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  1. Needs to go. Too many injuries. And his dad's interview. Doesn't sound like he's for the cause. And Bailly has done similar recently. His friend spoke out. The Olesexuals want them burned alive.
  2. Has had a falling out with Ole over game time. And has has apparently apologised for his outburst.
  3. Granada is a pretty easy draw. They have a -11 GD in La Liga and bums like Kenedy & Soldado start for them.
  4. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    We've gotten more than enough luck in other games (Brighton, West Ham & Wolves). Pogba was robbed of lots of assists during 2016/2017.
  5. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    We've scored a goal or less in 15 of our 29 PL games. Seven 0-0 draws this season. But the Ole cult online act like we're some sort of great entertainers.
  6. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    This season reminds me of United under Mourinho. Not pretty but getting results. That's the funny part. Mourinho was hammered for his style of play.
  7. Eh, what has swapping players got to do with Milan largely outplaying us without key players over 2 legs? That's the whole point. I don't want any of Milan's players. Yet they still outplayed us.
  8. Not a chance. Most fans want Bailly to partner Maguire or a partner to be bought for Maguire. Lindelöf was our best defender last night.
  9. Not sure why you've picked him over Lindelöf to single out tonight?
  10. They were missing half of their starting XI between both games, yet still played better football than us. Well drilled by a good coach who can get his squad players to carry out the basics. Their match winners are Zlatan, Rebić, Çalhanoğlu and Theo. They played 205 minutes over 2 legs between them from a possible 720 mins. The Henderson save to deny Zlatan from Çalhanoğlu's cross was what won us the game. Made up for last week's mistake.
  11. Hate our style so much. That was a Milan XI missing Calabria, Romagnoli, Bennacer, Rebić, Leão & Zlatan from their starting XI. The 3 subs they brought on were stronger than the 3 players subbed off. Yet we made them look like world beaters for a game & a half. Tbh, I should just quit tonight. I really dislike Ole the manager. He gets away with murder at times.
  12. Arsenal, United & Ajax are the only good teams left. Should be looking to win it from here.
  13. Gutted. Didn't even play well. But have done enough to see it out.
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