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  1. Everyone namedropping a bunch of washed up has-beens who haven’t posted here in years and no one names the king. Bunch of bitches, all of you I swear.
  2. That’s what I’m saying. David Beckham had a line at H&M too. Him shoehorning his nickname for himself onto all of his ugly ass merch is next level cringe. No one in the history of Earth has ever called him “JLingz.” The only things he’s been referred to as are; Jesse, Lingard, Jesse Lingard, and “that guy who just gave the ball away again”
  3. If you’re going to start a clothing line with such ugly merch that you’re basically leaning on being a famous person for it to be successful, shouldn’t you be good at football or at least handsome?
  4. Two absolute fucking cancers who had long overstayed their respective welcomes, the latter of which will probably be drawn and quartered by Ultras if he ever returns from loan.
  5. Piazza

    Fifa 21

    I’ve been enjoying manager mode so far, about halfway through a league 2 season with Forest Green Rovers. The interviews are a little tedious and if you skip a few the squad’s morale falls off a cliff so those are my only real complaints. I’ve heard the Be a Pro thing is glitchy as hell so I’m waiting for it to be patched before I try it.
  6. Piazza

    Angel Gomes

    Maybe ingest some carbohydrates so you have glycogen stores to use to be able to perform at a professional level too.
  7. Piazza

    Angel Gomes

    Patently false man. I was only fat for the 07/08 season, and from 2014-15. From 2009-12, 16-present I’ve looked/look phenomenal (especially compared to the rest of you).
  8. Piazza

    Angel Gomes

    You all = all twelve residents of this forum.
  9. Piazza

    Angel Gomes

    No fucking wonder all of you look like shit.
  10. Piazza

    Angel Gomes

    My expectations for this forum when it comes to fitness and health knowledge are so low the fact you’ve managed to let me down is actually quite an accomplishment.
  11. Piazza

    Angel Gomes

    You’re like fuckin’ 40 years old and so is everyone else here so just say “cunt,” cunt.
  12. Piazza

    Angel Gomes

    Honestly the shit I’ve read in this thread and the Chong thread further proves our fanbase is comprised of 99% cunts and we fucking totally deserve this misery. I hate all of you pieces of shit, fuck you.
  13. Real Madrid look absolutely fucking terrible. Zero shots on target against Neymar and Mbappéless PSG.
  14. Piazza

    Fifa 21

    Same. It’s like when someone with an Android phone texts me and I have to see the ugly ass green bubbles.
  15. Piazza

    Fifa 21

    I don’t want to hear excuses about how it’s 5am in Spain and you’ve been drinking for thirteen hours straight after I beat you with my beloved Vancouver Whitecaps.
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