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  1. Incredible from Alpine. Alonso held off Lewis for so long.
  2. O

    Jack Grealish

    Let's see if he takes a season to adjust to Pep's madness like Mahrez & Cancelo did.
  3. I think most of Liverpool's big guns got better deals last year. Wijnaldum was only on around 75k a week, which is why he couldn't pass up PSG's double your salary offer.
  4. Liverpool have sold the following this summer: Grabara - £3 million Millar - £1.3 million Grujić - £10.5 million Awoniyi - £6.5 million Wilson - £12 million Wijnaldum - free (save nearly €5 million in annual salary costs) They are very good at selling. They got lots of money from the likes of Ings, Solanke, Brewster, Ward, Ibe, etc. One area United consistently fail miserably in due to wage structure. Brandon Williams is on a rumoured 65k a week!
  5. You're still invested. You will be sucking Ole off by May.
  6. The manager too...
  7. Average age of 26 years & 4 months. A PL or CL must be won over the next 2 seasons. Anything under 83 points will be a failure in the league.
  8. All but confirmed by Fab.
  9. Couldn't care less.
  10. I don't think he meant to hurt him, but he definitely wanted him out of contention. Sly prick. I was gutted for Leclerc. So close. The funniest thing was Toto on the radio saying he had sent an email to Michael Masi.
  11. Not only did you disrespect Bruno by playing him at LW, you also spelt his name wrong. This is why England can't have nice things.
  12. Both need to be shot.
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