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  1. Get in! TOFFEES. Leeds and Leicester have several players that other clubs will be interested in.
  2. Not really. Ronaldo was gone before Weghorst was signed. They could have found a better loan option like Sabitzer for midfield. It was cute seeing you guys hyping it. It was Burnley's fault for not using him right. Haha. Classic. He'll probably score the winning goal next week to sign off.
  3. 4 minutes to go. Pickford just saved them.
  4. United will win this 1-0. City will win The CL final.
  5. Remember the good ol' days back in January... You and @CB78 trying to convince yourselves that it was a sane move.
  6. Brentford are hanging on vs City B. Palmer really should have equalised. An incredible sequence of defending.
  7. They've gone from 2-0 up vs Southampton to being 4-2 down. And now it's 4-4. They still have goals in them, but can't defend. TAA even gets exposed defensively in midfield, Fabinho isn't elite anymore, van Dijk has lost a yard of pace, etc. All factors. They need to buy a CB, DM and CM. Then they should be fine. L.Diáz-------------Gakpo--------------Salah Mac Allister----Henderson DM/Fabinho Robertson----van Dijk/CB---Konaté-----TAA Alisson
  8. Up against trash like Harry Wilson today. He's not going to outrun Malacia.
  9. They majority of RedCafe think he's world class.
  10. I don't think being English is a problem. There are several English midfielders who are good enough to play for a top 4 team. I actually think Jacob Ramsay would be a really good addition to Liverpool. He's ideal for a 4-3-3. High energy and has goals + assist in him. Joe Willock is the same. Perfect for pressing teams. If United played a 4-3-3, I think either of those two would be good. Newcastle wouldn't let Willock leave though.
  11. Mitrović has missed 4 out of 8 penalties this season. You'd think that Marco Silva would change the taker.
  12. Bruno Fernandes has a 62% passing accuracy so far...
  13. Barnes is a really good player. He's not as prolific as Rashford, but not far off him ability wise. I think Everton are going to bottle it. No DCL is huge. They need a hero to grab a goal from somewhere.
  14. What a bottle job from Mitrović. Fulham should have been out of sight. United will win it now.
  15. Final day predictions: Arsenal 2-1 Wolves Aston Villa 2-1 Brighton Brentford 1-1 City Chelsea 1-1 Newcastle Palace 2-0 Forest Everton 1-0 Bounremouth Leeds 2-1 Spurs Leicester 2-1 West Ham United 2-1 Fulham Southampton 1-3 Liverpool
  16. Luton could set a record low points tally next season unless they seriously invest in some players. 11 (Derby) is the record. They'll have to hope that Kenilworth Road is a ground that PL clubs don't want to visit.
  17. Horrible for Haller. Who knows what would have happened had he scored his penalty... But yeah, 71 points is a very low tally for a 34 game league. Bayern being poor has made it a more enjoyable top 4 battle though. Union Berlin were the wildcard this season, and Frieburg almost secured CL football too. Something different. It's crazy how low down clubs like Stuttgart, Schalke 04 and Werder Bremen are these days. They were competing for titles and cups in the 00's. Bayern should bounce back next season with a new tactical system built around Kimmich who is playing some sensation
  18. Mourinho sort of gambled it all on beating Ajax in 2017. He rotated a lot during the final few games. Guys like Mitchell, Harrop and McTominay made their debuts. United only took 5 points from 15. That should have been a top 4 finish.
  19. One day of Rio not being a tool is all I ask.
  20. Big FT accounts like these are a disease. How does he think Sancho has been a large factor behind these PL results. lol. He's largely been terrible. Even last night. Honestly, football is becoming a case of a goal/assist = good performance. Benzema - “We no longer bother to look at what a guy does on the pitch, only if he has scored”
  21. https://twitter.com/AverageStriker/status/1661867367830364161?t=Cp9_PUcD1Kx2EPYDGVY97g&s=19
  22. Ole played under Ferguson for the majority of his career. Football was less tactical. The way Souness and Keane talk about the 70's/80's and 90's sums it up. They were expected to just go out on the pitch and perform i.e. "do your job". Ole's management style was very much like that. Man manage players, delegate some tactical work to your coaches, and assume that your attacking players will outscore the opposition more often than not. A lack of control, very chaotic, etc. United are still struggling to move away from this identity completely. There are glimpses of controlled football at times,
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