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  1. venusplanet

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    He too is out of Belgium squad with foot injury
  2. venusplanet

    Manchester United Financial Thread

    And we get all the media hypocrisy ... however fact is that over the last few seasons we have not spent the money judiciously
  3. venusplanet

    Eric Bailly 2018/19

    After the first season high, he really regressed. Not sure its to do with the injuries or more of mental weakness.
  4. venusplanet

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    He's just 21... gentle reminder
  5. venusplanet


    Next season we should be playing Pogba ----------------------- Fred ----- Herrera/Mactominay -----
  6. venusplanet

    Nemanja Matic 2018/19

    Matic is no way fit for a two man midfield and gets exposed even more without Herrera. Glad some here feel McTominay is a better option right now.
  7. venusplanet

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    Apparently injured and unavailable probably for the FA cup game.
  8. venusplanet

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Not everything though... some make sense. I would not mind signing Alderweireld for 26M instead of spending 70-80M on someone who is hot trending CB out there.
  9. venusplanet

    Virgil Van Dijk.

    LVG should have signed him.... He's proving to be the difference between the Liverpool of past few years and this season.
  10. venusplanet

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Recent news i read is ... Ole has put CB signing in the back burner and want to prioritize a winger signing. Coutinho ruled out but Sancho is on. Bale - Sanchez swap is sounded out but we will be lucky if we can ship Sanchez out on loan if at all possible. Linked to Ben Yedder... 28 year old forward from Sevilla. And finally Alderweireld links come back ... he's available for just 26M this summer.
  11. venusplanet

    Champions League 18/19

    I fear we will draw City in the QFs.
  12. venusplanet

    PL Matchday 30: Arsenal vs Man Utd

    True ...Arsenal deserved to win ... I cannot believe I am saying that. They showed more urge and desire. Their GK had a dream day with the woodwork also coming to his rescue. Their midfield outplayed ours. Even though they were not as dangerous as they can be in the final third, yet our sloppiness in the other end of the field meant they could steal a win. Ole said it right.... somedays we won the games which we did not deserve to win and this was one which we lost even though we did not deserve to ...
  13. venusplanet

    Andreas Pereira - 2018/19

    Not really, given some consistent run I feel Andreas has that in him too.
  14. venusplanet

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    He's just 21....
  15. venusplanet

    Andreas Pereira - 2018/19

    Right from the day he stepped into the first team fold, I have been saying he is perfect replacement for Mata. He better fits for AM than CM. Lets see how things shape up this summer and next season.