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  1. Carrasco is the latest link. He mainly plays LW. He turns 29 in 2 weeks. I rate him... but we're thinking very short term with these age profiles. The majority of our senior players would be 29+ Heaton - (36) De Gea - (32 soon) Jones (30) Maguire (29) Varane (29) Fred (29) Casemiro (30.5) Eriksen (30.5) Bruno (28) Carrasco (29) Ronaldo (29) You need to win now with this kind of squad. They're not going to be around in 2-3 years.
  2. There's still a chance that he stays. But it would be difficult to turn down that type of money. He'd be another ally for Ronaldo. On paper, we get an elite DM. But I'm always wary with these high profile signings.
  3. He should have been sent off against Brighton and was poor for the Mee goal. He'll learn, but he hasn't exactly been good either. I'd play him at LB for this game.
  4. €80 million is ridiculous for Antony. Even €60 million would be. Surely it's either him or Casemiro. Not both. Or is Ratcliffe already bankrolling us?
  5. The ages of some of the players we've been linked with are alarming: Casemiro - 30.5 Meunier - 31 next month Aubameyamg - 33 Sommer 33.5 We've already signed Eriksen who is 30.5 Ronaldo is 37. Heaton is 36. De Gea is 32 soon. Maguire, Varane & Fred are all 29. We need to target younger players.
  6. The cash reserves are low. But we were conducting ourselves like this in 2013 & 2014 as well. Thiago, Fabregas, Bale, Kroos, etc. We keep hiring people who aren't the best in their field. We needed to hire a top DoF and negotiator. Murtough is a Woodward loyalist. He's lucky that he got promoted when he did. I've always had my doubts.
  7. It's Murtough & Arnold. They're too green. It's a repeat of Woodward in 2013.
  8. €50 million is seen as way too low by some Real journos. They would sell for a crazy fee. Tchouaméni and Camavinga aren't out and out holding midfielders. He is a specialist. He's probably their most difficult player to replace. Real rotated at the weekend by resting him after The Super Cup final and almost paid the price for it. Surely Ronaldo and Varane don't paint a good image of United to him. If he was available, other big clubs would be interested.
  9. He's teasing a tell all interview in a few weeks. How convenient that it's then and not now. After the window closes. If he stays, the spin will be that the media made everything up and he never wanted to leave. If he leaves, it'll be for family reasons and the lack of stability at United.
  10. The only way we land Casemiro is we pay around €80 million and make him one of our highest paid players. I just can't see him leaving. He's settled in Madrid. He's still a key player for them.
  11. Lisandro and Darwin Núñez both flopping this quickly is a tough break for you.
  12. No way Real sell Casemiro.
  13. Liverpool come into this under pressure now. But this could kickstart their season.
  14. Multiple sources are suggesting that it's best that he leaves and that we would now consider offers. Joel Glazer is the one preventing it. Prick.
  15. I cba explaining. He's not coming anyway.
  16. All of those players have been heavily involved in the downfall over the past 18 months. They're begging for their own replacements. Lol.
  17. From sources in Holland, apparently we need to renegotiate the deal. Too much time has passed since the fee was agreed. We'll end up giving him 400k or so a week.
  18. How you say... keyboard warrior.
  19. ten Hag must be desperate to raise funds. He's valued at around £15 million.
  20. I don't use lube. And I haven't been a Messi fanboy since my mid twenties. I grew up. No Peter Pan syndrome for me. "Dork" is something I would expect to hear from a 50 year old American who lives in the Midwest. Try geek or nerd next time. Viscera died age 43. Be careful.
  21. I'm not a fanboy of any players. Unlike some. I'll leave the bastard children to you. Racist. No wonder racism still exists. Extremely. Viscera levels.
  22. I won't be defending cunts like Ronaldo on the internet, that's for sure. You are either gullible or thick. Maybe both. I'm not sure what me moving has got to do with your obsession with Ronaldo. But if it helps you sleep at night, that's cute.
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