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  1. Lucas is trash. Typical Txrt player.
  2. Tommy Tiernan is, by no coincidence, the worst thing about Meath and Ireland in general.
  3. O

    Paul Pogba 2017/18

    Senegal are my boys. The real Frenchmen at this tournament.
  4. O

    Paul Pogba 2017/18

    I don’t watch ITV or BBC, but Evra needs to stop running his little whore mouth about Pogba. Announce that you’re sucking him off or do one.
  5. O


    Already said it when we announced him last year, but welcome to mediocrity.
  6. Keane is the only good thing about Cork and Ireland in general.
  7. Eriksen with a 0/10 this half.
  8. Jedinak took out 3 of them with one header.
  9. Romero throws a hat on it. Straight at him.
  10. They are actually one of the better technical sides on show. They are all decent athletes, can carry the ball and keep possession. They just have no structure to their attacks. It’s too off the cuff. A few years of good work in terms of coaching could see results in 10 years. Like how Iceland transformed over time.
  11. Keane wouldn’t be impressed. The Paddy mentality. But at least we’d be in for an epic beard off with Jedinak.
  12. Australia looking much better now.
  13. Eriksen’s form for Denmark since 2016 has been freakish. An assist and a goal from less than 2 games at this tournament.