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  1. 5 hours ago, hdcantona said:

    It is relatively high spending compared to recent years and supposedly may not be done yet either, lot of moving parts to try and settle into a team, a new look midfield, I do wonder with pulisic what will happen given they have leao on the left (his best spot) and chukwueze for the right, unless they’re expecting a late big offer for leao maybe? 

    depth is hugely improved though, if enough of them click they should be really competitive but 8 or more additions to the first team squad may take some time to bed in

    Mostly sensible moves though players of a good profile and a lot with potential to grow still or kick on with a fresh start

    I think Milan will play 4-3-3 and rotate a lot.

    Romero could be a top player one day. He's already shown glimpses.

  2. What do you make of Milan's transfer business, @hdcantona?

    • Sportiello - Free transfer
    • RLC - €16 million + 4m
    • Munsah - €20 million + add-ons
    • Reijnders - €20 million + 5m
    • Pulisic - €20 million
    • Chukwueze - €20 million + 8m
    • Romero - Free transfer
    • Okafor - €14 million

    Certainly improves the squad depth.

  3. 9 hours ago, Albert Quixall said:

    According to the gutter press, Greenwood is in talks with Adidas in the hopes that they will green light his return to the fold. The club want him back and all is seemingly forgiven. They should have ripped up his contract months ago and washed their hands of him. I expect the women's team will be thrilled to see him back too.

    Adidas didn't let that rumour stick.

  4. 1 hour ago, CB78 said:

    Bit naive all the could’ve got Osimhen / Kane for a few quid more chat - 

    Few on here desperate for nxt stick to beat Ten Hagg, without coming up with better solutions,  hoping UTD have a poor season

    I think large chunk what fee is declared publicly is PR - appeasing fans etc.  it’s structure of deal that really matters, a lot of which isn’t made public

    good signing -  anyone who thinks we’re getting much better for much less living in f-wit Ten Hagg bashing cuckooo land 

    You are the most naive poster on the forum. lol.


  5. 3 hours ago, PVAD said:

    Max is on another level of late. 

    The records Red Bull and he have broke are phenomenal. Even in Hamiltons era of dominance he wasn't as consistent.

    Hamilton alleged stated he has 4/5 years still. His ego is getting the better of him wanting desperately to eclipse Schumacher as being the outright winner of the most championships. If I were him I'd bow out relatively still at the top.

    It's the car. Mercedes have lost their way, while Red Bull have found a way to produce a faster car.

    I hate Mercedes, so long may it continue.

  6. I've caught a few of the pre-season games.

    Chelsea have shown encouraging signs under Poch. They've streamlined the squad.

    The players brought in over the past 12 months or so have done well. Nicolas Jackson has been excellent. If he can bring that form to the games that actually count, Chelsea will finally have a ST.

    Maatsen has impressed after two good Championship loans. Casadei has shown glimpses of quality.






    They should push for top 4 if they can sign Caicedo and bring in another winger/wide forward.

  7. 1 hour ago, TFIA said:

    PSG have bid for Hojlund.

    Watch them get him for less lol.

    I still think that United will wait until Bayern have agreed a fee with Spurs for Kane, then match it.

    Højlund does want United, so that's the one thing they have in their favour.

    A 24/25 year old ST is ideally what United should have gone far. Højlund is a bit green, while Kane is 30. 

    I would have taken a chance on Openda. Leipzig signed him for €43 million.

  8. Just now, hdcantona said:

    We beat arsenal? Or do you mean this game?

    we have had some amazing pre season performances before that led to nothing, and I remember losing to sporting Kansas city when we won the league in 10/11 (berba scored a pen) I take a lot more note of individuals and any repeated / consistent patterns than anything else 

    Wrexham. That doped B team lost vs newly promoted Welsh trash.

    I really hope that United have a terrible season. But I actually think that they'll win the league. Comfortably as well.

  9. 8 hours ago, TFIA said:


    I think the consensus is that Mount is an overpay for a player in a contract year and Hojlund likely will be as well.

    They improve the squad sure but you’d expect more quality for the money spent. The striker options are abysmal. Ferguson’s “no value in the market” critique rings more true now than it ever did then. 

    Onana is a bit of a wildcard. Amrabat doesn’t feel like a Utd signing but could be decent business for the reported fee. 

    I never said that United fans were intelligent.

  10. 2 hours ago, hdcantona said:

    some spanish outlet says he'd "rather sit on the bench in paris, than go to saudi arabia" 

    But I think I'd sell out all my values for 700 million :L 

    It's just 1 season. Then he can join Real on a free.

    He'd be crazy not to take it.


  11. 10 minutes ago, hdcantona said:

    He's an obvious pick to be fair, other than maybe Martinez who's only been here a year, he's been the leader on field since he got here pretty much anyway and much like it didn't matter that maguire was captain it doesn't really matter who wears the armband imo 

    ETH was playing the hell out of him anyway so at least he's not now forced into playing someone else every week

    Tom Heaton would have been a better choice.

    Bruno will only have more license to moan now.

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