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  1. Despite it being early days, the signs are concerning. I wasn't overly hyped about signing him as short of his England appearances and some highlights I didn't see too much of him at Dortmund, but history suggests this wouldn't work. The extent of our scouting system seems to be to identify a position to strengthen and buy someone high profile in that role. There's no legislation for the work that would need to be done with someone like Sancho and the tactical tweaks necessary. We don't have the coaching team for that. It works for the likes of Bruno and Ronaldo where you just need to put the
  2. If we had a decent midfield I'd think we'd get some success with Cavani playing a Benzema-esque role alongside Ronaldo. But the issue is we'd just get totally overran.
  3. Ole does not deserve the Portuguese duo.
  4. Yep it's a bold call by Ole (assuming he had any say in the matter). It amps up the pressure on him. Our midfield is still too shit to win the league and we don't know if Varane will be any good. I don't see what we win even with Ronaldo.
  5. Fucking hell looks like this is happening.
  6. He's very poor in most facets of the game. I actually can't pick out what he might be good at. What do we miss when he's out of the side? I'm one of his harshest critics, but at least it's quite clear to see why they try and stick with Pogba in the side. With Fred it's nothing. If they weren't going to sign anyone it's actually worth changing the system of the side to not have to play Fred. As much as fans want to see us challenging for leagues and in Europe again, the attitude to players like Fred is bizarre. Himself, Pogba, Lindelof, Bailly, Martial have never gone more than 2 months wi
  7. Danny Ings, Ighalo and Dele Alli are just some of the players to have featured amongst the top scorers of the Premier League over the last few years. He would have been fine. A great player is a great player everywhere. Only two teams in Europe could afford him. Just like Ronaldo, we've seen the best of him but at least this way it doesn't increase the gap in our own league.
  8. He'll give them what they want, which is goals. I make them serious title contenders. That being said, selling him as a goalscoring talent that needed work, just to buy him back for £70-80m more 6 years later as he approaches 30 has to go into the transfer hall of fame. Not quite as bad as when we once again fail to take a fee for Pogba, but still up there with Chelsea's pattern of behaviour, especially considering the strikers they've put up with since he left. It's a good thing they have a bottomless pit of money, because they certainly don't respect it. More or less every decision
  9. Being widely reported he's on excess of 300k a week. Villa were willing/able to pay that?
  10. There is currently no better player contracted to this football club and that’s a hard to swallow fact for some.
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