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  1. Cole


    Wilder has the most powerful punch in the division and it's not even close it's scary how hard he hits but that's literally all he has. He swings all over the place and because of that AJ will beat him.
  2. Cole

    Ryan Sessegnon

    He's a kid and he's still ten times the player that Young and Lingard are. Sign him up.
  3. Cole

    Your Top Five TV Shows

    So with Game of Thrones now over, how would you rank your top five tv shows of all time? GoT was going to be top for me but season 8 blew it. Breaking Bad The Sopranos Game of Thrones The Wire Boardwalk Empire That's mine. Breaking Bad still remains the GOAT for me. The pacing, character development everything was perfect. Vince Gilligan should have been writing GoT season 8 it would have been a hundred times better. What's yours?
  4. Cole

    Game Of Thrones

    So rushed and so many unanswered questions. I love this series but D&D and go fuck themselves. Season 7 and 8 were far too short we really needed those extra 7 episodes. Why did Bran have to tell Jon who he really was? It ended up serving no purpose at all.
  5. Cole

    Better Call Saul

    Season 4 done. This show is fucking brilliant.
  6. Cole

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    I haven't seen too much of these young players but we've been buying big "proven" players for 5 years now and now 90% of them have been shown the door. We need to make more smart buys like Klopp did with Andy Robertson. Personally I'm sick of us wasting hundreds of millions on absolute shite every single summer. We thought signing the likes of Di Maria, Falcao, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlin, Depay, Sanchez etc would improve us. They didn't.
  7. Cole

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Txrt disregarding black players.
  8. Cole

    Game Of Thrones

    Apparently they didn't do Lady Stoneheart because they wanted Jon Snow's resurrection to be more shocking. Pathetic excuse. I actually think all the episodes in season 7 and 8 have been fine but they needed to be full seasons. We really just needed those extra 7 episodes for Dany's decent into madness, Vary's betrayal, Bran and his 'powers' etc. Game of Thrones, Sopranos, Breaking Bad all the top shows thrived off good pacing because when episodes like the last one happen, they're far more rewarding and enjoyable. Everything that happened last episode in Kings Landing was perfect it just needed more build up. I'm glad D&D are not involved in the prequel and hopefully GRRM keeps them well away from it.
  9. Cole

    Game Of Thrones

    Ahhhh these fucking writers they really kill me lately with their contradictions but I still maintain what I originally said and I think this is how it'll more or less play out in GRRM's version. It'll just be far better paced and without lines like that.
  10. Cole

    Game Of Thrones

    It was slightly rushed this season but Dany was always going to go mad it was clear as day from seasons ago. Every single season she has been killing and having people executed whilst losing people close to her in the process. It was only a matter of time before she went crazy. "I will take what is mine with fire and blood." - Dany in season 2.
  11. Cole

    Game Of Thrones

    Great episode. About everything I expected. Echoing TFIA's comments, this along with season 7 should have been 10 seasons. It's understandable that they had to end the show after season 8 due to the actors contracts, them wanting to do something else etc but at least give us the full 10 episodes in this and last season. The pay offs would have been even better. Vary's betraying Dany should have steamed over a few episodes at least. It started and ended far too quickly. All in all it was a very good episode. It was nice to see Bran's vision from season 4 of Drogon flying over Kings Landing pay off too.
  12. Cole

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer 2018/19

    Please tell me that isn't a real quote.
  13. Cole

    Robin Van Persie Thread

    Came to United, shipped Rooney either to the bench or out of position and won us a league title. What a man and he was probably our last great signing. What a sad state of affairs. I wish him all the best.
  14. Cole

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Rice, Wan-Bissaka and Sancho are must buys this summer. They'll be a huge upgrade on what we have.
  15. Cole

    Our next captain....

    There's no real leaders in this squad. It's full of egos, weak mentalities and trouble makers and I wouldn't pick any of them to be our captain. Ole needs to bring in a Roy Keane type leader into the team, make him captain and kick anyone out that isn't going to work at 100% every week for the team.