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  1. O

    Ander Herrera 2017/18

    Sell them De Gea and Mata as well. Snakey Spanish bastards.
  2. You do realise that all of our players have pulled out of the internationals because Ole asked them to, right? Ferguson did this all the time.
  3. O

    La Liga 2018/19

    No guarantees with any of them tbh. They’ve looked further away from being CL contenders since moving towards a model more akin to Real’s. They’ve been a very consistent domestic side since Rijkaard. But I bet they would trade in some of those titles in order to get closer to Real who cancelled out their 3 most recent wins. When Messi retires, Barcelona are going to struggle a lot. Maybe even more than when Fergie retired. It’s like playing with cheat codes. He is carrying them on his own at times. Suárez has been good against Real, but really awful against some of the standard La Liga teams. And his record in Europe is shocking. We also have an outrageous wage bill. But we don’t have Messi or Ronaldo. Real are basically on par with us right now. Suffering big time without Ronaldo’s goals.
  4. O

    The Scotland Thread

    You were told about Scotland.
  5. O

    La Liga 2018/19

    They’re a very poorly run club though. Constantly breaking their wage structure and have abandoned La Masia. They’re not far off Real these days. They’re the victims of their own success and dodgy presidents.
  6. O

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    He’s in his prime. 26-31 Should be the peak years for most midfielders. Especially for one who’s played as many games as he has already. He can’t get more experienced. He’s played in every major final in World football. Messi peaked at 24/25 btw.
  7. O

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    He’s 26. He’s in his prime right now.
  8. O

    Paul Pogba 2018/19

    Don’t fall for his skin colour. You’d have lynched him if he were a white man with the whitest of skin.
  9. The game is 10 days away. Get the fuck out of here until then.
  10. At home, nae bother Old Trafford 30th March, 15:00 kickoff
  11. O

    Summer 2019 - transfer targets

    His whole career. Doherty is the new GOAT.
  12. Your mother doesn’t mind my elbow inserted in her anus. Nae bother to her.
  13. O

    What TV Show are you watching?

    Indeed. I think that they either killed her by accident and covered it up, or they were involved in some sort of human trafficking scheme.
  14. O

    La Liga 2018/19

    https://youtu.be/e5orXdWwTVg Scored a similar type of chip in 2007.