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  1. I’m taking Martinez’s save over all of them because he left his line and charged down the shot, made all the more amazing by him somehow avoiding tripping over his own massive cock and balls which must be cumbersome to say the least.
  2. Griez and Lloris must be the only guys who remember that Benzema is a fucking pedo.
  3. We will win every game at least 5-0
  4. Massive success here for the growth of the game. Our team played well enough, and the final consisting of two superstars both having world class performances is major as well for a country ran by individual superstars. Tremendous success and I look forward to catching matches in 2026 in person.
  5. A couple of things I think will get lost to history a bit from today are the sheer quality of the goals that were scored from open play, and the fact that we saw the greatest save in the history of football. Unbelievable save in a vacuum but considering it was in the 123’ of the World Cup fucking final in a tie game makes it the greatest moment in the history of goalkeeping IMO.
  6. England gotta be the ugliest group of cunts I’ve ever seen, holy shit what a bunch of buck-toothed inbred mouth-breathers.
  7. Some truly horrendous pens there.
  8. Somewhere from Hawaii to Maine, Alaska to Key West, let there be a 16 year old kid who can play as a #9 in four years time.
  9. Put your money on the Stars and Stripes.
  10. I agree. We genuinely have a phenomenal midfield and great attacking players, but very little in terms of a good #9. Most our 9s are from MLS along with Zimmerman and it shows they’re collectively our biggest holes. I also personally think Tim Ream absolutely fucking sucks but most people think he’s competent. That being said we still haven’t conceded from open play. If we finish well we’re 100% in the tier of team that can beat anyone. We have to be comfortably in the second tier of nations now with like the Croatias, Denmarks etc. teams where if everything goes right can fuck around and win
  11. This is sadly exactly what I picture the match being as well.
  12. You’d assume that because you’re dumb as fuck. Tyler Adams is the greatest footballer of all-time, and we have the LeBron James of soccer!
  13. We let them have it so we could knock off the Dutch.
  14. How about you bow to this grown ass dick?
  15. Not to be dramatic but if USA doesn’t win today I’m gonna fucking kill someone.
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