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  1. James needs to be released.
  2. And now Andreas gets that cunt back for Chong.
  3. Just did a roulette. Chicharito would have broken his ankle attempting that.
  4. Ole already said that Greenwood will start if he continues pre-season the way he did in the 1st two games. So he's only putting himself under pressure if he bottles starting him. Fred backing his boy by taking that cunt out.
  5. Darmian is always amazing during pre-season. Lol.
  6. I'd go to war with Wan-Bissaka. He's definitely going to give away some penalties though. Lunatic in the tackle.
  7. Luke Shaw still looks fat. Lindelöf is the one thing Mourinho got right. What a player. Jame is right footed, Wes. That was a sitter. Why is my stream 2 minutes behind yours? Oh wait, you have MUTV. CUNT.
  8. Gomes and Greenwood will save us.
  9. Brozović is a dirty cunt. Lets Pogba take this ffs. Rashford tries the knuckleball technique with EVERY shot now.
  10. All trash except AWB so far. Pogba out of his depth against Italians. Sell. Inter's attacking options are shocking for this half. We'd be fucked if their best attackers were available/on.
  11. Darmian was flawless during his 1st month.