement on what we got in these matches last year. Not saying we should be popping champagne and doing cartwheels, but all this doom & gloom is completely unnecessary. They weren't willing to make him the most expensive defender ever like we were, but the bid they made for him would've been a club record for City...why would they do that if he was going to be behind Stones in the pecking order? There have been times where John has lived up to the hype & looked world class, but he'll only show that form for a few months each season. I don't think Maguire is anywhere near as error prone as Stones, and he doesn't seem to get injured as often either...he'd walk into City's team.
  12. Munroe

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    It really isn't, Bastard. Jose's first year with us was the best we saw of Rojo, but the injury cut his season short and he hasn't been the same since. Smalling might be inconsistent & below par with the ball at his feet, but he's more likely to stay fit, he's a threat at set-pieces and he's capable of putting in great performances like PSG away for example. It's not about who has been here the longest, it's about who we can rely on to cover Lindelof & Maguire if they go down injured. I have confidence in Smalling & Tuanzebe, can't say the same for Rojo & Jones.
  13. Munroe

    Upcoming Games

    From what I've read it seems to mainly concern the audio, lighting etc. They have confirmed 20v20 and 32v32 modes meaning the maps should be larger at least, and they're currently testing 50v50 too so hopefully that goes well and makes it into the game.
  14. Munroe

    Harry Maguire 2019/20

    Rojo hasn't had a good competitive appearance for us since Jose's first season. He's the same age as Smalling, not as good as him & way more injury prone. Selling Chris before Rojo or Jones would be madness.
  15. Munroe

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Eriksen has played in midfield with Alli ffs, he'd be fine in the same team as Pogba. We won't get him though.