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  1. RedDevilDazzy

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I hope we sign Bale, he's clearly on his way out of Real, and Pogba heading there seems likely. Why not get a swap deal done? You can laugh at me for wanting Bale, yes two things, he's huge wages, and his injury problems. Quite frankly, I think he'll be a good fit for us, and why not anyway. He's someone we tried to sign in 2013 but yeah Moyes was manager, and THAT was never gonna happen at that stage. Now, you have to wonder if we can sign him, don't overlook it, think that it might be possible.
  2. RedDevilDazzy

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I feel we need this guy to lead us to glory Find Andersron, and we will be back in business. Sign Bebe too, we need all the help we can get.
  3. RedDevilDazzy

    The FA Cup thread

    That's something, but it's a very small piece of good news.
  4. RedDevilDazzy

    The FA Cup thread

    Wolves are in the Europa League, I see them getting further than us next season. We won't last in it, but they could.
  5. RedDevilDazzy

    The FA Cup thread

    They want 6, and may get 6. Told you, they want 6.
  6. RedDevilDazzy

    The FA Cup thread

    They are just showing off now. Honestly, we get it. How many do you want, 6?
  7. RedDevilDazzy

    The FA Cup thread

    May be a while until we win silverware again, well we may be close to some in the canteen or other places. We won't be near City for ages and ages. If you can't compete with them, then you are in trouble.
  8. RedDevilDazzy

    The FA Cup thread

    We all knew City were winning anyway, it's over.
  9. Bill is quite an interesting new member, is he better than MattH, you know that guy who was on the old forum. I want this guy to stay, we need more members like Bill.
  10. RedDevilDazzy


    I can't believe Ashley Massaro has passed away, R.I.P to her. She won the Diva's Search in 2005, teamed up with Trish, feuded with Mickie James, and had some deserved success in WWE. God damn it this is shocking what has happened, she will be missed. The tough part about Ashley's passing is this......she was born on May 26th, the same day I was born. I will forever have a connection with her, and I will always think of her whenever May 26th comes. I'll miss you Ashley, you were good in WWE, and you did anything to win
  11. RedDevilDazzy

    Ole Sack Watch

    I want him to be a success, seeing what he had to work with was really bad. He did get us playing, the main thing is that but the next thing is getting rid of the crap, and hopefully bringing in his players. We can't sack another manager, Moyes/Van Gaal, Jose, we have done it too much, and it's getting a bit too much.
  12. RedDevilDazzy

    PL Matchday 38: Man Utd vs Cardiff City

    After the game I felt like I went off Football for a few days because it generally felt like I didn't care about it anymore. I think it's what we have seen this season, or las season.
  13. RedDevilDazzy

    Director of Football

    What's wrong with Fletcher being a potential guy to take this job? Honestly, I would welcome it mostly, we need someone in place, and the sooner the better.
  14. RedDevilDazzy

    Paul Pogba

    I can't wat for him to go. Why should I want him to stay, you cannot convince me to change my mind, he's not shown up for the key games when we need him to.
  15. RedDevilDazzy

    Throw out the rubbish now

    I believe we need a special bin, one that will make the journey around the world when we do the transfers.