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  1. Piazza

    Fifa 20

    Same. It’s like when someone with an Android phone texts me and I have to see the ugly ass green bubbles.
  2. I swear to fucking Christ if I don’t get to raise my fucking Chongers...
  3. Piazza

    Fifa 20

    I don’t want to hear excuses about how it’s 5am in Spain and you’ve been drinking for thirteen hours straight after I beat you with my beloved Vancouver Whitecaps.
  4. Piazza


    A few years from now we’ll get to watch the documentary about how New England used Drew Rosenhaus to get AB to flip the fuck out and force them to cut him so they could get him for free.
  5. Piazza


    Fire Up Chips is what we/they say at Central Michigan University. It’s our Aupa Athletic/allez les blues etc. I was saying it in approval of AB getting out of Oakland, I would like to retract that statement as he’s probably a rapist.
  6. Piazza


    Disregard this.
  7. Piazza

    EURO 2020 qualifiers

    I care infinitely more about how many caps Sergio Ramos ends up with.
  8. I was born in July of ‘91 so probably a tie between every top flight English game of the first week of the 91/92 season as it was the final season before the Premier League era.
  9. Piazza

    Jesse Lingard 2019/20

    How do you know that means he doesn’t want to work on his game? I’m gonna take a page out of your book and say Nirav made a bullshit post that was pure conjecture which just shows he wants to post hot takes and not make salient points backed by evidence. Should be banned to a Sheffield Wednesday forum where he belongs. Also the number 7 is totally fucking meaningless, it’s a marketing ploy that morons fall for. We gave it to Michael Owen
  10. Piazza


    Fire up Chips.
  11. Yeah countless, Hangelaand etc.
  12. Dest was on our U-21 WC team and started, IDK wtf the USSF is ever doing tho in regards to the full senior squad
  13. Fuck you for not including Tim Weah.
  14. Piazza

    Serie A 2019/2020

    What an accomplishment, predicting Italians would be racist. What’s next, they’ll use garlic in their cuisine?
  15. Piazza

    Serie A 2019/2020

    Just because the huge penis song is less racist than making monkey noises doesn’t mean it isn’t racist or that it’s okay. Heaven forbid we hold ourselves to a higher standard than fanbases that threw bananas at Mario Balotelli until he scored against Germany.