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  1. 1-1 would be a great result. I'd like us to be brave and go for some away goals, as they don't travel very well. A 2-2 would be absolutely perfect. Then all we need is a 1-0 or 1-1 at home. Keep it tight.
  2. La Liga 2017/18.

    Fucking Ramos.
  3. La Liga 2017/18.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Leganés beat them on Wednesday too.
  4. La Liga 2017/18.

    Real are so bad. They have nothing to gain here, so hopefully Betis get the job done. Would love to see Real finish 4th.
  5. The FA Cup thread

    Yid cunts.
  6. VAR - yes or no?

    I’d stop watching if they got rid of the offside rule.
  7. VAR - yes or no?

    It was a travesty.
  8. Summer clearance

    Yeah, absolutely. What worries me is that Graham Poll didn't think it warranted a penalty. Your arm has no business being that high up and in front of your face. Simple call for me.
  9. VAR - yes or no?

    When they eventually perfect it, I think it will a great addition to the game. The speed and accuracy must improve, though. Show us what they see on the monitor, and speed up the time it takes to relay their decision to the referee. That should have been a simple call yesterday. The guy looks across the generated line, sees that he is offside, we see it too, and the game moves on.
  10. Summer clearance

    Unnatural position. Could have taken it in the face. Clear as day for me.
  11. Wasn’t proven at the time.
  12. He’s a doubt for the game. Missed the last 2-3 games. Could be huge for us if he misses out.
  13. West Brom - Pardiola era

    Eh, if they were drunk, which hasn’t been mentioned, that is one of the most serious and selfish acts a person can commit. Not to mention the taxi driver’s potential loss of earnings and the ordeal he went through in tracking down his vehicle. Most people like to return to where they parked their vehicle and find that it’s still there. They’re bottom of the table and were treated to a few days in the sun. A bit of professionalism wouldn’t go amiss. Or some human decency.
  14. Lukaku Alexis-------------------------Martial Pogba---Lingard Matić Young-----Rojo-----Jones---Valencia De Gea Subs: Romero, Shaw, Smalling, Bailly, McTominay, Mata, Rashford Really hope that Jones and Rojo are fit for this and start ahead of Smalling.