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  1. We gave it a good go vs France last night. A wonderful save from Maignan at the death secured all 3 points for France. 2nd place is still up for grabs.
  2. His girlfriend, a journalist at BILD, was leaking information from inside the dressing room. Nagelsmann lost the respect of a number of players. They didn't feel that they could trust him. And his tactics were questioned. But yeah, ten Hag wouldn't have survived such a heavy defeat at the likes of Bayern, Barcelona or Real.
  3. You do realise that TLOU is a video game adaptation? It was very well done. Probably the best big budget adaptation in history. 99% of video games are butchered when turned into a movie. The ending was great. Joel did the right thing.
  4. Nagelsmann sacked as Bayern manager. Tuchel must be the favourite to replace him.
  5. Conte is expected to part ways with Spurs by the end of the week. Mourinho and now Conte... the Spurs DNA really is strong. Two serial winners reduced to dust. I don't think Brighton would appreciate a 2nd manager being poached so soon after Potter. Amorim, the Sporting manager, at the end of the season would be a good appointment if they can get him. Their best bet is probably trying to bring Poch back.
  6. O

    La Liga Thread

    Their best XI is probably: En-Nesyri B.Gill-------------------------Lamela Rakitić--------Jordán Gueye Acuña------Gudelj-----Nianzou----Montiel Bono It won't matter. A far cry from that 2018 side. The only joy that Sevilla could possibly have is exploiting Lisandro's lack of height, as En-Nesyri is brilliant aerially. I think the tie will be over at Old Trafford.
  7. Napoli are 19 points clear with 11 games left to play. They could have it won by matchday 32/33. They have Milan in The CL semi-finals. And they would then face the winners of Benfica/Inter if they progress. They have a very good chance at reaching the final.
  8. And rightly so. You can't win at OT with the ref against you. It's an accidental handball. He's double penalised for having an arm. A penalty is fine. A red card is ridiculous. It's Ole with better players. The team falls apart without a few key players like Lisandro, Varane and Casemiro. De Gea had one of his better games today tbf. Sigh.
  9. This fixture doesn't really matter after Spurs threw away 3 points vs Southampton. A draw will do United.
  10. Fulham were robbed of a penalty in the 1st half. Sending off Willian AND awarding penalty is double jeopardy. It should have been just a penalty Bruno was allowed to put hands on a linesman at Anfield. No consistency. United have gotten away with countless shit performances for most of 2023. The only surprise was that they didn't get Sheffield United in the SF draw, and that game hasn't been moved to Old Trafford due to Wembley renovations. That was one of Bruno's worst performances of the season... and he managed to score 2 goals. 9andes.
  11. VARchester United strikes again. Got away with murder today.
  12. Greenwood's is worse because everyone saw the evidence. It's still on Twitter. Partey's got thrown out early on a technicality. So it died down quickly. The girl has disappeared from Twitter. Greenwood's is so obviously dodgy. No innocent man willingly has a baby and gets engaged to a girl who falsely accuses him of rape and domestic abuse.
  13. United will have the tie put to bed in the 1st leg at home. Sevilla, like Betis, needed the 1st leg to be at home to have any chance.
  14. They're not having a very good season. Although they do have some good players. The 1st leg being at Old Trafford is a big advantage. They're much better at home.
  15. At least Arsenal went out. ten Hag had gotten a lot of luck in domestic cup draws. Mourinho will fancy his chances at reaching the final. Feyenoord are decent though. A repeat of last season's Conference League final.
  16. Real vs Chelsea Inter vs Benfica Milan vs Napoli City vs Bayern Napoli and Benfica will never get a better chance to do a Porto.
  17. He did well last season, but didn't build on it. I didn't rate him at Nice.
  18. What a goal from Pedro Gonçalves. It's that good, I wouldn't even blame a GK. Sporting have given Arsenal such a tough game. Their intensity is huge. This is exactly what Arsenal don't need while going for a league title. Early injuries and now ET. Ramsdale's kicking is pretty poor. De Gea-esque.
  19. Gabriel Jesus missed 4 months because of an injury. Smith-Rowe has only played 9 times this season because of a long term injury. Elneny has missed 26 games and counting. Zinchenko has missed 7 PL games through injury. Partey has missed 5 PL games through injury. He missed United away and City at home. Two of Arsenal's 3 defeats. Nketiah has missed the last 2 league games, so they played Trossard as a false 9.
  20. You probably shouldn't be leaving evidence like this online, bud.
  21. A midfield clinic from Kroos and Modrić.
  22. Shut up ya wee fanny. Soup is for pussies
  23. Haaland has a ridiculous ratio in The CL.
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