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  1. He's a strange player tbh. At United, it's as if he feels like he needs to express himself more. It means he has a bigger influence in the final 3rd, but it also leaves the team more open. He's getting dribbled past a lot for an elite DM: 5 times vs Chelsea (H) 2 times vs West Ham (A) 6 times vs Brighton (A) 3 times away to Spurs (A) 6 times vs Brighton (FAC) 3 times vs Sevilla (A) The same goes for ground duels: Chelsea (H) - 46% Bournemouth (A) - 50% West Ham (A) - 38% Brighton (A) - 44% Spurs (A) - 25% Se
  2. Since records began in 2014. United have outperformed their expected points all season. As have Arsenal. Both by a decent amount. City are different gravy. Brighton and Newcastle impressive. Arsenal and United might both drop off next season due to such an over performance. It's not a perfect metric anyway. Penalties (always an xG of 0.79) skew it. And you get situations like Rashford who misses a chance with a value of 0.70, the rebound falls to him with a value worth 0.85, and suddenly one move is worth 1.55 overall. You kind of get rewarded for missing a big chance. At l
  3. Pep's system hasn't made them play bad football though. Stones is excellent on the ball. It's a 3-2-4-1 system that allows the 5 attacking players more freedom with less chance of getting caught on the counter. Pep has duel monsters like Walker, Aké and Akanji to stop counter attacks quickly. That's a nice tweak. Rodri and Stones are good 1st phase players. It's not like he has two destroyers in midfield.
  4. He's rich. He doesn't need the money. He would get another chance at a job. Look at Emery. Ole hasn't really looked to get back into management tbf. He's waiting for the right job. He's not a whore like Lampard. And he certainly isn't underrated. He was a terrorist who lowered the standards of the club, which has been reflected in the views of fans such as yourself. The crumbs that ten Hag is offering up are seen as gold. Mourinho was expected to compete with 100 points City. Pep and Mourinho locking horns again, but this time in England. Back when the fans still had hope and held
  5. Typical overreaction tonight. He was poor for most of the game. He completed 2 dribbled out of 6 and only wom 3 ground duels out of 9. He was dribbled past twice. He's weak physically. Some good passes in the 2nd half, but the game was very open. It didn't really tell us anything new about Sancho.
  6. Well, yeah. You're basically a Wish hdcantona. I'm not surprised that you're optimistic and brush aside the negatives. I don't see football the same way that you do. I've remained consistent with my criteria for all three managers since 2016.
  7. You're taking the piss. Nobody said let's go back to 1990. Ole was compared with Mourinho's 2.5 seasons. I see no reason why ten Hag can't be compared with Ole's 3 years. Basically, last season only fits your clear agenda. You don't fool me. I hate Ole with a passion. But you literally treat him like shit on the end of your shoe. Hahaha. It's literally a meme. Better to live and die by your principles than change to please the masses.
  8. I'm not sure why you think last season is the bar to compare it with, and not the previous few years overall. If you only compare it to last season, of course everything looks rosy. You were wrong about Liverpool and wrong about this. Chelsea were never going to win this game. They gave it a good go. ten Hag was announced as manager over 12 months ago, yet United are still playing football that's similar to the Ole era. They don't control games, they are still more comfortable during transition, and still give up chances to the opposition. 38% possession at home vs a young Che
  9. I think you judge everything off the xG ,and yours posts this season reflect that. I find it amusing that you are so rattled at the idea of United not being better than you think they are. This game is very similar to the 4-0 win on the opening day of the season in 2019. United won 4-0 and Chelsea hit the woodwork 2 times in that game, as well as missing other chances. Dan James with a lovely deflected debut goal that was heading for the corner flag.
  10. Funnily enough, he was dispossessed for the 2nd goal. The ball fell to Casemiro who then fed Sancho. A bit unlucky from a Chelsea POV.
  11. Well, it depends on what wat you look at football. Do you think United have now been the better team overall based on xG alone? Chelsea should have been 2-0 up at one point. If they do, it's a different game. Football is one of those sports where a dominant team doesn't always get rewarded. ten Hag obviously gabe them a bollocking at HT. 2-2 is probably a fair rflection of the game overall. United created two very high xG changes, Chelsea have created more big chances overall.
  12. The average age of this Chelsea team is 23.09 btw Take Azpilicueta out for Reece James and it would be 22.18 There is the makings of a good Chelsea team next season. Hall (18), Chukwuemeka (19) and Enzo (22) have done well.
  13. Having a bad game in general.
  14. SofaScore and FotMob. United have gotten away with it in plenty of games. Not just xG. Playing like shit and still winning. It's the DNA of United. Southampton away, Fulham in The FA Cup, this game. Just 3 examples of United winning while playing poorly.
  15. Mudryk's chance was 0.50 and the Havertz one was 0.31. Casemiro's was only 0.08 It's United (0.27) to Chelsea's (1.52) so far. Chelsea had a better xG than City in the last game also. They shaded it. ten Hag will get away with it again tonight.
  16. That's the whole point. They don't convert them. They have been creating chances all season. It was the same vs City. Mudryk has an amazing debut and has completely disappeared since it.
  17. How did anyone think Chelsea were going to score multiple goals? They literally have zero goals in that team outside of Gallagher and Havertz (who is pretty average in front of goal).
  18. Chelsea proving me correct. They should have went 1-0 up from what I'm told. United usually lose or draw when I don't watch. The only United loss I haven't watched live is Villa away. So it's in the bag tonight.
  19. Chelsea have drawn their last 5 games at Old Trafford. Their last win was 10 years ago. I think it'll be a draw at worst. I'm expecting a 2-0 win. Chelsea might huff and puff, but they just don't score goals. I think Fulham have a great chance at winning though. United will be thinking ahead to the final.
  20. La Liga though. What a league.
  21. You're not missing anything. You made a good post for once. Well done. Keep it up.
  22. Shaw hasn't been likeable since the 14/15 season.
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