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  1. Ole will go on to become a success after tonight. This was his 1990 FA Cup final moment. Better start deleting posts and tweets asap.
  2. Zapata should have buried his chance after rolling Lindelöf. He made it easier for De Gea than it should have been. Ronaldo did the same at the other end with Musso. But he did well to react to rebound from Malinovsky. The double save was the key to the comeback. Game over at 1-3. Prick.
  3. Wouldn't need to be fast in a good system. Shaw rarely overlaps. He prefers to cross from deep or drive inside with the ball himself. Ole waited on this guy for 2 years and it's like he never watched him play before. He's never been fast. I'd say he's a 6.5 out of 10. Foden isn't fast over long distances either, but can still be brilliant from wide. Our style of play is shocking. It's no coincidence that the only games we created a high number of chances in were against Leeds and Atalanta. They are a dream opponent. Atalanta would have fared better if they didn't have as many d
  4. O

    Ole Sack Watch

    \ Mou was pulling off results like tonight near the end of his reign.
  5. Nah, we need to see Ronaldo play in The Europa League to really hit home how far we've dropped. It's still possible, as we are away to Atalanta and Villarreal before the home game against Young Boys. 5 points should be enough to progress. I have a feeling that Villarreal will get revenge in Spain, so a point away to Atalanta is crucial.
  6. It's only papering over obvious cracks. They deserved to win tonight though. Atalanta were naive. Once Demiral went off, they were without all 5 of their 1st choice back 5.
  7. Called it. What a disgrace Atalanta are.
  8. Only because they play a suicidal brand of football. They are inviting the danger. If they dropped off 10 yards, they'd nullify us a lot easier.
  9. If Atalanta keep playing like this, it's far from over. Be more Italian you bastards.
  10. If Atalanta were more street smart, they'd drop off a few yards. It's still too open. Wouldn't be surprised if United come back into this in the 2nd half. For the greater good, we need Atalanta to see this out.
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