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  1. Sounds FANTASY-TIC...... Realistically don't see any rumors for similar players. With Matic fading away surely there in lack of proper midfield options. Unless Ole is seeing Periera as the replacement. There are talks going round of Bruno and Eriksen but both are more attacking options. Lets see who we end up with. However this summer we lost two players who deserve that MANUTD jersey the most and best fit for the armband - Valencia and Herrera. Not tying Herrera down to the club for long term is surely a blunder IMO.
  2. We have not replaced Herrera yet... 3 days to go.
  3. I thought Sarri was running through all transfers, formations and player roles by Ronnie even before finalizing.... Lukaku transfer is with Ronnie's blessings
  4. Who ever leaves is fine.. but Herrera should not have left
  5. Medical in progress apparently.... so our first signing of the summer is a him... don't know what to make out of it..
  6. SAF surely will be laughing looking at this thread. Another testimony to his judgement.
  7. Still unable to comprehend and understand how we can let Herrera leave... he should have been the one player (among all likely to leave.. Mata, Pogba, Lukaku, Sanchez) we would have done all to keep .... and give him the captaincy too. P.S. - Going by the downturn of results for Ole, it isn't just coincidence that the results took the downturn since Herrera has been out of the starting 11.
  8. Going by the latest sound bytes... hearing that there will be two roles. Phelan is being considered for the in-house tasks of looking at academy to first team belt. And another one to be the one looking at external signings to bring in. (Rio is the latest name).
  9. This is precisely the problem with have a non footballing CEO who just looked at the commercial side and backing the manager's demands. He just got the manager's the players they want.... for LVG the likes of Di Maria, Falcao.... and for Pogba the likes of Sanchez and Fred. And when he failed to get the demands of the Manager's he was deemed a failure like in case of not getting the CB in last summer which JM wanted. Clearly the problem was about not having a DOP.... and that could be attributed to bringing in Managers who were expected to have a better experience to do it all by themselves like SAF did all those years. But the game has moved on, transfer market has changed drastically and post SAF there is hardly any blueprint for the future. Even though a little late, atleast now we are hearing some traction to appoint a DOP which is still late in the game. Hopefully the restructuring of the club backroom staff will yield the necessary results. And this should be the final chance for Ed to get it right. If it fails now, he should be gone.
  10. Exactly.... we have seen all those fail. An outsider approach to come with a different perspective. I kind of like Rio for the role. As a pundit, found him to be more balanced in his comments and criticism. Surely has the stature to command respect across. On other hand in a way smitten by what Ajax have done to restore back their club by using their former players for the key positions.
  11. mathematically too its not possible this season.
  12. Mighty happy for him... irrespective of the results he has been making all the right noises.
  13. Whole of Manchester is waiting for that to happen... both the red and blue
  14. I surely do not see him leaving this summer. It would depend on how we do next season and give him enough confidence that he can add some medals staying at UTD.
  15. Yesterday it was PSG... today Arsenal.... He ain't going anywhere.... Ole will ensure that.