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  1. venusplanet

    Mourinho vs Pogba - who will win?

    If need be ... get both out... sell Pogba for a high price which can offset the pay off to Jose
  2. Is this the season we all dread of? Someone please say NO.....
  3. venusplanet

    Europa League 2018/2019

    Feels weird to see Arsenal there ....
  4. venusplanet

    UCL - Game 1 - Young Boys vs Man Utd

    I liked whatever little was on display from Dalot. Obviously we still have Valencia for the big games. This season will be bedding time for Dalot.
  5. venusplanet

    Chris Smalling 2018/19

    WTF did he do to his hair....
  6. venusplanet

    At what point is Mourinho at risk of being sacked?

    With the summer storm (transfer window debacle) settling down, I am kind of feeling better. The game quality has improved (maybe due to Carrick & McKenna) in the dug out. But surely Jose is not averse to changes, but guess he's not getting to do it his way is what could be frustrating him. Lets see how things shape up by Christmas. We are having a reverse of last season when we had a great start but all that resulted in nothing. This season we had a poor pre-season and summer transfer window and a sluggish start.
  7. venusplanet

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    His performance reminded me of a dominating performance by Ronaldo on a CL night. Though against the minnows of the group it still is a statement performance from Pogba.
  8. venusplanet

    At what point is Mourinho at risk of being sacked?

    Try David Moyes again... he's available anyways
  9. venusplanet

    Andreas Pereira - 2018/19

    Long time coming...have been waiting for this lad to make it here. I feel he is a natural successor to Mata, but looks like he’s being groomed for Carrick’s role. Anyways as long as he is playing complaints
  10. venusplanet

    Which is your 2nd team?

    Of course we are all here because the 1st team we support is MANUTD. So which is your 2nd team? In PL - Non PL - Mine are Tottenham Hotspur and Barca
  11. venusplanet

    No-one trusts Mourinho If that's got any truth to it, then the board and club should know Jose is not the man for it. And also to be able to have that kind of transfer strategy you need to be patient with the results. Maybe the board is fine with a CL spot without the PL. But Jose is not Wenger ... he is more ambitious and only trophies can satisfy him.
  12. venusplanet

    No-one trusts Mourinho

    that would 12m worth of balls then
  13. venusplanet

    Alexis Sanchez - 2018/2019

    Hoping he will be the Player of the Season for us this year.
  14. venusplanet

    PL Matchday 1: Man Utd vs Leicester City

    wow it's match day already... cannot wait. Even if it may turn out to be tough season nothing more pleases than watching a game of MANUTD....