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  1. Cole

    Pep loses the plot

    Pep will be gone within a year or so. He's incapable of fully rebuilding a team.
  2. Cole

    Marcus Rashford 2019/20

    His finishing will get better but 9 goals in 17 games is still a good return from him. He has to reach 20 by the bear minimum this season.
  3. Cole

    EFL Cup: Round 4 - Chelsea vs Man Utd

    Seriously fuck those that don’t rate Rashford.
  4. Cole

    Rick & Morty

    Pickle Rick. Best episode in TV history.
  5. Cole

    Ole Sack Watch

    We can keep going through manager after manager but until the owners pull their finger out nothing is going to change. Having said that even though he's been royally screwed this summer, Ole looks way out of his depth. Poch please.
  6. Cole

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Dr Strange is average and Captain Marvel is garbage. Brie Larsson is horrible to watch. Blade and Black Panther are the only ones to look forward too for me.
  7. Cole

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    No Iron Man no Steve Rodgers no Thor and now no Spider-Man. The MCU is done. Endgame was the peak its all downhill from here.
  8. Cole

    Chris Smalling 2019/20

    Good thread. Horrible player.
  9. Cole

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    Alderweireld is available for £25 million. Jesus christ. This club is a joke.
  10. Midsommar - 8/10. Haunting.
  11. Cole

    Stranger things

    The best season yet. Steve and Hopper were the stand outs. The creators have said it's most likely going to end after season 5.
  12. Cole

    Paul Pogba

    Get rid. His agent is the biggest c*nt in football and we shouldn't have anything to do with him anymore.
  13. Cole

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka 2019/20

    This is one of the best signings we've made in a while and if he's a success, £50 million won't look bad for 10-15 years service if all goes well.
  14. Cole

    Marcus Rashford 2018/19

    If he's going to be getting those sorts of wages then he needs to contributing at a bare minimum 30 goals and assists a season.
  15. Cole

    Romelu Lukaku 2018/19

    He leaves but Smalling, Jones, Young and Lingard are staying? Trash. He's far from the biggest problems we have.