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  1. SimplyGiggs


    The oracle. Andy Ruiz with a page straight from the Roberto Duran book of how to celebrate winning a world title.
  2. SimplyGiggs


    I think AJ wins an uneventful decision. Unless they firefight in the pocket I don't see too many avenues for victory for Ruiz, whose abilities have been a little overhyped since the first fight. Doesn't sound like AJ feels like he has to put him away so he'll probably minimise the risks, I don't think there'll be a lot of clamouring for a third fight. Then again, you can never count against a stoppage with two hard hitters and AJ has some psychological barriers to get over.
  3. SimplyGiggs

    Fred 2019/2020

    Not really a joke. He cost £50m and 95% of the time he's a total shambles.
  4. SimplyGiggs

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    Yeah he's a shining light in an otherwise grim squad.
  5. SimplyGiggs

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 15 - Man Utd vs Spurs

    Dominating them. Wonder what the score draw will be.
  6. SimplyGiggs

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 15 - Man Utd vs Spurs

    Genuinely heading for relegation without him
  7. SimplyGiggs

    2019/2020: PL Matchday 15 - Man Utd vs Spurs

    Imagine this season without Rashford
  8. SimplyGiggs

    Paul Pogba 2019/20

    True. Then he can get carried by players who are actually good and he can continue his ambling around.
  9. SimplyGiggs

    Ole Sack Watch

    Personally I think he's a lot safer than he should be. Football isn't that nice to watch, piss poor form at all levels, rivals running away from us. To finish top 8 under Solksjaer would be a miracle, and he would claim it as a positive. But it sounds like the club love him, the players are definitely fighting for him. It's going to be a very bad season.
  10. SimplyGiggs

    Europa League: Matchday 5 - FC Astana vs Man Utd

    It's a Thursday afternoon kick off in Kazahkstan. Nobody's going to be watching.
  11. SimplyGiggs

    Europa League: Matchday 5 - FC Astana vs Man Utd

    Chong has a total of 226 senior football minutes. Gomes has 30 minutes less than that. Big half hour for the lad then.
  12. SimplyGiggs


    I disagree and I'm no Parker fan. Another caveat to this weekend's fight is that Ortiz has looked awful since the first Wilder fight and in fact since Eddie signed him to Matchroom initially the only times he's lived up to his old hype has been when he's been outboxing Wilder.
  13. SimplyGiggs


    Well that's the hazards of heavyweight boxing. You'll get hit. But it's easier to get through a journeyman than a legit contender. Wilder's career for now should be taken in context of his resume, which is shameful. Out of all 4 of the heavyweight rankings, Wilder has only fought two that feature - Ortiz and Fury. Heavyweight is not a deep division but Povetkin, Ruiz, AJ, Whyte, Parker, Usyk and Kownacki are all better than anyone Wilder has beaten. If he fought and beat Carlos Takam, who is a run of the mill heavyweight outside of any top 10, that would rank as Wilder's second best career victory after Ortiz. Not to say that Wilder can't and wouldn't beat any of the guys mentioned above, but fighters with better head movement, footwork and range give him trouble. Regardless of power it's better to rely on boxing skill than a hail mary punch. By the way Fury was never known as someone with an iron chin until he fought Wilder. He's always been known as a bit suspect actually.
  14. SimplyGiggs


    He is garbage. I've never denied his power but he's technically one of the worst heavyweight champions in history. It's actually infuriating to watch. Remember he's still fought about 38 bums and I've seen most of them out box him. That being said, he doesn't windmill the right hand as much anymore and I'd now make him favourite to beat AJ, who would still dominate him every second he's not on the canvas. Nothing about Wilder suggests he's got the fight IQ to figure out anyone's style. There's honestly no words to describe the skill discrepancy between Wilder and Fury. Remember that Fury probably took the Wilder fight way too early on his comeback and spent most of the camp losing weight. I know it only takes Wilder one but I actually think Fury gets hit even less this time.
  15. Solskjaer will claim this game was a positive.