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  1. Us. Because we love a flop.
  2. Martial Rashford---------------------Greenwood Sául-----------Bruno Fred Would be sexy.
  3. Saúl is quality. He can play anywhere in midfield and do it well, but he's best at LCM in a midfield three. Leftie. Not a prolific goalscorer, but a scorer of great goals. He needs to get away from Simeone. He spends half his time playing out of position on the wing and having to do a lot more defensive work than a player of his ability should have to. Valverde won't be going anywhere. He's been Real's player of the season. Holds their midfield together.
  4. A lot of them do it. Rooney drank at home. So many PL footballers and managers get caught drink driving as well. And not all of them follow a strict diet. Gary Neville said he felt bad for having a Chinese on a Saturday night after a game with the missus. Lol. Pizza used to be a common treat after games for the Hispanic/Latin players. Fabregas. Haha.
  5. Yep. All over Twitter. Means his move to United is unlikely to happen. Very bad PR. Especially during a crisis.
  6. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness Probably the best documentary I've watched since Making a Murderer and The Jinx in 2015. You couldn't write these characters in a fiction novel. Pure American white trash.
  7. O


    My brother used to be a big snooker fan. Sports fan really. Glued to the Tennis, Snooker, Golf, etc. In the 90's and early 00's. But he would rarely watch Snooker these days. The good thing about these sports is the you can play them until you're in your late 50's or more. Huge earning potential in 25+ year career. I mainly only watch the big tournaments for these sports. But I would watch a good amount of golf.
  8. Actually went back to FM20 out of boredom, @Canto. Haha. Liverpool are overpowered as fuck. 21 win leagues games in and they've won every game. Just beat my United side 4-0 at OT, and I was on an 11 game unbeaten run in the league. I edited Fred's stats to turn him into the baller that he is. And sold Pogba to Limerick.
  9. O


    I remember Snooker being fairly popular growing up (circa late 90's). Ken Doherty. What happened to it? Darts, in contrast, has become very popular and is growing each year.
  10. Tall, powerful runner with a good engine. One of the reasons why Gladbach are competing for The Bundesliga this season. He's more box to box than a holding midfielder. Similar to Thomas Partey who is another beast. Linked with both. But I think we need a specialist DM who sits. Ndidi does that.
  11. I like the battle scene but don't like the scenes with Merry and Pippin trying to convince him.
  12. Too much Merry and Pippin. Treebeard. Drags.
  13. I kind of hate 2 now. I don't like the amount of CGI in 3 either. The dead army, etc. The Fellowship is perfection. It's probably still my favourite trilogy.
  14. June 1st was discussed as a potential return date.