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  1. Agreed. Good signs for Fletcher and Murtough that they made this call. If it was left to Woodward then Carrick would have got 5 games to prove himself. I'll be surprised if it's not Pochettino come next summer but at least there looks to be footballing decisions made here.
  2. It's important to remember we bought him as a 21 year old off the back of one full season and he's received nothing in the way of decent coaching since then. None of them have.
  3. That's because it's not a new manager. It's just like Ole took the night off, which he would never betray the United DNA by doing.
  4. If the club want Pochettino and he's open to it, and by all accounts sounds like PSG wouldn't be too against it - it would be pointless to go down the interim route. There's still 2/3rds of the season to go. If we threw it away by having Carrick in interim charge it would be ludicrous, but then again this board does ludicrous better than anything else. It speaks volumes of the problems we'll still encounter with the hierarchy that there's been no thoughts to any contingency plan. It's been a month since the Liverpool game and they still took this decision as if it took them by surprise.
  5. I truly believe some version of this will happen.
  6. There is no hope for this club if he isn’t gone this week.
  7. Well he had some struggle against Kovalev, I think the scorecards were close at the time of the stoppage, and he was very over the hill. This is an even bigger jump. I don't think he beats Breidis who's the best cruiserweight in the world and I find it interesting he's decided to jump past Light Heavy with Bivol and Beterbiev who would both cause him issues in my opinion. But he's right in that he has the luxury to pick. But yeah, Makabu offers him nothing...
  8. Looks like he's surviving this one too. If two drubbings by our biggest rivals in back to back home games, watching a top 4 pull away and risking an exit from the Champions League keeps his job then we're in for a long long season. And eternity.
  9. Gaethje will be eating out of a straw in 15 years so let's enjoy the entertainment.
  10. We’re honestly nowhere close to them in any aspect. Two total drubbings in the space of a few weeks from our biggest rivals. Surely Spurs and Nuno somehow being worse cannot save his job.
  11. He really is as lucky as it gets. Knowing how clueless the executives are and how they only really care about reputation, they're saved a decision by the narrative on Ole changing. When Ronaldo drags us out of another hole the narrative moves onto him, any other player and the pressure is still on Ole and how bad the performances are.
  12. Got to say, in amongst the shower of shit this season it is still quite something to see him in this shirt and producing memorable moments again.
  13. He's a freak. Cancel his contract if he's going to keep bailing Ole out.
  14. Pogba’s contract expiration cannot come soon enough.
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