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  1. Ince sounds like he has phlegm in his through and needs to cough.
  2. Oh they're so bad Shocking keeping.
  3. Yes Mason lad. Love the sound of the goal post ping
  4. The family name Chong is Chinese as is Corona Am i at fault?
  5. I love that the ref walked right up to him to wave it off as a dive. Fuzzy headed cunt.
  6. Chong might as well just be a head on legs, cause he's got zero upper body strength.
  7. Not sure Chongs controlled a single pass yet. He's actually Obertan x2
  8. Listening to Chong in an empty stadium Not sure his voice has broke yet,
  9. Tetteh off and replace by my favourite Pasta sauce.
  10. Another one here where James holds the ball far too fuckin long. Play it into Ighalo
  11. Good cut in Almost a poor decision.,
  12. Being able to hear Maguire give Romero shit.
  13. Whos the announcer talking to? The fuckin squads?
  14. The lack of atmosphere makes it feel like its a training ground or reserves match.
  15. Did he say he was a United fan? I read that he had a dream of playing for a big club and the one he wanted was United under Sir Alex Ferguson He just wanted to win things.
  16. rezzy


    Yoel will never compete for another title again. He refuses to explode on people. He legit was just hopping up and down for about 2 minutes getting his legs kicked. I think he has CTE at this stage.
  17. Bellingham is also an out and out striker. Dont let anyone tell you different.
  18. Surely Madrid will look at getting him? Outside Benzema they dont have much this season. Fuckin Ramos is their second highest scorer or something.
  19. Timo unsure of United, Liverpool, City or staying.
  20. rezzy

    Ole Sack Watch

    I'll stab you in the gee in a minute.
  21. rezzy

    Ole Sack Watch

    I'd prefer 28% possession with 12 shots and 2 goals compared to under LVG when we'd have 70% possession and 1 shot.
  22. rezzy

    Ole Sack Watch

    How many times has Ole beat City in the league this season?