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  1. Hands up if you hate Chris Smalling Victor Jörgen Nilsson Lindelöf Born: July 17, 1994 (will be 25 for length of entire season) Birthplace: Västerås, Sweden Tale of the Tape: 187cm (6'2''), 77kg (170lbs) League/International Appearances (goals): Manchester United: 47 (1) Sweden 29 (2) If you ask anyone who knows their football what some of the greatest accomplishments in our beautiful game are, they might tell you about Messi's 91 goals in a calendar year, Pele taking the world by storm as a teenager, Arsenal's Invincibles, or Pep's Centurions. All of these are unbelievable accomplishments in their own right, but what if I told you that there was a player at Manchester United with an accomplishment that outdoes all of these? Who not only looked competent, but actually pretty damn good, despite looking to his left, right, front and back and seeing only the likes of Ashley Young, Phil Jones, Eric Bailly, Chris Smalling, the hollow shell of David de Gea, and that's not even mentioning the piles of shit in our midfield this poor bastard had to try and play the ball to. Ladies and gentleman, that's our Vic. After a strong showing for Sweden at the World Cup, Lindelöf parlayed that into a very solid season for the club despite the aforementioned awful squad and our managerial upheaval. Hopefully he can build off this solid campaign, develop a good partnership with Harry Maguire and solidify our backline which bled goals like a stuck pig last year.
  2. They were probably the only somewhat big club that would come close to his Barca wages. I don’t think he’d have anticipated this type of reaction either.
  3. PSN: MJP__91 (that's two underscores)
  4. Klopp is nothing special, people act like Dortmund didn't have multiple world class players up and down that squad. Couldn't deal with their injuries very well either last year.
  5. I've only met 100 or so Englishmen IRL and only about 80 of them were racist.
  6. Everyone who would be attempting to buy him knows they have LFC over a barrel too. They won't get a big fee for him.
  7. Most people here that like soccer were calling soccer fans faggots in 2001.
  8. I hope Frank gets booed mercilessly too, cunt.
  9. Huge fucking lmfao. Is that cunt coming straight to MLS? I'm go to Columbus because there's a great deli there, then I'm gonna buy a $7 ticket to boo Stevie G relentlessly.
  10. I came to this realization a few weeks ago. I'm 23 years old, turning 24 in July. Right around the same age a lot of players are when they make their move to a big club. In my lifetime I have seen them win zero fucking titles. They've had maybe three-four world class players, most of whom didn't keep that form up longer than a season. They did win the CL but so has Porto, Ajax, Dortmund, and some other second tier clubs. There is no glamour tied to that club at all anymore, hell the only reason i consider them a big club is because I've supported their arch rivals for over 2 decades and know their history. Imagine some cunt from fucking Belgium or Croatia who grew up a Real Madrid or Bayern fan. All he knows of that club is failure, it's not a nice city (from what I hear) so what is the incentive to transfer to Liverpool?
  11. Rolf Harris has a better chance of a comeback than this cunt.
  12. Except the part where he almost went to Chelsea. Steve Gerrard, Gerrard He kisses the badge on his chest Then puts in a transfer request Steve Gerrard, Gerrard
  13. I might go down to Columbus when he plays the Crew just to laugh at him and boo him for 90 minutes.