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  1. SimplyGiggs

    Jesse Lingard 2018/19

    Has absolutely no bearing on his ability.
  2. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba

    However good he may or may not be at Madrid or anywhere else is irrelevant when considering whether to keep him or not.
  3. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba

    The post I quoted literally said we'd be worse off without him.
  4. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba

    Herrera being gash doesn't justify Pogba. We really won't be that worse off without him. His stats this season are padded by penalties and a decent run around Ole's appointment. Overall he was awful for big parts of the season. Hopefully he'll leave and we can get someone in who doesn't amble about the pitch, lose possession and generally make a circus show. Honestly the cult of Pogba is bizarre. He's had a free ride for so long within the fanbase. Don't worry though, if he stays and we sign more expensive players, we might finally be able to unleash Pogba!
  5. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba

    Was he? Put in more shockers than most of the squad last season. He's a circus and nowhere near good enough to put up with it. He thinks he was brilliant last season which speaks volumes.
  6. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba

    Irrelevant. He's been awful here and will continue to be so.
  7. SimplyGiggs

    Ladies football

    I don't really watch regularly but from highlights I'd agree with this. The pitch dimensions are too big, as are the goals. The keepers in particular struggle.
  8. SimplyGiggs

    Daniel James

    It's hard to tell at this stage I'm just saying it's clear why we're paying more than Leeds. I'd also go as far as to say Leeds would have gotten promoted if they completed the signing in January.
  9. SimplyGiggs

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Yeah probably all of that. And we agree to pay all of Sanchez' wages as he plays for Juventus.
  10. SimplyGiggs


    GGG still has concrete in his hands.
  11. SimplyGiggs

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I think we'll sign Bale.
  12. SimplyGiggs

    Daniel James

    Well not really. He broke into the team in the first half of the season, then Leeds came in, failed to get him and he became an important player in the second half of the season. It's not debatable that his stock rose between January to May.
  13. SimplyGiggs

    Daniel James

    His stock rose. His second half of the season was much better than the first. More competition for his signature. And it's widely thought of that Leeds were getting a good deal because of Swansea's financial issues.
  14. SimplyGiggs


    That's why Price was given the Dave Allen golden ticket.
  15. SimplyGiggs


    You've been writing off Fury since 2012.