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  1. He’s not a real leader he’s a selfish baby and he needs to leave ASAP. Any player that wants to leave should be shown the front door instantly.
  2. Candyman (2021) - 5/10. It's filmed very well but the blatant social issues being thrown into most scenes were poor. I expected more from Nia DaCosta given how well she did with Top Boy.
  3. We Own This City is a solid mini series. I also just finished The Staircase. Not too bad at all.
  4. Cole

    Paul Pogba

    He can’t leave soon enough.
  5. Greenwood Elanga Van Der Beek Greenwood Matic Fred Telles Lindelof Maguire Dalot De Gea
  6. Great news. His attitude and work rate stinks and if he isn’t interested in even fighting for his name on the starting line up then get rid.
  7. I don't see much changing whilst Carrick is in charge. Rashford Ronaldo Sancho Bruno Van Der Beek Fred Shaw Maguire Lindelof AWB De Gea That's my guess for tonight.
  8. He’s nothing short of embarrassing. Whoever takes over next needs to strip him of the captaincy instantly.
  9. Dune - 10/10. Best cinema experience since Interstellar.
  10. He's going to get sacked before the end of the season there's no doubt about it. We have two very tough away games to Villereal and Chelsea and when, not if, we lose both he'll be given the boot. We'll more or less be out of the Champions League and we'll be unquestionably out of the title race and that'll settle it. It can't come soon enough. He's not fit to be a manager at any top team.
  11. Ronaldo Rashford Fernandes Sancho Van Der Beek McTominay Telles Lindelof Bailly AWB De Gea Shaw and Maguire need to be dropped. It'll never happen but one can dream.
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