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  1. Dude made millions based entirely on not being Jose Mourinho. Probably makes more in a year not managing than he did in his entire playing career. Shit manager, 3/10 reign.
  2. Americans older than 45 or so realllllly really suck. Just in general, but also especially in terms of transferring of power.
  3. That had to be the god damn dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on a football pitch in my entire life.
  4. Imagine winning a shit ton of titles on the bounce and then instantly being mid-table shite. Could certainly never happen to an iconic English football club based out of an industrial town in the northwest.
  5. Either a comprehensive 2-0 loss or a game where we win by a goal despite playing like shit.
  6. People are looking at Wout thru the eyes of people who have watched the club suck ass for a decade now, Welbeck not afforded that luxury. I’ll always love Dat Guy Welbz tho.
  7. That doesn’t make any sense, I have hella rings and MVPs, I’m like Curry. Maximum efficiency and an all time great who changed the game, you’re just a chucker like Carmelo. Bum. Learn ball.
  8. I’m the GOAT, well over 1.0 likes per post, your bitch ass is at like .55 lmfao.
  9. Out of what, 11,565? He clearly has a preference ya dumb fuck.
  10. Rodri is a pussy, Casemiro’s enormous hog and the energy it brings transformed this club from the worst group of mental midgets ever assembled into a team with camaraderie and a desire to play for each other.
  11. Messi has a weaker foot, but then again Messi is no Fred. Messi never won the Carabao Cup on a Sunday night at Wembley, fuckin’ bum.
  12. This man is at worst the second best defensive midfielder of all time.
  13. There was a guy who did something very similar to Mason Greenwood that was on a team I played for, we did the world a service by beating him to a pulp with socks full of batteries. Not to be a boomer but they did have some stuff figured out.
  14. Impossible! Wout is 6’12”.
  15. You can tell how much the boys love him, and his workrate is infectious.
  16. I’ve changed my mind, he’s a palooka but a lovable one.
  17. Football is dead, and has been since Shinawatra sold City. On a long enough timeline capitalism removes the soul from everyone and everything.
  18. A palooka is a big giant awkward goof. Usually a term reserved for big, dumpy boxers.
  19. At least he’ll become a lovable oaf then, right now he’s just a fucking palooka.
  20. Worst footballer I’ve ever seen pull on the shirt in 25+ years of support.
  21. I’m taking Martinez’s save over all of them because he left his line and charged down the shot, made all the more amazing by him somehow avoiding tripping over his own massive cock and balls which must be cumbersome to say the least.
  22. Griez and Lloris must be the only guys who remember that Benzema is a fucking pedo.
  23. We will win every game at least 5-0
  24. Massive success here for the growth of the game. Our team played well enough, and the final consisting of two superstars both having world class performances is major as well for a country ran by individual superstars. Tremendous success and I look forward to catching matches in 2026 in person.
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