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  1. The Wind was blowing from all directions .... seriously this is excuse Klopp could come up for the draw... now I start to really question if they deserve to win it at all...
  2. Is this the season we all dread of? Someone please say NO.....
  3. Chelsea going in for Kepa and breaking the GK transfer record set by Liverpool for Alisson.... crazy stuff. And here we are seeing Woodward grappling to get our targets..
  4. so much b***s**t..... trying to defend the spending and also Karius... simple laughable.
  5. Green was released by Huddersfield at the end of last season and has signed a short-term contract at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea bid to boost their homegrown quota.
  6. Poor guy... cannot wait for Alisson to join and take over.
  7. This is undecided... lets see this season how it goes... Last season it was Matic vs Bakayako Lukaku vs Morata and we know how those ended.
  8. as Giggs said he is on a mission to get a couple over Messi. Three different league medals and maybe CL with three different teams will put him above all...
  9. Also in addition he too will have a new No2 in the coaching staff. It will be interesting to see if that effects his tactical nous.
  10. Yes, just saw that. As a player it is really sad. Guess Shaqri was the cover signing
  11. He's in his final year of contract. Still 35m sounds so cheap. Look at Spurs demand for Toby.
  12. Replacing Can and Coutinho with Keita and Fabinho sounds ok. Lets see how they fare. A lot has been said and made of Keita signing. Looking forward to see how he does... Kante or Xhaka
  13. 35m sounds so cheap in current market.... and that too for a WC golden glove winner. Doesn't sound right. P.S. - Have a suggestion to make to the forum technical team on one feature to be added. To be able to filter out posts .....
  14. Last season it was whether Matic or Bakayoko ...who got a better deal this season Fred or Jorginho
  15. Hearing Shaqri to Liverpool is done for 13.5m.... thats less than what UTD are asking for Blind.
  16. I saw Foden play on the RW and tear apart the opposition in U17 world cup (India :)) But now they are kind of stocked up in the RW with Mahrez and Bernardo.
  17. Maybe Buffon will want to come out of retirement for one last shot at CL if they sign Ronaldo
  18. Kluivert signs for Roma... sensible move I would say... could avoid a Depay kind of situation.
  19. Sokratis going to Arsenal...
  21. have to admit, that with the signing of VvD they had made a statement and now if Alisson comes through with a record signing... surely Klopp and Liverpool mean business.
  22. The thread title needs editing to reflect their CL loss
  23. And even read Klop saying RM were lucky.... come on ....
  24. It will be interesting week for them .... if Chelsea and Spurs win their game in hand next Sunday will be interesting to watch. Did not think it will come to this though.
  25. Salah was just irresistible... he surely should be winning the Ballon d'Or