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  1. In fact we signed Jones after failing to get Varane in that summer Kante is the lucky mascot ...winning trophies where ever he sets foot. Admire him a lot...plays with sincerity and stays humble. Gem of a footballer. Made Pogba look better if it’s not an overstatement...
  2. Right time to cash in. I can see his attitude getting even worse with this WC glory getting into his head and believing that the whole world is wrong ...he’s the right one
  3. Luckiest is Giroud...a striker with no goals and not a single shot on target wins the WC
  4. venusplanet

    The England Thread Lingard and you complain no goals enough from Sterling and Dele
  5. venusplanet

    Summer - 2018 Transfer Targets

    Effectively Fred is the only real signing done as yet. Not sure what to look forward to with just about 3 weeks time left
  6. venusplanet

    Non United Transfers 2018

    Last season it was whether Matic or Bakayoko ...who got a better deal this season Fred or Jorginho
  7. venusplanet

    Daley Blind 2017/18

    Resulted in a goal though
  8. venusplanet

    Transfer Window for PL - when does it close

    Unable to buy from other leagues is a big handicap
  9. I remember posting in some thread even before the WC began that the midfield is the weak spot and how England could do with Carrick of couple of seasons younger. But the question remains ... who are the prospects to take those places in the squad.
  10. venusplanet

    2018 World Cup: Predictions Thread

    LoL .... no one could have predicted Croatia would be in finals but interesting that no one gave France any chance either. And we failed to look beyond the usual suspects - Spain Brazil and Germany... what a pity... that's football for you. Absolutely the best reality show (in true sense of reality) on offer anytime.
  11. There is a change in the transfer window policy for PL this season right. And it closes on 9th August. While the rest of the leagues continue to pursue more signings, PL teams cannot? Or is it that only the transfers between PL teams is closed while the players can be signed and sold to other leagues till the usual end of transfer window which is 30 Aug. After all the whole issue was about PL teams signing within the league causing for a player to be officially playing for two teams in the same season.
  12. venusplanet

    Let's all laugh at Chelsea- Rejected By Everyone

    Conte is gone finally and gets 9m ... How much would have the club spent on these severance packages in the last one decade...
  13. venusplanet

    Luka Modrić He has the media attention too...
  14. There you go... he has the media attention now...
  15. venusplanet

    Gareth Bale (yes really)

    Unthinkable that RM will let go off Ronaldo and Bale in the same window.... not unless they are getting Hazard and Mbappe/Neymar.