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  1. You have a daughter, dude, come the fuck on. The British Empire was built hundreds of years ago, this isn’t at all the same situation and you clearly know that. Their own aren’t complaining because if they are they’ll be executed. Just like any journalist who tries to report on things there. Just admit you guys care more about whether or not this football club is good rather than human suffering. Admit you’re all tremendous pieces of shit and just keep it moving.
  2. What the fuck are you talking about?
  3. Apples and oranges dude. Every penny you put into this club will be funneled into a despot’s pocket and used to make people suffer. It doesn’t matter how much you love the club, you buy a shirt, a ticket, etc. you will be funding a despot.
  4. I’m not slating Rashford so much as I’m slating fucking idiots who think it’s okay for a player with damn near 200 senior appearances to be this unbearably unpolished. “Putting in a shift” and “caring” does not make you fucking good. The only good points you made were just repeating what I said. Also, next time, quote me you fucking coward. No one gives a fuck how hard you “support” the club, either. You act like I’m fucking commenting on his instagram every time he misses, you delusional fuck. I’m sorry your favorite player isn’t nearly as good as you or I wish he was but deal with it man.
  5. Yeah man Malcolm Glazer definitely financed the murder of journalists and the burning of women’s faces with acid. “CIA STENCH” what the fuck are you, Alex fucking Jones? Oh, also, stop typing in all caps you geriatric, fat fucking loser. This is why your family won’t miss you when you drop dead of a heart attack.
  6. Probably but you’ll have to pay the moral debt of the club you support (and every penny you spent on it) being used to make people forget that the Saudis who would be buying our club are basically the worst people on Earth. So spend away if you love rape, murder, terrorism, and every other human rights atrocity these pieces of shit commit. Who cares tho if we sign Sancho right
  7. I love the way Trashford spams stuff that works once every six months. This guy takes every fucking free kick and puts it into row Z 99% of the time but has dibs based on what? Less than one FK goal per season? He became obsessed with shooting from distance to try and force rebounds after Paris last year too. As if Lukaku scoring that goal had anything to do with his cannon of a shot and not the fact that Gigi Buffon is 900 years old and Lukaku was in the right spot at the right time. You people who rate this guy as anything better than “fine” are fucking insane or just blinded by his pace and place of birth or something. Look at other fanbases’ opinions of his. He isn’t good. Open your fucking eyes. His touch is shit, he can’t finish, doesn’t hold the ball up well. He makes good runs and is very fast and I’m sure he’d score a lot more if we had any creativity from midfield at all but he would struggle be the 5th best attacking player on Liverpool or City.
  8. That’s what I’m saying. David Beckham had a line at H&M too. Him shoehorning his nickname for himself onto all of his ugly ass merch is next level cringe. No one in the history of Earth has ever called him “JLingz.” The only things he’s been referred to as are; Jesse, Lingard, Jesse Lingard, and “that guy who just gave the ball away again”
  9. If you’re going to start a clothing line with such ugly merch that you’re basically leaning on being a famous person for it to be successful, shouldn’t you be good at football or at least handsome?
  10. I fucking hate “zed” so much. You god damn Commonwealthers make me fucking sick.
  11. “Judas” actually slaps hard as fuck.
  12. The thing is none of those guys are good enough to warrant any real offers so it won’t matter.
  13. Two absolute fucking cancers who had long overstayed their respective welcomes, the latter of which will probably be drawn and quartered by Ultras if he ever returns from loan.