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  1. Yes Messi might be the more "natural" talent and more of a team player etc etc. But if I am on a team that is trailing in a big game and in need of a leader to help us come back I would choose Ronaldo over Messi every single time.
  2. When was the last time Ronaldo missed a penalty?
  3. Madrid looking like a pub team. Switching to the Juve game.
  4. Haha no I don't think so. Olympiacos was superior over both legs and yesterday they scored a goal which was overturned for offside and were denied a penalty. Also had so many chances to score. Last 20 minutes Wolves were inside their own half.
  5. Olympiacos deserved to go through tbf. Wolves were very lucky.
  6. Panic and knee-jerk reactions are what transfer windows are made of. Don't you dare come in here with logic and prudence and ruin it for us.
  7. Well Solskjaer will be a leadership figure next season too
  8. Exactly. I am expecting certain fluidity and interchangeability in our attack. Sancho, Rashford, Greenwood, Martial. We are obviously not there yet in terms of fully challenging for the league but those four in front competing for three positions I expect us to be able to progress quite far in the Champions League if the draws goes our way. I just wish we had a more tactically adept no 2 other than Mike Phelan. I feel next season could be a season reminiscent of 2006/7 minus the league title.