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  1. Kane is unflappable.
  2. Zlatan's legacy in tatters. He should save face by admitting he begged to come back and got rejected for the greater good of the side.
  3. SimplyGiggs

    Lee Grant

  4. SimplyGiggs

    Marouane Fellaini 2017/18

    Sanchez could be shot in both knee caps and still wouldn't be dropped, so no, not a valid point.
  5. SimplyGiggs

    Marouane Fellaini 2017/18

    Fantastic news and business for the club.
  6. The only slight concern is the number of penalties being given. It’s definitely increased the drama of games and shot a bullet through the head of the argument that it will remove ‘pub discussions’ - but that’s not really the point of it. Needs better guidelines over what constitutes a decision that needs to be reviewed. That Iran penalty call was terrible. I think eventually we’ll move to a team picks reviews system.
  7. Poland have been so bad that Japan could be favourites for this group.
  8. Sensational pass. Good finish. All of Colombia's stars have turned up tonight.
  9. I've been impressed with Quintero. Few things haven't quite come off though.
  10. Croatia look very dangerous.
  11. As long as it's not your team, something oddly satisfying about one of your club players horrifically ballsing it up. Get Rojo on for an own goal.
  12. Hahaha. Should be forced into retirement.
  13. World class players looking terrified to do anything other than pass to Messi. He's not the issue, but the way they're forced to play is.
  14. What a ball that was.