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  1. SimplyGiggs

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Personally I think it's a bit of a mental decision. Cannot get much worse though.
  2. SimplyGiggs

    PL Matchday 18: Cardiff City vs Man Utd

    Most of them are still shite though.
  3. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    His attitude is only a secondary problem to him being fucking gash.
  4. SimplyGiggs

    PL Matchday 18: Cardiff City vs Man Utd

    We are not going to start playing free flowing attacking football suddenly.
  5. SimplyGiggs

    Life After Mou

    I think anyone who is a serious contender at this stage for the permanent job isn’t an option. So I’d categorise the likes of Zidane and Pochettino in that. Heynckes was the first name that came into mind for me. I’m just not really sure I trust the board to make a call like that. Mourinho was a big problem but one of many that includes people well above his influence. They will still make this decision so I’m not getting any hopes up.
  6. SimplyGiggs

    Life After Mou

    Honestly not sure. It’s a strange situation. Probably not Carrick though, I’d rather someone who can bring something fresh. Sounds like we’re writing this season off, which is probably smart. So with my expectations low, someone who can come in and make it more enjoyable to watch again. We won’t get rid of all the issues in the squad in one go, there’s too many of them. So if someone can come in and boost a few of the players, then that man can use the next few months as an audition for the job.
  7. SimplyGiggs

    Life After Mou

    Chelsea do it all the time.
  8. SimplyGiggs

    The Jose Mourinho Thread

    The first of many wholesale changes needed at the club. Should at least provide a temporary boost around the club but this is just the beginning .
  9. SimplyGiggs


    Canelo is not a three weight world champion the same way Rocky Fielding was never a world champion. The fakest of all fake belts. Still, there's plenty of good fights around and Canelo is active so as long as he jumps around these interesting weight classes, throw him all the fake belts they want. Cracking card on BT this weekend. Matchroom's is shite, but the winner will fight AJ.
  10. SimplyGiggs

    PL Matchday 17: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    Par for the course really. No surprise at this.
  11. SimplyGiggs

    PL Matchday 17: Liverpool vs Man Utd

    Lukaku is hopeless.
  12. SimplyGiggs

    spoty 2018

    This isn't historically a football-centric award show. City haven't done anything extraordinary to break that mould and this has been one of the All Blacks poorer years in recent times.
  13. SimplyGiggs

    The Gypsy King vs The Bronze Bomber

    I'd say he never travelled because of pay-per-view purses. Floyd was also on the wrong end of the worst scorecard this century when someone judged his Canelo fight a draw.
  14. SimplyGiggs

    The Gypsy King vs The Bronze Bomber

    A loss does way more damage. It removes him from the heavyweight equation. Kills off any chance of his big money PPV. AJ can’t actually make as much money in the US as Eddie Hearn thinks, unless it’s with the right opponent. Wilder never has and never will be that guy. His leverage is the belt, Fury v Joshua is a lot bigger of a fight. Boxing has always valued no loss records. Wilder’s is a bit more important as people have accepted he’s an inferior boxer to most and his fights are watchable for his Hail Mary power. I actually thought Wilder was even worse than usual. Partly due to Fury as he always makes opponents look sloppy and desperate. But he looked lost, couldn’t handle the movement and gassed. Even when he knocked Fury down he couldn’t find it in him to finish, and that instinct is usually one of his few strengths. If I’m AJ I come out of that fight happier about his chances against Wilder. You can’t really do anything about the power. It’s there and it’s a risk. But the right fundamentals will always take rounds from Wilder. AJ is no technical wizard but Wilder would make him look like a prime Pernell Whittaker.
  15. SimplyGiggs

    The Gypsy King vs The Bronze Bomber

    Fury is the best heavyweight on the planet. He’s never shown signs he has that type of chin. Wilder can beat anyone despite having half the skill of most fighters he faces. What a division.