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  1. A good pro and example to the younger players, does good work outside of football that's also good PR for United by association, and he seems pretty chill with being a squad player these days. They probably have him lined up for an ambassador role after he retires. There were rumours of a move to Turkey a few months ago. From his own perspective, I'm surprised he doesn't join a mid table La Liga side and rediscover himself like Cazorla did. Or give the slower paced Serie A a chance. I'm sure the culture and lifestyle would be his scene.
  2. They'll all be here in 5 years.
  3. Not necessarily with how Atlético have started.
  4. It's literally 1 game.
  5. Could never afford his salary. He's on something like 600k a week.
  6. Sounds like we are trying to basically force Porto into giving us Telles for free ffs. Just give them 20 odd million and be done with it. Championship players are moving for more.
  7. That was Leeds giving it their best, and still couldn't leave with a point. Unfortunately, Liverpool still have another 12-24 months left of this cycle. The good thing is that the side will all age together, so in 2 years time the majority of them will be 30+. van Dijk - 31 Matip - 31 Milner - 36 Henderson - 32 Wijnaldum - 31 going on 32. Thiago - 31 Mané - 30 Salah - 30
  8. 2 goals for Suárez on his debut. Atlético won 6-1. Very unlike them.
  9. Depending on Arsenal to save the league. Arteta is legit if they win tomorrow.
  10. One thing for sure is that playing Pogba on the right side of a double pivot is not getting the best out of him. He was scoring goals and assisting more regularly when Ole first took over. He was even on penalty duty. We have to find a way to use Bruno and Pogba in the same way that Pep made KDB and David Silva work. Fernandinho was key to that. An athletic DM with good technical ability. I would sign Ndidi, Zakaria or Partey. Or Laimer (not quite as physical). Their job is to fill gaps, cover ground quickly and stop us from being counter attacked. ST LW----------
  11. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    Mourinho vs Pep was seen as the two best coaches in the world going head to head again in Manchester. We were bringing in high profile signings like Pogba, Mkhitaryan and Zlatan who were then the best players in Serie A, The Bundesliga and Ligue 1. We signed Matić and Lukaku the following summer. Both were hugely experienced PL players. Everything pointed towards a strong title challenge. We even started 2017/2018 quite well, keeping 7 clean sheets out of 8 games. 21 scored, 2 conceded. But in the end, our 81 points was no match for City's Centurions who have since been shown to have fina
  12. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    People did expect Mourinho to deliver a title. Expectations couldn't be any lower since Ferguson left. Ole is not going to be given 7 years to throw shit at a wall and hope enough sticks. Critics would have patience under a better manager with a clear style. There was no identity today. Bruno bailed us out with some moments of individual quality. And that's often the case. Bruno, Greenwood, Martial & Rashford providing moments. We rarely look like a team who play as a cohesive unit with clear patterns of play. We rarely see a complete performance for 90 minutes.
  13. Knew Thiago Silva was Blanc 2.0 CHO the game changer.
  14. Ighalo Lingard-----vdB-------Mata Fred McTominay Williams Maguire Bailly TFM Henderson Subs: Grant, Shaw, Mengi, Matić, Bruno, James, Greenwood
  15. 2nd string vs 2nd string Falmer stadium 30th Sept, 19:45 kickoff
  16. A good team built on a shoestring budget compared to what Ole has at his disposal. Potter a clearly more innovative coach. Green & Gold untill Ole is sold.
  17. Yeah, I wonder if VAR would have went back had March missed. But technically, he has his head down low.
  18. Solly March, who isn't even that quick, took his soul today. One of his worst games in a United shirt.
  19. Wow. Even has a cuntish side like Keane. Hopefully Karma doesn't break his leg next game, the bucktooth bastard.
  20. Bruno saved him again. Wasn't even good, but at the heart of all 3 goals.
  21. Why are so many of you peasants watching on streams?
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