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  1. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Cannot deny that. Our defense and midfield fail to cut that out. However what cannot be denied is the defensive tactical approach to the game by playing with no proper striker at home is something which would have been highlighted in bold.
  2. Is Mourinho doing enough?

    Whatever happened to Herrera and his fallout with Jose is the reason we have lacked that depth in the midfield. Add to that the absence of Carrick... thats two experienced key midfielders out of your first team squad. It took a while for Jose to rely on McTominay for that role.
  3. Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    I see some already going gaga over Chelsea's performance. Again the yardstick is different. If the same tactics was adopted by Jose, he would have been crucified to play like that at home. Of course Willian was the shining star by being so brilliant in each of their counter attacks but for most of the game all they did was defend deep and gave Barca no space to play their free flowing football. In fact the first 30 mins was so boring I almost dozed off. Fair result in the end because I felt none deserved to win.
  4. Good to hear opposition talking of the threat Alexis can be for them... now the Jan transfer is sounding so good. Always been a fan of tactical approach that Jose takes in these European games with the sole aim of winning the tie. So looking forward to another one.
  5. I would take a win in any possible manner.... even via an OG
  6. Surprisingly he does not have a thread and already got to the bench of the first team... His selection by Jose confirms again that height does matter a lot for him... Thats the profile of him from the official website. Other than that found nothing much to add on.
  7. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    Started to get a bad feel about all this Pogba saga.... surely all is not well in that dressing room.
  8. Alexis Sanchez 2017/18

    Not if we get them every week every game for others around to latch on to..
  9. Eric Bailly 2017/18

    We need him fit and performing till end of season...
  10. Alexis Sanchez 2017/18

    That pass for the second goal is what we are paying him so much for....
  11. Phil Jones 2017/18

    I would not sell him ahead of Smalling.
  12. Anthony Martial 2017/18

    He has been good this season, guess a poor last season makes it look even better. But surely has a lots more to offer if he puts down his head and gives more. Given the age and inherent talent we should not drop him or let him go. He will become a world class with time for sure...
  13. VAR - yes or no?

    Hawk Eye provides the video technology for Cricket as well. And even after in use for more than a decade there are still questions on the accuracy of the video footage and technology provided. Based on my experience in Cricket, it will take a long long time for it to become completely acceptable. But surely will kill the emotions of the game... the celebrations after a goal will be for nothing as was in case of Mata's goal. This should not be taken away from football....
  14. City's true colours showing both in win (the milkgate at OT) and now this after a loss at Wigan.... And this is the team, manager and club the whole media is making look like the flag bearers and messiah of English football.... what nonsense... not one guy coming out and speaking of their behavior or Pep's reaction.... P.S. - its as if Jose saw this coming and hence proclaiming himself to be the best behaved manager ... wow what a timing :)
  15. Scott McTominay Thread 2017/18 great endorsement ...a little dig at Pogba too I guess😉