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  1. Welcome to United, Fernandes, I must warn you though, watch out for Phil Jones. Legend has it that he likes to put himself about, and at the same damn time, because he's so strangely talented, he pulls all kinds of faces. Make sure you do the business in midfield, and not be on the end of a Phil Jones moment, he'll be watching you.
  2. Welcome to United, Ighalo, I must warn you Rashford is injured, and legend has it that we sold Lukaku, and some other guy is on loan somewhere. We wish you to prove to us all you can bang in the goals in the 6 months of that loan you currently posses.
  3. Forgot he was still at the club, but hope he comes back, and does not get injured. Wishful thinking.
  4. Not sure how I feel about Pogba returning, if Poch was managing the team, maybe he might be more effective. With Ole you don't even know what to expect.
  5. Even their idiotic goalkeeper getting sent off didn't stop them from winning. FFS 11 points clear, this is a freebie title win for them, if only Brendan Rodgers' eicester could have a say, but I doubt it. Disgusts me how far clear they are too.
  6. I am sure he is working very hard to return, most likely working more on his new haircut.
  7. Wow really, Carragher would lose a in fist fight with him.
  8. I didn't know there was a Rugby game at Tottenham's new stadium last night.
  9. Ok fine, I won' be saying anything else about him, such as defending him.
  10. What's that suppose to mean? He was with us, and believe me I am glad he was at my local team's club. This guy did well at Fulham, then he joined us. You forget he can score goals, and he's not a terrible defender really. Everyone jumps at him, and I feel I'm the only guy defending him. I think him moving may be best, but I will not like seeing everyone doing cartwheels seeing him go. Sorry dude.
  11. We need to give him time, and we all knew this is going to be a tough Summer for us. Ole should know what we need, sure he want's some players to stay, and that's fine. Hopefully the squad is in good/decent shape when the window closes, because it has the opportunity to with new players, and some players leaving.
  12. Sacked if we lose to Cardiff, what a load of bullshit.
  13. He did, but that's who he has, that's the options. So you may not like his choices, but he's only going for who can do the job, and let's remember these players are from past teams, I wish they could all do the job, but some of them have to leave now because the squad is so unbalanced, it needs major clearing out.
  14. People want Ole sacked, really? Why, this isn't his fault. Some fans shouldn't jump the gun like that, he needs time to rebuild this team, and let's remember, this current tea is not his. There's only s much you can do with this one, quite clearly, it's not top 4 material now, or it was top 2 last season, but Jose screwed it up, and now we need to get rid of ALL the shite. I like a nice clean.
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