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  1. It seems to be that his downfall can be put down to two things: That injury in Munich (apparently he played with an ankle brace for the rest of his career) His body type and lack of discipline off the pitch Rooney matched his 2009/2010 output 2 years later during 2011/2012, but was never the same player again. Not for me. I loved the young Rooney in my teenage years. He was explosive; he'd dribble past defenders, drive with the ball and attempt cheeky lobs from far out. More flair to his game. A better player on the eye. He became a better goalscorer at the cost of enterta
  2. Shaw has improved. But Telles hasn't been bad. He hasn't got a run of games yet. He created lots of chances against Everton in the The League Cup QF and created the most against Watford last week. He's a much better crosser than Shaw. Shaw is good at buildup play, but lacks drive in the final third. His crossing can be hit or miss. He whipped in two very good ones against Burnley and almost got lucky with the one meant for Martial that fell to Bruno. Says a lot about the mentality of Shaw that he's half arsed until a threat comes along. Williams last season and Telles now.
  3. Disagree. City, a more technical side than us, have no trouble beating them when they meet. They don't get bullied by them, despite having less physical players. They've scored 40 goals against Burnley in their last 12 meetings. 11 wins, 1 draw. We didn't play Stoke 2008/2009 last night. 3 points. Average performance. Job done.
  4. This is his bread and butter. He played in League One and The Championship for years. Seen it before. Maguire would take a game against Barnes and Wood every time if you offered it to him, as opposed to marking small, explosive stickers with quick feet. But yeah, he did play well.
  5. I think it would be crazy not to play Rashford up against TAA. Pin him back. He's not having a great season. Trent. You can't afford a luxury player like Pogba against Liverpool. Not with the way their full-backs play. I wouldn't be surprised if Dan James plays, as he can help track the runs of Robertson/TAA. This is the one game where I don't mind us being extra defensive. Get a point and move on. I'd maybe consider: Rashford-------Cavani Bruno Telles-------Fred------McTominay-----AWB Shaw-----Maguire-----Bailly De Gea
  6. They can get by with Fabinho, but not both. I'd say Matip will definitely play. They'll risk him if they have to.
  7. Mee is on the scene when Brady is coming together with Cavani. Cavani would have skied it anyway. Watch it again. Hand is on him much earlier. Win your header cleanly like a good lad next time. Hopefully they stamp down on it, as the league is littered with cunts doing it. Smalling used to get away with that sort of thing more than he got caught. Maybe Harry can phone him up and ask for tips
  8. Mee was in a good recovery position, so it might not have been red card worthy. Good to see that they aren't letting Rugby antics creep into the game. Chainsaw for anyone who uses an arm.
  9. Anfield is a fortress, so a win here really would be unicorn stuff. It's been nearly 4 years since they last lost a PL game at home. But... I do think they will feel the pressure heading into this one. A loss would be a disaster for them. Must not lose. A draw is good for us, but even better for City who really should be looking to win 6/7 games on the bounce starting with Brighton tomorrow. A tight 1-1 draw is likely. They've mainly been low scoring games the past few years.
  10. Called a 1-0 and us seeing out the game. I'm too good at this for you. #21
  11. Ugh, Scousers Anfield 17th Jan, 16:30 kickoff
  12. Needs to join Ole at his next club.
  13. Sitter and then pulls his hamstring. Ouch.
  14. Hopefully that shuts up the spastics like hd now.
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