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  1. Football heritage. Mourinho's gamble didn't pay off this time. 6th in Serie A with no chance of securing CL football. Sevilla have added another trophy to the cabinet with an an old squad. Some proper characters in that team though. Rakitić has had an incredible career. Jesús Navas too. Telles filled in for Acuña quite well.
  2. ten Hag said that he thinks Antony will likely make it. He must have low pain threshold to go from crying in agony to fit again 10 days later. We'll see. Maybe just the bench.
  3. ten Hag hasn't played with a back three once this season. I doubt he changes now. Rashford Sancho------Bruno------*Antony Eriksen----Casemiro Shaw-----Lindelöf-----Varane------AWB De Gea *Weghorst will come in for Antony if injured Rashford Bruno--------Weghorst------Sancho
  4. I can't see the sponsors being for it.
  5. Hmmm... no glimmers this season then. Sounds very negative for you. I stopped being a United supporter around Istanbul B' away. I have zero regrets. The fact that you're deflecting from the points made shows you have no real answer to them. In an ideal world, Newcastle will become the top dogs and crush United, Liverpool, City and co. We're 5+ years away from that, so enjoy every trophy that you can until that day. Wey aye, man! Byker Grove FC.
  6. Still waiting on your response to the current state of La Liga, mate.
  7. I stopped liking ten Hag during the Overmars incident at Ajax. He continued to defend him after the evidence came to light. Do you deny that he played a player accused of stabbing someone (soon fled to Russia after Ajax facilitated a transfer), defended his friend Overmars who was forced to resign, tried to sign a racist (Arnautović), made his latest Greenwood comments (soft launch to gauge public opinion). His family are one of the wealthiest in The Netherlands. He's from old money. Tbh, I dislike you more than ten Hag. He's many things, but not a fool.
  8. Pep beat Chelsea 1-0 with their second string, then drew 1-1 away to Brighton with a stronger XI, and then lost 1-0 away to Brentford with their second string, They key to their season has been good rotation. Very few of their players have started more than 25 league games this season. It's helped keep them fresh. The five who have started 26+ games are Ederson, Rodri, Gündogan, KDB and Haaland. Ederson, Rodri and Haaland have started 30+ PL games. That's why City peaked at the right time this season. If anything, the Brentford defeat will have a grounding effect ahead of the final.
  9. Stop trying to justify it. ten Hag is a dodgy individual. Maybe having someone evil is what United need to return to the top. ten Hag and Greenwood as Master and Apprentice. I doubt many of the senior players or the ones with children/sisters will be a fan of Greenwood returning. Maybe the young ones like Sancho won't mind. Some of the Women's team already voiced their concerns over having to share facilities with him, apparently. That was reported a few months ago. Your last paragraph is exactly what it comes down to.
  10. He's going to fill the void left by Weghorst. Hazza ST redemption arc 2023/2024.
  11. He's a questionable individual off the pitch. The Promes situation, his comments on Overmars, and now Greenwood. It's clear that ten Hag would bring him back if it were up to him. Not a good look. Oh, and Arnautović too. The club stopped that.
  12. He didn't plug the hole though. 2 goals. United got by thanks to goals from the likes of Rashford, Martial, Casemiro and, more recently, Bruno. Weghorst is not a Welbeck ST. His stints at Burnley and United are the only barren spells of his career. He simply failed to score enough goals. He should have scored at least 5 PL goals playing with better players than at Burnley. He couldn't deal with the pressure, despite his best efforts. It's really that simple. United qualified for The CL with zero goals from him.
  13. He scored zero PL goals. 2 goals from 30 appearances. Pretty much every United fan recognises that Weghorst didn't work out. Even ten Hag's most devoted supporters. He had a bit of cult following initially. Chelsea did have a ST in Aubameyang. They simply discarded him after Tuchel was sacked.
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