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  1. You'd struggle to find a worst piece of business in football history than buying Lukaku for 100m, having a shambolic season then loaned back to the same club for under 10m. Might never be beaten either.
  2. Just one more top flight contract before he inevitably fucks off to the Qatari sunset. Then we never have to hear about him ever again.
  3. I don't know enough about Nunez to hope that we sign him but between him and de Jong, where the latter doesn't seem convinced to join, if we don't secure ETH's favoured targets - then it's really not a good look. Anyway, happy summer.
  4. I like Conte but the problems run too deep for someone as volatile as him. They wouldn't have responded to him, he'd get frustrated and he'd be gone before we'd have been able to reap any of the benefits.
  5. 3 free months without this lot. Enjoy it ladies and gents.
  6. But without a year of Premier League football under his belt. Chelsea will probably sign him. I cannot believe they didn't just loan him this year and re-evaluated, but yeah with Rudiger and Christensen leaving and Thiago Silva another year older they should be spending big in defence.
  7. While I'd ultimately prefer us to spend whatever budget we have on more pressing problems, if we were to go for a centre back I'd love it to be Marc Guehi. He's going to be the best centre back in the league within the next couple of years and it certainly won't be for Palace.
  8. Time for the residents of Seville to board up their windows.
  9. I don't think he's been very good this season but with the amount of issues in the squad, he's a necessity next season. He generally has the quality and work ethic to turn around his own personal misfortunes if there's a coherent system around him, and I think he'll benefit more than anyone without having the Red Sea in midfield part before his eyes. You're never not going to need someone to make and score goals in the team and he's it. This isn't a Pogba situation like someone mentioned above, as he's shown he can do it for longer than a three game stretch, which already blows anything Pogba
  10. Conte's done a great job there but there's always the air of implosion waiting to happen. They could have a serious team next season if they back him, but similarly it wouldn't surprise me if he's not even there come September.
  11. De Bruyne doing the Lord's work.
  12. Bivol was outstanding. I think I said earlier in the thread that him and Beterbiev would cause him problems if he continued to move up. Maybe that's why Canelo was initially looking to jump them both and fight Mukabu. Hopefully now that one of them has a bit of star power behind him then they'll finally make the Bivol-Beterbiev fight. As for Canelo, I don't think he necessarily got exposed. He probably just underrated Bivol. Americans and Mexicans traditionally don't respect European fighters until they break through into the North American audience. He's fallen in love with his power in
  13. There's not really any positive spin. It's a phenomenal signing and an absolute steal.
  14. We're almost definitely going to be in Europe. I can't see us finishing below 6th now, which sends us to the Europa League.
  15. We signed him when he was 25. Definitely not descending, just bought without rhyme or reason. A signing to try and make up for a woeful summer that let Moyes down and appease fans on what was turning out to be a horrific season. He was the first of what would become a culture of shambolic recruitment. I don't necessarily think he's been a bad signing, all things considered. He's a good player, at times great, but his problem has become a common story over the years - he's a luxury player and we've never had the midfield to accommodate him.
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