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  1. Useful for when we face elite wide forwards.
  2. Both him and Andreas are often 1st on the scene during any skirmishes. PSG last season. Fred took no shit on that night either. And they often kick players who foul our less intimidating players e.g. James. When you’re 6ft 4” like McSauce, there’s nothing to fear.
  3. O


    Was an all action display from him tonight. Plays very well next to McTominay in the big games. I felt for him on the goal, as he had just cut out Vertonghen’s cross (despite Kane pushing him) and then quickly tried to get across to help Young deal with Dele. Solid 8.5/10 tonight.
  4. This should be his breakthrough season in terms of PL goals. Might reach 18-20 goals.
  5. O

    Paul Pogba

    Odegaard + cash would be the only acceptable swap deal.
  6. Was actually playing well under Mourinho near the end of his reign. Kept him in a job at one point. Has been trash under Ole. Maybe because Ole wants us to press and Mourinho didn't, which suited his laziness.
  7. Only reason why Kyle Walker has a career is his recovery play. We could use AWB in the same role if we could find a Alba/Robertson/Marcelo to play LB. Best and most realistic LB options for us are Alex Telles or Álex Grimaldo.
  8. Playing next to Lovren is no stroll.
  9. Keep: De Gea Romero Maguire Tuanzebe Lindelöf Rojo (squad player) Wan-Bissaka Williams Fred McTominay Lingard (squad player) James Rashford Greenwood Gomes Garner Laird Levitt (loan) Sell: Grant (release) Young (release) Bailly (release) Chong (release) Dalot (injury prone and we have Laird) Jones Shaw* Matić Pogba* Andreas Mata Martial* *Need to be replaced with quality players (LB, CM, ST).
  10. If we buy van Dijk to partner him, we might be okay.
  11. I actually think he's getting worse instead of better. He dug out one good cross and had a decent effort on goal. But my God, he doesn't cut it for a modern full-back. I think the old fashioned view that you're a defender first and foremost in the modern game is exactly that, outdated. Full-back is now arguably the most important and demanding position. Robertson and TAA aren't outstanding defenders, but they are phenomenal from a creative standpoint. Kimmich at Bayern is the exact same. Prime Marcelo. Suspect defensively.
  12. We bought a dud. He's a Rugby player posing a footballer. Can't even chip in with the odd goal without fouling.
  13. I think that game summed him up. Was basically anonymous in the 1st half and barely involved for the majority of the game. But when he can be arsed to get on the ball or show for it, he manages to get a shot in or threaten their back four. It's not a lack of ability. It's his mentality, work ethic and desire. The recent Daniel Taylor article for The Athletic was spot on. I would sell him next summer.
  14. Chong's confidence at 1st team level is very low. That's his issue. Gets stage fright. He's the type of player that will leave and do well for himself at midtable club. Wouldn't be surprised if he has a career similar to Josh King. And we mustn't forget that he suffered a terrible ACL injury in 2017, so he missed a year of development at the age of 17. He might have to adapt his game. It would be best for him to join a French or German club where he will play every week, build confidence and find his way as a player. I'd love if we could buy Stengs from AZ Alkmaar and convince
  15. Already is. Top 5 in his position. Messi, Salah, Ziyech, Sancho and Mahrez.
  16. He should do what Evans and Fletcher did. Join a midtable club, regain his confidence and try to stay fit. If you think that way about yourself, this club is not for you.
  17. We are counter attacking side, so we don’t have to play through teams. We wait for spaces to open up and try to get in down the sides, which James is very good at exploiting. Of course, long term, you would want a more natural playmaker at AM. Someone like Maddison who can play the more difficult passes against disciplined teams. I prefer 4-3-3 anyway. The AM position is kind of dead in a 4-2-3-1, which is why players like Mata, Özil, Müller and James have struggled in recent years. Hybrid attacking midfielders who can play in a midfield three are the new in thing. Silva, De Bru
  18. He was simply good a few years ago. You knew him since Juve you lying fuck.
  19. Doubt he was looking to take on that Barcelona side. They were coming to the end of their cycle. He was building his next United side. van Persie/Chicharito Young/Welbeck———Kagawa/Januzaj———Nani/Valencia Carrick Herrera/Cleverley Evra/Shaw Evans Jones/Smalling Rafael De Gea Evra, Rio, Vidić and van Persie would likely have been phased out over the next 2 seasons beyond 2012/2013. Rooney sold in favour of Kagawa. So a new LB and CM x2 (Carrick ageing) would have been urgent signings. Januzaj was on the verge of his debut, so in his plan
  20. O

    Jesse Lingard

    This prick actually did well when he came on. The switch from 3 at the back helped. But he was fairly good on the counter. We could do with him chipping in with some goals like he used to. Starting on Thursday.
  21. O

    Paul Pogba

    Further proving the point.
  22. If anything, it's getting worse. lol. I've accepted that Rshford is a LF like Mané, and 15-20 goals a season is all we can ask for from him.
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