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  1. OP has been updated with a view of how things would look like next season. Of course there'll be players come and go in the summer.
  2. That's way too harsh. Sean Goss has just started his pro career and Ben Pearson did better this season in the Champo than Drinkwater at the same age.
  3. What Henderson doesn't have over JCP is the "presence", which mostly due to the fact that JCP is taller and bigger. I hope he will bulk up a bit, many goalkeepers who looked very talented at youth level did not fullfill their potential due to the lack of height/physique (not saying Henderson is short though).
  4. Top prospect. Played like a veteran against Palace (though obviously out of position).
  5. I don't think we can afford having both CBJ and Mitchell in the first team and giving enough game times for both. My guess is CBJ going on loan again (need to be more aggressive on the pitch when he does) and Mitchell staying. Riley on loan, too. For my personal rating, Mitchell > Riley > CBJ.
  6. He's behind JCP (who is 1 year older) but ahead of O'Hara. Both JCP and Henderson are as good as you can get from a goalkeeper their age IMO (except for the freak that is Donnarumma). Won't be surprised if they end up playing for England and Portugal national teams. Henderson in particular is a huge character judging from his loan at Grimsby Town and also a massive United supporter. O'Hara is decent. Improved a lot in the last 2-3 years. Should have a similar career to Amos or slightly worse. All 3 might be rotating to be on loan next season similar to how we did with Johnstone and Pereira this season. Henderson should get a Championship or League One team. O'Hara League One/League Two. Pereira likely come back to Portuguese League.
  7. khoazany

    General Academy News/Discussion

    Left PSG last summer (to make it easier to sign for us). Has some similar qualities to Pogba. The U18s midfield next season will be very interesting to watch with him, Barlow, Levitt and Galbraith (plus Garner who's a semi CB-CM).
  8. He has been promoted to the first team since January but not got the chance to play until now.
  9. Good to see his debut yesterday, should have had a goal if not for Rooney blocking his shot.
  10. Andreas Pereira is one. And our world record signing is a former academy CM.
  11. khoazany

    Our Defence?

    We will play 3 at the back there me think. Blind, Bally and probably TFM.
  12. He doesn't look like he cares much about winning matches and improving himself these days.
  13. Another stunning performance from O'Connor today. Nailed on to be promoted to the U23s next season.
  14. Missed a penalty on the same game which proved to be crucial as Everton got an equalizer.