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  1. On 21/06/2023 at 19:43, hdcantona said:

    Still look at the money Man City got last summer for three players who hadn’t played a league minute, almost £30m

    but I digress, it’s clear our academy has been neglected badly and it’s only the ones we buy in like garnacho and then bring through for a year or two that have significant success of late 

    Bazunu had played almost 100 senior games at 20 for Shamrock Rovers, Rochdale, Portsmouth and Ireland combined. He's one of the best young GK prospects in world football. £12 million was a steal. 

    They overpaid for Larrios tbf.

    ten Hag managed Utrecht before Ajax, so maybe he's doing them a favour. There's a big sell-on clause included. If he impresses and moves to a bigger club like Ajax, United will get a few million.


  2. 2 hours ago, aardvarked said:

    At £55m+ Mount is a borderline Maguire tier transfer. 

    We will never learn. 

    ten Hag wants to bring back the 90's United. He's embraced the DNA.

    Casemiro, Mount and Bruno together is the opposite of ball retention and buildup play. They're going to run around a lot and games will be open and chaotic. When it works, it'll look great. But when it doesn't... United are going to stink up the gaff. 

    Onana might limit some of the chaos.






  3. Just now, PVAD said:

    Made his 200th International appearance and scored the winner. 

    He'll definitely play the Euros next year. Portugal can't be underestimated but I don't believe they'll win it.

    If they don't he'll bring the curtain down on his international career I can't realistically see him at the 2026 WC ....stranger things have happened though.

    No matter what your opinion on him you have to give this man credit for incredible desire & passion for the game. Still scoring and celebrating as it's his first.

    He's holding Portugal back in the long term. Roberto Martínez being a cuck for him is the worst thing that could have happened to Portugal.

    Santos knew it was best to move on from Ronaldo. Gonçalo Ramos and Rafael Leão are what their future should be.

    2026 is 3 years away. There's no way he can be a stater at 41. I think he'll retire at 40.

  4. 14 hours ago, Gary said:

    Rodri named POTT for the Euros. Every time the guy walks on the field he gives a master-class. Can't see past him

    Nations League, you mean.

    Sneijder won a treble with Inter in 2010 and reached a World Cup final. He didn't win it.

    It's mainly an individual award. Goalscorers and attackers generally win it.

  5. 16 hours ago, hdcantona said:

    laughably low amount even if the sell on is 20% plus, he will go for 30m plus within three years, would be a good long term deeper mid player too

    but they clearly planned on selling him which is why mainoo inexplicably got the nod over him in hindsight, spiteful of club not to release him to the u20 World Cup too imo 

    The whole hierarchy needs a clean out though some sources have told people that a lot of this is the glazer influence still affecting those higher ups, Joel is basically a cancer on the football operations by all accounts, we desperately need new owners 

    By the club, you mean ten Hag. Mainoo has a higher ceiling.

    The reality is that nearly every United U18/U21 player is overhyped. Mejbri is 20 now and was bought for big money from Monaco. He's been in and out of the Birmingham team and hasn't really done anything of note for Tunisia from 20+ caps. He will generate decent money compared to Iqbal, but he's obviously not near PL level at present.

    The best of the lot and most likely to make an impact at PL level is Garner. He did well for Everton when he finally got fit and had a run of games under Dyche.

  6. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/manutd-sheikh-jassim-qatar-solskjaer-30261919

    Unless it's a club ambassador role, then it's a ridiculous idea.

    It's a conflict of interest if it's any role involving the first team. He signed and managed lots of the current players.

    I see that some people are saying that he would make a good DOF due to his "talent ID" from his time in charge.

    United literally signed AWB, Maguire and Dan James for £140-145 million under him. LOL.

    People see that we were linked with Haaland and Caicedo when they were still unknown. Well, duh. He worked with Haaland at Molde. Of course he knew about him. Caicedo would have been scouted by the club's South American scouts. You can't credit Ole for that.

    Amad and Pellistri were signed 3 years ago and have yet to make a significant breakthrough at 1st team level. Multiple loans. Amad was a significant investment that can still rise further if add-ons are met.


  7. 13 hours ago, rezzy said:


    3 years on from my first Kenny out, still one of the worst managers ive seen for Ireland, worst record, worst winning percentage and he's still not done fuck all with these young players.

    Sack the useless prick already. 

    The amount of Irish fans whiffing that copium. Its not gonna improve, hes not gonna get better. 

    Yeah, he needs to go. But we don't have any money. We can't offer a good manager a decent salary. Kenny is on 500k a year.

    This proposed €690 million FAI initiative could change that. The government might not play ball though. It's a very ambitious 15 year plan. It's needed to undo John Delaney's poor decisions and greed.

    Some of LOI academies like Rovers and  Pat's are already doing good work with limited resources. Ireland U17s did well at the recent U17 European Championship. 

    We do have some very good teenage prospects in Melia, Orazi, Razi, Curtis, Abankwah, Ferizaj, Zefi, Vata, Moran and Ferguson.

    Some of them are eligible for multiple nations, so we will need to tie them down early when the time comes.

    This is a poor group of Irish players currently. There's huge potential with the likes of Bazunu, Collins and Ferguson. But others like Knight have stagnated at club level. We need more quality at CM. Cullen had been good for us, but poor in 2023 (for Ireland). Molumby is just a workhorse. He's aggressive and presses well, but is limited on the ball. Knight hasn't found a position at Derby. Playing everywhere has stunted his CM potential. He looked a real player 2 years ago before Derby's financial problems. He needs a good Championship move this summer. Smallbone can at least take a good set-piece and has a good right sided cross in his locker. He's been a positive.

    Hopefully we can get Joe Hodge tied down before he does a Tom Cannon. He will probably have a breakthrough loan next season.

    It'll take years for us to get good again.



  8. 1 hour ago, nirav said:

    He may leave and rightfully so if he wants. 

    He has been a good servant of the club. He has not performed upto the levels recently but that does not take away from his good years at the club.

    He's arguably been as bad as good at United. He was dodgy during his initial 18 months.

    Half of 12/13, 13/14, 14/15, 15/16 and 17/18 were his best seasons.

    18/19, 19/20 20/21, 21/22 and 22/23 were trash seasons.

    He was average during 16/17. Romero was the Europa League GK.



  9. 26 minutes ago, Albert Quixall said:

    He's only 24. Not too old to accept coaching and training in a new system. I still say he is well worth a punt but we'd need a better set of defenders in front of him than Maguire and Lindelof, just to compensate. If Qatar take over, Mbappe might be convinced to come here but maybe the prospect of setting records in the "best league in the world" isn't appealing to him. Love to see him in a United shirt though.

    He wouldn't be cheap. He's one of the most high profile goalkeepers in the world. Maignan, his replacement at Milan, is better. I'd spend big on him.

    Donnarumma is what he is now. He's 24, but has been playing senior football since the age of 16. He's the equivalent of a 30 year old GK experience wise.

    I hope Mbappé goes to Real. That's a club worthy of his stature.

  10. 27 minutes ago, Albert Quixall said:

    Donnarumma, with good coaching, can be all of those things. He knocked back Real for money and I think they've now set their sights on Haaland at some point. If Qatar takes over, who knows?

    He's not going to become a good passer at this stage. His distribution tonight vs Spain was really bad. It's not natural to him. He's got the presence of Courtois, but isn't a modern GK.

    Mbappé can go anywhere he wants on a free transfer next summer. If he does become available, Real won't turn that down. PSG's best bet is to sell him now.

  11. 20 minutes ago, hdcantona said:

    I'm seeing Messi listed which is hilarious since he was largely phoning it in and dreadful by his standards outside of a few of the WC games

    Clear winner.

    41 goal contributions from 41 games for PSG this season.

    Haaland blew it by failing to score in the big games during the run-in. He only scored in one of City's final 9 games (played in 8 of them). Going full Darwin has probably killed his chances.

    Messi scored twice in a WC final. Big moments like that are what people will remember.

  12. 1 hour ago, Albert Quixall said:

    And a few others; some we can't give away. Maguire must go as well as Sancho. I'd be tempted to let Lindelof go too and Fred. DDG will probably stay but we should get in Donnarumma if possible. If the Qatari's take over, raid PSG and get Mbappe.

    Donnarumma has been poor since joining PSG. His distribution is as bad as De Gea's. He's better aerially, but that isn't enough. United need a GK who is competent at everything.

    Mbappé doesn't like the idea of joining United, apparently. That's from one of the best French journalists. Qatar proposed it to him. But if they throw enough money his way...

  13. 10 minutes ago, PVAD said:

    Wanting to and winning are 2 entirely different things.

    Treble Winners versus a newly promoted Championship side irrespective if it's Kompany & all that bollocks  ..seriously get fucked... not in month of Sundays but love your optimism. 😂

    Had they been playing a trash Championship team like Coventry, yeah.

    Brentford won their 1st PL game of the season in 2021. This Burnley team are possibly the best ever Championship side. Of course City should win, but it won't be a walkover.

    Fulham drew 2-2 at home with Liverpool on the opening weekend last season .

    Bournemouth beat Villa 2-0 at home on the opening weekend last season.

    Forest beat West Ham 1-0 in their 1st home game of the season. 

    Newly promoted teams will be buzzing on opening weekend. Teams won't want to visit Luton's ground early on.


  14. 1 hour ago, PVAD said:

    Announced this morning.

    Home start v Wolves for us.

    Chelsea v Liverpool the standout fixture and Kompany faces his old club at home. Typical City getting a give me first game.


    How is Burnley away an easy game? Kompany will want to win.

    Wolves at home is a much easier opening game for United you red tinted fuck.

  15. 4 minutes ago, Albert Quixall said:

    What the fuck did I just watch? A nerd messing about with statistics and something silly on a game board. Fuck all of this over-analyzing.  Football is a simple game made tediously complex by all the experts, commentators, and match pundits. People spend more time listening to this pseudo-intellectual crap than they do watching the actual game.

    It's not as simple as Roy Keane and Graeme Souness like to paint it. But it's also not as complicated as tactical "experts" online like to portray either.

    But yeah, @hdcantona is a nerd himself.


  16. 7 minutes ago, TFIA said:

    They’re an amazingly well run outfit because of the financials.

    Lots of clubs have money and resources.

    United have spent a lot of money poorly on players and staff.

    PSG haven't been able to match City's level despite similar ownership.

    Hiring Txiki Begiristain in 2012 changed everything for them. He's been key.


  17. 32 minutes ago, John Locke said:

    Depends how long long pep decides to stay. What is certain is that unless our beloved club starts to pull it's finger out soon especially when it comes to ownership and club structure then we havent got a hope in hell of winning a title in the next 20 years. Already we're seeing alarm bells ringing with regards to our transfer dealings. 

    City have a good structure in place.

    They will probably hire Arteta as his replacement. He'll have built up enough experience by then.

    Unless he really loves Arsenal and wants emulate Wenger.

    De Zerbri with money could be interesting. He already has Brighton playing Pep-esque football. He's only 44.

    I wouldn't rule out Nagelsmann either. He's still only 35. Bayern were hasty. He could be a top coach by the time he's in his 40's.


  18. 46 minutes ago, 1Day said:

    City is more about Pep,less about the players 

    He has a habit of making players better.

    Most of the players who play under him have had their best ever seasons while being coached by him. Not all. But most.

    Pep adapted a lot this season.

    He moved away from Zinchenko and Cancelo as full-backs in favour of more defensively sound defenders like Aké, Akanji and Walker.

    He played with a traditional CF in Haaland after two seasons of playing with a false #9 or wide forwards.

    He also played with a pivot instead of a lone DM after The World Cup.

    He's won 12 league titles from 15 attempts as a manager. He's the closest thing to SAF that we have seen. And tbh, he's a better tactician. Fergie has other qualities.

  19. 1 hour ago, Deez Nutz said:

    Nor me, would be different if it was the Scoucer's. I also think we know we're A badly run and the gulf won't be breached until things change at the very top. It's the Gooner's that should be crying that they handed the title to citeh

    Only because you're a London Red and part-time Brentford fan.

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