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  1. Atalanta are the most insane team in all of football. 87 league goals now. City dispatched of them quite easily in the group stages.
  2. Not sure why the commentary team thought it would be an OG? Once it's on target, it's never an OG.
  3. Mahrez's season has gone under the radar. We should have signed him 3 years ago.
  4. Rodri is brilliant at those near post headers. Always a threat from corners.
  5. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    We rarely win from losing positions under Ole. The Bournemouth win was only our 2nd comeback win this season, I believe. So scoring 1st is very important for us.
  6. Potter might be a good PL coach in the long term, but he should have done more with this squad. They have a better squad than Burnley and Sheffield Utd. Very inconsistent.
  7. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    Spot on. Particularly the bold.
  8. I wouldn't say good to watch. 35 goals scored before today. But Wilder, Nuno and Dyche can actually coach, unlike frauds like Ole and Lampard.
  9. Ole is the jammiest bastard in history.
  10. I transferred in Antonio last night and almost triple captained him. Coward.
  11. Fuck you. He'd be on a stretcher under your regime.
  12. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    LvG would have used him too. He didn't have him, he had Rashford who he had playing well. Ole is lucky that one of the best young talents in the history of the club fell onto his lap. Not Busby, not Ferguson, a PE teacher from Norway.
  13. Absolutely, Evra said someone needs to kick him up the ass constantly to keep him focused.
  14. We play the winners of Istanbul B or Copenhagen in the QF. Easy draw. Not travelling to Turkey or hostile crowd. Possibly Wolves or Sevilla in the SF. That is tougher.
  15. How do we know this isn't a rarity? Berbatov was top scorer once. Like I said to JJ, scored in 2 of our 6 games. 4 of our 17 goals since the restart. Not the sign of a top, top striker imo. I like Martial, always have. But I'm still waiting on him to fulfill the Golden Boy winner potential he showed as a teen. Not been capped by France for a long time. Just 1 goal for them as well.
  16. We've played in 6 games since the restart. He's scored in 2 of them. Some assists as well tbf. But that's kind of my point, a more ruthless ST is scoring in 5 of the 6 games. Prime Kane, Agüero, Vardy, etc. I think his overall season has been promising and he needs to deliver 25 goals in all competitions next season. We'll see.
  17. He is good, when he wants to be. But still don't trust him over the course of a season. He's doing a good job at being a link forward with his back to goal. A bit like Benzema. Can you really see him scoring 18-20 league goals a season? That's my concern. He's quite streaky.
  18. Opposition fans in tears. Bruno conning refs. Ole's shameless Reds. We are BACK.