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  1. Survive? The man is on his knees for a move away.
  2. O

    Julian Alvarez

    City are set to sign him.
  3. I had high hopes for him a few years ago and defended him under Mourinho, but he ultimately has to look at himself. Hopefully it's a successful loan and they buy him. But we'll probably hold onto him like we did with Lingard. He should do well there.
  4. I like McGinn. But be would be very expensive. You need to sign players like him just before they move to The PL. Declan Rice was immense today. He would improve us a lot. If we're going Brexit, I would choose him.
  5. Classic Moyes. Content with a draw. We still really struggle to play through teams but deserved the win.
  6. O

    La Liga Thread

    He has a contract and doesn't have to leave tbf. He's been a good player for them when fit. La Liga winner in 2019 and Copa del Rey winner in 2021.
  7. It's not a perfect metric but it does help tell the tale. You have people on RedCafe arguing that just because United had over 60%, we "controlled" the game. Nope. Not in the 1st half anyway. The performance was vintage Ole.
  8. Thomas Frank's post match interview has irked a lot of United fans. I thought it was refreshing to see a manager being honest and not hide his emotions. Not a robot. He's clearly pissed off that Brentford bottled it.
  9. Moyes will bottle this hard. 4-1 win.
  10. Brentford, Villa, & Wolves all outperformed us on xG in recent games. We're still giving up way too many chances. McTominay had a very good 2nd half tbf to him. But again, it's up against opposition like Brentford and Burnley he's performing against.
  11. Very undeserved. It was inevitable.
  12. Still a pussio in the air. And can't kick a ball. Good shot stopper though.
  13. They will rue those missed chances.
  14. We'll win but it won't be pretty.
  15. He had a good 5-6 months in 2021. He was awful at the start of this season. Just as bad as Maguire. Even at the end of last season, he wasn't perfect. He failed to mark Salah for both of Liverpool's goals in The FA Cup game. He also caused one of the goals in the 4-2 home defeat in May. There are other positions to address before considering upgrading Shaw. But I still don't rate him that highly.
  16. Chelsea are in trouble if Spurs can win the majority of their games in hand. Even United could be just 3 points behind them if we win all of our games in hand (unlikely). The attack is so flat. And they can't keep clean sheets anymore.
  17. Too injury prone. 29 in March. I think we'd be crazy to give him a new contract.
  18. Sounds like the club have asked Rangnick to backtrack on his comments, in what I can only assume is a protecting the asset decision. Although Juventus are rumoured to still be interested in a loan move.
  19. He's back in training. It's gonna be pure chaos shoehorning him into the 4-2-2-2 (LW/LAM) in a few weeks. I bet he does alright and we foolishly give him a massive new contract.
  20. He's never been actually given a chance to show what he can do.
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