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  1. Bojan failed to live up the expecatations. Suffered from anxiety under the pressure. Muniain was a world class prospect in 2012. Now a solid midtable LaLiga player. Canales. Unlucky with injuries Jesé. Never recovered from his injury and never had the application. Loves women and partying. Struggles to impress for Sporting. Deulofeu has been very inconsistent his entire career. Went back to Barcelona and was quickly sent packing again. He also lacks professionalism. Plays for Watford. Gayá is the Spanish Wilshere. One good season at 19 and now nowhere near the Spanish national team. Was a huge prospect. Denis was good years ago. Now a midtable player. Munir is a better version of Bojan. At least he is still good enough to play for a club like Sevilla. Asensio hasn't played well for Spain and was out of form at Real months before his injury. He went from scoring in a CL final and golazo goals against Barcelona to a squad player. Another one lacking professionalism. Ceballos has dominated two tournaments for Spain at U21 level, but done very little at Real or Arsenal. Another player with a questionable attitude. Soler is Valencia's Koke. Never lived up to the early hype. A good player but not elite material. Brahim has wasted away at Real after leaving City. These players were expected to help carry on the success of the golden generation. They show why Messi and Ronaldo are so good. Talent isn't worth shit if you don't work hard for it. They either didn't put football first, or tasted success young and stopped trying. Canales was unlucky with injuries.
  2. Spain are washed as a nation. Let it go, man. You had your golden generation and now it's just a bunch of the next big things who excel from U17 to U21 football and are dusted after. Bojan, Muniain, Canales, Jesé, Deulofeu, Gayá, Denis, Munir, Asensio, Ceballos, Soler, Brahim, etc.
  3. He has no Euro 2020 to worry about now, so might as well get back to playing.
  4. I think Norwich are down unless Pukki can regain his early season form.
  5. Will Liverpool win the title quickly? Will the break rejuvenate some of the poor form teams? Some of the players around the league look like they've reported back after a 3 months bender. I think United will start off well. Lots of our players seem to have been training like crazy over the past few weeks. McTominay, Bruno, Dalot and Rashford in particular. We pretty much have a fully fit squad now, meaning we can field this XI in 3 weeks: Martial Rasford-----------------------James Pogba-----Bruno Matić Shaw Maguire Tuanzebe AWB De Gea I think it would be harsh on Fred to drop him for Pogba.
  6. Oh, I have no doubt that's he's very dodgy. But what I meant is that he likes sleeping with young, attractive females. Not illegal minors and kids like Epstein and Prince Andrew. He seems less of the pedophile type. Just a piece of shot womaniser exploiting his power.
  7. The Epstein documentary shows how fucked the world is. It's crazy how the elite have a complex sex trafficking ring the covers the entire globe. Some not even pedophiles, but lots are. Clinton, Trump, Prince Andrew, etc. All involved. Clinton is probably a sex addict, but the others mentioned were regularly sleeping with minors.
  8. It's literally not even a competition you racist fuck. Hahaha. Sancho hasn't started the last 3 games due to coming back from injury and Favre making a point. And assisted in the previous game. He turned 20 two months ago. 74 goals + assists from 93 senior games at Dortmund. Pretty much unrivaled. Messi, Ronaldo, Robben, Ribéry, Bale, etc. Nowhere near that level of productivity at that point in their careers. Sancho can be a dominant force for the next 10-12 years if he stays dedicated and shows the hunger for it. Ferran would be a good replacement for him at Dortmund.
  9. Muller Meep Meep Better English than half the forum.
  10. Coming from Dortmund though... Sahin, Kagawa, Mkhitaryan, Sokratis. 50/50 chance of flop
  11. Pogba has driven about 500k worth of cars in the past 2 days alone.