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  1. Been saying it since he was on Leeds, Rio is fucking insufferable as a human being and always has been.
  2. If Antony received .1 goals every time a teammate blocked a surefire shot on target he’d be neck and neck with Haaland. If we could only get in our opponents’ ways half as well as Antony’s
  3. 7.2 again on Fotmob and most other sites. Along the line with his average performance and good for 4th-6th on the team over the whole season. HOWEVER, a 7.2 was the worst in the whole side yesterday. So therefore, I suspect the reason he seems (even) worse than he actually is, because his usual 7.2 is magnified when the rest of the club outperforms him, and his usual 7.2 isn’t good enough to carry us when the rest of the team performs poorly.
  4. He has the exact same FotMob rating as Casemiro and he’s pretty close to Casemiro on WhoScored and every other ratings place I could find. Always in the top 5 on the team too. I’m super fucking confused as to how this is possible because Sancho doesn’t really do anything that jumps off the page as particularly good or bad when watching him.
  5. Dude made millions based entirely on not being Jose Mourinho. Probably makes more in a year not managing than he did in his entire playing career. Shit manager, 3/10 reign.
  6. Americans older than 45 or so realllllly really suck. Just in general, but also especially in terms of transferring of power.
  7. That had to be the god damn dumbest thing I’ve ever seen on a football pitch in my entire life.
  8. Imagine winning a shit ton of titles on the bounce and then instantly being mid-table shite. Could certainly never happen to an iconic English football club based out of an industrial town in the northwest.
  9. Either a comprehensive 2-0 loss or a game where we win by a goal despite playing like shit.
  10. People are looking at Wout thru the eyes of people who have watched the club suck ass for a decade now, Welbeck not afforded that luxury. I’ll always love Dat Guy Welbz tho.
  11. That doesn’t make any sense, I have hella rings and MVPs, I’m like Curry. Maximum efficiency and an all time great who changed the game, you’re just a chucker like Carmelo. Bum. Learn ball.
  12. I’m the GOAT, well over 1.0 likes per post, your bitch ass is at like .55 lmfao.
  13. Out of what, 11,565? He clearly has a preference ya dumb fuck.
  14. Rodri is a pussy, Casemiro’s enormous hog and the energy it brings transformed this club from the worst group of mental midgets ever assembled into a team with camaraderie and a desire to play for each other.
  15. Messi has a weaker foot, but then again Messi is no Fred. Messi never won the Carabao Cup on a Sunday night at Wembley, fuckin’ bum.
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