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  1. SimplyGiggs


    These two are magic together. So unbelievably matched. Amazing fight. Wouldn't class this as a robbery. First fight was. I had GGG by 2 rounds. Very dubious scoring, GGG will never take a decision against Canelo in Vegas. No chance. We have to watch this one again. And a 4th time, and a 5th.
  2. SimplyGiggs


    I hope GGG gets the win he deserved from last time to solidify an all time great career. The only real question marks are about how an extra year under the belt has aged him.
  3. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Is this hyruga fella the Pogba equivalent of that weirdo obsessed with Keane?
  4. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Multitude of different midfield players tried alongside him. Complete gash regardless.
  5. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    You’re defending Pogba by saying the only chance we have of getting anything useful out of him is by getting a player to sweep up his mess next to him.
  6. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    I’ve pre-emptively decided to not class him as part of the club anymore. Shouldn’t be longer than a month...
  7. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    His time at the club has been abysmal. I’d argue a combination of his influence, his off the pitch issues and most importantly his performances makes him the worst man at the club currently.
  8. SimplyGiggs


    Ortiz hits like a truck though. A performance enhanced truck. Fury can hurt him. He's likely to have a 15-20kg weight advantage and I can see Wilder being more open to combat Fury's size. That said, there's no doubt his likeliest route to victory is to just completely outbox him. This fight is probably a mix of Fury not giving a fuck and Frank Warren trying to get under Eddie Hearn's nose. Regardless of results I don't think Fury ever struggles to get paid in a fight. The guy has a vendetta, or can at least manufacture one, against pretty much any top heavyweight in the world.
  9. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Must leave the club and take his agent with him. Just a total farce.
  10. SimplyGiggs

    PL Matchday 2: Brighton vs Man Utd

    Gone by November
  11. SimplyGiggs

    Luke Shaw 2018/19

    Not really true.
  12. SimplyGiggs

    Luke Shaw 2018/19

    There's been more than one occasion where a good Shaw performance or couple of performances has ended with him being dropped for Young.
  13. SimplyGiggs

    Woodward turning us into a laughing stock

    That almost certainly wasn't Beckham's doing. Anyway, the club is not in a position to be pissing about with appointments like Beckham as Director of Football.
  14. SimplyGiggs

    FA Premier League 2018/2019

    Cardiff are surely rock bottom of this league. Warnock has proven himself a failure at this level.
  15. SimplyGiggs


    Wilder is capable of catching any heavyweight and has the power to finish them but in terms of pure boxing skill, Fury has a landslide advantage. Wilder is sloppy. Personally I think if Fury has a full, uninterrupted camp he comfortably outpoints Wilder. Ortiz showed it doesn't take much to take rounds off him anyway.