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  1. Yeah, you pretty much said that in your last post. Still unsure as to how that makes one album better than the other. It doesn't mean much to me and I dare say it doesn't mean much to many other fans of hip hop. Rocky's album has great songs on it; good songs with and without features. Focus on the songs themselves, then you might be able to enjoy music a bit more. Good lad. 


    Q's album is good but for me it meanders too much and never really takes off the way his other work has promised. A few of the tracks are killer, for sure, but some just don't do much for me. Having read a few reviews of it lately I think that's been a common consensus. 


    PS: Kanye is the king of pop/rap.

    It's like talking to a Kangaroo. You don't seem to be understanding that the album was a disappointment. You actually think it was great, which is hilarious. It's been like a year. Nobody even knows who he is anymore. The album came and went. People are still talking about Kendrick. Oxymoron is doing big numbers and even critics are giving it favourable reviews and scores.

    Your last paragraph should be used to describe Long.Live.A$AP.

    Most number ones ever disagrees. Bigger numbers, more hits, radio play. Everything.

  2. You're argument doesn't make a whole lot of sense, bud. Rocky's album is not as good by default because a few of his songs have features on them? OK then. 6/12 songs on Oxymoron have another artist featuring on them, including the big "hit" Collard Greens, not to mention the fact that is the norm for pretty much every hip hop album ever made. /inb4 NWTS only has 3 songs with features!!!

    I can't hear a Drake influnce on Fashion Killa at all tbh. Suddenly, Jodye and LVL are all killer.

    Deluded fanboy.

    Who are the features on Oxymoron? A bunch of minor names outside of Kendrick (his label mate) and 2 Chainz. And maybe Tyler.

    It's not the norm at all. Rappers who can't fill an album do it. A$AP is nearly as bad as The Game for features. He got 2 Chainz, Drake and Kendrick (twice) on the album because he needed a hit, radio play, etc.

    2 Chainz guarantees hits (for whatever reason), Q even joked that's why get he got him on Oxymoron.

    Q has a song with 50 Cent (his idol) that didn't make the cut. That would be a guaranteed hit. It didn't fit with the album, so it didn't make it. That shows he's not all about the money. Kept his integrity.

    Fashion Killa has been slated for being a pop song. Who is the King of Pop mixed with Rap? Who toured with Drake and picked up a few lessons along the way? Come on, he copied a proven formula.

    Suddenly is good. The other two are trash. I liked the album overall but it won't stand the test of time. A solid 6/7, he didn't tell a story or say anything that hasn't already been said by a rapper before.

  3. He was defensive minded in Bayer. He has not forgotten how to play as a defensive midfielder. Anyway Vidal would be my dream signing and I think there is only a 10% chance we sign him so put Gundogan in his place. It's a nice team isn't it?

    That's not true. He scored 12 goals in an advanced position for Leverkusen in his last season.

    He can tackle but isn't a disciplined player who will just sit and hold in front of the back four. He'd be wasted there, given his ability to score goals and support the attack. He's the Yaya of Serie A. Better stamina levels though.

    Any team with Rooney in it is doomed.

  4. I'd say you'd be in the minority with that opinion, which seems to be a bit of a theme with you in this thread.


    I think it's a good album, just never hits the heights that I was expecting from it.

    Based on what?

    "Train" is one of the songs of the past year. Any song with 6 features on it is going to be a hit. Big K.R.I.T. Had the best verse. A$AP had the weakest verse of all 7 artists.

    "Fuckin' Problems" is another great track. He again had three of the biggest artists of 2012 as features on it. Another guaranteed hit. Two Kendrick features on the one album! Come on.

    ScHoolboy Q has the best verse on "PMW (All I really need)" and is probably my favourite track, excluding Train.

    "Ghetto Symphony" is dominated by Gunplay and even his own friend Ferg gives him a run for his money on the track and with his own debut album which had a lot less financial backing and publicity.

    Can he make a good song on his own? Goldie and Long live ASAP are good but similar.

    "Fashion Killa" couldn't be more wannabe Drake either.

    Oxymoron went straight to number one, which even Kendrick couldn't do. Q is no expert lyricst either but makes better songs of the same type than A$AP. And can at least make a good song without a feature.

  5. Yeah, because it's great. Definitely better than Oxymoron.


    The songs mostly just seem like they're building to something that never comes. Production is good at times, kinda boring at others.

    Oxymoron shits all over it. Especially on production.

  6. Not sure if I'm digging Oxymoron that much. 


    What They Want is pretty dope, even if 2 Chainz is on it, but it's not grabbing just yet.


    But you liked A$AP Rocky's? 


    Oxymoron is dope.


    "Man of the Year"

    "Break the Bank"

    "Collard Greens"

    "The Purge"

    "Hoover Street"


    All are great tracks. The production is some of the best around.

  7. Perhaps you'd prefer it if I used a grading system? Jagielka gets a C, Puyol at his best was a B+. 


    Vidic isn't done. He's not as good as he was before the injury against Basel, I'll give you that, but he's still capable of putting in a 9/10 performance. If anyone is 'done' it's Rio, because this season he's been a liability, and Nemanja's worst performances have still been better than all of Ferdinand's.  


    The 20 best centre-backs during Puyol's career, in no particular order...


    Nesta, Cannavaro, Rio, Vidic, Terry, Stam, Chiellini, Ramos, Lucio, Campbell, Desailly, Thiago Silva, Ayala, Thuram, Carvalho, Samuel, Hierro, Maldini, Materazzi and Kompany.


    Nesta, Rio, Vidić, Lúcio, Cannavaro, Carvalho and Kompany are the only ones better than Puyol during his career.


    The others were either coming to the end of their careers, out of their prime or simply not better than Puyol.


    Rio is nearly 36 years old. He was one of our best players last season. I think he should retire though, as his body can't cope anymore. Vida should be still in his prime, having only turned 32 in October. He's been done for over 2 years. Head tennis aside, he offers nothing and has been a liability in more games than he's been anywhere close to anything above a standard 7/10 performance. There's a reason why he's leaving, and it's a good one. Probably one of the only positives we/ve seen from Moyes.

  8. Thought England played well tonight.  Looked better when Rooney went off and they had :





    With the front 3 interchanging at will.


    Lallana was superb.  Really like the 4-3-3 England used today, hope Hodgson persists with it at the World Cup.

    Shrek is a burden alright.

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