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  1. Almost as if playing once a month isn't conducive to good form. He was one of the best keepers in the league last season, unmistakably.
  2. 15 goal contributions in 18 games this season. 34 in 44 last season. Pretty consistent to me. But yes, Martial is shite.
  3. He is horrific. When he's not, he's just totally insignificant.
  4. Say what you like about him, that's some life well lived.
  5. Two trash leagues he would also tear apart.
  6. He's been one of our better performers for a while.
  7. Ehhh. Sky and Matchroom have put on worse. Before AJ came on the scene their PPV was propped up by Froch, Groves and Kell Brook fighting no marks. Feel a bit for Usyk. I'm not convinced he beats AJ but there's no way he gets the opportunity before they cash in on the Fury fights.
  8. I'm joking. He's trash and always will be.
  9. It’s fine, just need someone alongside him to release his world class potential.
  10. Everyone really should take a moment to forget football and appreciate the effort and work he is doing. A perfect use of his platform and the impact he's having on under privileged children across the country may never truly be quantified or appreciated. A true credit to the community and to this club.
  11. This is a sad, opportunistic power grab that hopefully the rest of the Premier League teams shut down. The vast majority of EFL clubs are struggling, some to the point where their existence is being threatened and the big clubs are dangling a carrot to buy their favour. It's galling and will end up creating a closed shop Premier League where the billions in broadcast revenue is passed around the top while the rest and the EFL get the scraps. Parachute payments literally exist to support the competitiveness of the PL whilst keeping clubs alive. The League Cup is a great revenue stream
  12. Barring the simultaneous death of maybe about 50 players, there is no scenario in attitude or application in which Paul Pogba is the best midfielder in the world.
  13. I would have liked Sancho at the club but I don't see a major issue in not bowing to every demand for every club. It's an extortionate fee in this climate. We're reaping what we've sewn in the last few years with a lot of deadwood in the club on overinflated deals that we now can't shift. In the long term it might help us get some negotiation leverage, which we so desperately need. That said, another total shit show in the running of the club. Identifying a problem area that needs strengthening? Great. Chasing one target with zero alternative in that position? Inexcusable. Cavani is a to
  14. I’d rather draw any other team than PSG. Now we have to hear about ‘that night’ again over and over.
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