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  1. This has been the best we have played in a while! Telles is David Backham reincarnated into a left back and Shaw is impressive as a third CB. Love this!
  2. It's just the same thing over and over again. Bring a new manager spend a lot of money, get in the Champions League, then underinvest. Next step will be Ole getting the sack and we'll probably bring Poch in.
  3. They've played the same way for 46 games in the Championship which is a more physically demanding league. They'll be fine.
  4. It's relentless. Constant pressing with man marking. A lot of teams will find it really hard against them.
  5. We all hate Leeds scum etc but I am so happy they're back in the league especially under Bielsa!
  6. Liverpool vs Leeds is such an amazing game. 3-2 on the 34th minute!
  7. Really excited about us signing Van de Beek. Such a tidy little player and an absolute steal at this price. The thing I love about him is his tenacity and willingness to win the ball back. I think against lesser teams he can play in Matic's position alongside Bruno and Pogba and also gives competition/depth for Pogba's and Bruno's places.
  8. I try not to criticize people's choices regarding holidays because everyone has their own background and reasons to do so. However I find it very hard seeing people going abroad when I have not gone to Greece to see my family this year due to COVID-19.
  9. The only thing missing from this is a reference to Pizza Express in Woking.
  10. Watched Tenet. Nolan is of course a fucking genius once again. 9/10
  11. Good to see we're keeping the wage bill reasonable......
  12. Ah ok you're basing this on things you read on twitter. Cool. Btw if you want to be further schooled on this look at differences between common law and civil law.
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