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  1. 20 minutes ago, hdcantona said:

    Not convinced by Fernandez or Amad yet, need another loan imo, mainoo and kovar convince me though, Hannibal certainly has the mindset but I’m on the fence 

    Hannibal is overrated by United fans in general, for me.

    He's 20.5 years old and did just okay at Birmingham last season. Garner was more impressive at Forest last year.

    He has only registered 1 assist from 24 caps for Tunisia.

    United spent €5 million to prize him away from Monaco at the age of 16.

    And tbh, these friendlies mean very little. Charlie Savage was hyped last summer.


  2. 18 minutes ago, PVAD said:

    I mean seriously.

    Told you guys last season Ten Hag has lost the plot completely.

    Impressed him so may look at signing him on a longer deal. Nothing against 35 year old Evans but again just sums the complete fuckery that is Man Utd.

    Absolute joke of a club.

    De Gea and Jones leaving the club this summer meant that the final remains of the 2013 PL winning team had been vanquished.

    So you just knew that they would opt to bring in some Yanited DNA.

    From Kim Min-jae to Jonny Evans....





  3. 13 minutes ago, PVAD said:

    Quite right too..men getting a raw deal again.

    I don't care what anyone says men get crucified on fucking scurrilous claims and it's happening time and time again.

    Does anyone give a fuck about men's mental health when hauled over the coals like this. In Giggs' case 3 years of your life in limbo and in Mendy's 2.

    That's yet another high profile case where the accused has been cleared but good old social media being judge and jury the sanctimonious fucks!! 

    Are you that naive?

  4. 2 hours ago, TFIA said:

    Agreed new 5 year deal according to Ornstein.

    Our fans creaming themselves. They never fucking learn. 

    • *30 goals 
    • 25 years old
    • Mancunian
    • Academy graduate
    • England international 
    • Humanitarian
    • Philanthropist 

    *Should be 29

    Rashy is a wet dream for the United marketing team. He had them over a barrel.

    More lucrative offers from PL teams and abroad according to Ornstein. 


  5. 19 minutes ago, CB78 said:

    I wouldn’t say dying, Football is just a part of the mental, horrible changing world we’re living in - carnage, power grabs & division everywhere you look

    it’s the fourth turning / times are a changing 

    My view-    

    Saudi - one season is fine, there’s always the mercenary’s but Saudi will need to keep paying like that for another 2/3/4 decades before any chance of competing with Europe;  Culturally/Historically/Morally miles behind 

    Mendy & Greenwood - I wouldn’t be hugely vocal in supporting either (especially when murky) but neither do I want to see frenzied witch hunts & guilty via social media-  (people seem to prefer that theses days)  I prefer balanced decision making based on all the facts?  (If possible)  


    PIF aren't running out of money any time soon. They'll slowly buy control of all the major sports. They've acquired Golf this year.

    Greenwood's isn't really murky. You keep saying that. It wouldn't have taken over 18 months to settle the Greenwood issue if it was a misunderstanding. It's still ongoing. The club don't know what to do. Harriet didn't co-operate. Quite common with regards to domestic abuse victims. Having a kid is very convenient for him. No innocent man stays with someone who tried to ruin his life. Let's face it, he's gotten away with it. An interview with Harriet defending him awaits. Then he returns. 

    Mendy's was easier to defend due to a lack of physical evidence. Most of the girls were escorts. Much easier to tarnish their reputation. We'll never know. It's very difficult to prove rape. He might have had consensual sex 99% of the time. But it only takes one "no" to be a crime. His defence played a blinder. The system is flawed. But, by the law, he's a free man.



  6. Look at the way its heading...

    The Middle East are starting to push for full control of the sport. City, PSG, Newcastle, etc. United could be next.

    They might not even have to buy European clubs. Saudi Arabia are pushing hard for European based players. And while it was initially older players or ones near retirement (Ronaldo, Benzema, etc.), they're now securing players in their prime such as Rúben Neves, SMS, Brozović and Jota (Celtic). People will watch it if enough good players join. It'll take time, but the landscape is changing.

    Putting the Saudi thing aside, it's shocking just how tone-deaf footballers are. Benjamin Mendy somehow evaded jail, and you have multiple famous players backing him publicly. 10 women can't all be liars, surely. Memphis, Pogba and Grealish are some of his most vocal supporters. Then you have the Greenwood situation too. Current and former United players liked his recent Instagram reveal.

    It's getting to a stage where the people involved in football are so rich and morally corrupt, that fans just can't relate to them. It's a different world that they live in. Different rules in every possible way.


  7. The child is born.

    They've both posted a photo on Instagram. With comments disabled.

    What a dysfunctional family to be born into. Just bizarre.

    I think he'll end up playing for United this season. He was photographed training with Elanga the other day. A loan abroad is difficult due to the child. 

  8. 15 hours ago, hdcantona said:

    Onana looks close to done, looks like 48+5 or 50+3 in euros, either way 53 million euros total if the add ons hit (around £45m), so about £100m on upgrading GK and midfielder, still need a striker and really a long term varane replacement and deeper mid option but depends on outgoings heavily and how the youth get on




  9. 33 minutes ago, hdcantona said:

    this is nothing, there is a near 2 hour compilation on De Gea, you basically can't see another prem player's compilation without a de gea error popping up in it

    City fans complain about Ederson which is absolutely hilarious, sure he's no Alisson but good god have they seen our gk in recent years? 

    That fax machine was the best night of twitter ever but was absolutely disastrous for us as a club

    The 1st Onana error is going to hit like no other. I will be there no matter what.

    Ederson finally stepped up in The CL this season.

    De Gea was always a fraud. I used to say that even when he was deemed world class. Bruno Fernandes is the new De Gea of the team. The United fan base will cling to any crumb they can get.

  10. 53 minutes ago, TFIA said:

    Going from De Gea to Onana is just hilarious.

    Shows how he must have been forced on ETH last year when the club had other priorities but it was obvious even then that we should move on. That the club even had an offer on the table for De Gea says everything.

    Onana will have problems but he’s at the opposite end of the spectrum to De Gea stylistically. The FA Cup/CL finals against City showed everything about both of them. De Gea with a disasterclass while Onana was a weapon.


    You thought you killed the man, but not the idea.

  11. 10 hours ago, Burns92 said:

    It's going to be a three way fight between Arsenal, Pool and City this season. All the signs of Arsenal winning it this time are there, they have filled in the gaps which caused their collapse last season.

    @OYou missed Partey in your squad line-up. Signing Trossard and Jorginho in January were great moves in hindsight now, shows you how well planned all this is.

    I don't think I'll ever see us be able to pull off something like or what Liverpool did between 16/17 to 18/19 where they built the title winning squads.

    They're rumoured to be cashing in on Partey. He just turned 30 and is one of their biggest earners. Plus, the allegations from last year are still hanging over him. He's a very good player and they would probably be better off keeping him, but I can see why they would cash in. 

    They're linked with Lavia as well. 

    Saliba just signed a new contract until 20227 with a 1 year option. Edu really is earning his money this summer.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Albert Quixall said:

    It was an interesting time. Sanchez was a busted flush when he signed. He'd lost whatever pace he had and he looked lost for most of the time. Another touch of Woodward's genius for signing players based on whether they were good for the commercial department.

    It was a good concept at the time. Classic United post Ferguson though. It looks hilarious now that he stunk the place out.

    Mount's is another concept that could backfire. He's just not a player you would associate with the #7. Huge pressure on him now. He must have some cojones. 

  13. 32 minutes ago, hdcantona said:

    I do wonder if a top striker may have been more impactful than some of their choices but the market in that sense seems buggered, they have spent a lot of money but built well, pressure on arteta to deliver some silverware now, at least they shouldn’t be collapsing due to a lack of depth 

    Arsenal are like City pre Haaland.

    They have multiple goal threats. Every player in those front 5 positions is capable of scoring 10+ goals a season.

    It'll be fascinating to see what Arteta does with Havertz. Like Mount, he's still only 24. He should be an upgrade on Xhaka in the attacking #8 position. Chelsea didn't use him correctly.

    Saliba's injury killed them last season. Timber is a massive upgrade on Holding. Gabriel deserves to keep his spot after a very good season, but Timber will eventually put pressure on Gabriel and White for a starting position. Like Pep, I could see Arsenal using a 3-4-2-1 with multiple centre backs. Players like Zinchenko, Tomiyasyu and Timber have the versatility required.

    No trophies yet, but it's a really impressive rebuild under Arteta and Edu.

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