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  1. RDJ

    Pogba Return

    Why its the well respected journalist, Mack The Knife.
  2. RDJ

    Pogba Return

    Tbh, Mendes looks an angel compared Raiola. The amount of say he has in Pogba's future is mental.
  3. RDJ

    Pogba Return

    Playing in a low tempo league obviously helps them with these pensioner transfers. That and the fact that there never seems to be a 'Juventus tax' like we do when we get linked to a player. Happy that Napoli and taking them to the cleaners with the Higuain transfer, but they still found a way to pay half upfront and the the rest in installments. What kind of a release clause is that? Maybe we should do the same with Pogba, see how they like it.
  4. RDJ

    Pogba Return

    Getting to the point I barely check for updates at this point. Was so excited at the start, probably wouldn't care if we walked away at this point. Btw I really despise Juve in the transfer market. Offers pennies to be paid over decades to other clubs' players while demanding a king's ransom for their own . The dirty match-fixers.
  5. RDJ

    Pogba Return

    Great player, shit pundit.
  6. RDJ

    Pogba Return

    Its in the bag. We've just funded the Higuain transfer.
  7. RDJ

    Pogba Return

    Pogba certainly isn't worth the money we're paying him, but we're not paying him for what he's worth right now, we're paying him for his potential and marketability. Ronaldo, Bale and Neymar transfers all looked like they weren't worth at the time, but look how that's turned out now. The average cost of talent in the transfer market have been in a upward spiral for quite a while now and it will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Getting a world class player for 30 million is a thing of the past. Look at the prices of talents like Sterling, Higuain (soon) and Renato Sanches etc. Pogba is a level above them all. If we end up winning the league with Pogba, no one would be complaining about his price tag. If he were to move to Madrird in a few years, it would be for another world record fee, where we would actually stand a chance on making a profit.
  8. At this point, I wouldn't be against Giggs being appointed as our next manager. Anything should be better than the shower of shite being served up for by our current team. I'd even take Moyesball over this.
  9. Ah yes, time to get the joy of watching United get sucked out of me again. Can't wait.
  10. MGS:TPP The gameplay is exquisite but the game has no business being an open world game. The repetitive side missions and farmville-esque base building mechanics puts a downer on an otherwise fantastic game. This game would easily have been my GOTY if it were a 50 hour game instead of a 100 hour one.
  11. I'd wallpaper that shit if the image was a bit higher res
  12. Darmian is a beast! Best summer signing so far. Seriously hope these squad selections are carried out strictly for fitness purposes. Herrera needs to be playing. Any combination of Carrick, Schweinstiger and Schneiderlin is too static and defensive without Ander. I hope we give the 4-3-3 a go. If LVG insists on playing the 4-2-3-1, Mata should be the no.10 with Memphis on the wings. A center back paring of Blind and Jones is just begging for trouble in the PL. Wingback position looks sorted though.