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  1. City are better than all of them, and with the exception of Madrid maybe, win by 3+ goals over two legs.
  2. Looks like it'll be Potter. I think it's a great choice for them, not convinced how good of a career move for him given the unbalanced squad and the culture of the quick trigger finger. He's definitely the best British coach at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if all of the top 6 had their eyes on him (except possibly Utd only due to how recently we've pressed the button on a cultural reset).
  3. The Roman legacy lives on. Very bizarre. I don't necessarily think Tuchel would turn it around but to spend north of £200m in the summer and then sack him a week after the window closes is the kind of decision making that's had them falling behind in between spurts of success. Line the next one up.
  4. Rashford putting up good numbers this season.
  5. Malacia has had the run around, he's been poor.
  6. A lot of them practically work as feeder clubs. Watford and Udinese especially have had a partnership that should raise eyebrows. I guess it's not illegal, but not a great precedent. Either way, this bloke is Greek and Olympiacos play in Europe every season. I don't know if he's filthy rich but once money starts coming out of a club it really bleeds, and dropping divisions does that. Maybe they'll be okay, but possibly Bournemouth aside, there's no standout guarantees for relegation. It'll be a fight this season.
  7. You can never really trust someone who owns two clubs but their owner is clearly chasing some that Premier League money. I don't think they've bought badly and they did have to do it but yeah, that's a big outlay and a lot of contracts to commit to when relegation is always a real threat.
  8. The league is over for the next decade.
  9. I'd say if the reported fee is true, we'd be overspending by about double. A horrible use of resources.
  10. Yeah there's a reason he generally plays well against Liverpool and City - the game's suit his style. I've long wondered if he's coachable into something more well rounded but that's yet to be seen. I don't think this will suddenly be a turning corner for him but credit where it's due, he was brilliant last night.
  11. Great performance on any merit, not just considering the circumstances. Rashford and Martinez were outstanding.
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