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  1. Summer clearance

    He did not even make it to the bench.... And our Mike got away with a hand ball inside the box.... he is so clumsy and irritating in his ways of defending.... it is pleasing to see Bailley back.... hopefully Bailey and Rojo will partner for rest of the season....
  2. PL Matchday 27: Newcastle United vs Man Utd

    I knew it.... hate this guy ... always does better against us...
  3. FAC - 5th Round - Huddersfield vs Man Utd

    --------------------------------- Romero --------------------------------- Valencia ----------- Lindelof ------- Rojo --------------- Shaw --------------------- McTominay -------------- Carrick ----------------- ---- Mata --------------------- Sanchez -------------------- Martial------ -------------------------------- Lukaku --------------------------------------------------
  4. The Jose Mourinho Thread

    We would have done far better to start with the midfield which we ended with ... Carrick and McTominay would have provided more stability...
  5. Alexis Sanchez 2017/18

    Spot on... that one moment of hesitation closed that opening.... never expected a player of his caliber will miss it...
  6. Anthony Martial 2017/18

    Our strikers and forwards are the ones who would be missing the most in one on one situations.... something top club strikers score with eyes closed.
  7. Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Surely we miss warriors like them in the squad... Can see why SAF rated the likes of Fletcher and Park alongside the talented Scholes Giggs and Carrick.
  8. Chris Smalling 2017/18

    I remember wanting him out of the club and never near the first team after that red card against City two seasons ago... but then after that he went on a spree of games where he and Blind formed a partnership to again come back to the reckoning.... but again the red card in the FA cup could have cost us if not for Lingard.... at this point I would not mind any Tom Dick Harry in his place but please not him.... no where near to the first team... should be relegated to the reserves till we can sell him... if not pay him off and cancel his contract.... disgrace to the club.... esp after playing top flight football at such a big club, training with all the coaches and players he has seen over the last 6-7 seasons.... any average footballer would have learned enough to be better than what he is... moreover never seen a footballer so scared of the ball at his feet.... not even the kids in the park .... cannot express enough of what I think of him...
  9. Chris Smalling 2017/18

    That will still be an understatement IMO.
  10. Summer clearance

    If Smalling does not leave, i will riot... if i cannot then I will take sabbatical from posting
  11. Do you trust Mourinho?

    After the Newcastle game I have begun to doubt my trust in him .... esp his trust in Smalling to begin with.
  12. PL Matchday 27: Newcastle United vs Man Utd

    DDG Valencia Smalling Jones Young Matic Pogba Martial Lingard Alexis Lukaku
  13. Juan Mata 2017/18

    Was more of a face saving signing by Moyes after the summer transfer debacle. Mata has been on and off but still acceptable for being that great human he is...
  14. Henrikh Mkhitaryan 2017/18

    Back to his own self...the flaws showing up against a tough opposition Also says he likes friendly Wenger as compared to hard Mourinho...surely he’s proven he’s a pussy like Wenger...
  15. PL Matchday 27: Newcastle United vs Man Utd

    Jose has not won, Sanchez has not scored its time to change that now